IWT Uprising - Shadoxicity vs Senhor Perfect

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Senhor Perfect

  2. Shadoxicity

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here​
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.​
    -Promos will last until 11:59pm Eastern USA on 2nd August and there​
    is no limit on how many promos you can write in that time.​
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 11:59pm Eastern USA on 3rd August​


  2. OOC didnt you said this would take place on Friday. I'm not available tonight.
  3. Yep sorry, used the template from another thread and forgot to update the times. It's Friday for me now so I wanted to make the thread before I went to bed.
  4. *Dat Kid slowly walks out as he hold his steel cane in his right hand.*​
    Mindless husks of America & Relics of the past, The People of Tomorrow proudly bring to you the TRUE main event of the night. Tonight, The People of Tomorrow take a direct offense on our true enemy and nothing represents our enemy more than the decaying Senhor Perfect. A man living in the past, clutching on to a memory of the past represented in his Intercontinental Championship. Your inglorious days of being a triple crown champion are over Senhor and we are here to see that the story of your mediocre career has a tragic ending.​
    So, without further ado I bring to you the man who will eradicate Senhor Perfect from the history books of the IWT, provided Senhor doesn't die on his way to the ring. I bring to you the the UNDEFEATED CHAMPION OF THE WORRRRRRRLD!....THIS...IS...SUICIDE! Shadoxicity
  5. OOC: This is going to be real fun to read.
  6. *The lights dim,a spotlight appears on the stage,and, Suicide's theme hits*​
    *Suicide comes through the entrance way,the world title rests on his shoulders. Suicide takes a moment to bask in the spot light and the sea of boos before making his way to the ring*​

    Suicide: "Thanks for that warm introduction Kid."

    *Suicide hands Kid his title and helps him to ringside*​

    Suicide: "Tonight you parasites get to see the real main event of Uprising as I take on my opponent who is none other than the reigning Intercontinental Champion. Ain't it sad that out of all the titles he held he was only able to hold on to the most unimportant one? When was the last time that title meant something? I mean come on you old piece of shit,you say you do this for your family. You can't support your family with the chump change that title gives you. How can you live with yourself when your kids ask how come your house is going to be taken away? It's pathetic,if you ever need help paying your bills and mortgage don't be afraid to ask me for help. Just make sure to tell the kids their real daddy is looking out for them."

    *The crowd erupts in a chorus of negative chants and jeers,Suicide smirks*​

    Suicide: "Oh come on,what's he gonna do? Come out here and talk about my title reign and that I don't deserve to be world champion?"

    *The crowd chants yes in unison*​

    Suicide: "Like I give a damn what you people think and what he says. I am this company's world champion. Say what you want about how I won my championship, but at least MY championship matters and let's not act like Senhor Citizen hasn't won his by default. Hell the only reason he still probably holds that title is because Victoria Justice didn't show up to his match at WrestleMania. When I won my title I became the man to put IWT on his back. As the man that holds this company up I'll get rid of the old washed out talent. Tonight I start with this old,washed up piece of shit they call Senhor."

    *Suicide awaits Senhor's response*​
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  7. Ouch, my feelings guys! There's no need to cut me so deep. These insults coming from a cripple and a paper champion really affect me. How can I possibly respond to such negative attitudes. I'm old? You know what I'm going to say? What else did you guys have against me again? Nothing? So I'm old? That's it? All you've got? Damn *Senhor makes a pouty sad face*

    This is the guy holding the WHC folks. Another one of Dat Cripple's "boys". Has anyone else noticed he picks a different flavour of the month, they fail to live up to expectations, then they disappear with their tail between their swollen and ravaged anus'. Must be nice to have been handed the title after how many matches? I didn't even know you existed until I found out I was booked in this match. Who are you and what have you done? As you both have stated, everyone knows my accolades, everyone knows I'm the foundation of this company. When so many others have left it, flashes in the pan have come and gone, but one man remains. I don't know why I'm wasting my time against someone who's 15 minutes are almost up.

    My Intercontinental title is the most prestigious in this company. It means something because no one alive has been able to beat me for it. Unlike you're title which has been abandoned more than Dat Kid on blind dates. Considering this match isn't for my illustrious title, I can let my hair down a bit and have some fun. Do you morons in the crowd want to hear a poem?

    *Crowd split 50/50 in YES! and NO! chants*

    Well tough shit cause you're hearing it anyway:

    There once was a man from Hoboken
    Who's leg was crippled and broken
    He found a young stud
    To pull on his pud
    And gave his ass a good pokin'

    *Crowd cheers*

    Shut up! I have one more:

    S for how much you suck
    U for how underwhelming you
    I for your incompetance
    C cause you're a cuckold
    I cause you're impotent
    D cause you're a dick licker
    E cause you exaggerate your importance

    Thanks, I'll be here all the time like I have been. Don't forget to tip your waitress.
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  8. *Suicide grins and lets out a slight chuckle*​
    Suicide: "Jokes? You're coming about this with jokes? Come on pops,I thought you had more in you..lackluster words from a lackluster champion. While you were busy being relegated to the midcard of this company and went on a losing streak I was touring the world,main eventing for promotions,and, winning their top titles. You ask who I am? I am this company's world champion who has gone undefeated since joining IWT. I am the man who is going to change this company for the better,I am the man who is going to be still ruling this company way after you have passed away. So,let me ask you this,who are you? A former triple crown winner turned into a midcarder? A man who makes his family ashamed? A man who can't satisfy his wife and take care of his kids? A man who will be wearing depends while competing that way you won't have an accident? You see you may have been this company's past but I am the present and the future. Continue to crack your jokes but none of them will be better than the joke standing across the ring from me. As of now you are IWT's biggest joke,congrats."​
    *Suicide smirks,starts a small,slow clap,and points and laughs at Senhor*​
  9. *Senhor mock snores*

    Wow how original. Same repetitious shit all of you newbies come with. You rehashed the same crap you said the first time with the addition of the biggest piece of BS I've heard thus far. Main eventing? Getting the title handed to you is main eventing? It is to laugh. Let me tell you something junior, the only reason Jon boy made this the main event of the evening is cause he knows, like all these slobs know, like you know, that I'm the draw. People don't wanna pay to watch the teachers pet.

    You've been here what,2 days? Everyone's already bored with you. Repetitive, annoying, bland, stale, brown noser, etc. that's what you are. Who you're in the ring with is the past, present, and future of IWT, the foundation, the triple fucking threat, PERFECTION personified! Know your place son. You're a placeholder, you're title reign will be the most forgettable in IWT history. I wonder who Kid's next fluffer will be? You must be really good "behind" the scenes to be his current chosen one. Too bad it doesn't translate out here where it counts.

    I don't know who your next opponent is, but if you had any decency, you'd vacate that title and let a real competitor win it. You're nothing, a complete waste of space. It's sad to see how far down this place has gone. From Aids/Senhor in epic battles for the title , to just giving titles away to the first guy that'll put his mouth on KId. What a disgrace! As for pleasing women though, your mom didnt have any complaints....
  10. Suicide: "Way to talk about originality then end in a your momma joke,like that's original. You want to talk about me being repetitive,bland,stale,and, a brown noser? Man pops you're really out touch now and days aren't ya? You have got to be the worst offender of the words you speak. You haven't had a good showing in ages,all of your previous matches have consisted of you saying the same old shit. I'll give you something though,I like audacity you have,saying that you draw people in. We both know that is not true in the slightest. A Britanica and Frank live sex show would draw more than you. Also,you can say what you want about me being new here or whatever the fuck you cranky old "vets" go on about now and days but at the end of the night who's raking in the most money? Me or you? I feel sorry for the people that have to give you any money at all because let's face it,you don't deserve a damn penny you receive."

    *Suicide gives off a signature smirk before continuing*

    Suicide: "Let's see....my next opponent is Victoria Parker at SummerSlam for the Undisputed title,what about you? Will you be facing anybody for another title? No? You sure? I didn't think so. You'll be defending that piece of shit you call a title against airbourne908. Not only will you be facing off against him but you'll be losing to him. You don't stand a chance against me tonight and you certainly don't stand a chance at SummerSlam. If YOU had any decency you would give up your "title" to Bourne before SummerSlam that way you won't have to face a humiliating defeat against him."

    *Suicide looks around at the pathetic crowd*

    Suicide: "I'm a complete waste of space? I'm nothing? That's real funny coming from the likes of you. You really ought to retire from wrestling to become a full time comedian. I am the reason this place hasn't crumbled from the damage it has received from the likes of you and the others before. Before me the main guy was a man who could barely even get through a sentence without saying fuck or oh hell no. I saved this place from becoming a complete cesspool. You should be thanking me instead of "trying" to fight me."
  11. Thank you Suicide!

    Thank you for showing the world that you're a one trick pony. Youve got nothing son. I like that you call me pops, cause I've proven that Im your daddy here tonight. My match with AK last PPV was the MOTN, overshadowing everything else. youre appearance caused millions to shut their TVs off. You keep bringing up Frank, do I detect a man crush? One FTJ interview is more entertaining than the sum of your entire career. You still haven't proven to me why you deserved to be given a title without earning it.

    As for you SummerSlam match, the bookers chosen one vs the bookers other chosen one. What a coincidence! I'm sure the fact that you're both pleasuring the guy who makes the matches has nothng to do with where you are right now. Now for your buddy hair Bourne, I whopped his ass before and will have no issue doing it again.
    The true funny thing is how you keep saying you've kept this place going. You haven't beaten anyone with anything on the line. You haven't held any important titles, you haven't done anything worth mentioning. Big ego for someone with nothing to show for it. Remember one thing, if you were the star of this match, you wouldn't be given the jobber entrance of coming in first. Think about it.

    Finally nice try, trying to get the last word in even though you spoke first.
  12. Fuck?
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  13. Anyway, good match, may the best man win.
  14. I didn't know we were stopping at three,I would've made my last one better. It was a good match though,may the best man win.
  15. Jonathan has to do it
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