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    *The intro begins and runs until 0:50 when the darkened arena is lit up with a small pyro show, and the lights come on. The fans go crazy as a graphic shows that IWT has come to Atlanta, Georgia for the premier of IWT VICE*

    Sven Steven: Ladies and gentlemen! My name is Sven Steven and with me my broadcast colleague, Marco Corino! Welcome to IWT on Fox. Welcome to IWT VICE! We are here on the national stage, once again and within the hour, everyone at home and everyone in attendance will see exactly why we're the best in the industry!

    Marco Corino: What a bargain. I'm hyped to be here before a capacity crowd of over 8,000+ in Atlanta, Georgia as we make a stop on our way to IWTMania IV. I've been a fan for a long time, but I had no idea that the IWT will become this big - now I work here! But some great news, for the pilot episode of IWT Vice; there will be NO commercials!

    Sven: Yes, we have a great lineup for you, tonight. We have Schizo's in-ring debut. Jack Forté vs. Nick and The XIX, being represented by Prince Balor and Gato Volar will go two-on-two with The WC2, being represented by Eric Draven and Gav the Chav.

    Marco: I can't wait, let's get started!

    Announcer: Introducing first...from Japan...SCHIIIIIZOOO!
    Schizo spends little time to waste and charges out of the backstage arena and slowly walks down to the ring. He growls and fans, rips up signs, slaps some men and finally flicks off a few women. He enters the ring and takes off his entrance gear and squats in the corner, awaiting his opponent.

    Announcer: Introducing second...from God Knows where...LEEEOO TAAAYLLLOOOR
    Leo Taylor jumps and dances his way to the ring. The fans goes crazy for the return of Leo Taylor. He runs out and tags the hands of everyone person in the crowd. The rainbow lights fade away as he jumps into the ring and warms up.

    Schizo charges and hits a clothesline that floors Taylor. He drops an elbow and stands up he climbs the turnbuckle and hits a flying elbow drop. He kneels on Leo's chest and grabs his head and begins to hit a series of 10 elbows to the skull of Leo. Leo gets busted open when Schizo goes for a pin. 1...2..- Leo kicks out and holds his mouth. Schizo stands up and walks slowly towards Leo. Leo tackles Schizo and hits a couple of well-placed punches that makes Schizo loopy. Leo stands up and climbs the turnbuckle and hits a flying splash. Leo goes for a pin - 1...2..- Schizo kicks out and rolls out of the ring. Leo looks around as the crowd beings to pop. He bounces off the ropes and attempts a suicide dive but Schizo moves out of the way. Leo lands back first into the announce table.

    Marco: Oh my god! Leo might've just broken his back. Schizo is here to show us who he is. He is here to show us why he's here. And he's showing it with this man, right now.

    Sven: You can believe that Leo's appearance here shows that he wants the same, as well. What th-!

    Schizo wipes the table clean as the ref gets near a 4 count. He places Leo's corpse on the table and enters the ring. He runs off the ropes and jumps up onto the rope before bouncing off the top rope and hitting a flying legdrop through the table! The table collapses and both men are out. The ref makes it to a 9 count before Schizo quickly rolls in and out to continue the match. His mouth is busted open as he throws Leo Taylor inside. He locks in an Iron Claw onto a grounded and bloodied Leo Taylor who passes out!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...SCHIIIZZZOO!

    Schizo limps out of the ring when out of nowhere Muff Herman attacks him. He has a chair in hand and smashes it over his head. He goes and sets up a table and places Schizo on it. Muff Herman slowly but surely climbs the top rope when...

    Michael runs out and grabs a microphone from a worker.

    Michael: Don't you dare! You jump and I'll fire your sorry ass. You two wanna kill each other so badly? At IWTMania IV, you 2 will face off in a...Japanese Death Match!

    *The crowd pops as Michael walks back, Schizo his helped off the table and Herman climbs down.*

    Sven: You heard it first here, ladies and gentlemen! IWTMania IV goes extreme with the 1st ever Japanese Death Match in IWT history! Schizo will put his experience to the test to Muff Herman's newly found attitude.

    The official IWTMania IV theme song plays as ticket info appears on the bottom half of the screen.*

    Marco: The biggest fights of the year will take place. We have Spawn vs. Aids Johnson for the IWT World Title in a match that's been in the making since last October.

    *Footage from the reopening of IWT is shown. Aids Johnson makes his return and finally his victory and 4th IWT World title reign. The music gets muffled as a red filter comes over. Spawn's epic path of destruction his 4 month undefeated streak and his wars with Nick. Spawn beating Reagan Cole and winning the steel cage match. The video promo ends with Spawn standing over Aids Johnson and Gato Volar in the ring.*

    Sven: I can't wait!

    Marco: Neither can I, but we have another classic waiting for us. The XIX vs. WC2 in another battle in one big war!

    Announcer: Introducing first! Representing The XIX...Gato Volar and the X-Division Champion. Prince BAAALLLOOOR!
    Gato Volar walks out with his shoulder heavily taped. He swings his arm around to get it ready. Followed by him is Prince Balor with no paint. He has his X-Divsion title around his waist and slowly stands side-by-side with Volar. Finally comes Aids Johnson in a black suit and sunglasses. He has his IWT World title swung around his arm and is smirking. He calls Volar and Balor into a huddle, tells them some words of encouragement and walks to the back. They look at eachother and shake eachothers hands before they holler out and charge down to the ring. They enter the ring and pull on ropes. They stand in the bottom right hand corner.

    Announcer: Introducing second! Representing The WC2...Gav the Chav and ERIIC DRAAAVEEEN!
    Gav runs out and dances to the song. He throws off his accessories into the crowd and walks mid ramp when a massive pop is heard as soon as Eric Draven makes his entrance. Draven has a puffy lip and a black eye. He runs down to the ring along with Gav. Gav enters the ring and throws his custom Adidas track suit into the crowd, revealing Gav's heavily taped arm and neck, and Draven warms up. He fist bumps Gav. Gav exits the ring leaving Draven and Volar to start the match.

    Draven and Volar tie up, but Draven powers out. Draven fixes his tights and poses for the crowd instigating a massive pop. Volar smirks and then walks over to Draven, he talks smack before spitting in his face. Draven gets pissed and walks in. The stand nose to nose just before Draven headbutts Volar. Volar stumbles back and is met with a gut kick followed by a piledriver. Draven goes for a pin - 1...2..- Volar kicks out and sits up while trying to adjust his nose. Draven locks on a headlock. He transitions into an armbar and wrenches harder. Draven switches to Volar's injured arm, as he pleads for mercy. Draven looks around as he holds Volar's arm in an awkward position. The crowd pops when Draven asks if he should wrench, but suddenly a double stomp from the top rope onto the back of Draven's head from Balor. Draven falls to the ground as Gav makes the save, tackling Balor out of the ring. Order is restored as both men return to their corners. Volar makes a tag to Balor. Balor comes in and stomps on Draven's back but he picks him up and hits a DDT.

    Marco: This match shows the wars that happened at Pride in Victory. Draven's black eye and lip, Volar's jacked up shoulder and ribs and Gav's shoulder and neck.

    Sven: This goes to show; this ain't ballet.

    Draven makes it to his feet but is whipped down with an armdrag. Draven quickly stands up and runs at Balor, but is met with a jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick that knocks the daylights out of Draven. Draven falls to the mat and winces in pain. Balor rests on the floor, but when Draven begins to crawl towards Gav, he pounces again. He drags Draven away and tags in Volar. Volar steps onto the top rope as Balor holds Draven's arms out. Volar hits a double axe-handle. Draven falls to the mat. Volar grabs his arm and leaps over the top rope onto the floor. Draven screams and falls back. Volar screams at the fans calling them "Putas" and "Perros" before entering the ring. He grabs Draven, but Draven begins to fight back. He hits a couple of well-placed punches and hits a clothesline. Volar quickly stands up and Draven puts Volar's head in-between his legs. He hits a vicious powerbomb. Draven collapses as the race for a tag begins. The crowd rallies behind Draven and finally they both tag in. Gav jumps in and runs at Balor connecting with a spinning heel kick. He grabs Volar and chucks him out of the ring. He stands Balor up in the corner, blows on his knuckles and does his signature Fury Punches. After the 10th punch, Balor gets groggy and Gav hits the Bellend! He hops on for a pin - 1..2..3!

    Marco: The WC2 are 2-0 in tag matches against The XIX.

    Sven: But in singles, they actually have a 1-0 record. They also hold the majoirty of titles and are in contention for a singles title.

    Announcer: Here are your winners...The WC2!

    Gav helps up Draven and they rejoice in the ring. They celebrate with the fans as Balor and Volar watch from outside. Aids Johnson walks out with no smirk, and stares at The WC2 before going back.

    Sven: Well, as we get set for our main event, make sure to order IWTMania IV on PPV. We'll be live from Austin, Texas and you can guarantee that the 4th installment will be the greatest.

    Marco: Last year, IWTMania III was the end of the original IWT. A v2 was propped up by Aids Johnson but that collapsed, and here we are in v3 approaching the biggest show of the year! And with it comes the celebration of careers.

    Sven: Yes. The IWT Hall of Fame: Class of 2016 has names being rumoured like Alias Antonio, Marcus Anthony and Eric Draven. We'll find out, in the coming weeks.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first! From Brooklyn, New York....The Golden Ticket holder...NIIIICCCK!
    Nick walks out to a pop. He dances his way do the ramp and throws his black hoodie into the crowd. He continues to dance and tag the fans hands as he enters the ring. He shadow boxes and awaits Jack.

    Announcer: Introducing second! From Sin City...The Intercontinental Champion...Jack FOOOORRRRTTEE!
    Jack walks out of the green mist. He stands at the top of the ramp wearing a jeweled tanktop. His hair and face are wetted and he slowly raises his Intercontinental title to a pop. He smirks and continues to the ring, looking around at the capacity crowd. He enters the ring and quickly shakes his fellow WC2 stablemate's hand and climbs the top rope and holds up the title as the crane camera swoops from the top. Jack steps down and hands his worn down Intercontinental title to the referee and stretches in the corner.

    Jack and Nick meet up and shake hands before backing up, again. Nick charges Jack and hits him with a high knee. Jack falls to the ground and quickly rolls to the corner. Nick stands up and dances around and awaits Jack. Jack stands up and walks over to Nick. He chops Nick, and Nick chops Jack. They follow this routine for about 15 seconds before Jack hits Nick in the head with a stiff elbow. Jack falls back on the ropes. His chest is sliced with small drips of blood and Nick's chest goes purple. Jack walks over to Nick, but Nick kicks Jack's leg out from under him. Nick sits on Jack's back and locks in a Rear Naked Choke. Jack screams and squirms to escape, and succeeds.

    Marco: What a brawl. These two friends are trying to one-up eachother.

    Sven: I'm not sure if they're friends or if they have to respect eachother to take down the XIX.

    Jack takes a breather outside as Nick boats him to enter the ring. Jack enters and they lock up. Jack gives a high knee to Nick's gut and hits a snap suplex. Jack climbs the turnbuckle and jumps for a Swanton Bomb, but Nick moves out of the way! Nick grabs Jack's legs and locks in a Sharpshooter. Jack screams in pain as Nick wrenches it in. Jack powers through and beings a slow crawl to the center of the ring when Nick walks forward. Jack raises his hand, but refrains from tapping. He relaxes and pushes forward. Nick falls back and releases the hold. Nick stands up and kicks Jack in the back. He lifts Jack up and hits him with a dropkick with some hang time. Nick climbs the turnbuckle and balances himself when he jumps for a Frog splash! Nick goes for a pin - 1...2..- Jack kicks out.

    Sven: Jack is holding up a massive head of steam heading into IWTMania IV.

    Marco: What a match!

    Nick stands up and rests on the rope. Jack kicks up and hooks Nick from the back with a full nelson! Nick starts losing consciousness when Jack lifts Nick up and hits a back breaker! Jack goes for a pin - 1...2...3!

    Marco: Oh my god! What a great main event. What a great IWT VICE

    Announcer: Here's your winner...Jack FOOORRRTTEEE!

    Sven: Thank you ladies and gentlemen for tuning into FOX for IWT VICE! I'm Sven Steven and for my partner Marco Corino, have a great evening!

    Jack raises his arms in victory and clutches his chest. He grabs his IWT Intercontinental title, and helps up Nick. They shake hands and walk out together. The last shot of the show is of Nick and Jack holding their arms in victory on the stage.
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  2. Interesting, good show looking forward to see what's to come.
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