IWT Uprising - Jwab & Eddy vs Adam & Nano

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Jwab & Eddy

  2. Adam & Nano

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    @JwabTV & @Eddy335 vs @Adam568 & @NanoRah14 in a 2 on 2 match!​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here​
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.​
    -Promos will last until 11:59pm Eastern USA on 1st August and there​
    is no limit on how many promos you can write in that time.​
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 11:59pm Eastern USA on 2nd August​


  2. Alias Antonio and Jwab walk out with awesome attires that make people want to buy it AND YOU CAN at the IWT SHOP! IWT.com/Shop
    Walks in while giving no fucks. Grabs the mic.
    So...We finally got a match against the Ginger and Cpt. Retard Muscles! *Laughs at his own joke and goes for a high five but Alias gives him a serious face* Ok then, but in all seriousness.......This is no challenge...look at them. I bet that orange haired fuck hasn't gotten laid in years...he's probably still a virgin. And you *points at Colton* Relax off the weights breh. It's not like we all need to have big muscles like Ron Jeremy. So I've been told that Adam calls himself the man that destroyed the Cure... *gives a sarcastic confused face* Yet he has not defeated any of us....Wait, has he defeated you Alias *asks Alias* That's right, he hasn't. *goes completely serious* He never came close. I made him rage to the brink of giving up. Throwing the towel. He was gonna quit IWT. And I plan to do that to both him and his Dying Breed partner Nanorah. *makes a huge ass smile* And isn't there some dispute between the two of you like one betrayed the other? Or am I thinking of some other Ginger Muscle team? Nah, it's you guys. Day after day. All I see is Adam calling out Nanorah yet they never settle it. They are still here as a team and you can see that they hate each other and they have no idea what they have gotten themself into. *Adam goes to interrupt Jwab* LALALALALALA! I was gonna say wait your turn but....the mic goes to whoever wants it!
    puts the mic in the center of the ring and walks over to the side and looks at Alias and the team of The Ginger and The Muscle and waits.
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  3. OOC: I'm not like Cena in the IWT, my look is like Hardy's so I'm not a muscled man as you call me in your promo
  4. Adam's Personal Ring Announcer: Please welcome at this time, Former tag team champion and next X-Division Champion, The Greatest Thing Of Gods Earth, ADAM HAAAAWK!​
    *Lights go out and the spotlight centers on Adam as he walks to the ring, He has a mic in hand*​
    Now before you and your little bum buddie go on a rant about me I have a chance to speak, One thing to note is you seem to think I am an invisible ghost as you acted like I was going to interrupt you and I wasnt even here so I think you may have an under lying mental disorder so you should get that checked out before I beat your head even more tonight! Just to remind you I am the greatest thing in the history of IWT and you will address me as such and you will show me the respect I deserve because you respect the people above you when you start here, I am above you and with the way you are disrespecting me you will go nowhere, The only way you go places here is by making an impact and showing respect, I did both. I my first 2 matches I retired someone who didnt show me respect and beat the man I have to call my partner here tonight in a ladder match at a PPV for that briefcase *Adam points the briefcase being held by his ring announcer* which proves why I am going to be the next X-Division Champion and tonight you become another stepping stone for me. You like to throw insults dont you Jwab, You throw them about and dont back it up in this ring, You can throw little insults around and act a tough guy but when its all said and done, You are just a pussy who pretends to be a man.​
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  11. *Alias picks up the mic that Jwab left in the centre of the mat in a portentous manner and stares at Adam in similar fashion. He commences to speak in his infamous slow-paced voice*​
    Alias: It's kinda ironic how your music is Bobby Roode's and the victories you hold in IWT are all FLUKES.​
    *Alias pauses and smirks*​
    Talk is cheap, very cheap, especially when it comes from a asinine man like yourself. You....you claim to be part of the high society of IWT, the life in general which makes you think that us, The Cure, should respect you. But here is the funny thing, that poor excuse for us to respect you drives us to loathe you even more than we already do, little boy. You're not part of the high society, you're just part of the majority of people who will fall victim to The Cure's way of treatment. You also say that to go places, we need to make an impact and show you respect. For the love of god, what does that even mean? We've made a bigger impact than you and your brainless partner will ever make in IWT. Also, why should we respect ''The High Society'' Adam when you can't even string a few words together to make a coherent sentence? Everything you say, since I've known you, are complete and utter lies which leads you to believe you're the best around here. The stuff in your head gives you a vision of what you are not - the best. This is where The Cure come in to play to do what we do best. We are here to cure your mind and make you believe what you are in reality - nothing but a simpleton living in an intelligent world only suitable for men like The Cure. After this match, we WILL show you the clear vision of what you are, and you or your little friend can't do anything to stop us.​
    *Alias evilly smirks knowing what's coming next*​
    You are the cancer, we are the cure.​
    *Alias drops the mic on the floor and works the crowd, who boo him, awaiting to hear Colton*​
  12. OOC im so cured man. Those proms are dope.
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  14. *grabs the mic again* All these words getting thrown around and I'm just sitting here thumb wrestling myself. It's pretty fun by the way but The Cure is making it's mark. it started with taking down everyone's Fan Favorite Mr. Sackfist and the Rhodes mark. And next it's you two. You see after we are done, your body will be lying there on the river bed. Washed up. Brutally disfigured. Missing flesh. You know what I'm getting to. Please, I don't want to label you a liar at all Adam but you are definitely not the Greatest Thing of God's Earth...plus you already made that sound like shit. Us? We can call ourselves Gods! Cuz we are gods. We help this world more than anyone else. You don't see Colton ,or whatever his name is,walking up and offering help to the mentally challenged. All of you are mentally challenged. You were raised in a spoiled world that we are fixing brick by brick. You are as disfigured as the fuck with the Red Gatorade *Smiles at the inside joke* You, there with the face paint and the bloodshot eyes. We can help you. Put it this way, Adam doesn't care about you. The second you lose Adam is going to leave you here with beaten and he will allow you to get beat down by us. How about you accept The Cure and go back to your normal look. The one without the terrible make up and the fake eyes. We are here to help you Colton. All you have to do is accept it. *Adam goes to say that The Cure doesn't deserve anything* WE DESERVE AS MUCH AND EVEN MORE THAN YOU HAVE GOTTEN. ​
    *Gets a little more serious with every word*
    I have felt my place. And it's on top of the world. I deserve to be on top. Shot to the top! I am the future of IWT. No, not just me. We are the future of IWT. The Cure is coming and it's coming fast (AHURHUHUR). You all hate on us for no reason. *starts yelling at the crowd* When we are the only people that can save you! Join us! Be apart of it! Help us defeat these 2 bozos. You got the man who once believed to perform medical help on people yet he failed. You got the man that once sought drugs to escape the pain of reality. These 2 men are both failures in their own right. We can clean both of them...together *the Cure fans start shouting and yelling with their awesome CURE SHIRTS which you can buy at the IWT Shop at IWT.com/shop*
    As what Alias said.​
    You are Cancer!​
    OOC - I felt like throwing in another fun one :)
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  15. OOC: I believe you can't act like if you were Adam because Adam is a part of this match...
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  16. YOU DESERVE NOTHING! NONE OF YOU! You all have a self inflated ego which is becoming out of control, You just dont understand do you? You dont just get handed stuff around here you work your ass off day in day out and you are on the road 300 days and nights a year and you leave your family and sacrifice everything just to get a chance here but all of you just prance in whenever you feel like it and demand title shots and demand respect but no.... With that attitude and that way of thinking you will stay in the same place you are now and thats sitting in a pool of nothingness watching me as my career goes higher and higher but you refuse to take that and you try and climb that ladder but each time me or someone else just kicks you right back down to reality, I need to get rid of you Jwab, To set an example to the guys in the back and the guys who arent signed yet so they dont come up with the idea of living in your fantasy, You all need to start living in my reality. I am the saviour of IWT! I am going to save all of you here tonight, I am going to save you from The Poisoned Cure! You arent The Cure, You are the infection spreading it around like a ton of bricks on everyones backs and I need to stop that, I am the real cure. Another me will never come by again, I am the shining light at the end of the tunnel, I am hope. Im the hope you all need and tonight is a stepping stone into the future and the future is bright, I see a company not being destroyed and broken by a pack of dogs who refuse to take what is given and what is deserved. I am the exact opposite a fluke, I am everything you are against because of your broken morals and stupid policies, We wont lose tonight and that is a promise that will not be broken. This cure is done for. You claim to have made an impact? What impact is that? You cheating a stupid win over one man? Is that what you call an impact? Well then you are very wrongly mistaken, You have made no impact, You have done nothing here and never will. You lead a pointless life of hate and anger towards the people who paved the way for you and you are ungrateful of anything people have done for you, You walk in this place and disrespect me and everyone else here, The only brainless fools here are you because you see to think that you still mean anything to anyone, You take cheap shots at people thinking you are making an impact, But no. And by the way you should get checked out before we start you seem to think I am moving or talking when im not so please for your own safety because if there isnt already something wrong with you after the beating you will get tonight from me you will, Yes words are cheap and this cure seem to say a bunch of cheap words and not be able to back it up, Open your ears and listen, I am hope for all IWT, You are just another couple of rookies with big egos.​

  17. *Jacob comes out with his old attire, comes to the ring, asks for a microphone and starts speaking*

    I asked for a microphone because even if you say you're The Cure and we are The Cancer, but in fact you have a really hard mental issue... Right now I don't want to act like a doctor, but as far as I could see, your problem is stupidity and that is a really contagious disease.
    *Crowd cheers*

    And by the way, my dear partner, I know you told me to come here and see how you defeat this jerks club known as The Cure... You, The Cure, take their time and you call everyone the Cancer, but let me tell you something, they don't notice we're gone because we come out and entertain them, not like you who need to take part of their time just to say you are still here. If you want to prove you're here the first thing you've got to do is easy, you've gotta give them what they want and that's getting entertained. It doesn't matter that you prefer to take some public space just to say you haven't left, I consider that bitching around. You're a group of rookies who think they can wrestle. You should just forget about the victory because all your cockiness is your weaker point. You try to make us believe that you are great, the most powerful force in this planet, but you're not and they know it. They know it, I know it and everyone all around the wold knows it. I don't care if the sun rises from your dick and it sets between Britanica's legs, you know what I'm talking about. They may be so stupid that they'll believe everything that you say because you shout every single second "BELIEVE IN THE CURE!" or "WE ARE THE CURE AND YOU ARE THE CANCER!". You are pathetic. What will be the next thing you create? An eclipse? One of your teammates will penetrate Britanica in Jonathan's car as she did with FTJ? I don't really care if you do that because you'll cum faster than the time I'll need to pin some of you.

    *Crowd is in a mixed reaction*

    This company doesn't need heros or cures, what this company needs is people who actually work something because that's why we are paid. We don't need to listen your "we're going to defeat you because you're a cancer and we are the cure" we need you to prove that you are that stupid cure. I'm going to make something I haven't made in a lot of time.

    *Slight cheers because they know what Colton is about to do*
    I'm going to create some rhymes because I'm not a brainless wrestler
    and when my career is over I will have proved I am a developer,
    because in my life I' have had a lot of ambitions
    and one is stopping your suppositions.
    You say I need a brain and it's an urgent thing,
    I know you are just joking because nothing you can bring
    to this business and to each and everyone in the crowd
    it's like if your house is inside a stupid cloud...
    And in the end, just like every single month
    you get paid like what you are, a club of whores,
    you have some potential members in your club
    but you aren't good enough for Victoria the slut.
    And now I remembered what happened when we first teamed up,
    weren't we who won so easily it looked we were at a British pub?
    And now, I am going to focus on you one by one
    are you retarded or are you stupid man?
    Because that's what it seems to be
    you try to tell us you are the must see?
    Come on, you aren't even worthy of my time in this ring,
    Why would I even care about you when you are more stupid than a blonde chic?
    Jwab, you want me to come back to a group of rookies
    I would gladly accept if you weren't weaker than a cookie.
    Now you need to start living in reality as soon as possible
    it seems your cure has no effect in humans bodies.
    Now let me add one thing more to this stuff
    because we all know soon you will disband.
    You told me I needed a brain and I don't want to go through surgery,
    I recommend you to look for your pride because it seems you're gonna lose it.
    And now I'm going to quote you, but changing what you say... WE ARE THE CHAOS, AND YOU ARE OVER!

    *Jacob gives the microphone back to the ringside employee*
  18. *Alias grabs the mic*​
    Alias: Poems and stories and whatnot are cute, real cute. But you have a misconception of The Cure, you think we haven't worked hard enough in this life to deserve anything we have, but that's wrong, all of it is wrong. We have worked harder than any of you here, ALL OF YOU, blood sweat and tears, we've been through all to get to this point. Haha. This is why we're here, to save all of you from mediocrity, make you work hard for your treats, make you go through blood sweat and tears just like we did and lead you all to a new path of greatness - The Cure. ​
    You will always be the cancer, we will always be the cure​
    *Alias drops the mic and commences to laugh*​
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