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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Championship!

    Joey Bryant (c) (@DK James)
    vs Farooq (@Big Boss)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 36 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. Entrance:
    Show Spoiler

    Farooq walks out onto the stage with the Hardcore championship on his shoulder. He's bruised up from the match earlier, having his waist covered in a bandage, as well as his stomach. He makes his way down the ramp dressed in his black boots and black tights. He claps hands with the fans, smiling as he walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. He hands the referee his Hardcore championship, and takes a microphone.

    The fans chant for Farooq as he takes a deep breath. "You know... when I was a kid... my dream, was to have two parents who loved me. To be a normal kid, not go through foster house after foster house treated like crap. Why? Because I thought it would be normal. Growing up, looking back on my past, what I went through made me a warrior. All the abuse, all the teasings, all the bullies, they don't know what they did. While they're sitting their asses on whatever sad, lonely and pathetic job they're doing, I'm here fighting for the company title. I'm out here, once again, making history and fighting for my life."

    "Just as I entered this world as a pure child, I entered this company with no wrestling experience with any other company. I came in here, I have been abused, teased and bullied, but now look. I'm at the top because I continued to fight, I continued to push myself, through all the blood, sweat and tears. I'm my own man, I've never, EVER bowed to anybody. I've never bowed to Brit, to Jonathan, to Trip or even Dat Kid. I fight, for myself." He says looking to the stage. "Now Joey, come out here, and lets really kick this battle into full gear!"
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  3. *The unfamiliar theme plays softly through the arena speakers but the crowd slightly boos knowing it could only mean the IWT Champion. At 40 seconds of the song, a bunch of Datcolytes slowly walk onto the stage with torches in hand. After a minute into the song, Joey Bryant walks out onto the stage with the IWT Title slung around his shoulder to loud boos. He raises his hands up in the air, and all the Datcolytes do the same. He smirks as he looks up and sees Farooq and makes his way inside the ring. He holds up the title right in the air next to Farooq before raising his mic after his music fades.*

    "Cry me a damn river, Farooq. It's nice we finally get to meet face to face but I didn't expect to meet face to face with a story telling loser. I'm the one who has the hard job tonight. No one realizes how stressful it is to hold this belt until they actually hold it. Before Dat Kid or you Farooq claim I’m just “bitching” again let me lay it out for you. Both of you are stars from the first generation, and now you’re both basically teaming up to take down Alias and I. Dat Kid, I know you’ll do everything in your power to hold both belts and end this second generation reign but it’s just not going to happen as easy as you may think. Farooq you want my belt for the reason of redemption, you’re sick of people looking at you like you’ve always been a failure and that you deserve to be IWT Champion for once. Again, not going to happen as easy as you may think…”

    *Joey paces back and forth in front of Farooq with the title on his shoulder.*

    “When Dat Kid returned and basically shot down everything we worked for, sure, it was a shock. I was lost for a good week or so, a man I considered to be a mentor all of a sudden wanted to kill his own creation and if I’ve learned anything in this company in my year of being here, you always need someone to watch your back. With Dat Kid in my back pocket, we owned this place. Now, he leaves, and I pick up Kaizer and soon we’re going to own the place as well and as for your dreams Farooq of becoming the top star in this company, re-think it. There are superstars in the back far better than you that just don’t work to their full potential. Where is B.Dazzle? No I mean really, Gav’s going crazy looking for you, brother. I should be facing him for this title right now, he’s second generation worthy. Where’s Frie? Oh that’s right, teaming with a couple of first generation successes looking to be second generation worthy, but they’re not, and Frie is, no matter what loss he takes, I know he’s ready for this belt over Farooq. Where’s Aiden Ryan? He wasn’t around when the second generation was rising but he should be standing here facing me for my belt, not someone like you, Farooq. See you may have had your successes back during the opening days at IWT but the second generation is the new breed much stronger than your class. Notice how almost none of you are around anymore, the second generation is almost in total control, there’s just two more checkmarks needed to be completed. Eliminating you from every title picture and ending Dat Kid once and for all... but of course, you come first Fooqy. Now what else do you need to get off your chest?"
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  4. "Oh cry you a river? Oh now that's rich. You know what, I will cry you a river, it'll lead the ocean you've created with your nonstop sobbing until recently. At least you finally grew a pair and stopped taking it from other people. Now let's get one thing straight. First generation, second generation, third generation, I don't give two shits about it. I didn't come here to fight because of what time I joined, I really don't care. I don't care what everyone else is going through, they can do whatever the hell they want. If they cross paths with me, I put them in their place. End. Of. Story."

    Farooq chuckles looking Joey. "You're so obsessed with first generation, that it's just downright pathetic. Time isn't the enemy here, it's yourself. You are always quick to assume everything, Dat Kid was there to be your mentor, Bruce Knight was going to be a easy opponent, the first generation are here to take over, Kaiser is going to be your friend....oops.." He says covering his mouth. "I didn't mean to post a spoiler here, but your little buddy, he's going to turn on you eventually, just like everybody else. Is the second generation much stronger than the first? Yes, to an extent. That extent, is myself. I teamed up with Dat Kid, because he's a strong competitor. Our goals, are separate. Frank the Jock, Aids, Draven, Senhor, and many others, embarrassed this company. Coming in drunk, starting fights in the parking lot and back stage, breaking the law and many other things. Now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you my objective. I'm here to fight, for myself. I don't care for any church, for any group and I'm not here for the fans tonight, just myself. You keep stroking that second generation dick now, it's humorous."
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  5. Ladies and Gentlemen I'd hate to interrupt, but if you say my name 3 times I pop up faster than Beetlejuice and it seems that's all Joey Bryant can say these days.

    Dat Kid walks through the curtains

    I want to thank him though because I almost forgot to do this and I apologize for being late Mr. Booqy.

    Ladies and Gentlemen it is my honor to introduce to you the man who has worked his ass off for more than a year to get to where he stands today. A man who holds the record for most titles won. A man who holds the record for most victories. A man who stood the test of time on his own!

    I introduce to you a man who is the face of individuality, from San Diego, California. He is the Prince of Popeyes, th King of Kool-Aid, and he will soon be your new IWT Undisputed Champion, Faroooooooooq!

    The crowd boos.


    Dat Kid walks to ringside
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  6. *Joey stares down Dat Kid as he walks to ringside.*

    "Classic. Just fucking classic Dat Kid, getting involved in something that he has no business in. We've had our history, and it's a shame you look at it as nothing now. You saw something in me when you picked me out of everyone on the roster, remember, you came to ME. You took me under your arm to protect your win/loss record because you knew deep down eventually I'd be better than you, and after tonight, I sure as hell will be. Now you, Farooq. You contradict yourself like no other, you say Chris Kaizer is going to turn his back on me? *He chuckles* No. Kaizer understands what an honor it is to be teaming with me, he's not teaming with me just to inflate his own ego and claim he created me, we have a common goal of elevating the second generation. You clearly don't give a shit about this whole generation war because you can't be a part of it because you were lost in the mix. You definitely came from the first generation but you don't act like it because you're still here unlike the rest of your comrades. You disgrace the names of Aids and Senhor but you'll never be as good as they were. It's rare I compliment guys like that but you're just a stray puppy that never found his correct place, so you turned to Dat Kid, just like I did."

    *He takes his focus away from Dat Kid and looks back at Farooq.*

    "I was lost when he found me and you were lost when you found him. You weren't doing much at all with this company except promising things you can't do, so Dat Kid swooped in just like he always does to help you take me down, just like he helped me take Aids down. It's a never ending cycle with Dat Kid, you're with him until he gets his own personal goals out of the way, and then the next day, he's gone. You might think your goals are separate but really, you both just want what's hanging over my shoulder. And I can't wait to see the day your goals collide and your left with no partner because he leaves you for his own selfish career. So when I say holding this belt is stressful, it is. But it’s all a part of the job. Let me end it with me retaining my belt that I brought into this company, send Dat Kid home happy because he can get his match at Summerslam, crush your dreams, Farooq. Go on to Money In The Bank, win the tag titles, take down Dat Kid once and for all with Alias by my side and then… I live. I’m not one to look toward the future but if that all works out, you’ll be looking at the most dominant generation of wrestlers to ever hit the scene whether you give a shit or not."

    *He looks back at Dat Kid over Farooq's shoulder.*

    "The Church may be no more but I will always be here. I haven't left this company one day unlike the both of you. I'm the guy that should be representing this company, not a couple egomaniacs like yourselves that split when things aren't going their way."
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  7. "That was a beautiful, beautiful speech. You're right, I'll never be as good as a drunk or a man who's won with nearly all of his opponents not showing up. Because I, am better. If an opponent doesnt show up for a fight, then I find anothere and I don't ruin my life with poor decisions or act like a modern male stripper. There are no cliche lines of being perfect here, there is no smell of booze there, I'm myself. That's seem to always struggle with huh? Finding yourself, trusting yourself. That's why you surround yourself with other people, because you always need that one person to say, 'Hey Joey! You're the best! Go get them Joey! You're number one!'" Farooq says, the last part in a sarcastic tone.

    Farooq laughs a bit, clapping his hands. "I do admit though, it was pretty funny hearing you talk, spreading out stories you made up and other fantasies, it's cute. As for Dat Kid, don't worry about him. I'm not lost, my eyes have been open for a long while. They were open when I used The Order...oops hope that doesn't make our GM mad, and they're open now. The difference between me and you is, I never bowed to him. I don't see Dat Kid as my equal, I'm better, and that's what every competitor should think when facing another. We can fight and still be partners or friends, because I don't hold anything against anyone. I don't hate anyone Joey, not even you, in fact I respect you. You fight as a champion when the time comes and you are good, but that's it. When we step into this ring, we ourselves are the enemies. Not the first generation, second or any other, just us. You keep whining and complaining about everything, it's fine, but just remember; you're the one who lived his whole career as a tool to others. I always walked ahead of everyone.m, everybody. When it comes to anything in this ring, I gave it 100%. You know it's pretty damn funny. You like to point fingers at everyone and say they are lost, but every month you seem to allign yourself with someone else and you say you're not lost anymore. How do you even know if you're lost right now? How do you know you're found? You're so blind you'll never be able to find your way out of the cave that is you."
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  8. "Oh just turn down the bullshit already. I can see right through your words, trying to please everyone with one microphone. You want everyone behind you, while I only need one. I don't NEED someone next to me telling me how good I am, they come to me! Dat Kid came to me to tell me how good I was, Kaizer came to me afterwards to tell me I'm good and he's good, and together we're great. I don't have a new alignment every month, I aligned myself with The Church and then Chris Kaizer. Since my debut all the way up to the Church, I fought alone, I briefly remember being in a little group called The Crusade with Adam and Queen whatever the fuck her name was, but that was short lived. I was alone for the longest time and you're damn right I like hearing people tell me how good I am, because for those months of fighting for my first title everyone just told me I wasn't ready. I was the only one that believed I was good until people started opening up their damn eyes and took notice and what they were witnessing. Because they were watching the start of a new era in this company and it didn't hit them or anyone until I won the IWT Title at Elimination Chamber."

    *Joey just stares at Farooq for a few seconds without saying anything, letting what he said sink in.*

    "I'm not blind, the only thing I'm blind to is what everyone sees in you. You're here fighting for the biggest belt in the company and all you can tell me is you don't hate me? You RESPECT me? You might think you're experienced but your mind is still in its rookie phase because you haven't even learned what this business is. No one respects anyone, no one is equal, and everyone will do whatever it takes to throw you under the bus. You're just that dude that runs around making jokes and appearing any time you see the chance to embarrass someone and then you're gone again. Gone for maybe a week or a month or god knows how long, and then you come back and claim you deserve a shot to become a champion. You're reminding me of myself when I was standing in this ring telling Aids I respected him and thought that beating him would be an honor. It wasn't until after he beat me twice that I realized sucking up and kissing ass will get you no where in this company until I realized something else tonight! Kissing ass only works if you belong to the first generation because while none of you show your faces each week like I do, you can just show up, and with the snap of a finger be fighting for a title of your choice because of the things you've done in the past for this company. Tell me, Farooq. What did you do to deserve this shot right now?"

    *He waits a couple seconds and shakes his head.*

    "Don't even answer that. You "used" the Order for your own personal gain, you won 1 or 2 matches here and there, and all of a sudden, you're inserted into my title picture out of no where. It's a mystery I may never solve. You may think all I do is whine and moan about how alone I am but that's because I sacrifice myself to this title and this company and still get booed from it. I sacrifice relationships like the one with Dat Kid, I sacrifice my oxygen just to teach you losers a lesson, and I sacrifice all that as your Martyr... "The Martyr" Joey Bryant never went away, I've been sacrificing it all to hold this belt for my own good to keep it out of the hands of undeserving, disrespectful fools like yourself because you'd turn this title and company into a joke the first week holding this belt."
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  9. Farooq shakes his head, a smile on his face. "Are you mad bro? Because you sure seem like it. Keep on bragging about how I'm the rookie, go ahead. You keep running your mouth, what was it you said to me at the start of this match? Oh right, 'cry me a river', that exact same thing you're doing now. You keep crying and moaning and crying and moaning and crying, it's like I'm watching Twilight. Congratulations, you fought alone, oh boo hoo, because everybody this company deserves something special for it."

    "Look at you. You fought on your own, oh so sad. People didn't like you, awww. And aww the little Joey is mad." He says sarcastically, tilting his head and making a duckface. "Get over yourself. Welcome to the Internet Wres--no, welcome to life. You think you deserve an award for all that? Tough shit, it's your job. You're like those people at fast food places who think they should get paid 10 dollars an hours, just because they...well, do their job. Sacrificing, oh here we go with the whole Martyr act, nobody gives a shit. It's funny how I'm such a joke, yet you're getting worked up over what I'm saying. Oh kissing ass only works for the first generation? I guess so, is stroking Aids's dick for the second generation? Because that's what I've seen you do....oh wait, or is are you gonna follow up with another instruction manual about how Aids saved your life?"

    Farooq goes up to Joey Bryant getting into his face. "Let me remind you of my achievements here in the IWT, because you seem to have crappy memory. I have held four titles, all at once. I was the first United States champion. I've created the X Division with my own hands. I am the current Hardcore champion. I was the first to take down the Cure. I carry one of the best win, loss ratios here in the IWT." Farooq says as he backs away. "You want to talk about starting here. Okay, I started here on my own. I had partners here and there, but I was always my own man. If there's one thing I've learn in the IWT, it's to be, yourself. This company, it'll tear you apart, rip you in half and change you if you're not strong. Aiden Ryan, Sackfist, Dat Kid, even you, are prime examples I have seen. You keep going down your blind path, believing in what others what others want you to believe in. I'll carry out my own will, even if I lose and leave this company, I will continue to fight. I will go to other companies and fight there, I won't stop. Nothing can stop me, not even you Joey Bryant, so get out of your little fantasy island and come back to reality, rookie." He said, dropping the microphone.
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  10. @Delik - wait for one more from @DK James or start voting? To be fair we should wait for one more I think.
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  11. *Alias walks out from the back to no-music but still a pretty good pop. He still looks worn out from his brawl with Kid and when Fooq speared him, but he's still got a mic in hand*

    Well, I hate to intervene on such a momentous occasion for the two of you, but I couldn't help but observe at how much of a bitch Kid looked like over there. You guys carry on the battle, I'll just sit beside the commentators table, making sure Kid doesn't put any dirty tricks into play. You got this, Joey.

    *Alias walks all the way to ringside, keeping a careful eye at Dat Kid.*
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  12. Chris Kaizer comes walking out with his newly won European Championship.

    Hey, if everyone is coming out...

    Chris Kaizer stands by Alias and offers him a bag of popcorn.
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  13. *Joey doesn't take his eyes off Farooq but gives a slight grin when he hears Antonio's voice behind him.*

    "Listen to you, you're like a grumpy old man insulting a little teenager on how their generation is worst than theirs! You can say you respect me all you want but to what it looks like to me, the words I've said have just made you hungrier for my belt. Because you're sick of hearing my voice, you're sick of hearing me brag, you're just sick of being overlooked. Say all the jokes and use as many sarcastic tones as you'd like, but you were only right about one thing. This company does change people and rip them apart, and you're right, it did change me. I came in just a gullible little rookie hoping to win some mid-card gold and eventually look at me now. The whole world hates me and I got guys like you wanting to rip my throat out. It's funny how you can get so caught up in this business it's almost too late to back out once you're in too deep. And as for your little accomplishments, they're nice and all, but you're missing one... little thing."

    *He holds up the new IWT Title in the air and smirks at Farooq as the crowd boos.*

    "That's nice you were able to create the X-Division, win the US Title, be the Hardcore champion right now and all, but none of that means shit until you hold this prize. While it only took me 9 months to win the IWT Title it's taken you ages and after tonight it's going to take you even longer and no matter how many mid-card successes you want to boast and brag about, no ones going to take them seriously unless you can take down IWT Champ material. It's the cause, not the downfall, that makes a martyr. If I wanted, I could lay down right now and let you take this belt if I wanted it in your hands, but I don't. I'm keeping it away from guys like you and Dat Kid until a worthy opponent from MY generation comes around. I am the most influential IWT Champion of all time, I've created this generation war with a few words using a microphone."

    *He looks at Dat Kid, then turns and looks at Antonio, then back at Farooq one last time.*

    "The tyrant dies and his rule is over, the martyr dies and his rule begins."

    *He drops the mic and gets ready for a fight.*
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  14. Ok @Delik - open it up for voting
  15. 6 votes? Come on hahah we had a consistent 10+ going for most of the matches.
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  16. I know, its dropped off since the beginning of the week. :dafuq: Reading through these now myself.
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  17. I am a little surprised no one else has voted, This match was great.
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  18. I think I voted @Delik can you double check for me?
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  19. Yep, you have
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