Storyline IWT VICE #2 (Official Card)

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    IWT VICE is having a change of format. We will have two matches, one from each brand every saturday. These matches will be done via promo, and will be held under normal voting rules. The show will not be written.

    (@DK James) Bishop vs. I Got Beat by Ryan Davis (@WUKOffical)
    Bishop makes his debut against the returning I Got Beat by Ryan Davis

    (@Ryan Davis) Ryan Davis vs. Alexander Hightower (@Awesomenrh)
    Ryan Davis attempts to prove he is the future against the IWT Young Lion, Alexander Hightower.​

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  2. Yoooooooo Falling Apart! Excellent choice!

    Pretty pumped @Awesomenrh, good luck to you, Alexander.......Lowtower, ha! GOTEM!
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  3. Marked for Zebrahead ngl
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  4. Is the match card gonna be changed?
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