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    LIVE from Minneapolis, Minnesota's Target Center...IWT Presents...IWT Uprising!

    Scott Fargo vs. James Dragon for the IWT Universal Championship -
    Two Bullad Club members go head-to-head in the finals of the IWT Grand Prix World Tour, for the IWT Universal Championship at the main event of Uprising. Will they be able to stick together or will they implode in their quest for supremacy.
    Sunday, July 24th
    @Dojo @Drag

    Alias Antonio vs. Aids Johnson for the IWT Championship -
    Aids Johnson came out of retirement after IWT Retribution to capture the IWT Intercontinental Championship, and now has decided to set his sights on Alias Antonio's IWT Championship.
    Sunday, July 24th
    @THG? @Aids Johnson

    Jwab vs. Raine vs. Luis Ovaldinho for the right to face the IWT Champion at SummerSlam -
    Jwab and Luis made their returns while Raine made her debut for this cause. The second high-profile tournament running in the IWT is for the flagship world title.
    Sunday, July 24th
    @The Jwab @Chrxsiie @Ovaldinho

    Ronnie S. Huxley vs. Guernica -
    Two debuting stars attempt to make a name for themselves in the opener of their first show. Will Guernica bring about the same success as he had in NGW or will Ronnie prove to be too much, for him?
    Saturday, July 23rd
    @That Guy Dylanderch @KevinJamesFan

    Jack Forté vs. Reagan Cole for the IWT Intercontinental Championship -
    Both men have been on more than a role, but who is good enough to win the IWT Intercontinental Championship?
    Saturday, July 23rd
    @Shadow @The ReagMaster

    Bishop vs. Danny Jacobs -
    The two biggest rising stars clash in this long anticipated battle.
    Friday, July 22nd
    @DK James @Indy

    Schizo vs. Chris Young for the IWT Television Championship -
    Brutal attacks and mind games paired with ego has led to this clash to determine the rightful inaugural IWT Television Champion.
    Friday, July 22nd
    @Jacob Fox @impactking

    Michael vs. Ryan Davis -
    Michael claimed that Ryan Davis was an ungrateful student, while Ryan Davis attempted to extort the IWT Television Championship out of Michael. It all leads to this implosion.
    Thursday, July 21st
    @Ryan Davis

    Corey Marcus vs. Dylan Gray -
    For many months these two have been at eachothers neck, and now they will have a chance to end it all. Who will prevail in this nuclear situation?
    Thursday, July 21st
    @C.M. Shaddix @King B

    Ricky Daniels vs. The Blackfire -
    The Blackfire made his return, again. He accepted the challenge of Daniels and attempts to score his first win, if he can get over the last two grueling losses.
    Wednesday, July 20th
    @Ricky Daniels @WUKOffical

    Arno Frye vs. Louie Aldo -
    An exhibition between IWT's two most promising stars was signed days ago, and will be the lead in, into the main card. Will they blow it out of the water?
    Wednesday, July 20th
    @Botchie Botcherson @Indy

    Cousin Eddy vs. Johnny Thunder -
    A challenge was made and answered. Cousin Eddy makes his return to the IWT ring while Johnny Thunder makes his debut.
    Tuesday, July 19th
    @B1skit @Ellis Sullivan

    Nick vs. Rio Nakayama -
    An exhibition to set the record straight. Rio attempts to make a name for himself, while Nick attempts to regain his momentum
    Tuesday, July 19th
    @Nickelodeon @Aurtle the Turtle
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  2. I have received word that Drag/Dojo is gonna be straight fire.
  3. Lmao how does Wuk get on a PPV but Bishop has been left off the PPV card 3 times in a row.
  4. Main event, you say?
  5. Are you gonna do Jericho's double title entrance after you beat us or nah?
  6. I may go one further...
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    I have no matches for you. Tumbas left, and virtually everyone but Gav, who hasn't been active here in months, is left booked.

    The tourney screwed with a lot of the plans, but I can promise you'll be on the shows, after this. :bischoff:
  8. :brock:
  9. i'd rematch you if it weren't for this stupid tournament, love.
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  10. If I wasn't gonna be in Pitt for the entirety of the show I'd face you.

    Looks like a good card. Wuk should be in the main event, easily the biggest draw.
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  11. @King B finally my long awaited match with Dylan Gray, your good for the 21st?
  12. Yeah mate.
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  13. How can we have a feud when we both didn't really have anything planned for this PPV, and not face eachother?
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  14. :henry2:
    No comment
  15. book Savat vs Bishop.
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. As dope as facing any of you would be, i'm still pushing strongly for Jacobs vs Bishop. If for whatever reason that doesn't work, give me all of you.
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  18. I'm just filling a spot if needed for the last time.