Storyline IWT Uprising - Just before the WHC match

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    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the World He-

    The arena is blanketed in purple

    Dat Kid walks out, not dressed in ring attire, carrying his suitcase behind him, with his gym bag slung over his shoulder. Kid leaves his luggage outside of the ring and snatches the mic from the ring announcer.

    Now hold on a second, don't go announcing things that aren't going to happen. When I came back I said that I would fight both the World Heavyweight Champion and the IWT Champion at Summerslam.

    This isn't for the IWT Championship and this sure as hell isn't Summerslam.

    Dat Kid looks disgusted at the crowd.

    I guess our esteemed general manager didn't hear me, but who can blame him since I whipped his ass in Elimination Chamber, he probably suffered irreparable ear damage.

    So @Trip in the Head , with a mic in my hands perhaps you will hear me now. Get your ass to this ring right now or you're going owe a lot of people some refunds.
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  2. *Alias is seen backstage slightly confused. He sees the camera and just laughs it off*

    It may not be that son of a bitch Dat Kid, but I'm kicking someone's ass tonight. TRIP GET YOUR ASS OUT THERE.
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  3. *As Dat Kid waits the titantron plays that familiar tune one more time*

    *Trip in the Head emerges from the back as his name is yelled out in the song. He wastes no time in getting down to the ring*
    TRIP: What is the meaning of this? Didn't you win your #1 contender shot earlier from The Artist? Thats not good enough for you is it? *Trip pauses for a moment* and if I remember correctly, I was the last one left standing in that Elimination chamber with Joey Bryant (OOC: I did have the 2nd highest # of votes right?). And yes, that means he would have had to pin me, which I can't deny happened, but that was MY night. That was the night I made it known that I was not some lower-midcard, purely for entertainment, no talent having wannabe in this business. Everyone took note of my performance that night. Including you, since I left you lying on your back on more than one occasion that evening. *Trip smiles smugly* So what is the great Dat Kid wants this time?

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  4. Dat Kid, checks his nails for dirt as Trip speaks.

    I'm sorry were you saying something. I couldn't hear you over The Church's world championship reigns. You know, the ones The Order could never get. I don't think you want to play the historical dick measuring game with me because trust me, mines is a A LOT bigger than yours.

    You ask me if getting a number one contender shot is enough as if what you're giving me is a gift. You think I'm blind to the fact that I have to have to matches in one night, while Alias has been backstage sitting on his ass all night? Do you think I'm stupid?! The fact that I have to call you out in front of all these people is a testament to your inept ability to run this company. I never thought I'd say this, but I actually miss Jonathan.

    Let's get down to business shall we and since I'm not much of a business man, allow me to bring out someone who is.

    Dat Kid points to the stage.

  5. Britanica is seen at the top of the ramp wearing an all black pants suit. To her side is one small black cat. She bends down and gives the cat a treat, then walks down the ramp it him by her side. Everyone boo's and starts chanting “FTJ! FTJ! FTJ!” Britanica just smirks and continues to walk. As she gets in the ring, the black cat runs up the stairs behind her and sits in the center of the ring. Britanica approaches Dat Kid, whispers something in his ear, backs away smiling, takes the mic and turns to Trip.

    My client, Dat kid has justification.

    Britanica pulls out a piece of paper from her suit pocket

    If we look at the wrestler's agreement page in the IWT contract, my clients signature is not anywhere to be seen. Not only has he never signed this agreement, but he has been put under extreme physcial and mental stress. The examples include, being put in multiple matches in one day, handicap matches, extreme rules matches, hell in the cell matches, ladder matches, table matches, being forced to manage this company while having a severe spinal injury, being attacked from behind, being attacked at his own wedding, being powerbombed off the stage by Franklin T. Jocksworth, and most recently being piledrived through tables by Alias Antonio.

    Britanica clears her throat and continues

    If we look closer at this same agreement page, we will find that Alias has provided falsified information and has signed his name as “Eddy332”, which ultimately means he never has an IWT contract.

    Looking back onto the rules, they clearly state "When you're building to a match, you need to cut pre-match promos." Alias vs Dat Kid was made this evening and neither combatant has made so called promo, making this match void by failing to abide by basic IWT ruling. The official rules also state that "Also, you cannot force the champion to battle under your terms." and there is no evidence that Alias was ever consulted about who his opponent will be tonight and is therefore forced into a match with my client.

    Britanica pauses while the crowd starts booing. She does not look amused. She continues...

    And we can not forget the most important rule that has been broken, which undoubtedly shows your sadistic abuse of power. One of the original rules of the IWT has gone missing! It has been wiped clean from the record books in an attempt to keep Trip's favorite superstars in power. That rule is this, every 30 days a champion must defend their title or they will be stripped of the championship! Does anyone remember that rule? Will had it put in place when FTJ refused to fight any challengers for the IWT way back in the beginning and by some miracle that rule has been ousted without even consulting the members of the IWT.

    Now this brings me to my final point. When's the last time Alias defended his World Heavyweight Championship? If I'm correct the answer to that is May 5th, 2014, the very same night he won it in a rematch with Dat Kid. Today is Jun 26th, 2014. That makes 51 days since Alias has defended the Championship and by now you should understand what that means. Alias Antonio should be STRIPPED of the World Heavyweight Championship.

    The crowed looks at Dat Kid smiling and a silence rushes over

    Not only that, there is enough evidence of negligence and abuse of power to sue you and this entire company to the ground! Your only hope of recovering from this is an out of court settlement and there is only one thing me and my client want. At Summerslam, my client Dat Kid will take on both the World Heavyweight Champion and the IWT Champion in a Triple Threat match with BOTH titles on the line. He'll even agree to face the #1 Contender for the IWT Championship to earn the other half of that match.

    With that being said, my old friend, Trip. Trippy. Trippolisious. Where has your back bone went? I remember a strong, crazy, wolf breeding maniac.. And here you stand... Mr. GM. Bravo. Really. Congratulations. Way to... well... Sell out for the team.

    Britanica smirks and pulls out another piece of paper and places it on the floor in front of Trip

    What say you, Trip?

    Britanica grins and drops a gold plated pen to Trip's feet.
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  6. Nice book, whens the next one coming out?
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  7. ur mum
  8. Who are you facing?
  9. Not you.
  10. For some reason I knew you're gonna post that.
  11. ur mum

  12. *Mr.Smith comes out to a mild pop, he's seen sporting some folders in one hand, a mic in the other, and is dressed up in a white three piece suit. Mr.Smith makes his way down the ramp, and enters the ring*

    This just wouldn't be complete with your's truly, so let's get down to business. My client, the IWT World Heavyweight Champion, Alias Antonio finds this whole thing to be complete and utter bullshit. Brita, whatever rules you've made has been thrown out whenever you were caught on your knees for FTJ. Furthermore, the new GM's lack of sense means my client has gone un-booked. That does not mean you should take it out on him. Your claims have been proven false, and your terms are ridiculous. Sorry Kid, but if you want to play these antics you're gonna have to do better than a whore playing dress up.
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  13. :blackshock:
    (only looked through who posted so far, haven't read shit lol)
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  14. Before Brit can speak Dat Kid puts his hand over her mic and lowers it.

    I have done everything for this company, EVERYTHING! You name it, I've done it and through all of it have I ever asked for anything? No. I never demanded to be in the main event, hell I opted to be the first match on the card on more than one occasion. I never asked for title shots, I've earned them all.

    I have been here since the beginning and I have not only improved myself, but the people who surrounded me. I am responsible for the creation of this very show! I am responsible for the Victoria Parker uprising, Joey Bryant's path to the title, and whether or not your client wants to admit it ot not, I put him over!

    And now for the 1st time in my career, I am asking for my paycheck! I have done MORE than enough to earn this match and everyone from Trip, Aids, and now even YOU, a man we havent seen or given two shits about since April. People want to call Joey, Alias, and Knight the underdogs. I AM THE ONLY UNDERDOG!

    Anytime they want something, IWT creative will bend over backwards to hand it to them on a silver platter, but god forbid Dat Kid, the man who's been here since December 2012 asks for a title shot for the 1st time in his career. Oh jesus no, God forbid we give a title shot to THE BEST SUPERSTAR. And yes I said THE BEST and I know that makes the locker room cringe with agonizing pain, but it's true. I AM THE BEST and I dare anyone to prove me wrong. PROVE ME WRONG!

    I've been whuppin everyone's ass whether their 1st generation, 2nd generation, and 3rd generation. I'm one of the few men who actually care to show my face outside of PPVs and uprisings. I HAVE EARNED THAT SHOT and if I have to fuck Trip and this company up the ass with the very same rules that they created and enforced then so be it!

    Let's skip the legal mumbo jumbo and get to the good part. @Trip in the Head I am now telling you to book the match I want at Summerslam, not because I'm a greedy ass main event hog like Aids Johnson, not because I'm delusional about my own abilities like Roadster, and not because I am here to take over the IWT like every faction that's' ever existed (including your own). I am telling you to book the match because unlike the rest of the entire IWT roster, I have earned it.

    Jesus wept
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  15. *Trip just smiles at Dat Kid, Britannica, and Mr. Smith in the ring - kicking the golden pen at his feet away*

    TRIP: Yeah, yeah, Jesus was a big crybaby - we get it already. Go cry on Jonathon's shoulder if you miss him so much. *Trip motions to Britannica* I know the real reason he is weeping though. Cause in a REAL dick measuring contest he comes up pretty short against me. *Trip winks at Britannica and takes a few steps around the ring and continues* Well it surely looks like you two have me in a bind now don't you? Here, with my former faction leader even. Oh Brit, how ashamed Marcus (@TheArabHammer ) would be of you now. Siding with the likes of Dat Kid of all people. *Trip shakes his head slowly* Its a shame, really it is. *Trip looks up at Brit* And it sounds like what you are trying to tell me is that I am supposed to be upholding the rules from this company on someone who doesn't even have a contract with this company, by your own words? Well that doesn't sound like my lawyers could find any loopholes in it at all. :pity2: And Mr Smith *Trip addresses the other well dressed man in the ring* welcome to Uprising! Long time no see. But you know what? *Trip rubs his bearded chin* I wonder what the champ himself has to say about all this. *Trip says aloud in the mic* Hey Alias (@THG?) , you back there? *Trip returns his attention to those in the ring* I'm pretty sure he's ready for a fight tonight. And if Dat Kid is too chicken, oh sorry, hurt, or was it tired? Well whatever. If he can't fight tonight, then I guess he'll have to work a little harder for this match he wants, because he will have just given up a shot at one of the titles he is after here tonight. *Trip pauses as the crowd explodes in boos*

    TRIP: Unless....
    *Trip steps towards Britannica @Solid Snake *
    You think I can't take down the Alpha wolf anymore, is that it? You. Me. MITB. You win, Dat Kid gets his match at Summerslam no matter who the champions are. Guaranteed. I'll "abuse" my power in your favor. You lose, Dat Kid becomes MINE. Now I'm done. I got a show to run damn it.

    *Trip drops the mic as his music plays*

    *and he walks backwards up the ramp spouting off incomprehensible obscenities and flipping off those left in the ring*

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  16. Dat Slave from Jersey.:dawg:
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  17. :blackshock:
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  19. I fully support this slavery.

    Time haters can suck it
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