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Sackfist vs David

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  1. IWT Championship Tournament Semifinals
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    - Competitors will have 2 promos each with a 24hr limit starting from when the first promo is posted
    - When the promo period is over or both competitors have submitted max promos, an additional 24 hrs will be opened for voting.
    - This is a public vote
    - The person with the most votes will be the winner
    - Images, videos & live stream are NOT allowed
    - Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension, no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM. However, posts like things that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted
  2. *David walks in the match slowly, with a blank face.*​
    David: "You see, in IWT I have seen many wrestlers come in, become a big star, then roll out. Farooq for example, he was one of the greatest X-Division champions ever to step foot in this company. But in the end all his accomplishments were in vain, because he took his ball and he went home. Sackfist, you are one of those guys. Before I joined IWT I used to think it was "The Sackfist show". You were the reason I even joined IWT, but along those times, I realized what you really are Sackfist... I realized you are Cancer. You are a guy loved by the fans, and you feed off of the fans, but in the end you are just nothing but a sell out."​
    *David stops talking, looks at the crowd and they are screaming "FUCK YOU DAVID!"*​
    David: "That's right, you're a sell out. Sackfist in IWT you are one of the originals, but you haven't done shit! I am the man that on his very second match, I took the X-Division title and I turned it upside down. I didn't win this X-Division title because the people deserved it, I'm damn sure they didn't want me as champion either, but I won it because it's what IWT needs! I am The Cure. I am that guy that you look at and say "this guy isn't going anywhere". Yeah, that's what Joey Bryant said, that's what B.Dazzle said, and that's what Farooq said. But look now, I'm the same guy holding this title up high proudly, and knowing I am BETTER than you Sackfist. And in a few weeks when I beat Adam, I'm also going to beat Joey Bryant, and in the end all you'll be remembered as is one of those guys that David made his personal bitch."​
    *The fans are going insane screaming "FUCK YOU DAVID! FUCK YOU DAVID!"​
    David: "And you hear that? That's the sound of Cancer, that's the sound of bitterness, hopelessness and jealousy, because these fans know they haven't even come CLOSE to doing what I've done. The fans know that all their dreams, hopes and aspirations are dead because in the end they'll never be good enough. These fans are the people you dwell with Sackfist, but you don't dwell with them because you want to, you dwell with them because you have to. You have made yourself a bitch Sackfist, and deep down under your soul and body which is infested with cancer... You wish you were as good as The Cure. But after all the attempts, hell you even teamed up with Rhod, and guess who you got beaten by? You got beaten by the Cure. Soon, you get beaten by The Sargent in Arms, you get beaten by the man who picked up the whole X-Division of IWT and dropped it straight on it's fucking head! When you wake up from the beat down Sackfist, you'll realize why I am the man people aspire to be, you'll realize why Aids Johnson personally recruited me, and then you'll finally realize what the world is yet to, you'll realize why I am just... that... damn... GOOD!"​
    *The fans are not completely silenced, waiting for Sackfists reply.*​
  3. "Sell Out?, I teamed with Rodrigo? David, David, David, what ever the heck your on buddy, it has well, fried a few brain cells. Let me put correct you. I never asked to team with Rodrigo, I was made to, I am not a team player and I never will be, Dat Kid, like he threw the stipulation on me, threw me into the tag match, because back then, there were no teams to speak of. Dat Kid has changed IWT completely, and you David, well he sticks you anywhere, and I mean anywhere. You didn't qualify for this match tonight, heck if Dat Kid was a business man, he would have set up a replacement qualifier match or given me the opponent I deserve, Alkaline. You David, you are Dat Kid's spoiled little princess. He gives you matches you don't deserve to be in. You didn't qualify for an X-Division championship match and you certainly haven't qualified here. But I know after this, when I win and head to get my retribution against Joey Bryant, you'll start stomping your feet, yelling because the princess didn't get her way!

    *Mild princess chant starts for David"

    "I went into this match with a subtle bit of doubt, because I now Aids Johnson is as good as he says he is, he could have retired me here and now. However David, I have no doubt tonight who will walk out the winner. Your in this match because your "leader" knows I beat him and is worried I may have kicked his sorry ass again. So like the coward, and opportunist, can't knock him being opportunistic, he won the Championship. So now the Cure owns all the gold. *Sarcastic clap from Sackfist*. David, I am not here to stop the cure, I am here because I am a survivalist, I am here because I enjoy every match I am in, however this *Sack spits on the mat* this david leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I can list so many contenders that should have been put in your place, however now that your here, I can give you a piece of my mind

    Sack holds his chin for a minute smirking

    "You have done nothing in this company, you holding the X-Division title is a slap in the face to every single superstar in IWT who have fought for it or any of the titles that made it, As I transition from Mr Mid-Card to Mr. Main Event, as I am HEADLINING IWT UPRISING!. *Crowd Pop*, I look back and see the man who will now represent the division that I truly loved, and I look and I feel disgusted, sick to my stomach that you David will represent it. A guy that gets everything handed to him. I still see the veterans having to qualify and even the newbies coming in, they all qualify, except you, I ask myself why. Why do you get to jump ahead? Are you the best in this business *Chuckles Histerically and wipes a tear from his eye* No way in hell are you the best in IWT. All you are is a lame excuse for a competitor who the IWT Commissioner feels sorry for and hands out championship matches, because maybe David that is the only way you would even have a damn chance. A Champion is the best in the division, I see a lot of champions do this and it is time to enlighten them. You may hold the belt, but it is your reign that makes you a champion *turns attention back to David* and for you princess, I can see a very short reign from you.
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    "Honestly, how stupid of you Sackfist. You say I didn't earn my way to the X-Division match? Tell that to FaceFail, who I gave the ass beating of his life. You say I don't deserve this title? Tell that to Farooq, Joey and B.Dazzle, because hell I beat all of them easily. But the most stupid part of what you just said was that I have been handed everything I've gotten... Dat Kid never gave me anything, if you want to talk about people being handed stuff, go to our former IWT champion, if you want to talk about stuff being handed to people, you are talking about yourself. In IWT there are people who earn things, and there are cancers like you who still hangs on to his past because he has no future. You Sackfist, have no future, because you have turned irrelevant. You are slowly turning into Farooq, and the only reason you say I don't deserve this X-Division title is because you think if you had beaten Joey, you would have won this title I hold right now!"

    *The crowd goes silent and someone in the front row screams "YOU GOT PWNED!"

    "Sackfist, you're honestly like the rest of the cancers in the IWT roster. You say I am Dat Kid's little princess, you say my title reign will be very short, and you probably believe I was lose to Adam. I am the man who beat the odds when no one thought I could, and I am glad you're one of those people, because that's your biggest downfall. You look down upon me when you should be looking up and seeing who I really am. I have already surpassed you in my very short time of being here, because I am simply better than you."

    *The crowd starts roaring and screaming.*

    "You say what makes a champion is their reign... but what do you know about "my reign"? Where have you been Sackfist while I've been thriving and making people my bitches? You haven't witnessed my reign yet you say it makes you sick that I represent the very thing you love but you just couldn't get over in... It makes you sick that I represent the X-Division and I'm fucking glad you hate it! I didn't join IWT to make people happy and make sure everyone loved me, I joined IWT because I knew it needed to be Cured. I've said it time and time again The Cure isn't the savior you people want, but it's the savior you people NEED! The X-Division needs someone like me to represent it, because I speak the truth. I'm not Adam who's going to turn on the fans, lose then apologize to the fans, I'm not Farooq who's going to claim all he cares about are the fans then sell out and go make movies, and I am definitely not you Sackfist where I am going to pick out who I see "fit" to represent the X-Division when I never did shit for that division!"

    *The fans get really quiet*

    "That's right, I'm not any of those guys. I'm David... I'm The Cure that everyone is looking for, but not everyone is ready for. I'm not going to brag that I was one of the IWT originals after I have been on a losing streak, then say someone doesn't deserve to be where he's at because he's better than me. I'm just going to keep evolving because I know I can't hold on to the past. But you Sackfist, you need a reality check. IWT isn't what it used to be, because we have new sheriffs in town, those are The Cure. The people that hold all of IWT's gold and the group of people that no one can beat. Yes, we lost a member, many people think that will slow us down, but honestly, that's only going to make us faster! After I beat you Sackfist, I'm going to beat Joey, then I'll beat Adam, and then The Cure will be main eventing the PPV after night of Champions. And where will you be? You'll (HOPEFULLY) be at the unemployed line where you really should have been for a LONG time. And you want to know why I'm going to beat you? Because I'm The King of IWT, and because I represent that Division you loved so much, but didn't quite love you, Sackfist. Trust me when I say this... You aren't going to go from mid card to main event. You're going to go from mid card, to kissing my ass. After I beat you I'll go on to beating Joey AGAIN, but this time one on one. Because... *David starts raising his voice* I AM A REAL CHAMPION! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT AN INFECTION!"

    "You are The Cancer, I AM THE CURE!"
  5. "Are you freaking blind you half rate, worthless excuse of a replacement? I am in the main event here and now, you truly are pathetic. I am main eventing this here event because unlike you David, I earned my spot here, I didn't throw a tantrum backstage, I didn't pander to the Commissioner, I earned it here. Everything you just said was absolute garbage and proves you will never, Never Ever be a major threat here in IWT. Everytime I face a member of the cure, they repeat the same old crap day in day out, day in day out, Day In Day Out, DAY IN DAY OUT AND I AM SICK OF IT!"

    *Some crowd pops*

    "You rely on the cure David because every single member of you can't survive on their own, Props to George, the guy now goes to tough it out, yet you David, you hang onto the cure because you know without them, what are you? HUH? WHAT ARE YOU. Your nothing but an overrated diva who gets everything thrown at him. You don't deserve to be in this match David, To main event IWT, I could have had, Alkaline, long time friend, Victoria Parker, Christian, heck even the boss himself, but instead of a decent opponent, I am given the Cure's Waterboy to face in my 1st ever Main Event match."

    *Waterboy chants fill the arena*

    "If anyone gets to face Bryant David, it is me. Bryant is the reason my career has taken a tumble and what a coincidence that a victory over him will put me in a Championship match. David, call yourself King, but the King of this tournament is standing right in front of you. History shows Kings have struggled to survive, and those who do deserve to reign as King. Right now I am struggling to remain in IWT, but I will prove to you, I will prove to everyone in the back and I will prove to Dat Kid that they were wrong. I have never been so close to the prize and I am not prepared to let some waterboy princess to take not only my spot in the finals but bragging rights that my career ended. David you have come into this ring, spouted lies to show you are the next main event superstar without paying his dues in the mid-card. I have paid my dues and it is time for me to show the world that Mr Main Event is here and he is coming for the IWT Championship.