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    From now on, you have to vote in at least 5 of the 7 matches on a show or you get a strike. (If a show doesn't have 7 matches, then this rule is exempt) - also: if you're not here and aren't posting on the forum at all, then it doesn't apply. But if I see you posting on the forum then I presume you have time to vote.

    3 strikes = 1 month suspension.
    3 strikes twice = 3 month suspension.
    3 strikes three times = 1 year suspension

    If you're not currently a participant in IWT, your vote won't count as opposed to being suspended.

    This only applies to PPV and Uprising shows.

    The aim of this is to improve voting numbers and to ensure that everyone's match gets the credit it deserves.

    If you have any feedback to this, let me know.
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  2. Active roster:

    @Senhor Perfect:

    @DK Batista
    @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @JwabTV: Jwab Atom

    @Cherry Pie
    @TheOvalhead: Ben Dover

    @Champ Johnson: Aids Johnson
    @B.Dazzle B.Dazzle
    @gav the chav Gav the Chav

    @Forrest: Bruce Knight
    @Nickelodeon Nick
    @Samalan Lucas Hacksaw

    @DX2006 Dexx Duggan
    @Rhod: Rodrigo

    @Slim Shady
    @TheArabHammer Marcus Anthony
    @rko2004 Mike Boston

    @Trip in the Head Trip in the Head
    @Emperor Lelouch Britannia Frank The Jock
    @Alex Simms: Michael Alexander

    @FailFaceFTW: FailFaceFTW
    @Shannon_724 Luke Starr
    @Dat Kid From Jersey: Dat Kid ("The Relentless")

    @Danielson: Danielson
    @Italianman3100 Edward Coleman
    @King Taz Danny Cortez

    @Dolph'sZiggler Dolph'sZiggler
    @Friemasterflex Frie

    @CM Punk: Christian
    @Seabs: Eric Draven
    @Black Jesus Black Jesus
  3. So if say you take a leave from IWT (say you go on vacation for a couple of weeks, or something other outside of the forum takes your time away from it) you can PM you or notify you somehow?
  4. Yes of course, if you're not here and aren't posting on the forum at all, then it doesn't apply. But if I see you posting on the forum then I presume you have time to vote. Added to OP.
  5. Completely not related but that the the 3rd time I've been tagged in so many days and not got the notification same for anyone else?
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  6. Hate to be a pain in the dick but I got like loadsa college shit to deal with so if a vote ever opens up then can people either tweet me about it or tag me in a post on the match thread?

    Much appreciated <3
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  7. same here.
  8. Yep, same, not in this thread obviously but in other threads I'm just not getting tags, and yes my alert preferences are set.

    @Solidus ?
  9. Sounds like a good idea,
  10. You should tag people in these threads though, some people forget
  11. Yes I always miss it too
  12. I'm not going to tag every competitor in IWT in each match, you know when a show is because chances are you have a match. All you have to do is check back daily and vote.
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  13. Hey you should give me a match
  14. probably going to be gone most of tonight, all of tomorrow, and part of saturday morning. D'z works saturday so i will be on by then for sure. Just a heads up i might miss a vote or two.
  15. Good to see this is working making the matches so much better with rhe close scores
  16. Develop a rivalry with someone, the match'll come on it's own. There's plenty of upper card guys not doing anything right now
  17. you miss the thread where i already did that?
  18. Yeah I saw and the next card is the Royal Rumble. Til then it'll be dark matches, which you set up yourself
  19. Oh didn't know that, my fault
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