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    Go here to vote >>>

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the World Heavyweight Championship
    #1 Contender's spot!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 36 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. *Trip in the Head appears on the titan tron suddenly*
    TRIP: Well since the WHC has had to be detained due to tempers flaring in the backstage area, we will use this spot for an open challenge free for all to face Alias Antonio for the WHC belt at MITB! Promos open when the first person posts one and are unlimited from there, and the promo period will last 24 hours from then. *Trip smiles wide at the camera* Have fun ladies!​

    OOC (open)
    Thanks Dat Kid, thats why I got a spot saved for you on staff. And yes, this is open to everyone, you too @Sycosis
  3. OOC: I wanna go first.:kiss:
  4. Greedy tag champ
  5. Get no tag. I wanna go to :ksi:
  6. Goes good with the gimmick I'm gonna use for this.
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  7. Well then make with the hustle boys
  8. Fine, mother. gosh
  9. More like "as many that can make it" - way. So an orgy I guess
  11. *The lights fade until it's shrouded in darkness, blue fog starts to engulf the stage, and an unfamiliar theme resounds throughout the arena stereos*

    *Andrew walks in the midst of the fog- he spreads his arms out to bask in it all. He's dressed in slim black gear, and a shirt with the word SIN on it written in a big blue font. Underneath it the words "The Superstar, The Money Maker, The Real Man" can visually be seen. And the championship of his sits perfectly on his shoulder. Andrew slowly strolls to the ring, and picks up a mic along the way.*

    "I was about to head out for the night, but then I heard this little open challenge being issued. What was the stipulation again- winner gets a shot at the World champion at Money in the Bank? Ah, yeah that's it. Whenever I heard this little challenge one word kept playing through my mind- why. As in why bother? I'm just some scrub in the tag division, someone who hasn't been active in the singles division since late 2013. I'm not even considered to be in any form of generation. Then it all came to me. It doesn't matter what any of you think, all that matters is that I believe in myself."

    *Andrew pauses to gather his thoughts*

    "I know that deep down I am one one of the best god damned talents within the IWT. If it wasn't for myself, and Spinzz the tag division would be nothing! Jwab and Nano, aka SABLE would probably be the champions. I mean if anybody wanted to build a wrestler from the ground up I would be the end result. People want to talk about superstars from the different generations, but the fact is I am IWT's one true superstar! So, Alias get ready because whether I come out victorious or not one thing is damn sure, I will be seeing you soon and I will take back what I never should've never lost!"

    OOC: Short/lq promo, but it is what it is. night
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  12. A new theme plays with the crowd not knowing who is coming out, out steps The Artist wearing a Nick T-Shirt. It seems that he made his way back to the arena to answer the challenge. He makes his way down to the middle of the ramp, tilts his head back and spreads his arms wide as purple pyro rains from the ceiling.

    Artist: I traveled back from my hotel to answer this challenge only to hear Andrew come out and try to put himself on a pedestal. You're not worth a pedestal if you haven't had a meaningful singles feud in god knows how long. You're a small fish...Alias is the big shark. And me...I'm the predator. I may not be able to beat Dat Kid but I can sure beat a second tier talent like you. That is...of you keep your girlfriend, Spinzz from interfering. I said before...I haven't humbled...I've grown hungrier. I won't let anything stand in my way. Not you and not Alias. Now let me say what you're gonna say, "At least I won my match." Does that matter? What matters is the fact that Mr. Jobber proved that I can do what's best for me, and for this company. I don't care if I lose...I know I got everyone's attention.

    Artist faces away from Andrew to continue on Alias

    Artist: Now...Alias...You are the modern day Blitzkrieg. You strike hard and fast and you don't leave any doubt that you are the better man. You see...I may have lost to Kid earlier tonight but in that time I learned something new...Truth. The truth is you are the hardest fish to catch in IWT right now...the problem is I'm the strongest fisher. You're no longer the're the hunted. I don't sit around waiting for opportunity I take it. I don't put myself on a pedestal...I build one. I do a lot of things...losing is one of them, but fighting is another as well. I won't stop until I get my hands on that gold...The Artist doesn't want it...The Reaper does.

    OOC: Short...recycled points...recycled catchphrase
  13. I'm seeing a chance for a free match....Gonna test out my second character on this.

    BRB, Doing a promo.
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  14. As soon as the song plays, the crowd begins to interact with Leo Taylor, Who is seen crowd surfing as the crowd lifts him towards ringside. As the camera pans onto him, he shouts “I’m Partying, Alright!” He makes a rock symbol with his fingers as he reaches the end of the crowd, who drop him to ringside as Taylor lands on his feet. He turns to the crowd and Shouts “Party on dudes!” before doing an air guitar motion like Bill and Ted. He looks into the ring and sees Andrew and the Artist already in the ring. He slides into the ring and gets up quickly as his music comes to an end. He takes a small Microphone out from his pocket.

    “That…Was…Awesome! Wait…this is a match, I think I just entered myself into a match.”

    Leo Talks to himself, which can be heard in the microphone “Come on, Leo, Get yourself together, it’s Leonardo Da Artist and Andrew…Well, This is perfect.”

    He turns around to fight with Andrew and The Artist.

    “Yo, Dudes, I guess I entered myself into this match…and you guys are my opponents…someone who has already lost tonight and one of the Tag Champs. It’s kinda lucky how I knew about this I mean, one second I was looking for Farooka the Hardcore Champion and then I saw this message stuck on the entrance of his locker room. It’s a chance…I’m a long shot to win this match but I’m sure I have the same odds as Roadster over here…am I right? Still, the chance to win a title shot in my first match was too much, y’know…but hey, even if I lose, I can go off happy because I got to crowd surf AND make my debut in IWT. I doubt any of us would have a chance anyway against Alias anyway…I mean, all we would be are stand ins for the worlds biggest Egomaniac, Dat Kid. I’m just gonna be grateful like we should be that we have a chance like this, even if we didn’t deserve it. So, what do ya say, we entertain the crowd or do we just stand here looking intensively at each other?

    Leo perches himself on top of the turnbuckle, waiting for a reply for his answer.
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    The crowd instantly pops loudly as Aids Titantron begins, before a blast of pyro shoots down from the ceiling towards the entrance. Aids walks out as the crowd continues to pop, wearing his blue suit and Brewers hat. Aids stops at the top of the entrance to do the hulk guitar with his imaginary belt. He stops, looks out, and smiles before running down and sliding in the ring. He has no scotch in hand to trade off, but instead grabs a microphone from the announcer before beginning, ignoring the other competitors in the ring.

    #1 contender, for the Alias WHC title? Predecessor vs Protoge 3? The chance at Aids vs Alias in the biggest ppv of this year at Summerslam? Aids likey. Hell, i'll put my life on both matches, i'll put my career on the line, not only for the #1 contender spot, but when I win the spot, i'll be glad to do the same vs the 3rd generation's greatest superstar.

    I don't even need to speak on the matter, if this doesn't show how serious I am at not seeing Dat Kid get a shot at both titles on the same night, what more could I add? What more does a Hall of Fame, 3x IWT champion need to say?

    Aids goes to the corner as the crowd breaks its silence with a huge pop, before he does a Ric Flair walk, sliding out of the ring instead of dropping an elbow, before walking towards the backstage, trash talking at nothing while he grins.
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  16. this is for a title shot at MITB btw.

  17. *Harriet scans the arena from the top of the ramp, before slowly walking towards the ramp.

    The crowd give a mixed reception, some cheer whilst other boo.
    'You fucking suck' one fan cries, whilst a small group start chanting 'Jobber! Jobber!'

    Harriet eyes the group before turning her attention back to the ring. Climbing up the stairs, she steps between the ropes, pulling her hood and mask down.*

    'Did you boys think I wasn't going to show? That I was going to hide in the back and pass up this opportunity? I might have taken one beating tonight, but believe me, I'll be handing one to each and every one of you.'

    'I'm not here to play around. I'm not gonna throw some cheap insults at a bunch of people that I have absolutely no interest in.
    I'll save my venom for MITB- when I face off against Alias.'

    *The crowd give a mixed reaction*

    'Now I'm aware of the things that are said about me: 'Over rated' being the newest addition to the ever-growing list. But let's get this straight, you people underestimate me. I've been thrown against top tier fighters for a reason... Because that is exactly where I deserve to be, I can and do go hard-I should not be festering down in the X-Division with the bottom feeders.'

    *The crowd start to boo*

    'Put the one person who actually stands a chance against Alias into the match. Put me in the match at MITB'
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  18. Just before Aids heads backstage, the music plays. Nick walks out wearing a Yankees hat, his t-shirt and jeans. He points to the X-Division title on his waist with a cocky smile. He looks at Aids and knocks the Brewers hat off of his head, pointing to the Yankees hat on his head. He laughs and heads towards the ring, grabbing a microphone.

    "Need any reason, any justification for putting me in that match? Look around. One of my opponents is wearing my own shirt. I've already beaten him, too."

    He smiles and pats the title.

    "You see, I'm gonna defend this title 4 more times. Then I'm gonna do what alias failed to do. Cash it in successfully. And I'm also gonna be holding the world heavyweight title at the same time. Now imagine that. Me holding both world titles at the same time. Sounds like a good future to me."

    "Alias, I know you want to go one on one with me one final time, and I do too. We are the ones that make this company go round. We revived this division. I say why the hell not. I mean, Aids got his ass handed to him when you guys faced. I put up a fight and there's no denying that. And here's the thing. I've gotten better since then. Back then, I was a nobody. I was just some crazy scrub. Now I'm the hottest superstar in this company. I haven't lost in months. I've got more momentum than anyone in this company. And I can beat anyone, even Satan himself."
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