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  1. LIVE from Minneapolis, Minnesota's Target Center...IWT Presents...IWT Uprising!

    *Pyro begins to shoot from all 4 corners of the ring, and culminates in a massive explosion on the ramp. The camera begins to pan around the front row audience members.*

    Sven Stevens: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to IWT Uprising and my name is Sven Stevens along here with IWT Hall of Fame, Christian!

    Christian: Damn right, and we here have a massive card ready for you tonight.

    *Graphic for Scott Fargo vs. James Dragon*

    Sven: The finals for the IWT Grand Prix World Tour to crown IWT Universal Championship!

    Christian: That's not the only tournament, coming to an end.

    *Graphic for Raine vs. Luis Ovaldinho vs. Jwab*

    Sven: Alias Antonio launched a tournament and these 3 have come to the finals.

    Christian: That's if, and he will, beat Aids Johnson to retain the IWT Championship.

    *Graphic for Alias Antonio vs. Aids Johnson*

    Sven: This is gonna be Aids Johnson's rematch, and his attempt for a 5th IWT Championship. Let's get down to the ring, for our first match, Nick vs. the debuting, Rio Nakayama!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    The Bullad Club rings throughout the arena, sparking boos from the crowd. Nakayama walks to the ring with two beautiful women in tow, they hand out signed photos of Nakayama in various ridiculous poses to the crowd, just before Nakayama enters the ring he has the two women gently remove his jacket and bow before heading to the back. Once he has entered the ring, he stands arms stretched outwide to let the crowd fully embrace his "excellence"

    Sven: Making his in-ring debut tonight, Rio Nakayama folks.

    Christian: He's aligned himself with the Bullad Club recently, smart move if you ask me.

    Sven: It's already earned the Japanese-born competitor a lot of heat from the fans, but he'd rather be hated than unacknowledged

    Announcer: From Kobe, Japan, weighing in at 235 lbs, Rioooo Nakayama!!

    Rio cockily soaks in the reaction of the crowd and turns to the stage, the lights dimming for his opponent's entrance.

    Nick walks onto the stage slowly, a look of confidence on his face. He takes in the cheers from the crowd, walking down the ramp, and at the bottom stops at a camera, pointing to his new t-shirt he is wearing. He leaps onto the apron, hops the top rope and stares at Rio for a moment. He turns to the crowd and main camera, runs to the rope and stretches his arms outwide to a pop. Nick throws his shirt into the crowd and stands in a corner, throwing some punches, awaiting the bell to be rung.

    Sven: And here is Rio's opponent, Nick. Rio's been after Nick recently, telling him that he is not a real wrestler

    Christian: And I agree with him, I've already proved that. Let's go Rio!

    Announcer: His opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 225 lbs, NIIIICK!

    The referee rings the bell and Nick moves closer to Rio, who initially stands totally still. He then runs to the adjacent corner, and Nick follows in pursuit. Nakayama flees to the next corner, and Nick chases him down, holding him in the corner. He begins throwing punches, keeping Rio in the corner, the ref separating it. Rio exits the ring and grabs a book from ringside. He goes over to the ref and opens a page, revealing it to be a rule book. He reminds the referee that what Nick just did was illegal, to the amusement of some of the fans.

    Christian: I like this! Make sure the referee knows what he's doing!

    Sven: I think the ref would know that anyways...

    As Rio argues with the ref, Nick prepares to launch himself with a plancha. However, Rio runs out of the way, making Nick crash on the outside.

    Sven: Ouch! Tough landing there for Nick.

    Nakayama returns to the ring, reminding the referee to count him out. The ref's count reaches six, but Nick rolls back into the ring. Immediately upon his reentry into the ring, Rio begins stomping on the downed Nick, taking advantage of his positioning.

    Christian: A smart competitor!

    Rio outstretches his arms to the dismay of the crowd, and then lifts Nick up in a headlock. He applies it for a few seconds, then runs and drops him with a bulldog. Rio covers...


    Nick gets a shoulder up.

    Sven: Rio improving since his rather awkward start, he's got the former champion down and is in control.

    He shakes his head at the ref, swearing in Japanese. He stomps on Nick's chest a few times and lifts him for a suplex. However, Nick counters by landing back in the previous position. He knees Rio in the gut, then irish whips him. Rio rebounds, and Nick clotheslines him, knocking him down. He motions for him to get up and applies a waist lock. He german suplexes Rio, bridging into a pin...

    Rio rolls out

    Sven: Nick starting to come back

    Christian: Just getting lucky

    Nick shows no relent and pounces onto Rio, throwing lefts and rights at his head, Rio trying to block it. He crawls to the rope and grabs it, making the referee separate the two. Nick immediately goes back in and picks him up, but Rio connects with a few elbows to the gut. He quickly drops Nick to the mat with a DDT. Rio continues the offensive by repeatedly kicking Nick in the back and hip region, then backs off momentarily to toy with the vociferous crowd. Rio picks Nick up, lifts him and connects with a scoop slam. He covers...

    Nick pushes Nakayama off.

    Sven: Nakayama now in control of this match, looking very good in his debut

    Rio grabs Nick's arm, falls to the mat and applies a Kimura Lock!

    Christian: And now he's showing he's got some nice holds up his sleeve!

    Sven: Will Nick tap to this Kimura Lock?

    Nick struggles on the mat as Rio continues to wrench the arm, causing a sharp pain. Nakayama quickly wraps his legs around Nick's torso, making it even more difficult to break free from. Somehow, he musters the strength to slowly get up to his knees. He gets up on one foot and slams Nakayama down to the mat like a spine buster, finally getting him to break the hold. Nick rolls out of the ring and lays on the floor, holding his arm in pain. Seeing Nick start to return to his feet, Nakayama climbs to the top rope. The moment Nick gets to his feet, Rio leaps to the outside and connects with a missile dropkick to a pop.

    Christian: Look out!

    Sven: Rio Nakayama throwing caution to the wind and connecting with a big missile dropkick on Nick!

    Nakayama gets back to his feet and rolls Nick into the ring, soon following him into the ring. He pins and hooks the leg...

    Nick raises a shoulder at the last moment!

    Christian: I can't believe he kicked out of that one

    Sven: Nick has a strong will, but Rio is intent on breaking it. Whats he gonna do next?

    Rio, wasting little time, applies a surfboard stretch on Nick. The crowd, now getting behind him, starts to fuel the comeback as he slowly gets up to his feet, then breaking Nakayama's grip. He throws an elbow, connecting square on Rio's face. He irish whips him, Rio rebounds, and Nick successfully performs a hip toss. Rio gets up and Nick charges at him, connecting with a sloppy Thesz Press. He follows this by throwing a flurry of lefts and rights, pounding his opponent's face.

    Sven: And Nick's back in it!

    Christian: Get that animal off of him!

    He gets off Rio and lifts him up. Nick shoves Rio into the corner, runs, and connects with a clothesline. He thin lifts Rio onto the top rope, and sits him, preparing for a back superplex. Nick begins climbing the ropes, however, Rio pokes him in the eye, then elbows him off the top rope, knocking him down to the mat. He stands straight up, and leaps off, connecting with a corkscrew moonsault to a huge pop!

    Sven: Oh my god!!

    Christian: What athleticism, it's all over now!

    Nakayama hooks the leg, the crowd now counting loudly in unison with the referee...

    3! NO! Nick gets his shoulder up just before the referee hits the mat.

    Sven: He kicked out!

    Christian: I don't believe it

    Nakayama looks at the ref with a look of disappointment, holding up three fingers and mouthing "three". Frustrated, he begins sizing Nick up from behind, yelling at him in Japanese. Nick groggily gets back up to his feet, and Rio grabs him from behind in a reverse front face lock, preparing for a lifted inverted DDT. He lifts him up, but along the way up Nick is able to grab Rio in a snapmare. He then counters the move by coming back down and immediately planting Rio with the snapmare driver to a massive pop!!

    Sven: Snapmare Driver!! What a counter!

    Nick rolls Rio's limp body over and covers...

    Nick gets to his feet as the referee raises his hand in victory.

    Announcer: Here is your winner, NIIICK!

    Sven: And Nick manages to pick up the first victory of the night

    Christian: Still, a strong showing by Rio Nakayama in his debut.

    Nick begins celebrating around the ring, but soon the crowd is deterred by a few figures moving rapidly through the crowd, which Nick fails to notice. Scott Fargo, James Dragon, and Danny Jacobs arrive at ringside behind Nick, and quickly roll into the ring.

    Christian: It's that DAMN Bullad Club!

    Sven: Turn around Nick!

    Nick finally turns around, and is rocked by a clothesline from James Dragon. The trio begins stomping the downed body of Nick, and soon Nakayama groggily gets back up and joins the attack. Nakayama clears everyone out and begins kicking Nick square in the head, and soon Fargo comes in and begins punching Nick repeatedly. Jacobs comes in next, punching him even more than Fargo. Dragon motions for them to lift Nick up, and they do. Dragon grabs Nick, lifts him and drops him with Fortuna (package fisherman buster). The four men stand over Nick's body to the dismay of the crowd.

    Sven: Damn them! Damn them!

    Christian: Calm down, prissy pants.

    Sven: Just get down to the ring, this bullshit is stupid!

    Announcer: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: From Skullshore, Georgia, weighing in at 278 lbs, Cousin Eddy!

    Cousin Eddy slowly walks out to dimmed lights rolling a hot wheel down the barricade. At the end he takes it and puts it in the ring near the turnbuckle. He turns around and looks at the camera with a big genuine smile. He rolls into the ring and gets up slowly (assisted by the ropes). He then either turns and looks up the ramp waiting for a new friend.

    Sven: And in our next contest, we have a returning Cousin Eddy

    Christian: Standing in at 6'8, he can be a real destructive force here in the IWT

    Announcer: Introducing second, from London, Englan, weighing in at 200 lbs, Johnny Thunderr!

    Johnny Thunder walks out wearing shades, throwing punches as he walks towards the ring. He rolls into the ring and starts dancing a little.

    Sven: And now making his debut this is Johnny Thunder

    Christian: I don't think he realizes what he's up against, Cousin Eddy's got an 8 inch height advantage and 78 pound advantage, yet he's out here dancing.

    The referee rings the bell, and Johnny Thunder immediately runs at Cousin Eddy and hits him in the face with a forearm. He does it again, and Eddy doesn't budge. Frustrated, Johhny Thunder runs back to his corner, takes off at full sprint again and Cousin Eddy responds by flooring him with a vicious discus big boot to some "oohs" from the crowd.

    Sven: MAN! What a boot by Eddy!

    Christian: I knew it'd happen

    Cousin Eddy stares at Johnny' s lifeless body until he starts moving again. Johnny slowly recovers to his feet, pulling himself up, and immediately upon returning to his feet Eddy grabs him in a bearhug, squeezing and shaking him in the air. After a few seconds of struggling, Johnny taps out, the referee ringing the bell. Cousin Eddy keeps the hold on for a few more seconds before finally throwing Johnny to the mat.

    Announcer: Here is your winner, Cousin Eddy!

    Sven: That was vicious, Cousin Eddy came out and destroyed Johnny Thunder

    Christian: Not the best debut for that man, but a strong return by Cousin Eddy. Let's get down to the ring, for our next match!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Atlantic City, New Jersey...making his IWT debut...LOOOUUIIEE...AAALLLDDDOOO!
    As the beat drops in his theme, Louie Aldo bursts through the curtain in a very hyped up manner. He bops his head to the beat of his theme as he walks toward the ring with an annoyingly obvious swagger. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and continues to walk around the ring, even taking a moment to pose on the second turnbuckle for the crowd.

    Sven: Here's the debut of our newest signing.

    Christian: I hear this man has a lot to offer, and I'm hoping for him prove it, right now.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Los Angeles, California...ARNOOO...FRRRYYYEEE!
    Entering the arena to a symphony of boo's while moving to the rhythm of für elise, Arno Frye wears a devilish grin. He stops at the top of the ramp to soak in the crowds negative reaction for a brief moment until continuing to the ring in his normal fashion. Once inside the ring he grabs a microphone and motions for his music to stop. He removes his jacket and and runs his left hand through his hair before warming up in the corner.

    Sven: Louie has the weight advantage, though they both are 6 feet tall.

    Christian: It's East vs. West. It's LA vs. Jersey. It's gonna be crazy!

    Arno and Louie tie up. Arno uses his lighter frame to invert into an arm lock. He wrenches as Louie cringes in pain and taps his shoulder to keep feeling. He begins to back up until ramming into the turnbuckle. Arno is forced to let go, and cowers into the corner while Louie begins to stomp him. The referee backs Aldo up, after a 4 count. Louie begins to taunt the crowd and strut around the ring, Arno quickly recovers and ambushes Louie and slams him onto the mat. Louie makes it to his feet, when Arno runs off the ropes and hits a Shining Wizard. Louie is out on the mat, while Arno climbs the turnbuckle and hits a stiff and elevated frog splash. Arno goes for the cover - 1...2.. - Louie kicks out and rolls away. Arno grasps his gut and crawls towards Louie, but Louie rolls out of the ring. Arno grows frustrated. Arno stands up and runs off the ropes in an attempt to Suicide Dive, but Louie moves out of the way and crashes against the barricade. Louie looks at Arno's broken body in disbelief. He gets to his feet, anger in his face, he stands Arno up and wedges his head in-between his legs. He lifts Arno up and hits a Spinning Sit-Out Powerbomb, with a sickening thud.

    Sven: Good god! Arno has been broken into pieces.

    Christian: Louie is vicious, and just may've ended this match via knockout!

    Louie enters the ring by the 8 count, but quickly rolls back out to stomp Arno into the mat. He rolls back in at the 2 count, while Arno just barely enters at the 9 count. Louie walks over and drags Arno to the center of the ring and locks on a Dragon Sleeper. Arno screams in pain but slowly stops wiggling. Arno is seemingly unconscious. Louie lets go and parades around Arno's limp body. Louie adjusts his tights and begins to walk closer to Arno, but Arno lunges towards Louie and kicks his leg out, from under him. Louie crumbles to the mat, and grabs his leg in pain. Arno gets up, and paces around the ring while pointing to his head while sweat drips down his face. The crowd applauds his clever play with Possum. Arno gets Louie up by the hair and attempts to hit a Spinebuster, but Louie rolls through and attempts a School Boy pin, but no count was made. Both men get up and charge each other, but Arno gets hit with a kick and the Whippersnapper to a big pop. He goes for the pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...LOUIE ALDO!

    Louie Aldo rolls out while holding his leg. He spikes his hair up, and begins to leave. He spits into the wrestling. And limps away. Arno gets up and holds his neck and limps out of the ring while the camera is shifted to the crane and shows the 10,000+ people in the attendance.

    Sven: What a match! A true brawl.

    Christian: Louie has my respect. That was great showing, and I can assure you, he'll be going to the top soon.

    Sven: We are set for our next match. The return of Blackfire against Ricky Daniels.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from The British Alps, The BLAAACCKKKFIRE!
    Blackfire steps out amidst the blazing fire. The camera man crouches down to get his full 4'7 frame in the camera. He walks down the ring, and enters the ring.

    Sven: Making his return to a major IWT event.

    Christian: Let's see if he's lucky enough to get the win.

    Announcer: Introducing second, RIIIICCKKY...DAAANNNIIIEEELLLSS!
    On his way to the ring, Ricky Daniels does not seem dressed for a fight. On his head is a brown cowboy hat, his eyes covered by the lenses of aviator sunglasses. He wears a short-sleeved, figure-hugging slate grey bottle heass t-shirt, although the sleeves are covered in the entrance by a leather jacket that is unzipped down the front. His blue jeans are ripped and tattered, having seen a lot of wear and tear over the years, and hide the tops of the tan stained leather boots that he is wearing.

    Sven: We hear this is the final match of this man's career.

    Christian: Good riddance! He's a nobody, we don't need some party for this schmuck.

    Ricky charges Blackfire and kicks him, Fire is launched out of the ring. Ricky walks out of the ring and throws Blackfire back in. Ricky rolls in but is met with a swift kick from Blackfire. 10 more kicks and Ricky crumbles down. Blackfire runs off the ropes and hits a clothesline that does very little damage. Ricky is gassed from the sharp kicks, but as Blackfire runs off the ropes he is met with The Twister, Swinging Neckbreaker. Ricky goes for the pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner, RIICCKY...DAANNIELS!

    Ricky holds his chest and walks off, and Blackfire recovers. He walks off.

    Sven: What a quick match!

    Christian: What is Michael thinking? Ricky Daniels is a full 2 feet and 4 inches taller, and weights 10 Lbs more. Of course this decimation was gonna happen. Goodbye, Ricky. Fuck you Michael.

    Sven: Would you cut that out!? Everyone has a right to fight in the IWT, and it's not Blackfire's fault that he's 4 feet tall and 188 Lbs. It's a work of nature.

    Christian: I don't care if the Easter Bunny was responsible, he doesn't belong in the IWT!

    Sven: Good god, what is your deal? Umm..- Well, we're set for the Grudge match between Corey Marcus and Dylan Gray!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Leicester, England...DYLAAN GRAAY!
    Dylan walks out wearing an Underppreciated T-shirt and eerily walks down to ring. He poses in the ring before preparing in the corner.

    Sven: He is here to prove himself!

    Announcer: Introducing second, from the Bronx...COOREEY...MAARCCUUUS!
    He struts out and stares at the crowd as he walks down the ring and into the ring.

    Corey and Dylan tie up and Dylan gets the upper hand. He hooks Corey's leg and trips him down. He shifts control and assume Full Mount. He begins to pound on him with vicious elbows. He his pried off my the referee, but quickly goes on the offensive, dropping a hefty elbow drop onto Corey's abdomen that draws the wind out of him. He stands up and drops another, followed by another, and another, and another, and another. Dylan grabs Corey and attempts a suplex, but Corey reverses and lands with a suplex of his own. Corey quickly stands up and drops an elbow, and another, and another, and another, and another. Corey screams in an adrenaline fueled comeback. He walks over to Dylan and hits a DDT and goes for the cover - 1...2..- Dylan kicks out.

    Sven: Dylan is enraged. A new attitude.

    Christian: But Christian is definitely showing his rage side.

    Corey stands Dylan, but Dylan sprouts back to life and hits a Fisherman Carry Slam. He goes for the pin - 1...2- Corey kicks out, and Dylan spends little time to recover and stands him up and attempts a Future Shock DDT, but Corey twists out and hits a discuses clothesline. Dylan is turned inside out. Corey goes for the pin, but Dylan has his foot on the bottom rope. Corey screams in frustration. Corey stands up and drags Dylan over to the corner. He hits a Starship Pain and goes for for the pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...COOREY MAARCUUS!
    Corey stumbles out and leaves the ring, and looks at the ring in disgust. He walks up the ramp and parades to the tune of his song.

    Sven: What a good match. Well, coming up next is Ryan Davis vs. Michael!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California...RYAAAN...DAAAVIIISS!
    Ryan Davis walks onto the stage, hands held high as he is followed by Jeff and Miss Elizabeth. Ryan isn't in his entrance robe, he's strictly in his ring gear. He prepares in the corner.

    Sven: Miss Elizabeth and the other one have a big impact on how this match plays out.

    Christian: They will be stupid not to interfere on Ryan's part.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Chicago, Illinois, the self-proclaimed King of IWT....MIIIICCHHAEELL!
    Michael steps out with white leather pants, kickpads and kneepads. He is wearing an old-school IWT t-shirt that is drenched from the dripping water, dripping from his hair. He walks down, climbs the steps, poses on the corner to a barrage of camera flashes. He steps down and wipes his feet on the outside apron before entering the ring. He enters and warms up.

    Sven: The self-proclaimed King of IWT, is here.

    Christian: God, can this guy finally retire? He broke his damn neck and still shows up, like an old hag.

    Michael and Ryan walk towards each other and begin throwing blows. Ryan hits a punch, followed by Michael hitting a punch. They trade off around 15 times before Ryan gets the upper-hand and backs Michael into the corner. Ryan sits Michael on the turnbuckle and he follows him. Ryan wedges Michael's head in-between his thighs and lifts him up for a Powerbomb, he jumps and hits a Top-Rope Powerbomb, very early into the match. Ryan grabs his tail bone and lets out a scream while Michael instantly grabs his neck. The count to 10 begins, by the 8 count, both men are up. Michael charges Ryan and hits him with a Roundhouse and connects. Ryan goes down and rolls out of the ring. Ryan seems dazed as Michael looks to the crowd and climbs the turnbuckle. Michael jumps and connects with a Standing Moonsault. Both men are wiped out. The count to 10 ensues, and Michael makes it into the ring by the 6 count, and Ryan follows up just before the 9 count. Both men seemed gasses, early in the match. Michael grabs Ryan and locks in a head lock. The fans begin to rally behind Ryan and he re-energizes. Ryan locks his arms around Michael's waist and hits with a Bell-to-Belly suplex that breaks the head lock. Ryan sits up, instantly, and looks at Michael. He crawls over and assumes Full Mount. Ryan begins to whaling with stiff punches, Michael covers up, but Ryan gets in with a punch to the eye. The referee seperates the two, and Michael stumbles to his feet. He has a gash under his eye. Michael stumbles towards the corner. Ryan charges and attempts a big splash but Michael moves out of the way. Ryan whiplashes back and is thrown up and slammed down in a Throw-Up Spinebuster. Michael goes for the pin - 1...2..- Ryan kicks out, just after 2.

    Sven: This is crazy! They are throwing everything at each other!

    Christian: Michael is busted open, and has a hurt neck. Ryan has this in the bag!

    Michael crouches, his blood drips onto the grimey mat and his white pants. Michael takes off his elbow pad and wipes the blood from his eye and cheek. He puts the elbow pad on and stands up. He walks over to Ryan's carcass and lifts him up, Ryan leans on Michael as Michael trash talks him, but suddenly Ryan springs to life and jumps up with a Hurricanrana. Ryan springs back up, while Michael instantly stands up. Ryan jumps off the ropes and connects with a Springboard DDT. Michael screams and grabs his, hurt, neck. Ryan crawls over to Michael and goes for the pin - 1...2..- Michael kicks out. Ryan screams in frustration. Ryan stands Michael up, and runs but Michael connects with a discuss clothesline. Ryan is turned inside out. Michael screams and stands Ryan up. Ryan is dazed and slouches on the ring ropes. Michael begins to hit Ryan with a flurry of strikes and punches to Ryan's face, torso and arms. It's complete with a haymaker that takes Ryan off his feet. Michael stands in the, opposite, corner and measures Ryan. Ryan get to his knees and Michael charges connecting with a Head of State Shining Wizard. He goes for the pin - 1..2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...MICHAEL!

    Michael rolls out and is immediatley attended to by the doctor, who attempts to stop the blood. He pushes him away and grabs the towel. He rubs it over his eye and begins to walk away. The crowd applauds the effort from both men. Michael disappears behind the curtain. Ryan looks at the crowd and somberly walks away.

    Christian: Here's my chance - *Christian throws off his headset and follows Michael to the back*

    Sven: Umm... well, while we await what Christian has to say, IWT wants to thank and remember Jimi Hendrix for IWT SummerSlam's official theme, All Along the Watchtower!

    We get a view of Michael in the back holding and ice pack on the back of his neck.

    Christian walks up to him still dressed in his commentary attire with the script in his hands.

    Christian: I just wanted to personally walk here to the back and congragulate you on the victory tonight. You did a fine job out there especially with that broken neck of yours....I also wanted to give you notice that I QUIT the commentary team!

    *Christian shoves his papers onto Michael's chest and storms off

    Sven: What the- I guess I'll be calling the rest of the show, alone. We are ready for the crowning of the TV Champion!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is to decide the inaugural IWT Television Champion!

    Announcer: Introducing first, standing 6'2", weighing in at 222 pounds and hailing from Toyko,Japan by way of Montreal,Quebec,Canada, "The Amazing One" Chris Young!
    "The Amazing One" begins playing as Chris Young comes out onto the stage wearing his hooded vest. He slowly begins walking towards the ring.

    As soon as the announcer says his name, Chris Young pulls his hood down, and sticks his arms out. He then makes a slicing motion across his throat before making a gun with his fingers and pointing towards the ring. Chris Young runs to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope.

    Announcer: And his opponent, standing at 6', weighing 175 and hailing from Takakanonuma Greenland Amusement Park in Fukushima, Japan, Schizo!
    The arena goes quiet and the lights go out. A cell phone appears on the screen and begins playing the "Death Tone." Schizo walks out towards the ring, shambling as he walks along. He then also runs to the ring and slides under the rope. The bell then rings immediately.

    Chris Young immediately hits Schizo with a running knee, knocking him down. Chris grabs Schizo and pulls him to his feet. He then quickly performs a snap suplex on Schizo before once again bringing him to his feet. While Schizo is standing there, Chris hits him with five really stiff kicks before knocking Schizo down with a super kick. Chris attempts to get a quick pinfall but Schizo kicks out at two.

    Chris tries to bring Schizo to his feet, but as he does, Schizo sticks a thumb into Chris's eye. As Chris tries to recover, Schizo hits him first with an uppercut and once Schizo is standing above Chris, he chops Chris four times on the chest. He grabs Chris, attempts to Irish whip him into the ropes, but Chris successfully slides under the ropes and lands on his feet. However, before he can recover, Schizo runs towards the ropes and hits Chris with a suicide dive. Both wrestlers are laying outside of the ring.

    Sven: I think Schizo hurt himself more with that move than he hurt Chris.

    Chris recovers first and as Schizo is trying to get up, he quickly sends him back to the ground with a DDT. Chris then runs into the ring, gets up on the top of the turnbuckle and hits a perfect elbow drop on Schizo. He forces Schizo to his feet and then shoves him back into the ring. While Schizo is lying on the mat, Chris quickly goes back up to the top of the turnbuckle before hitting Schizo with a diving headbutt. Chris attempts to pin Schizo again, but Schizo gets his shoulder up right before the three count.

    As Chris picks Schizo up again, Schizo takes advantage and immediately grabs Chris's head and puts him in the iron claw. Chris struggles to break the hold and still has too much fight in him. Schizo breaks the hold, hits Chris with two chops to the chest and then knocks Chris down with a double ax handle. Standing above Chris, Schizo once again grabs him with the iron claw. Schizo uses his leverage to prevent Chris from breaking the hold.

    Sven: Chris has stayed in the iron claw for a long time now. I've never seen someone resist it this long before!

    Chris tries hitting Schizo to cause him to break the hold, but his punches are having less effect. He passes out and the referee calls for the bell. He forces Schizo to break the hold.

    Announcer: Here is your winner by referee stoppage and the first IWT Television Champion, Schizo!

    The referee awards Schizo the belt, which Schizo roughly tears from him hands. He puts the belt over his shoulder and slips out of the ring under the bottom rope.

    Sven: Don't take anything from Chris Young, though. He had a great showing until Schizo got that claw on him. We are ready for a Match of the Night candidate, Danny Jacobs vs. Bishop!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, The Big Guys...DAAANNNYYY JAACCOOOBBS!
    Danny steps out, and towers over the crowd as he struts down wearing the Bullad Club T-Shirt. He enters the ring and poses at the camera.

    Sven: This man is a future star, but his attitude might get him in trouble!

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Detroit, Michigan...BIIISSHOOOPPP!!
    Bishop walks out, and glares at the crowd. He continues down the ramp, attempting to focus on the upcoming task. He shadow boxes in the ring before running off both sets of ropes.

    Danny charges Bishop, but Bishop counters with a Dropkick to the knee that takes Danny down, to one knee. He runs off the ropes and hits a lariat on Danny. Danny goes down and Bishop goes for the cover - 1...2..- Danny kicks out. Bishop stands up and begins to measure Danny. Danny gets to his feet and turns around and his caught from the back. Bishop wills his way into a German Suplex. Danny lands with a thud. Bishop climbs the turnbuckle and and jumps off, in an attempt for an Elbow drop, but Danny moves. Bishop crashes and burns. Danny stands up and begins to pound on Bishop. He lands around 10 punches before backing off and taunting the crowd. He grabs Bishop and stands him up. Danny runs off the ropes and hits a big boot. Bishop is slammed down. Danny goes for the pin - 1...2..- Bishop kicks out. Danny stands Bishop up, but Bishop wiggles out. He runs off the ropes and hits Danny with a Running Roundhouse kick. Danny goes down. He goes for the pin - 1..2..- Danny kicks out again!

    Sven: This is crazy!

    Bishop stands up, and stomps Danny. He climbs the turnbuckle, once again, and jumps. He hits his Diving Elbow and goes for the cover - 1...2..- Danny kicks out. Bishop screams, in frustration, as he holds his arm and wipes the sweat off his face. Bishop lays down, and stares at the light as he attempts to re-think his strategy. He stands up and begins to measure a recovering Danny. He is signaling for a T-Bone Suplex. Danny gets to his feet and as Bishop attempts to hook him for the T-Bone, Danny lands with a big boot that knocks Bishop out cold. Danny falls back, as his energy has been expelled. He rests on the ropes and looks at Bishop in shock. He slowly regains his composure as Bishop regains his consciousness. Danny walks over, and stands Bishop up. He hooks him for the flatliner. But Bishop fights back. He elbows Danny in the side of the head, and a battle ensues. Danny attempts to hit the Flatliner, while Bishop fights off the attempts. Danny utilizes his size advantage and lifts Bishop up and slams him down. The crowd pops and Danny goes for the cover - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...DANNY JACOBS!

    Sven: What a match! Danny has proved his case, and established himself.

    Danny rolls out of the ring and flaunts his victory while he walks away. Bishop sits up and visually curses at Danny, before rolling out and leaving.

    Sven: I am getting word that we are set for the Intercontinental title match!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the IWT Intercontinental Championship!

    Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger...REEEAAAGAN COOOLLEE!
    As a new song echos around the arena, the crowd look at the stage, confused at the music and who this might be. The confusion soon turns into cheers and boos as Reagan Cole walks out in a dark grey hoodie and Reagan looks around, clearly alot more serious than his normal self as he doesn't even try to pander to the crowd and Reagan walks down the ramp with his eyes set on the ring before him then he enters the ring through the middle rope and over to the right side of the ring to get a microphone then Cole sits down in the corner, legs stretched out. He feels the mixed feelings towards him but he just looks at the Uprising set where he knows that his opponent will come out as he begins to speak

    Announcer: Introducing second, the reigning, defending, Intercontinental Champion...JAAACK...FOOORRTEE!
    As the song kicks on Forté's titantron lights up the darkened arena. Jack slowly enters through the entrance curtain. Visibly still hurt, but probably the best he's looked in a while. Blue smoke cloaks him, but his all white attire makes it easy to be seen. He half-limps down to the ring.

    The match starts off with both Forte and Cole circling eachother around the ring before engaging in a collar and elbow tie up, but Forte quickly pushes Cole's right arm away and locks in a side headlock, bringing his body down and grounding Cole in the meantime. Forte quickly places himself on Cole's legs and transitions the headlock into a swift Indian Deathlock. As Forte goes to bridge, Cole escapes and traps Forte's legs, effectively standing on them, before locking in the Romero Stretch. Forte escapes this and lands on Cole's stomach, pinning him. 1...quick kick-out. Both men get up to an applause.

    Sven: Both men already in a stalemate early on in this IC title match.

    They go into a collar and elbow tie up again, with Forte gaining the upper hand again with a headlock. Cole pushes Forte to the ropes and as Forte rebounds, Cole shoulder blocks him. Cole runs the ropes, over Forte, but is met with a clothesline attempt which Cole ducks but is quickly met with ANOTHER clothesline to the back of Cole's head, folding him in half. 1....2...kick out. Forte shows no signs of frustration yet as he contemplates his next move. He starts kicking away at the body of Cole before connecting with a standing jumping elbow drop to the back of the neck, resulting in serious pain for Cole. The ref shoves Forte away momentarily to check on Cole, but Forte returns the favor to the ref and resumes on his beatdown on Cole.

    Sven: Forte unusually impatient this early on, maybe he wants this done quickly as he possibly can.

    Forte picks Cole up, and sets up for the Chickenwing, but Cole grabs the ropes and flips out of it thanks to the ropes and now finds himself behind Forte. Forte turns around and is hit with a brutal european uppercut followed by a knife edge chop. He irish whips Forte and goes for a lariat, but Forte ducks it and quickly grabs Cole's head in an Inverted DDT position. As he's about to hit it, Cole spins out of it and grabs Forte's arms, hooking them for a Double Underhook Suplex w/bridge. 1....2....KICKOUT. He picks Forte up, and bodyslams him against the turnbuckle, ruthlessly folding Forte's body in half. Cole once again picks Forte up in an Electric Chair position and nails THIS WAY OR THAT WAY (Electric Chair TurnBuckle Smash), devouring Forte's body once again against the turnbuckle. As Forte grabs his chest gasping for air, Cole climbs his way up to the top turnbuckle, presumably to hit The Queens Cross (Flying Head butt). He takes his time however as Forte capitalizes on his slowness and intercepts his next move with a running jumping knee smash. Forte himself then climbs up the turnbuckle. They both jostle for position up there as Cole strikes Forte with brutal headbutts but Forte ultimately fights back with repeated knees to the gut followed by repeated elbows to the back of the neck. He then musters up the strength to pick up Cole in a fallaway slam position and nail the Top rope Fall Away Moonsault. Both men land heavy on the mat but Forte covers up Cole after the crazy move. 1....2......KICK OUT. Forte makes his way up to the top rope again and hits the Colt Forté-Five (450 Splash, but hits the opponent with the knees instead of the stomach.). Forte covers once again. 1...2.....KICK OUT AGAIN. Forte, visibly frustrated at someone like Cole kicking out of his signature move, picks Cole up and signals for the Jacked Up (A Rainamker-esque STO, followed by a Shining Wizard to the back of the head.). He grabs Cole's waist, turns him around for the STO, but Cole reverses it into a Victory Roll, but instead of continuing with the pin, he transitions it into the Cole Lock (leg Lock)!

    Sven: Forte HAS got to tap out here! Cole has executed his counter to perfection and now has the champ where he wants him in one of his patented submission holds.

    Forte winces in pain as he desperately reaches for the ropes. As Cole wrenches harder, it becomes more difficult for Forte to reach the ropes, but with every ounce of strength he has left in his body, manages to grab the ropes. However Cole quickly pulls Forte back into the submission hold but Forte being smarter, falls back into a clutch which has Cole's shoulders down on the mat. 1....2....KICK OUT. They both get up at the same time, with Forte slightly grabbing his leg. Cole runs towards Forte, but he reverses into a small package. 1...2....KICK OUT. Both get up at the same time again. Cole goes for a lariat, but Forte ducks and grabs Cole's waist, turns him around for the STO....Cole however looks to hit another lariat on the rebound, but Forte reverses AGAIN, still grabbing the waist, so he rotates him again and instead of hitting the STO, he goes for a GANNOSUKE CLUTCH. 1....2....KICK OUT. Forte then knocks Cole out which a Shining Wizard to the back of the head - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...JAAACK...FOORRTEE!

    Jack grabs his title and parades in around while his theme reverberates around the arena. He leaves the ring and holds up the title, where the chipping and fading paint on the battle-worn title is showcased up-close. He leaves, while Reagan sits up with almost tears in his eyes. He's in shock, and humbly leaves the ring.

    Sven: We are set for our semi-main event, Aids Johnson vs. Alias Antonio!

    Announcer: Introducing first, the reigning, defending IWT Champion...ALLIAASS...ANTOONNIIOO!
    The emphatic new theme song of Alias starts playing, resulting in an expected big pop for the new IWT champ. He walks out with a striking smirk on his face and his title around his shoulder, sporting an all black attire instead of his usual camo shorts, with a bottle of champagne in hand. He wildly shakes his head, seemingly focused as ever. Alias doesn't rush to the ring, closing his eyes and breathing in and out heavily. He finally enters the ring after a while. He leans against the ropes screaming "I OWN THE IWT", before asking for warming up.

    Announcer: Introducing second, the challenger...AIIDS JOOHNNSON!
    Aids Johnson walks out to a huge "you're retired" chant wearing his Brewers blue attire, but the bottle missing. Aids stops at the top of the ramp before being handed a bottle of Jameson. He looks at the bottle, tosses it in the air, taking a swing with the microphone and smashing it with a hit before pointing into the crowd, and shouting out "This one's for you Aidsey!" before running into the ring, stretching as the crowd continues to boo.

    Aids and Alias intensely stare at eachother as the vociferous crowd manifests itself in a dueling chant of "YOU'RE RETIRED! A-LI-AS!". They waste no time to go straight to the action as they run towards eachother exchanging hefty blows without holding back. Aids gains the upper hand though, kicking down Alias' knee, then proceeding to run the ropes in hopes of hitting a Shining Wizard but Alias leaps and surprises Aids with a Hurracanrana Rollup. The ref counts. 1...2....KICK OUT. Alias almost had Aids within a minute of the match starting. Alias wastes no time taunting as he gets outside on the apron, springboards and NAILS the Springboard Meteora. 1...2....KICK OUT. This match is off to a frenzy already and it's not looking to bright for Aids so far. Alias grinds his teeth at the thought of Aids lasting this long as it is, because Alias wants to bury The Old IWT as quickly as possible. Alias picks Aids up into an Inverted Firemans Carry position, looking to hit the Psycho Driver early, but Aids escapes behind, and locks in a SLEEPER HOLD. The crowd is literally falling asleep to this as a sign of disrespect to Aids but Aids rapidly gets them back into it as he hits a devastatingly brutal sleeper suplex in the corner of the ring, rattling Alias' whole body.

    Sven: What a battle this has been!

    Aids also wastes no time and goes to the top rope in a Moonsault Position. Alias follows however running to hit a Top Rope German Suplex, but Aids hangs on to the post in the corner. Alias tries to tangle his way around Aids, which allows Aids to momentarily get off the turnbuckle and SUPERKICKS Alias twice off of it. Alias crashes hard to the floor as Aids climbs the top rope. AIDS FLIES AND DROPS ALIAS WITH A PICTURE PERFECT MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE. Both men are weary and fatigued already as they lay down on the concrete outside.

    Sven: These men are killing eachother!

    The ref starts the count. 1.....2......3......4.....5......6......7....Both men get up and start slugging it out before realizing the count is at 8......9....BOTH MEN GET IN and start slugging it out inside instead, Alias jumps for a high knee that gets blocked by Aids, Aids goes for a Discus Elbow that gets blocked by an Alias High Knee, Aids goes for a Discus Lariat which gets blocked by a HEADBUTT this time, Aids groggily rebounds off of the ropes for a huge LARIAT but gets BLOCKED AGAIN with a jumping Enziguiri to Aids' dome. Alias takes a deep run up, and goes for the FUCK (Shotgun Knees, FULLY UNHINGED CHARGED KNEES), but Aids catches him just in mid air and lifts him up for a BRUTAL sit-out powerbomb. He covers. 1...2.....KICK OUT. Aids climbs up the top rope. MOONSAULT BLOCKED BY KNEES. ALIAS SLOWLY MAKES HIS WAY UP TOP FOR The Sacredly Sensational Sadistic Substangial Savage Stomp (Moonstomp). Alias completes the rotation, but Aids moves out the way, but as he does, Alias completes another rotation for a STANDING MOONSTOMP. 1....2....KICK OUT.

    Sven: What the hell!?!

    The crowd is in awe at the sequences being displayed in a match like this. Alias, agitated, shakes his head, goes outside and grabs his title belt. He comes back in and lays it in the middle of the ring. He then lifts Aids up and drives him down with the Bitch Boy (Sitout Tombstone Piledriver) ON THE TITLE. Aids is now busted open as Alias covers. 1....2.....KICK OUT. Alias lifts him up again for the Psycho Driver, possibly on the title again. And goes ahead with The Psycho Driver, but Aids lands on his feet and HITS A SHINING WIZARD. ITS 1.....2.......KICK OUT. AIDS PICKS ALIAS UP. ITS A BRAINBUSTER ON THE IWT TITLE. 1.....2.....3. WE HAVE A NEW IWT CHAMPION OH MY.

    Announcer: Here's your winner, and NEW IWT Champion...AAIIIDDS JOOHHNNSON!

    Aids is handed the title and he holds it with excitement in his face. He parades it around, before leaving and showcasing the title to the crowd. He leaves, and Alias is helped out of the ring by the referee before leaving, himself.

    Sven: It is now time for The Triple Threat Tournament Final!

    Announcer: From Cardiff, Wales, Luis Ovaldinho!
    Ovaldinho enters through the curtain. Ovaldinho jogs to the ring, with the occasional jump up into the air. When Ovaldinho enters the ring, he shakes the refs hand and awaits his opponents entrance.

    Sven: Ovaldinho, noticeably without Lord Lee tonight after their falling out

    Announcer: From London, England, Raine!
    The arena lights are dark and light green. Raine strides to the front of the stage where she scans the crowd for a few seconds and dusts off her shoulders. With her arms held out wide, she strolls peacefully and nods to the heavy guitar in her theme song. She takes off her crown and places it over the head of somebody in the front row of the crowd (when face). More over, Raine stays seated on the apron holding onto the edges, before she rolls under the first rope. At last, Raine climbs on to the nearest top rope and sits on cross-legged, once again opening her arms out wide and scanning the crowd.

    Sven: Raine and Ovaldinho seem to be united against beating Jwab, but will they be able to stay on the same page?

    Christian: Damn she looks fine

    Annoouncer: From Los Angeles, California...Jwab!
    A light beams the stage and Jwab is standing in the center of the spotlight. The crowd erupts in boos as Jwab is standing there with new gear and a new shirt. He smirks as he slowly makes his way down the ramp, ignoring the crowd completely. He makes his way into the ring and stands between Luis and Raine.

    Sven: Jwab's back, partner. What do you think about that?

    Christian: No comment.

    The referee rings the bell and the three opponents stand in their own corners, eyeing each other. Ovaldinho and Raine look at each other, nod their heads, and corner Jwab. They trap him in the corner and begin unloading lefts and rights onto Jwab's face. He groggily begins falling down and is caught by Ovaldinho. Luis irish whips Jwab, and the two allies double flapjack Jwab off the rebound. He rolls out of the ring, holding his aching face. The two watch him exit, turn to each other, and have a stare down.

    Sven: These two were once united under the teaching of Lord Lee, now the former teammates will face off

    Christian: Tragic break up

    They go at each other with a collar-and-elbow tie up, jockeying for position. Ovaldinho uses his size advantage to win the lock up, and applies a side headlock. Raine counters this by backing him into the rope, and he bounces off. On his way back, she goes at him with a clothesline, but he ducks. Ovaldinho rebounds off the ropes again and this time Raine goes for a low sweep, but Luis jumps over her legs. He finally stops running the ropes by holding onto them with his arms, smirking at Raine as he gets back to her feet.

    Sven: Ovaldinho showing that he learned a lot about Raine in their time together, he had her whole onslaught scouted out

    Ovaldinho and Raine inch closer to each other, but from seemingly out of nowhere Jwab comes flying off the top rope, taking them both out with a missile dropkick. He covers Raine...
    kick out!

    Sven: And Jwab is back!

    Christian: Would've been nice to see that at Mania when we were supposed to face...

    Ovaldinho recovers at the same time as Jwab and charges at him - Jwab sees this and backs into the rope - he falls and lowers the top rope, sending Ovaldinho crashing to the outside with a loud thud. Jwab takes some time to mock Ovaldinho to some jeers from the crowd, but Raine comes up from behind and german suplexes him

    Sven: Jwab's gotta realize he's got two opponents, not just one tonight

    Jwab rolls over and tries to get up, but is still a bit dazed from the suplex. As he is on his knees, Raine comes and rocks him with an enziguiri, the smack of her kick causing a decent pop from the crowd. She pins...
    Ovaldinho breaks the cover up!

    Christian: That was a big shot from Raine there, Ovaldinho saved this match from an early finish.

    Luis, not wasting any time, throws a big elbow at Raine, knocking her back down. As she slowly gets up to one knee, he connects with a roundhouse kick, dropping her right back down to the mat. Jwab gets up and receives a roundhouse kick of his own, flooring him as well.

    Sven: Now it's Ovaldinho firmly in control of this contest

    Luis grabs Raine by the foot, gets down on 1 knee and locks in an ankle lock. He begins wrenching her ankle sideways, causing her to let out a scream in agony. She refuses to tap, however, and soon enough Jwab gets up and smashes his knee into Ovaldinho's face, knocking him down. Jwab starts stomping on Raine's ankle, following it up with a lateral press...
    Raine breaks free

    Sven: It seems that ankle of Raine's is going to become a target

    As Jwab gets up to his feet, he is grabbed from behind by Ovaldinho, who performs a german suplex. Raine hits Ovaldinho in the back of the head with a forearm, knocking him into the turnbuckle. He bounces off, dazed. She goes around him, sits on the top turnbuckle, and applies an inverted front face lock. From here, she leaps off the top with an inverted tornado DDT. She goes to cover but Jwab drop kicks her out of the ring, and he covers Ovaldinho...
    Raine gets up to break the pin!

    Sven: Another close call there!

    Christian: Jwab almost just stole a title shot!

    Jwab and Raine each get to their feet at the same time, and charge at each other, throwing flurries of hands at each other, some connecting and some missing. Jwab wins this battle of fists and irish whips her - she springboards off the second rope, comes flying back and hits Jwab square in the mouth a back elbow! He rolls into the corner and Raine follows. She begins stomping on him in the corner, and Ovaldinho soon joins the assault on Jwab. Luis and Raine have a quick discussion, and seem to have formulated a plan. Oval goes to pick up Jwab, who is still down in the corner, as Raine backs away. However, Raine hits Ovaldinho in the back of the head with a spinning back kick, knocking him head first into the turnbuckle. He bounces off and she goes for a schoolboy roll up, the crowd continuing in unison...
    3! NO! Oval breaks free to the surprise of the audience.

    Sven: And Raine proving it's every man for themselves, attacking Ovaldinho

    Christian: She's a woman you sexist

    She looks at the referee, surprised that Ovaldinho managed to kick out. Raine, not wanting to let the opportunity slip away, begins sizing Ovaldinho up for some sort of move. She goes in on him, as he stands, but he seems to catch her. However, she shifts her body and manages to pull off a tilt-a-whirl hoverboard lock, much to the crowd's amazement. She begins wrenching the arm, as Ovaldinho struggle to not tap. Just as it seems he is about to give in, Jwab comes running in and plants Raine with a DDT! He pins her...
    Raine kicks out at the last second!

    Sven: Many close calls in this match, now it's getting really good!

    Jwab, shocked, goes up to the top rope, waiting for Raine to get back to her feet. He leaps and connects with a crossbody, then getting up on his feet and sizing her up for yet another move. She gets onto her knees and he goes in for what seems to be a super kick, but from out of nowhere Luis Ovaldinho super kicks Jwab outta his boots!! He then begins what he calls Athlete's foot (Daniel Bryan kicks) on Raine, who is still on her knees, and finishes it with a devastating super kick!

    Sven: The kicks from a rejuvenated Luis Ovaldinho, could that be all!?

    Not satisfied, Ovaldinho waits for Raine to get to her feet, planning another strike. However, jwab comes in from behind and drops him with an inverted DDT! He pins...
    Raine leaps and breaks it up at the last minute!

    Christian: Nobody wants to lose!

    The three all lay out in the ring, exhausted and in pain. They each slowly get to their feet, and have one more staredown. Jwab punches Oval, Oval kicks him on the side, and Raine elbows both of them, knocking them back into the ropes. Jwab bounces off and she grabs him, trying to pull him down with an STO, which she can transition into a Koji Clutch. However, Jwab resists this and clobbers her with elbows to the side of the head, breaking her grip. He super kicks her, but she goes out of the ring through the middle rope. From behind, Ovaldinho leaps and connects with a reverse hurricanrana into a piledriver to a big pop!!

    Sven: Take a bow son, take a bow from Ovaldinho!!

    He pins, the crowd counting with the ref...

    Announcer: Here is your winner, and the number 1 contender for the IWT Championship, Luis Ovaldinhooooo!

    Sven: And Luis Ovaldinho has done it, he's going to Summerslam!

    Christian: Great showing from the three of them, and Ovaldinho manages to pick up the win!

    He celebrates in ring, taunting the fallen Jwab and taking in the crowd's reaction.

    Sven: It is now time for the IWT Grand Prix World Tour finals for the IWT Universal Championship and the MAIN EVENT of the evening!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is your Main Event of the evening...and it is for the IWT Universal Championship!

    James struts out with a grin on his face. He has a Bullad Club T-Shirt on. He makes his way down the ramp and arrogantly smirks at ring-side fans. He runs up the steps and enters the ring while the crowd boos him, loudly. He warms up in the corner.

    Sven: This man is my favorite for this match. He has an ego, but he has backed it up, well.

    Scott Fargo steps out with the Bullad Club theme blaring on the PA system. He has no expression his face. He stands at the top of the ramp and looks at the massive crowd and begins to make his way down the ring. He slides into the ring and throws his Bullad Club shirt off. He stands in the opposite corner of James Dragon.

    Sven: He's ready to do buisness!

    Christian: I wonder if him coming out to Bullad Club theme is his way of excluding James from the group! This is gonna be war.

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Montreal, Canada, weighing in at 220 Lbs, at the height of 6'2...James...DRAAAAGOOON!

    James raises his hand to a barrage of boos.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 240 Lbs, at the height of 6'1...Scott...FAAARGOOO!

    Scott Fargo quickly poses on the top rope and is showered in boos.

    The bell rings and Scott Fargo and James Dragon circle eachother, they tie up. It's a stalemate and both let go at the same time. James pushes his hair back as Scott pats his legs. They stop circling each other and stand face to face in the center of the ring. They seem to be talking trash when Scott pokes James, James falls back with a thud. The crowd goes silent with shock. Scott goes for the pin - 1...2...3! Scott and James stand up and hug each other. The referee regrettably hands Scott Fargo the IWT Universal Championship. Danny Jacobs sprints out and joins the celebration. James and Danny hoist Scott Fargo up on their shoulders as pyro and confetti drains out the massive amounts of boos. Michael runs out of the backstage area. He is still wearing his Gear but has a producers head set still on. He demands a microphone.

    Michael: What the hell! You've just poisoned the IWT Grand Prix World Tour and that prestigious world title! You've shamed the IWT, all 3 of you. I will not stand for this shami- Scott, the second I saw you go for the pin, I went backstage and found the man that can take that title from you. You will never see the light of that title because at SummerSlam, you face this man....

    The crowd goes wild at the sound of Chris Kaizer's theme. He walks out and stares at Scott Fargo. Scott gets down from their shoulders and holds his title up and the crowd going crazy. The last shot of the PPV, is that of an over-the-shoulder shot of Chris Kaizer pointing at Scott Fargo from the ramp, while his music echoes and the crowd's loud cheers reverberating in the arena.

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  2. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Roadster: Michael
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @TheArabHammer: Gato Volar
    @The ReagMaster: Reagan Cole
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @King B: Dylan Grey
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Donohue
    @Drag: James Dragon
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Dojo: Scott Fargo
    @Ovaldinho: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @AfricanScatMahn: The Scat
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Ricky Daniels: Ricky Daniels
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor
    @C.M. Shaddix: Corey Marcus "C.M." Shaddix
    @Thierry: Taigāman
    @Chrxsiie: Raine
    @TNHOffical: Chris Kaizer
    @Blind: Mark Knight
    @Ellis Sullivan: Johnny Thunder
    @Botchie Botcherson: Arno Frye
    @KevinJamesFan: Ronnie S. Huxley
    @Dylan™ : Guernica
    @Dat Kid: Evander Amos
    @RedDwarfTechy: Brandon Pain
    @WUKOffical: The Blackfire
    @Gambino: Louie Aldo
    @Aurtle the Turtle: Rio Nakayama
  3. Yeah, bitch.
  4. Good shit.
  5. Really good stuff, brothers. IWT is amazing right now and it's really showing with the amount of great lads we have.
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  6. Anybody looking for a SummerSlam opponent?
  7. May not have played out that great, but this is probably my favorite written show to date.
  8. I really love that last paragraph of the show. I can definitely see that happening, irl. So epic.
  9. I'm down if you are
  10. hope u liked ur match writing bby
  11. Loved it, you v Aids too.

    So looking forward to Dojo v TNH rn as well
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