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    Unknown vs not Jonathan XVIII is interrupted in the middle of it's broadcast. Dat Kid sits on a lawn chair in the interview area sleeping, while Unknown vs not Jonathan plays on the monitor next to him.. He hears the camera crew around him and he suddenly wakes up.

    Oh shit, my bad, you caught me stealing Kaizer's gimmick. Wait a second, why are you guys over here? There's a match going on, shouldn't you be covering that? What was that? The match is so boring that rating are dropping by the second so you decided to cut to me?

    Well I know I'm the biggest draw in IWT history, but surely that match is more interesting than me hanging out here. What? Rating have gone up in the measly 30 seconds I've already been on screen. Well I guess I'm stuck here now.

    Dat Kid awkwardly sits down and just looks around the room, avoiding eye contact with the camera. He starts to tap his fingers and whistles a song.

    OK I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Here, instead of just sitting around let's read one of my conveniently placed lists.

    Dat Kid reaches behind him and grabs a piece of paper, than then drops down to other pieces of papers that have been taped together.

    Oh, what a coincidence, this is "Dat Kid's list of things to do when Unknown is boring you to death" Let's begin.

    1. Win the World Heavyweight Championship

    Well I'm already gonna do that later

    2. Win the IWT Championship

    Eh, I'll save that for Summerslam

    3. Do heroin with Aids

    I think he's gone sober though

    4. Go bra shopping with Jonathan
    5. Victoria Parker
    6. Britanica
    7. Sage
    8. Victoria Parker, Britanica, and Sage at the same time
    9. Manage a superstar to a world championship.

    Aiden Ryan passes by Dat Kid.

    Hey Aiden! Next time you have a match, go out there and win buddy! Well that was easy.

    10. Take over as General Manager.

    It's not as fun unless Jonathan's the GM

    11. Be black with Farooq

    Farooq walks by the interview area. Dat Kid points to Farooq with both hands

    Myyyyyy nigga!


    12. Be white with Suicide

    Eh, I have a feeling that involves doing something with his sister. I'll pass.

    13. Find that fat smark called Big D and embarrass myself on twitter by responding angrily to his trolling attempts.
    14. Call Alias a faggot
    15. Start caring about Sir Lee's matches
    16. Pretend to be God
    17. Ignore Roadster's PMs
    18. Challenge Seabs to a match that he'll no show
    19. Go to a strip club with Marcus Anthony (he really loves strip clubs)
    20. Get The Order nudered
    21. Find out why the Rock and Roll Desperadoes don't dress up like glam metal cowboys
    22. Find B-Dazzle with Gav
    23. Find Gav's intelligence with Gav
    24. Find Gav's missing teeth with Gav.
    25. Make more references to Based God Darth
    26. Unban niggaswag @Solidus
    27. Wear a luchador mask and gain an obsession for mexican food
    28. Convince the general manager to give Joey Bryant a wellness test and take his title when he fails it.
    29. Wonder why anyone bothers making other efeds
    30. Interfere in Unknown's match causing it to end via disqualification

    Ooooo! That one sounds good!

    Dat Kid runs out of the interview area
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  2. You do know Adam is facing Manik, and not me, right?
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  3. Yeah, well you get me confused with Farooq so I guess we're even
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  4. I got one

    1. Be racist with Delik.
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  5. I was wondering what the hell he was talking about :willis:
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  6. Urm... Dat kid whats intlligence?

    At least I can spell cheeky ****!
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  8. Farooq points back. "MY NIGGAAAAAA!" Then trips and falls out of the window and lands on a balloon then gets taken up to the ceiling, and stops terrorist from blowing up the IWT arena and watches them get arrested. "Cool."
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  9. LMFAO biggest draw in IWT history. Are you even top 5?

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    I don't know what this is

  13. With his dogshit music now he should have died young. Immortalize Busta's first 3 albums.
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