Promos IWT Uprising - Scott Fargo vs. James Dragon

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the IWT Universal Championship

    (@Dojo) Scott Fargo vs. James Dragon (@Drag)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a no promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    ask as many questions, as you want. idgaf.

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important and short.

  2. Will wait until Dojo is up to post my first promo. Gotta go in a few minutes anyway.
  3. This damn timing. Smdh. I'm just about to gts, lad.
  4. Skype me when you're up then. It appears we won't really be holding the show up anyway~
  5. Them goddamn Spaniards ruining IWT, smh.

  6. The crowd is understandably at unrest. The announcement has been made that it is now time for the main event. Fans are, understandably divided. Whilst some small sections cheer for Dragon or Fargo, the vast majority dislike both men along with the Club itself. The next few words emitted from the speakers do nothing to quell their discontent.

    "I just said up yours, baby!"

    Whilst the voice and the guitar riffs are unfamiliar with the audience, the cocky swagger and mocking bow of James Dragon is unmistakable. The crowd immediately come to life and boo the ever unshakable Dragon. He struts his way to the ring, climbing up the steps and leaning on the ropes for a few moments before entering proper. He surveys the audience - who shower him with jeers of varying vileness. Before demanding a microphone from a nearby stagehand.

    "Y'know, as I stand here and look at all of you. As the final act on the show. It's become apparent to me just how humorously pathetic you people and indeed my peers backstage, truly are. Ever since the Bullad Club formed we've been disrespected and vilified by the machine produced yes man Jack Forté to that lowest common denominator Reagan Cole. We've been called jealous, petty, conceited. Actually, what was that adorable name bishop coined? Bitchin' Club? The way I see it; is that we're that little nudge which takes off the mask to show you all just how pathetic our fellow competitors truly are."

    "What's funny to me is that all those people trying to laugh in our faces, aren't here in front of us."

    Dragon lowers his hand to the floor.

    "They're down here. In our shadow."

    "But don't get me wrong. Tonight isn't about them. Tonight is about me. Tonight is about my comrade in arms: Scott Fargo. It's about how we single handedly defeated and disposed of all the glad handed "New blood" shoveled into this company by Michael. Right now the two of us fight for a lovely little strap of gold that I didn't really want in the first place. And now that those same people have been left behind on our rise to the top, they now voice their hope that the two of - and by extension The Bullad club - Implode before you tonight."

    The crowd cheer at the thought which actually causes Dragon to chuckle somewhat.

    "We can't be stopped. Every single obstacle you try and line up in front of us. We will destroy it. Sure, some scars may be dealt to us on the way, Nick managed to beat Nakayama by the skin of his teeth. But the end result will always be the same. Our Club walking away victorious."

    "But that's enough gloating from myself. I now turn to my friend and opponent."

    "Scotty. You know that I respect you. If I didn't think you were an intelligent and deserving man of talent then neither myself nor Danny would have extended the offer to join forces and make this company rightfully ours. But in that same vein, I also know what makes you tick, what drives you. What your strengths are. What your weaknesses are. Now, we've trained together for a good month or so now and I'm sure you can say all the same things to me. So whilst we can sit here and exchange barbs, then put on a clinic of reversals and counters, coupling with a climatic finish. I'm sure it's much easier for the two of us to cut through the bullshit, as we're used to doing, and get this over with."

    James smirks before delivering his final lines and pointing at the entrance ramp.

    "Let's do this and give everyone what they want. Let's bring about the destruction of The Bullad club or let our egos implode or whatever nonsense. You and me Scotty. Let's end this tournament."

    "My brother, you know I love you. So no matter how badly I beat ya, know that ordinary I would never dream of harming a hair on your head, assuming I could find one."

    "Your brush with greatness is over."

    James concludes his promo in almost mocking fashion as he drops the microphone on the floor and leans on the ropes, awaiting the arrival of Scott Fargo.
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  7. As the vocals blast through the arenas sound system, Scott Fargo parts the black curtain and steps out into the view of the crowd to an overwhelming amount of boos. Fargo smirks as he takes in the negative reaction at the top of the ramp. Fargo then focuses on James Dragon in the center of the ring as he begins walking down the ramp. Fargo rounds the corner and climb the steps and walks along the apron keeping his eyes on Dragon as he climbs to turnbuckle and throws one arm up in the air, getting even more boos. Fargo then stands on the top turnbuckle and drops down. He walks right past James Dragon as he heads toward the ropes and signals for a microphone. Fargo's music dies down as he stands opposite Drag with his mic in hand.

    "So James, here we stand. The main event of IWTs Uprising, fighting for something we have both deserved for a long time coming, a shot for fame, a chance for glory, our names going down in the history book, the IWT Universal Championship."

    Fargo pauses, and smirks at his brother in arms.

    "And could it be any better than this? I don't think so."

    Fargo's smirk fades as he takes on more serious tone, hearing a slight hint of anger in his voice as he proceeds.

    "Of all the new talent in IWT, of all of the NGW rejects, it is you and me that are a cut above the rest. Chris Young can talk all he fucking wants about his time in Japan, but that doesn't mean shit when you are at the bottom of the show getting your ass handed to you by a madman like Schizo. Ryan Davis can have a personal camera crew follow him around, but that means fuck all when he is getting embarrassed by Michael in front of everybody here. Bishop can talk about his rough upbringing, his rags to riches story, all of his hardships in life, but all that meant nothing when "The Big Guy~!" Danny Jacobs beat him into the fucking dirt. All these guys that have recently signed to IWT have been put down by better men, been chased off, or just ran from the IWT like the bitches they are."

    Fargo points at Dragon and then back to himself.

    "But you and myself, James? Unlike some guys in the back, we didn't run to the internet to complain and cry about being unappreciated. No, we aren't like them. We're different. We went out, we took being overlooked as a challenge, rounded up the best and we took this fucking company by force and made an impact that could be seen from out of space. And where has that gotten us? That got us to the top. We're in a league of our own, we are on a higher level than any man or woman on the IWT Roster. We stand here prepared to fight one another for the future of this company. All I have left to say is this.

    Fargo steps back with the utmost confidence.

    "Tonight we fight for the Universal Championship, ourselves, but above all, we are fighting for The Bullad Club!"

    Fargo drops the microphone and then takes his shirt off. Fargo stares at his brother, both men are nose to nose as the bell rings. Both men stare down with extreme intensity, we can see them clearly mouth insults back and fourth to each other. Suddenly, Fargo cocks his arm back and goes to land a hard punch but his arm stops halfway. Dragon looks at Fargo with shock. Fargo 's momentum stops and he harmlessly pokes James Dragon's chest.
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  8. Despite the blow being nothing more than a slight tap. Dragon hits the canvas as if he'd been knocked out. Fargo suddenly looks exhausted as he drops to his knees and flops on top of Dragon.

    The crowd, fully aware of what has transpired begin booing as the referee hesitantly waits before finally counting the pin.


    Scott Fargo is your new Universal Champion!

    The crowd detonate. An explosion of hatred aimed towards Dragon,Fargo, the referee, seemingly anyone standing in or at ringside.

    Seemingly oblivious to the onslaught of hatred, Dragon and Fargo both rise to their feet. Phony tears in their eyes as they mouth unheard words to each other before hugging, as if they'd just put on a wrestling clinic. The referee begins to bring in the title but Fargo snatches it from his hands and hoists it above his head.

    Adding to the disgust is Danny Jacobs and Rio Nakayama running to the ring. 2sweeting their comrades and sharing in one group hug to only add to the ire of the audience. Fargo is hoisted on the shoulders of Rio and Jacobs as he proudly holds his prize above his head. James, red with his fake tears grabs a microphone.

    "I just, I wanna thank everyone who could be here... To witness this moment. I wanna thank Scott Fargo. I wanna thank the fans. And I want me and my comrades to leave our boss with one parting message."

    "YO! MICHAEL!"

    James holds up the microphone as he and his brethren lean in to give the last words.

    "WE DID IT!"
    "WE DID IT!"
    "WE DID IT!"
    "WE DID IT!"

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  9. Michael runs out, still with his ring gear on, and a producers headphone set. He screams at a ring side assistant to give him a microphone. The ring crew man runs down and grabs a microphone and sprints back to hand it to Michael.

    Michael: What the hell, do you think you're doing?! You four, have ruined this company! You've tainted this company! I was shocked to see you two actually show up for the match, and I knew something was gonna take place. Little did I know that you two would dig a grave and toss the IWT Grand Prix World Tour and IWT Universal Championship into it! There's no other way to stop this shit, but Scott...*Michael points at Scott Fargo* will be facing a man, that's been itching to beat some ass. Someone who is willing to end this retardation...You'll be facing, CHRIS...KAIZER!

    The crowd pops in excitement.
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