Voting IWT Uprising - Nick vs Adam Aries vs Trip

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Nick vs Adam Aries vs Trip

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  1. Nick

  2. Adam

  3. Trip

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    - Competitors will have 2 promos each with a 24hr limit starting from when the first promo is posted
    - When the promo period is over or both competitors have submitted max promos, an additional 24 hrs will be opened for voting.
    - This is a public vote
    - The person with the most votes will be the winner
    - Images, videos & live stream are NOT allowed
    - Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension, no questions asked.
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  5. *The lights fade out and Trip's entrance blares from the monstrous titantron as the red hue slowly comes up. Trip exits out onto the stage and drops to his knees as his pyrotechnics go off. He then makes his way to the ring in his usual fashion, leaning over the barricades and snapping at the fans. But it seems the fans are warming up to Trip as signs that say "Orders up!" and "Take my order next!" are seen in the crowd. Some fans even take to snapping back at Trip. He seems to enjoy it. He makes it to the ring and takes off his bloody butcher apron. He then slides under the ropes and stands tall in the ring wearing ripped up jeans and shit kickers on his feet.*

    TRIP: *Trip stares up at the ceiling before speaking* Tonight the destruction of the IWT superstars continues! *One fist goes up as the crowd gives Trip a small pop* Only this time I get to take out two birds with one stone - that stone being the pain and outright violence that I will unleash in this ring tonight. I don’t often serve two customers at once either, but I am willing to make an exception in this case. If either Nick1698 or Adam Aries wants to be helped first, step right up and show me your number boys. I have some nice free range….ahem…. chicken for both of you, bwahahaha. *Another small crowd pop as Trip falls on his ass laughing” Oh man I kill me. Well, not just me,- *Trips voice drops down low and he becomes deadly serious all of a sudden*-BUT… that’s another topic all together now, isn’t it?

    Announcer 1: There’s that evil grin of his again.
    Announcer 2: He is definitely a few teeth short of a full grill, if you catch that double meaning.
    Announcer 1: We get it, we get it, sheesh.

    TRIP: But back to the topic at hand. So many options to consider in a triple threat match. *Trip strokes his chin with his thumb and index finger* Do I sit back and pick my moment or do I just jump soul first into the pit? It really makes no difference to me, either way you will both regret the day you stepped into this ring with me, one way or another – IF you still have the ability to feel anything at all when I am done. So come on out here fellaaaaaas. I am getting tired of waitiiiing and I NEED MY FIX! *Trip grabs handfuls of his hair and shakes his head in his hands. He starts pacing around the ring.* Please, its all I can think about! PAIN! DESTRUCTION! MEAT! All part of the same cycle and it’s time to start it all over once again, hahahaha!

    *Trip rears his head back and holds out his hands to his sides with that last laugh and then leans in a corner of the ring, anxiously awaiting his opponents.*
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  6. *Aries walks out, High fiving fans on his way to the ring, He seems a bit too cocky stepping into the ring with a monster, He jumps over the top rope and grabs a mic*​
    So I am going to stop you right there.​
    No destruction will be taking place except me destroying your brain when I drop you on your head, But honestly can you be anymore messed up already? You may unleash pain and violence on me but I will stand back up, slap you in the face and ask for more! I will not lie down for you and sure as hell wont pass out without a fight, You cannot kill me no one can, I am unbreakable, I will not die, I will not give up, I fight until I cant fight anymore and then fight even more. Some psychopath like you wont take me down, What doesn't kill you makes you stronger but that is not the case for you and Nick tonight, You do not get to pick and chose what soul you take first if any, You do not chose the fate of a man, The man has a choice on his own fate and you stealing that is wrong and I dont take kindly to that especially when you bring my fate into it, Tonight my hand WILL be raised as the winner and I will slay the beast like he was never there.​
    I will not regret tonight, Tonight is my rebirth, I am weeks away from the biggest match of my career and this match no this victory is just another bit of momentum helping me into it. I stare into your eyes and I see no monster, I see no crazy freak, I see no twisted mind. I see a man, A man beaten down and torn apart by this cruel cruel world who thinks he needs to take his frustrations out on me and other men in hopes his never ending pain goes away, I am here to tell you it doesn't. It does not get better for you from here, You keep going down this path and more and more and more pain comes into you and tonight I will be delivering that pain.​
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  7. *Nick jumps out to his pyro to a mediocre pop. He walks out with his arms wide open and laughs. He takes off his hood and breathes in. He does a back flip perfectly and laughs. He walks down the ramp and hops over the ropes.*

    "Haha well well. What have we here? We got the next coming of Austin Aries and the weird ass murderer. I love it. I'd like to adress each of you in order."

    *Nick walks around*

    "They say tthey save the best for last... I guess that's what they've done. Aries. Oh Adam... You think you're all high and mighty because you have been trained by a couple of guys... most notably your dream boyfriend Austin Aries. I mean just look at you! You try to be like him. You have your hair like him you have your attire like him... Stop it. All you do is embarass yourself. It just makes you seem so fanboyish... I just hate you by looking at you!"

    *mixed crowd reactions*

    "Yeah yeah, chant what you want. There are a couple of huge differences between myself and you, Adam. One of them being the most obvious. I'm just BETTER."

    *more mixed reactions*

    "Haha, they're a little bit mixed up. But i can assure you after this match they'll all be in agreement that I'm the best. Another huge difference is pretty much everything else. Look at you. You've been trained by greats, everything handed to you. Then you look at my resume. Lived on his own the streets. Self-trained. No privileges. Adam, I've never had a full conversation, but I already hate you. Kid pulls an X-Division title shot right out of his ass and gives it to you. You're not here because you wanna be here. Yoi want the fame and glory and to impress your crush Austin Aries. That's the difference between you and me. I don't have anyone to impress but myself. I'm here not for the fame but because I want to prove to myself that I am the best wrestler on this planet!"

    *mild pop*

    "Now onto you... Trip, was it? You come out here talking about pain and suffering and I just laugh it off. trip. I've felt real pain. Real torture. I'm not scared of anything. When your parents are dead and you're living on the streets of Brooklyn only then you'll know tru pain. You only know the physical type of pain but you don't know the emotions. you don't know what a struggle is. My entire life has been a struggle. I've seen death. I've seen happy men with jobs and families wiped out in a snap. I can see you're trying to scare me. Gget in my head. I can tell Adam's frightened on the inside. He already wet himself. But me. I'm not scared. Grin at me all you want. Pull out axes. Try to butcher me. I don't know what fear feels like anymore Trip. The only feeling I know now is hunger. Hunger for greatness."

    *larger pop*

    "While Adam was at home beating off to some Austin pictures I was in the gym getting in better shape. While Trip was in his lair trying to figure out how to get in my head I was studying film! I'm the most dedicated man in this company. I'm th next big thing here. You're looking at a future champion! The new era is upon us gentlemen. And it all starts here."
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  8. Announcer 1: What a match this is going be tonight!
    Announcer 2: If you tune into the IWT app tonight.....
    Announcer 1: Would you shut up! There is some world class talent in the ring here tonight. Pay attention!

    *Trip walks around the ring eyeing the other two superstars, like a hunter stalking the weak out of the many.*

    TRIP: All this t-t-talk, talk, talk of championships and fates. Make no mistake, you are BOTH here for ME. Only I will pick choose how I deal with each of you.

    Nick here, is right. You always save the best for last. That's why dessert is sooooo sweet. But Nick, -*Trip tries his hardest to imitate a high pitched British accent*-"if you don't eat your meat you can't have any pudding", right? And here I am, *Trip grins* just the man to get you the meat you need to fill that hunger of yours. *Trip gets close to Nick, his eyes narrowing, his voice getting very deep and serious* Or perhaps YOU are the meat I so desperately need. You talk of all these atrocities you've witnessed and been a part of. How hard it was on the streets. I wish I could have seen it. I bet it was.....-*Trip rolls his eyes as he says* - woooonderfullll. But if you reaaaallly want to talk about your feelings, maybe you should see a shrink boy, hahahahaha. That's not my area of expertise, you see. I'm just here to chop the meat - namely....YOU.

    *Trip turns his head back around quickly towards Adam, his long hair whipping through the air*

    TRIP: *As Trip raises his free hand and points at Adam* But do not think I have forgot you my dear Adam. *Trip takes a few steps towards Adam and puts his finger in Adams chest* You look like a fun time son. Ask for more pain you say? You can't be broken, really? HA! Hahahaha. Everything can be broken, just like a bone, when the right amount of - *Trips eyes suddenly widen* - PRESSURE... is applied. The fact that you will keep getting up and taking more punishment is nothing but the icing on the cake for me. Your pain STRENGTHENS me. Your screams DRIVE me. Oh your hand will be raised tonight Adam, but not as the victor. *Trip leans in close to Adam as he stares into his eyes* I will raise your hand as a bloody stump over my head and let the blood wash over me as I satisfy my hunger once again here in the IWT.

    *Trip takes a couple of steps back and glares at his opponents*

    TRIP: The Butcher's Block is ready for you boys. Come and get it.
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  9. *Nick laughs*

    "You think you're scaring me? Honestly? C'mon man. All you're doing at this point is amusing me. Just because you are bigger and weirder than I am doesn't mean you've scared me even in the slightest. Because you may look at me and see easy pray, but if you've watched me in there I'm not. When I'm in that ring I'm just in a different mindset. Something clicks. And when it's getting down in a pinch, and either you or Adam think you've got it won, all that energy I've been saving just comes out! Next thing you know... My hand is being raised in victory, not as bloody stump.

    *Nick turns to Adam*

    "I'm not gonna forget about you Adam. Did you think I would? You've been awfully quiet since I came out here. Hope I didn't make you a bit sad after a little bit of verbal ass kicking. Don't worry Adam. I was only getting started. You say you'll drop us on our heads... Ever thought I might just kick your lights out instead? You'll never see it coming Adam. Also, you say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger... Then I am the strongest man in the world! I've escaped death over a hundred times I've been shot twice I've nearly been stabbed countless times! But Adam... That old saying isn't true. Hate to break it to you. So after I nearly kill you, you won't be getting any stronger Adam. I'm gonna do what that Full of Shit guy couldn't do to you. And that's defeat you."
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  13. Am I allowed to vote?
  14. Yeah.
  15. Nice match. Trips has potential. Adam cut a great promo but I will go with Nick. He was a little bit better
  16. OOC: Damn, starting to feel butthurt. Thought I had a good one here. :damn:
  17. OOC: Trip and Adam you guys are great, but I gotta go with Nick. Solid work there.
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  18. All 3 men were impressive. I would have gone with Adam if he maybe cut a second promo, but for this one, I go with Nick. Well done all 3.
  19. Going with Trips. You can tell he put a lot of thought and effort in his promos.
  20. OOC: Holy shit I got one! At least it wasn't a clean sweep lol.