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What do we do?

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  1. Let Dolph'sZiggler give up his spot in the Elimination Chamber and let Gohan have it

  2. Keep Dolph'sZiggler in the Elimination Chamber and have Gohan vs Farooq

  3. Stop giving in to Gohan's demands and not let him be in the Elimination Chamber

  1. eh well really its no fun to do it this way. I withdraw my offer to Gohan and sorry FTJ but suck my dick bro fuck you I withdraw our alliance offer
  2. My Wrestlemania moment :why:
  3. I say stop giving into his demands.

    1. FTJ Will bring the EC match down while D'Z can produce a great promo for it.
    2. Don't give into his demands, He's not in a Position of authority to do so.

    Oh Yeah:
    3: Farooq deserves a better Opponent.....
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  4. Wait, how is my match vs Gohan any of his demand?
  5. WE WANT GOHAN *clap clap clapclapclap*
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  6. I feel like the people want Gohan. JOnathan and apparently Stopspot don't want Gohan
  7. i voted for the second one because i want to see Farooq beat gohan up
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  8. so much heat

  9. It's not. His demands = being put into a title match without earning it, etc.
  10. Ultimately I earned 1 of the 6 spots in the EC so it really shouldn't have been anyone's choice but mine...
  11. Okay :tough: regardless, can this match take place at Mania?
  12. no, its D'Z vs FTJ at Mania.
  13. Already booked ours :tough:
  14. Farooq vs D'Z at the EC for the right to face FTJ @ WM

    leggo bitch
  15. I've been bitching for this for a year, and we're both already in the EC :tough:
  16. that's worst for business :pity2:
  17. wait? i though u were joining me?
  18. oh hell no!

    I'd give up my spot for a chance at FTJ

    FTJ >> IWT title shot
  19. I told you bro. Jonathan ruined that before it even got started. THat's what he does. he ruins shit.