IWT US Championship Thread! - WINNER CROWNED!

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  1. Dat Kid

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  1. The US Championship

    @"Dat Kid" vs @HBK

    *This is a promo battle.
    *Each contender will tell us why they deserve to be the US Champion.
    *There is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    *No pictures, music, videos etc.


    Promos are now OPEN for 48 hours!
  2. IWT US Championship Thread! - PROMOS!

  3. IWT US Championship Thread! - PROMOS!

    Theme music hits.

    First of all, fuck the championship. You made this personal.

    You claim this is about revenge.Me breaking promises and shit, you dont fool us. You are seeking revenge since I beat you was it 6-1 or 7-1 ? Last time we faced it other. That was a crucial moment in you short and fucked up career, the first time you considered retirement. And I dont blame you,because that beatdown was legendary.

    But now,with that championship and that partner,you think you are invicible. Well, championships doesnt make wrestlers more skilled and you partner...well we all know you are the other guy. Fun fact,when she was ¨Victoria¨ that girl without even 400 posts. I was the first guy to talk to her and asked her for forming a team, I was the guy who believed on her. I bet that at that time you would just say that she was too young to be on your side. But I trusted her,understood her and saw potential on that girl. And slowly built her as the best speaker of this company. And she know it. It was really easy to ¨help¨ her winning the championships. Jonathan screwed me and didnt allow me to cut more promos. She was left alone and you asked her for been her partner. But now...you cant stand the idea of been the second guy,the less important guy and you have set up this battle to show yourself that you are better than me. And you already know that even if you beat me today or a million times. I will be more important for her than you will ever be. Get over it.
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    What type of match is this? Normal?
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    Normal match.
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    I love you say this is personal and you end with get over it. I have nothing against you. You beat me, so what, look at where you are now. Hell the only one who should be getting over things is you. I stole your title shot, hell I stole your career when I came out of retirement.

    Maybe Parker did carry me in the tag team match. but it's not like you weren't being carried when you were with her. The way I see it HBK or should I say Rowdy Roddy Drigo, Parker needed someone to be there for her and when you couldnt do it I stepped in. Not only did I step in for you..we won...and we made it look easy.

    Yeah maybe I did talk down to Parker when she got here and none of this "400 posts" bullshit applies here in the IWT and I think you and many of the boys in the back fail to notice that. This is the IWT, not some social media bullshit, we thrive on wrestling! You come in here to MY world demanding respect? Fuck that, you want respect you earn it...and you did that Rodrigo, you beat me, fair & square.
    ...but you want to know what I think of you now? I don't have a drop of respect for you anymore. You abandon the woman you walked into the company with during a tag tam match on the biggest stage of them all. What kind of a man does that? I'll tell you what kind of man does that, a coward.

    You say I'm jealous that I was the second guy for Parker to pick. I think you're just jealous because you're not holding this.
    *shoves the tag title in Rodrigo's face*
  7. IWT US Championship Thread! - PROMOS!

    *Hits a cornered springboard bulldog*
    Gotta tell you again that I dont care about the damn championship. You wanted vengance i want respect. Respect because Im fuckinh tired of all this bullshit. I didnt let her alone. Jonathan was the one who ¨banned¨ me from that match what could I do? I worked my ass off to get a shot at the tag team titles and then here comes a moron who was on the annouce table and adds himself to the match. Without working. You stole all the work I did. You dont deserve to hold that championship . Go back to the ¨production truck¨ that shit you opened for two days and then you closed. Yeah I keep waiting for my titantron.
    Where am I now yeah at the bottom of the IWT. Probably about to get fired if I lose this match. But im confident. Why? Well do you remember when I was accepted to DX? Let me show you what I mean.

    Not worth sacrificing the rep of the group. yeah I agree where am I now huh? Where? Im your damn VP yeah the guy with more powers after you. Damn you have sacrificed the reputation so much. Im the second best third gen user of this forum (After Senhor(From November)). And I havent touched a title yet. I was screwed of two matches. And oh yeah wait I have your group's belt. Damn it take it away from me before I ruin your group. MOD of darkness was found because of my 50NP donation. I sacrified my shot to pay that money and become a legend to change the name of the group.So yeah. Im the underdog, but you know what I can achieve.

    Apart for the WM Screwjob... can you bring something new? Are you gonna bring something new to your reign or even to the IWT. Look at punk. He was another guy at backstage before he got the push. I still waiting for that. But trust me. When my time comes, you better run away. You said you want to end my career? Keep on dreaming Jabri.

    *Till I collapse hits*


    @Jonathan time's up


    Show Spoiler
    Kayfabing. Love you bro
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    Let's get one thing straight, Jonathan didn't ban you, you banned yourself and even before that happened you never showed up to your match.

    Yeah that's right Rodrigo, everything you ever worked for I took. You know why? because you don't deserve a god damn thing! Your partner, being at wrestlemania, this title! None of it you deserve and you still don't deserve it you damn rookie. You got lucky in our match and that's all it was, luck. Now look at where you are boy. The only reason you got this shot is because I made it an open challenge. When this match is over your career will run parallel to just that, it's end.

    Your right you are my VP and look at where we are now. DX, which is now known as the Ministry of Darkness is now a shell of its former self. I remember when we were THE group to be in. Now with adding people like you...LOOK AT WHERE WE ARE! You think other groups care about us? For fucks sakes we're the new pipebomb because I was too nice and added no name fucks like you! You killed my group Rodrigo, so I made you pay $50 like the chump you are, I took your girl, and I took your career.

    So how bout you go to the production truck and you can do my job? Oh wait, you can't Rodrigo because you would fuck that up too just like you fucked up everything else you were involved with. Parker would be WWE champion if she hadn't gotten pulled down by you, I would still have the most dominant group if I didn't add people like you, the fans wouldn't have gotten screwed out of countless scheduled matches if it wasn't for you! You're a shit competitor and a lazy fuck and quite honestly I'm glad you have this fire has burned under you, maybe it's the fire you needed for quite some time, but let me tell you this. If you think you're going to burn me, I'll strike you down like the bitch you are
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  9. IWT US Championship Thread! - PROMOS!

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    Nope. Wait he has cut a promo out of time so do I . Wait for my promo and then we will be 3-3 and voting will start
  11. IWT US Championship Thread! - PROMOS!

    it been 48 hours though! voting u be start right now.
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    Yeah but he has cut a promo after 48 hrs and i have the right to cut one more promo


    First of all moron. Before saying something make sure about what are you saying because I did show up to my match at wm. and I've showed up to all my matches.
    You claim it was luck. Dude, a 4-3 is luck. 2-1 is luck but a 6-1 that's called owning the rival, you got owned but your stupid ego doesn't allow you to see it.
    People left the group. Senhor did and the highest quality user on this forum Klockard did as well. Blame yourself , you are a horrible leader. You say I was the one who screwed the group. Don't you remember our conv. At the backstage before WM? When I told you that the Headman's hand wanted me on his group and you beg me for staying in your group? You are a hypocrite . I could have left and you would have closed your damn group. And trust me, deadman's hand doesn't allow everyone in. You did a ultimatum and see what happened. Your group is stale, you have no ideas but yeah keep blaming your group's users, you will get really far. Damn it I could leave right now. You would say that it's okay but then you would message me and ask me to return. I'm ready to go with the big guys. I've showed that I'm a big draw, that I'm someone who you cannot mess around easily. I've reached over 400 posts a day, I've set up things you would dream to achieve. You better run away and go cry to your partner. Everyone who faces me brings up the same shit. Between me and Parker was a professional relationship. Two underdogs with a lot of potential . She's at the top right now. I'm here competing for a damn mid card title that I don't even care about it. I blame you for my fail. I blame myself to feel sorry for you and give you the money you begged and I blame myself for not bringing up all this shit. I could be in one of the most most prestigious group on the forums and I'm here stucked facing you again . But hey, we both know we bring out the best of each other . But your best stuff is not enough to beat me down. Don't play with fire if you don't wanna get burned .
    You claim I'm lazy? Why? Maybe because this isn't my native language and I spend five times more than you for cutting a promo against an American? Call me when you can do what i do on here. I first applied because Baraa was the one who I wanted to be with . This is like a life. Borne in spipe and then I need to grow up in a young group aka DX before I go big time with another group. You better pray , because I could leave at any moment. I would be a big free agent. People know it. I realised it. But here you come the guy who came out from retirement and has an ego who doesn't allow him to see more than himself. That's why you are leading your team, out team to the disaster. And the problem is that it's not only the group but the fantastic users who are in it.
    I've never held a title ( not counting my groups title) and I would probably never get into the hall of fame. At least until Jonathan it's gone as GM. This place would be so much better if Britanica never chose that sudernland child to run a company as big a this one is. Now as once a good friend of me said testify to that!
  13. IWT US Championship Thread! - PROMOS!

    @Jonathan or @Britanica. Start voting please


    *Grabs title , throws it away*
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    Voting is now open.
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    Change the title to voting please
  16. IWT US Championship Thread! - VOTING!

    Forgot to be in the ringside with my tag partner...
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    Ive managed myself to shoot some promos :obama:
    Next time
  18. IWT US Championship Thread! - VOTING!



    *Grabs title*
    *Goes to the airport*
    *Flies to Spain*
    *Fuck you bitches*
  19. IWT US Championship Thread! - VOTING!

    @Jonathan please..
  20. IWT US Championship Thread! - VOTING!

    And that's that! Your winner and the NEW United States Champion.... @Rodrigo!