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  1. Announcer1: We have just received word that a feed is coming in from Victoria's current residence at the mental institution.
    Announcer2: I wonder what's going to come out of that psychopath's mouth this time.

    The camera feed appears on the titantron inside the arena. The interviewer is pictured first inside a padded cell.

    Josh: Good evening IWT. This is Josh and I'm here in the asylum that's housing the former two-time IWT Champion Victoria Parker. This is the first time we've been granted an interview with Victoria herself. Per request from Dr. Strong and Dr. Adams, the entire room will be staffed with personnel from the asylum to ensure our safety. We've been told so far that Victoria is in stable condition following her mental breakdown a few days ago. There have been some very interesting developments since Victoria has entered the asylum so we have lots of questions to address with her. Oh, she's coming in now.

    The camera turns and zooms in on Victoria being lead into the room. Victoria is out of her straightjacket and lead to a chair with leather straps on it. She is set in the seat as the staff buckles her legs and feet to the chair. She tilts her head and smiles directly at Josh and the camera.

    Victoria: Well isn't this a pleasant surprise? I'm blessed with the presence of IWT's finest interviewer and cameraman. Bravo IWT, you've done it again. What have I done to deserve this?
    Josh: Well Victoria, we're here to interview you. You've been causing quite the stir among the men in the locker room and the fans of the IWT. Your video confessionals has been the topic on many people's minds for over a week now. How are you feeling?
    Victoria: *Victoria laughs slightly and looks at Josh menacingly* Well Josh, once I forget that I'm being held here against my will and kept here to ensure the safety of others, I feel just fine. But, I assume that you're referring to my mental state of mind. Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with me. If a person has to resort to shooting off guns in arenas, abducting people, and attacking people with guns then OBVIOUSLY there's something wrong with everyone else. I did what I had to and I don't regret any of my behavior and I prefer this Victoria Parker SO much more.
    Josh: So you have no sympathy for the abductions and injuries you have caused towards Aids and his family.
    Victoria: *smiles demonically at Josh* Weren't you listening? I told you that I did what I had to do. Here's the thing that will haunt you and the rest of the people watching...I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Especially when it comes to Aids, I don't give a damn about how hard and painful I make things for him. The goal is to torture him from the inside out until he SNAPS like the fragile porcelain doll he really is. There's going to come a time when Aids looks more crazy than I do, and when that time comes, I will swoop in and take advantage of him just like he took advantage of me. That title is MINE!
    Josh: With all due respect Victoria, you're not even in the title match for the IWT title. The next IWT title match is between DK and Aids. Who do you think will come out the winner?
    Victoria: *Victoria's smile leaves her expression as she looks very seriously at Josh. Her expression is dark as her voice starts to break, shouting at times.* Why the hell do I care who wins or loses that match? Whoever wins is only holding onto it until I find my way out of here. Everyone knows that I'M the true IWT Champion! No one can touch the innovation and prestige that I have brought to that title! I am the first and ONLY female champion this company will ever have, and the only one capable of maintaining that success. Aids and DK have a title match but who is the entire company and fanbase really talking about? THEY'RE ALL TALKING ABOUT ME! The spotlight is on me, and everyone's wondering what will Crazy Vicky do next? The IWT title can stay with Aids or it can go to DK...either way, it's going to be back in my arms right where it belongs.
    Josh: You're interested in getting out of here, but you need to be medically cleared first in order to compete. So far you don't seem interested in getting better.
    Victoria: *throws her head back in laughter* I don't need to be medically cleared to get out of here. Look at the staff behind me, shaking in fear. NO ONE in this place wants me around! They're all afraid of me after what I did to Dr. Strong and the 'mental breakdowns' they imagine I've had. Either these losers will release me out of fear or I'll break out all on my own. Either way, the clock is ticking on your Victoria Parker mini vacation. Tick...tock...tick...tock...your time is just about up.
    Josh: *swallows hard* Thank you Victoria for your time. *Josh gets up as the cameraman follows him out.*
    Victoria: Leaving so soon? Well, I know I'll be seeing you all very, very soon. Make sure to say hi to Aids and Dat Kid for me. *the IWT is left with Victoria's hysterical laughter before the camera shuts off*
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  2. The titantron illuminates once again with Victoria sitting in the corner of her cell, back in her straightjacket with some of the staff sitting with her. One of the staff is combing out her hair, getting out the mess that has accumulated during her stay. Another staff member is finishing up her makeup, putting the final touches on her eyelashes with mascara. Another staff is holding a flower towards her, appearing to be waiting on a command.

    "They love me...they love me not...they love me...they love me not", Victoria repeats, as the staff member takes the rose apart petal by petal. "It's obvious that the IWT needs me...why else would they have come to interview me? This doesn't make any sense. I've had you all watching the locker room, arenas, and offices for me. Doesn't it seem like they're all in shambles without me?" The staff nods and reassures Victoria as she takes a sigh of relief.

    Victoria's body visibly tenses up as her voice becomes sharp. "But yet, this is how they repay their finest superstar? They lock me up in this hell of a place trying to control my actions when it's my actions that have not only saved me but has saved the IWT's future. Don't they understand how out of control and sadistic that makes me feel?! I can't be locked up and caged up like an animal!!"

    Victoria takes a deep breath and regains her exposure. A few seconds pass before a demonic smile slowly goes across her face. "I think it's time we resort to our plan." The staff continues to remove the petals until there are none left. "They love me...they love me not...they love me...they love me not...BOOM!" At that moment, a bomb goes off in the parking lot where many of the superstar's cars are parked. Victoria looks at the camera for the first time. "None of you are untouchable. If you mess with a ticking time bomb, prepare to get burned or something so much worse. Don't underestimate me and never take me for granted. You never want to be snuck up on unprepared because the results could be deadly."

    With a final demonic look, the titantron goes dark.
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  3. Dat Kid heads to the parking lot