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Joey Bryant vs Farooq

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  1. Joey Bryant

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    Joey BryantDKJames vs @Farooq DatAss

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    - Competitors will have 2 promos each with a 24hr limit starting from when the first promo is posted
    - When the promo period is over or both competitors have submitted max promos, an additional 24 hrs will be opened for voting.
    - This is a public vote
    - The person with the most votes will be the winner
    - Images, videos & live stream are NOT allowed
    - Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension, no questions asked.

  2. Farooq's theme begins to play as the crowd cheers. He goes through the crowd, clapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down the stairs. He looks out onto the ring as he reaches the bottom of the stairs, the fans touching him as he stares on. Farooq then jumps over the barricade with ease, walking up the steel stairs and taking off his shirt. He tosses his shirt into the crowd, now only wearing his black tights, black boots with green linings, and black gloves. "Introducing first, from Houston, Texas, Farooq!" The announcer said as the crowd got even louder with cheers. After the introduction, the announcer handed Farooq the microphone to begin his promo battle.

    "Now, this is my first official match of the tournament, since my opponent in my last match up decided not to show up." Farooq said as the crowd booed. "But it is fine, at least now I will have somebody who has the decency to show up, hopefully." Farooq said, chuckling as he walked up and down the ring slowly. "Now my opponent, Joey Bryant, someone who I have fought before in the X Division match at Summerslam, I know a bit about him, beating Sackfist, and Nick. It's impressive to see someone come a long way, but the end of the road is here, and there's nothing but a cliff if he continues to drive."

    "I come in, day in and day out into this ring, into this company because I have the burning desire to want to compete here. It is something I love to do, it's something I live for. Wrestling is in my heart, let me tell you all a story. When I was a child, I was a huge wrestling fan. Before the IWT, there was a company called WWF, and I attended a Wrestlemania for the first time. Wrestlemania 15, I sat 5 rows away from the ring, not buying any drinks or food, because I could not even think to look away from the matches. Then, I saw the main event, The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin for their world championship. Everything was stacked up against Stone Cold, but somehow, someway, he found a way to still win, an do you know why? Because he had a fiery passion in his heart, not even his boss, his opponent, no one, was going to stop him!" Farooq said as the crowd began to cheer wildly.

    "Now, you all must wonder, why am I bringing this up? It's because my opponent, Joey Bryant, does not have that passion. Why would I make such a bold accusation? Because he said it himself, he doesn't care about this company. This tournament is for the IWT championship, the greatest treasure of this company, why should my opponent hold the championship if he does not care for this company? He doesn't! If he gets the championship, how do you know he won't take off? How do you know he won't just toss it aside, choose easy ways out, or anything else? If you give a rare baseball card to someone who has a passion to collect them, he will hold it with his dear life! If you give it to someone who doesn't has a passion to collect them, it'll get lost in their room somewhere, and I do not want that to happen to the IWT championship!"

    "I put my body on the line, coming in day after day after day, and I will continue to do that, championship or no championship, because I have the passion to keep going in this company! I care about this company, which is why I am still here, and I will continue to be here until each and every bone in my body is shattered an broken!" Farooq said as he dropped the microphone, the fans cheering him wildly.
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  3. *Joey Bryant walks out onto the stage to loud boos and a smirk on his face. He points to Farooq before making his way to the ring and grabbing a mic.*

    "Ah Farooq we meet again! You know, I fucking hate you now that I think about it but at the same time I fucking love you. I hate you because you continue to think you're top dog here but what you need tor realize is sometimes the veterans need to pass the torch, and I'm the man you need to pass it to. At the same time my boy, I love you because you bring out the best of me. When I think about IWT, I think about the top guys. Sackfist, Aids, and you and the very top at the food chain. You may not be holding the world title but when I first signed up here, the first guy I saw compete was you. And believe me, I can't even remember who you were facing because you destroyed them that bad and I admit you were pretty intimidating. Then Summerslam hit, and it was a big ol' fatal four way where we met at one point. The Cure walked out with your X-Division title and that had to of killed you inside, right? Just thinking in your head that the one group that everyone hates decided to target you and your title and actually suceeded. Ouch man. IWT. A place where so called legends are made and most of those legends start their journeys in tournaments just like these! 8 superstars entered the tournament, all hoping to get a shot at the gold but 4 remain and I'm one of them. I believe I proved to a lot of guys that I am no longer the new kid down the block but the kid that's not kidding around when he says he's going to get gold. People have made so many predictions on who is going to win this tournament but I don't think I've heard my name come up!"

    *Joey chuckles and paces a bit.*

    "See when I came out here a couple weeks ago and announced I was in the Cure, the entire IWT fanbase turned on me and I don't think that's okay. Would you turn on your own sister for changing a major in college because her old one wasn't working out? Sure she might be spending more money now for your precious college fund but she's doing it to improve herself. I said I was in the Cure as a turn in my career. I said it so I could have a new start and make my career better. Some people over the last few weeks have even been calling me delusional, lost, psychotic, not wanted, an outcast. Very, very true. But let me tell you a little something about being delusional. No man is happy without a delusion of some kind. Every man or woman in the world needs to have dreams and hopes, and no matter how delusional those dreams and hopes are, it still keeps that man climbing. Delusions are as necessary to our happiness as realities are and Farooq, call it a delusion or not but I'm going to beat you tonight. Truth is always a delusion. You can stand there and dish out whatever insults you want, I've heard em all. "You're not ready, you're a lucky bastard for getting this far" well yea, I am. No denying that. I have gotten lucky. I got lucky that the Cure didn't jump me after I lied about being in their group, I'm lucky that I was given the chance to fight for a title instead of mopping the floors in the back. Call whatever you want as luck but it's not going to change my determination and drive to beat you tonight and continue to prove to everyone in the back I'm not a guy to fuck with."

    *Joey begins to get emotional and stares right into the eyes of Farooq.*

    "You say I don't have passion? Believe me when I say I have more passion than anyone else in the back and maybe even more than you. You're correct, I don't care for this company but maybe I'd care just a little if I was leading all you peasants. Notice how I haven't brought up me being your martyr because this is much more than silly gimmicks and story time, this is about 2 men trying to claim the gold they both know they deserve. I have that passion, and if you received an old but rare baseball card and you had the option to sell that card for money for better oppurtunities, would you? Because that's what I did. I took whatever passion I had for this company when I debuted and threw it out the window because I was sick and tired of being disrespected and un-noticed. I made a name for myself, I climbed my way and now I'm recognized as a dangerous threat in this tournament while you, you're just a pawn in my game."
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  4. "Pass the torch? I'm not even 30 years old yet, I'm nowhere close to being the age of passing the torch to anybody. As for the X Division championship, the Cure got what they wanted, and that's fine. Yes I was a bit upset, but I learned to move on, because that's what people do, it's what I do. If I would have mourned over every lost I had here in the IWT I would be as bitter as you are here. I do not care much about The Cure, if they want to be cowards and jump people day in and day out, not giving the chance to anybody, well then I'll just walk around with a 2x4. If they want to interfere in my matches, let them come, because I am one man that fears no one."

    Farooq then walks over to Joey, looking him dead in the eyes. "Is that what you think this company is? Something you can sell when you get to the top? Gaining something common like money, money that is everywhere in the world, extremely common, but when you gain the rare baseball card, something that is one of a kind, something that no one else has, in your hand, you would trade it for something so pathetic, something so common? You keep walking through these golden halls, continue to catch the gold that falls...because when it lands in your hands, it becomes dust. Dust, because just like money, it's common. Dust, because it goes to something that stands still, and if you won't push yourself forward out of this pathetic mindset, you will never go anywhere."

    "Eventually you'll get old, still covered in dust, and when you try to operate, you'll see that nothing has change, so you'll just shut right back down. It's a pity too, something with such potential, becoming a waste that will forever be locked away in the basement of IWT, next to all the rest of the wrestlers who could have had a chance to be called IWT champion, but didn't have the heart to keep pushing through."
  5. "You have such a way with words, don't you? That's your specialty I can tell. You have actually kept my mouth shut for a couple seconds but have no fear. The IWT is a lot like Chess, like how I said you're just a pawn in my game. Chess is a game played between two opponents on opposite sides of a board containing 64 squares of alternating colors. The king is the most important piece, but is one of the weakest, and that's you. Everyone thinks of you when they think of top of the food chain but you are easily defeated."

    *He begins to walk around in circles around Farooq as he talks.*

    "The queen is the most powerful piece. CrayJ Lee. She holds that gold. The rooks are particularly powerful pieces when they are protecting each other and working together, and that's where the Cure come in. Weak alone, but oh so powerful as a group. Bishops work well together because they cover up each other’s weaknesses, the Crusade. The Knights are the guys like David and Senhor, the mid-card champions. And then there's me and I could say you too, a pawn. They can move in whatever way they want on the board but are always the first eliminated. The question is which one of us is going to be elminated tonight? The purpose of the game is to checkmate the king, right? Well, checkmate bitch. The king called Farooq is going to fall tonight and it's going to be at the hands of the greatest pawn in IWT history, Joey Bryant!"

    *The crowd boos and he stops and stares into the eyes of Farooq.*

    "Your way with words isn't going to save you tonight. I have more experience than people think, I have more luck than people think, and your luck runs out tonight. Your first opponent decided to no show, you never had to go through the battle I did with Nick. You got the easy way out and I would call that lucky. Well now, I bet you're shocked that you're getting such a big challenge tonight! Everyone is when they face Joey Bryant. They expect to come into the match and squash me but that never happens. I've suffered 1 loss here, and it was in that fatal four way where you lost your precious gold or should I call that your... rare baseball card? You lost that card among the IWT superstars and David took it from you and who knows what he'll do with it now. You're overrated Farooq, everyone knows it and I'm just going to prove it."

    *He drops his mic as Farooq and Joey stare each other down.*
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  6. OOC: Oh man that chess bit was on point. I feel like you might have had that one in the chamber just waiting to pull the trigger. Both were good, the baseball card, talk of the company. I also feel like the Cure got a lot of attention and they are not even in this match lol.

    DKJames gets my vote
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  7. Damn, those promos were amazing. But I feel Dk's promos were 100% accurate, and he definitely brought his A game. DKJames gets my vote.
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  8. Really liked both, but DK got it for me with that chess scenario. Seriously, enjoyed all of it.
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  9. Very difficult decision but i am going to say farooq just about won it.
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  10. Sort your thread out, Jabroni. I can barely see the DKJames tag, and that... is an injustice.
  11. Still mad that I make better match threads than you? Where's deth's signature when you need it?

  12. Much better threads? Haha! :lol1::lol1::lol1::pity1::dawg:
  13. That was a good match, went with DK.
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  14. You know what I think we all want to see? We want Jonathan vs Dat Kid at the next major PPV. Book it, it'll be the GOAT match.
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  15. I don't compete, I wouldn't want to humiliate my assisstant anyway. I need him at times.
  16. Jonathan couldn't promo his way into a girl's pants, let alone a match with me. :dawg:
  17. Jonothan vs Dat Kid, winner takes sole control of IWT.
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  18. ...
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  19. Jonathan would need someone to fight for him. Who are his clients, again?

    All that match would do is prove no matter how good Dat Kid promo's, he still cant win. Even vs Jonathan FFS.