Voting IWT VICE #4: Schizo vs. Leo Taylor

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Who Won?

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  1. Leo Taylor

  2. Schizo

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is a First Round Match in the IWT Grand Prix World Tour!

    (@Jacob Fox) Schizo vs. Leo Taylor (@Forrest OAKADA)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    ask as many questions, as you want. idgaf.

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important and short.


  2. The theme plays around the arena as out comes Leo Taylor, dressed in police standard uniform as he makes his way to the ring, reminding the audience on countless occasions to follow the law. He walks down to commentary, instead deciding to search the commentators for any illegal substances. Finding none, he puts his thumb up in approval and enters the ring, grabbing a microphone on his way in as he takes off his belt.

    Leo Taylor: Ladies and Gentlemen of the IWT Audience, it has come to my attention that there are some law breakers within the company who think they can get off free because everything is 'covered' up...Well, that's where I come in. I have been brought in by the American Police Council to oversee this company and what shady dealings they may be embroiled in. What may be one of these dealings...Drugs, plain and simple. This is a company that you pay to watch every week but...they're hiding things that you don't want to hear...and trust me, you will be hearing it soon because I'm going head to head with Schizo, a man who'll require intense interrogation, no matter how...'hard' it gets.

    Leo readies his baton as he prepares to talk again.

    Leo Taylor: You see, Schizo, I'm only after two things here in IWT...the first is what everyone else is after...Glory. The chance to hold gold for whatever brand their on and it looks like the brand I got sent to is the premiere what a way it would be for an officer of the law to win the first ever IWT Grand Prix, don't ya think? Not only would the winner get a nice trophy, they get the IWT Universal Championship, So this is the perfect opportunity, for both of us.
    Secondly, I'm on the tail of justice, IWT have been involved in Shady dealings and the only way I can make a breakthrough is if I progress in the tournament, then, I can interrogate higher members of the company like Alias and Forte...because Schizo, I have a goal in mind...and that goal is Justice...and if you obstruct and officer of the law from doing his job, then lethal force will be used...

    Leo swings the baton before handing it to the referee, dropping the microphone as he awaits his opponents arrival.
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    *The lights in the arena go out and all is silent for about a minute. Then, some 12 year old brat (who really is way too young to have such a fancy smart phone) notices that his phone begins ringing and playing a ringtone that he never downloaded and that is so loud it fills the quiet arena.*

    *Schizo slowly comes from behind the curtain, his head cocked to the side, running his fingers through his hair. He walks up to the brat and looks him square in the eyes. He then indicates that the kid should answer his phone. The kid begins crying and his dad spanks him in front of the entire arena for being such a big baby. Schizo just looks at them curiously before picking up a microphone..*

    Glory? You seek glory from a belt? The glory of being a champion is fleeting. It's something many men seek and it is something that few men attain. And those who attain glory from championships do not hold onto it very long. And once this glory is gone, it leaves those who crave it simply a tattered shell of what they previously were. Championship glory chews men up and spits them out, leaving them longing for it once it is gone. The glory of a pro wrestler is extremely poignant, however. When he finally reaches that age when he can no longer win trophies and when he can no longer be the man he was, he longs for it. He wants the belt back and having held it before makes him long for it even more when he is too old and frail to get it again. He misses that glory. Forever.

    I don't care just for that kind of glory. My trophies are not made of gold and jewels. What I crave are the injuries. What I crave, what I like is the blood. The broken bones are my trophies. The scars that never heal are my belts. The agony of your defeat resonates in the darkness of my very soul.

    So why am I even going after this belt you might ask? Well, it's easy enough. Because when I have it-and I will have it- the pain of the other 15 people who didn't get it will nourish my soul. The people I deny the right to hold that belt, their agony is my lifeblood. Everyone who will challenge me and fail WILL BRING ME TRUE GLORY THAT IS NOT FLEETING.

    *Schizo rips a couple gashes in his face with his fingernails. and then calms down*

    You see, regardless of which of us becomes IWT Universal Champion, one day neither of us will hold the belt. Every champion, no matter how great will eventually fall. That is the natural progression. But the skin I rip off you will never completely heal. The bones I break will nag you in your old age. The scars I inflict upon you will last a lifetime. The years I take off your life are MY trophies. And that kind of glory is permanent. My impact on you is permanent. My glory is everlasting because its effects never fade, not even in death. At your funeral, when the priest says you died too young, everyone will know that I contributed to that. They will tell stories of what Schizo did to Leo Taylor. They will mention me in hushed tones at your autopsy. That lasts forever and that is why my version of glory is better.

    And Justice, Leo... there is no such thing as justice. There is no balance. Nothing is fair. Those who seek justice are just like those who seek glory. They're empty inside because what they claim to crave is something that they will never find.

    And lethal force? Lethal force, against me is what I want. Pain and agony is what I want. Lethal force is not a threat to me because it is exactly what I am looking for. Hurt me and break some bones... it won't stop me from going to the next match... it will only make me want it more.

    Leo. The death tone has rung for you. Answer it.

    *Shizo looks over at the 12 year old who is still crying. He then jumps at the father, causing him to wet his pants and the whole crowd laughs at him.*
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  4. Forrest has an extension since he's having forum issues.
  5. Leo laughs a little bit before looking back at Schizo.

    Leo Taylor: You see here, 'Civillian', You're idle threats towards an officer of the law will not go unpunished. In fact, I'm charging you right now for Harrasment, not only to an officer of the law but to a law abiding civilian...and for the harrassment of a 12 year old child. I wonder how IWT will be seen by people when they see the creature from Hot Topic's stock room as their 'Universal Champion'. Right now, you just sound as crazy as any other person in this company, hell...I wouldn't be surprised if you're linked to this drug case I'm working on, Schizo, if that's even your real name!

    Leo Walks over to where his belt is and grabs a notebook, writing down all of Schizo's crimes before ripping the page off.

    Leo Taylor: I've seen true monsters in my career, Schizo, actual monsters unlike you, a rip off of those famous murderers, sociopaths and cannibals that get locked up and given the 'treatment'. You claim that glory is brought by pain and suffering, then your truly mistaken because Glory is Justice, the protection of civilians and the honour of the good old U.S OF A. The thing is Schizo, many 'monsters' like yourself have come and gone over the ages, you are just many of them and just like the rest, you'll end up fading away, being replaced by another monster who repeats the same old schtick you're pulling off right now...and that's why you're threats do not scare me for I am a man bound by my Badge, bound by the honour that an officer of the law proudly undertakes when he joins up and just like in the office, I am going to rise up the ranks, and just like various other criminals I have had to face...I will take you down and I will lock you up, for my name is OFFICER Leo Taylor, to you, Civilian, and the Universal title will be used to show the crowd of IWT that they are safe from any horrors that may come from places such as "From Parts Unknown", "The Swamp" and "His mother's Basement", So whatcha going to do, Schizo, WHEN LEOMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU.

    Leo points towards Schizo as the crowd cheers him on, pumping Leo up for his fight against the monster.
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  6. *Schizo listens to Leo Taylor and lets him finish talking. He makes no sound at first, only smiles*

    What am I going to do? Well, Leo, I'm just going to learn a lot about you. Leo, I'm sorry but I don't believe in addressing anyone by anything other than their first name. You see, in Japan, it's very uncommon to address anyone by their first name unless you know them very well. And I like to know my victims very well. I like to think I know them better than they know themselves by the time I am done with them. I learn what makes them tick. I learn what they think. I learn what makes them hurt and I learn what makes them cry. You might not know these things about yourself even, but in a very short time I will. And you'll learn about me as well. You'll learn I am the last and the worst of all evils. You were right when you said I was a monster. But the worst monsters are those who are aware of the fact... and thrive off it. I am one of those. I have no illusions about who I am... or what I will do.

    I don't care about your citations or your laws. I don't care about your punishments. Do you think you can punish that which craves punishment? Can you jail that which thrives on captivity? Can you hurt that which wants to be hurt? No. You can't punish he who only lives for punishment because you when punish me, it is a reward.

    You speak of this concept of "Justice" as if it actually exists. Leo, when I was a boy, my father let the leprechauns dance on my grave... *Schizo pauses and looks confused.* No, that doesn't make sense, does it?

    *Schizo punches himself several times in the face before regaining his composure and presumably remembering what he was trying to talk about.

    Justice is the dream of the foolish. Justice is nothing more than an idea that some people use to ignore the evils of the world. They speak of justice while people are starving. They speak of justice when murderers go unpunished. They speak of justice so they can ignore when a husband beats up his wife and the police... the so called purveyor's of justice... can't do a thing about it. Is that justice?

    There is no justice, Leo. I accept that it is nothing more than the last hope of those who have nothing else to hold onto. You have nothing else to hold onto. You have no hope. You have no spirit. You have no drive. You have no opportunity. YOU HAVE NO CHANCE. All you have is a foolish concept that never comes to pass. Because I can accept that there is no such thing as justice, I think clearly and see the world for what it is. It is dark. It is empty. It is unfair. IT IS PAIN!!!

    Pain exists. Justice does not. You're about to find that out.
  7. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Tumbas: Spawn/Will Savat
    @Tsar: Michael
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @Aids Johnson: Aids Johnson
    @TheArabHammer: Gato Volar
    @The ReagMaster: Reagan Cole
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @The Real GOAT: Eric Draven
    @King Barrett: Dylan Grey
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Donohue
    @Awesomenrh: Alexander Hightower
    @Drag: James Dragon
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Dojo: Scott Fargo
    @Bubblegum: Shinjiro Death
    @Ovaldinho: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @Harrison: Handleman
    @NickThePenguin: Baron Moreau
    @KingsPunch: King Votan
    @AfricanScatMahn: The Scat
    @DemonHunter1257: Al Blizzard
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Ricky Daniels: Ricky Daniels
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor
    @WUKOffical: I Got Beat by Ryan Davis
    @Pop Tatari: Scotty Mcboatface
    @C.M. Shaddix: Corey Marcus "C.M." Shaddix
    @Crithu: The Ringmaster
    @Thierry: Taigāman
  8. I'll make every attempt to avoid voting for my opponent this time around.
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  9. Great job @Forrest OAKADA but that Schizo character himself to me is just solid gold.
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  10. Great match, boys, great match.
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  11. So glad to see you back around these parts more often homeboy home home homeboy.
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  12. Thanks.. I honestly think the cellphone ring entrance is something I could see WWE doing.
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  13. Appreciate it man haha same here. All the matches have been pretty damn entertaining since i've been back so it's hard to stay away.
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  14. Gotta say though I was split 50/50 after reading them the first time so I read it all a second time and this part got the vote for me.

    "Do you think you can punish that which craves punishment? Can you jail that which thrives on captivity? Can you hurt that which wants to be hurt? No. You can't punish he who only lives for punishment because you when punish me, it is a reward."
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  15. I liked Leo Taylor's because it just had a little more "umph" to it. It felt old school, simple and entertaining.
  16. Tell the truth. You just voted against me because I kicked your best buddy out of the chat ;)
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  17. Truthfully. I didn't want to vote for my creation. :heavywight:
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  18. You ain't my daddy! You didn't create me!
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  19. @The ReagMaster - 1 strike for bias voting.

    With that said, the "Change Your Vote" option will now be excluded from the voting process.
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  20. Get your screencaps ready people. @Shadow is the king of this kind of stuff :lol1: