Storyline IWT Uprising (Oct 15th - Oct 19th)

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  1. OOC: Sorry, I've been busy guys. But the new staff in IWT has been helping which is great. I hope you guys like the card. Any issues just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you, but we're only going to go so far.


    The latest edition of IWT Uprising is swiftly upon us as the matches start tomorrow! Who will stand in the winners circle at the end of this episode? And don't forget to watch for Midas' (@Stopspot ) new talk show. Rumor has it he has some excellent guests on the premiere episode.

    Wednesday, October 15th
    (@Butters! ) Aiden Ryan vs Lee (@Ovalhead Le Jobber )

    Aiden Ryan seems to be on his way up in IWT while Lee may be on a bit of a decline. Lee has held gold here in IWT, but Ryan has never had the privilege of calling himself a champion just yet. Can he prove he deserves that title and defeat Lee? Or will Lee get back on his knightly horse like the Sir Lee of old and derail Aiden's rise through the ranks?

    Thursday, October 16th
    (@DragonClaw ) Nathan Cage vs Alkatraz (@Tumbas )

    Two relative newcomers to IWT looking to impress the guys in the back no doubt. Both looking to make a name for themselves in the books of IWT. Who will prevail? Tune in to find out.

    Friday, October 17th
    (@Hollywood Jwab ) Hollywood Jwab vs B.Dazzle (@B.Dazzle )

    Rumor has it that the double champion and movie star Jwab has some news about his titles. Thats right, titlessssss. The guys got 2 now remember? Will the most dazzling member of the IWT roster take one or both of his titles from him. I suppose there's only one way to find out.

    Saturday, October 18th
    (@Ami Ennemi ) Ami Ennemi vs Micheal (@Tsar )

    Ami made the challenege - Micheal accepted. Can the newbie who has recently bested one of IWT's brightest ex-champions in the record books beat a member of The New Generation in Micheal?

    Sunday, October 19th
    (@seabs and @Aids Johnson ) Eric Draven and Aids Johnson vs Gav the Chav and a mystery partner (@gav the chav )

    The newly crowned champion didn't take kindly to the champs of old raining on his parade. Can he and his mystery partner take down two originals in IWT? Or will Eric and Aids be able to take down IWT's top dog and whatever mutt he manages to find and that pound? Don't miss our main event folks. Who knows what might happen.

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  2. Aids and Draven, get overhyped team. Gav the mother fucking Chav and who knows who are about to put on another big one. Main Eventers gonna Main Event.
  3. Good card.

    I never had a free plug for my talk show...:cry:
  4. Awwww shit, if anyone can't tell, I am putting both of my titles on the line against that jabroni, Dazzle. To prove that I am a fighting champion ;)
  5. which reminds me..

    Gav, you fucking cheeky coward, fight me biotch.
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    Psst @Trip in the Head

    my partner is... (open)
    joey bryant aka @DK James
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  7. Oh shit its the IWT super powers!
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  8. Both cowards who run away from my challenges...

    I jest, but you should have kept it a secret until the show.
  9. I'm pretty sure they revealed it in a promo. Unless, I was dreaming of reading this site or something.

    Like the crowd had a lil joey brant chant.
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  10. inb4 world splitting Marcus Anthony pop when and if he returns.
  11. Yes your right you didn't dream it lol
  12. Whoooopi I got 1,200 likes
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  13. Aaaaand its gone!
  14. Like a boner when someone sees your mom! Get rekd kid:bully::sohardcore:

  15. @Trip in the Head just noticed that you have dazzle booked for Friday I think thats the worst possible day for him to be booked I'll let him confirm it himself just thought I'd give you a little heads up
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. did not see that one coming
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  18. hahahahahahahahah #banter
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  19. Can someone make my match pls?
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  20. Please do what this man says.