OOC IWT Voting Strikes

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    Active roster list:

    (y = 1 match voted in)

    @B.Dazzle yyyyy
    @Black Jesus yyyyy
    @Champ Johnson yyyyyy
    @Dat Kid yyyyy

    @D-D-David yyyyy
    @DK Batista yyyyyy
    @gav the chav yyyyy
    @geekgoddess yyyyyy
    @Italianman3100 yyyyy
    @Nickelodeon yyyyy
    @Senhor Perfect yyyyyy

    @Slim Shady yyyyy
    @TheOvalhead yyyyyy
    @THG? yyyyy

    People with less than 5 votes (Everyone has 1 vote by default, the mod that added the poll to Aids vs Dolph's didn't make it public, so I gave everyone one vote):

    @Britanica y
    @CM Punk y
    @Danielson yy
    @Dolph'sZiggler y
    @DX2006 y
    @Emperor Lelouch Britannia y
    @Forrest yyy
    @Friemasterflex yyyy
    @JwabTV yyy
    @Naked Snake yyyy
    @Nano yy
    @rko2004 y
    @Rodrigo y
    @Seabs y
    @Shadow yyy
    @Stopspot yyy
    @TheArabHammer yyyy
    @Trip in the Head yyyy

    You need to vote in at least 5 of the 7 matches on a show or you'll get a strike. To see the full rules regarding this new voting policy, see here: http://www.wweforums.net/threads/iwt-voting-policy-update.32138/
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  2. Didn't get the tag btw
  3. Wait wut?
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  4. Are we only counting the slammys? Seabs wasnt around for it. I vote we start it this week and give people a break considering that rule started barely before the Slammys actually took place. Just my view on it.
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  5. Alright, good point. I thought it was introduced before that :dawg: - still, a reminder to those with <5 to step up their game.
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  6. So vote in 5 of 7 from the Rumble? Coolio.
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  7. This is bullshit *clap clap *clap clap clap
  8. Lol BS.
  9. Didn't get the tag either
    And I missed voting in one match by minutes last time, which sucks. I can see many a strike in my future :sad:
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    lol wait what?

    So, how many strikes do I have? I vote for matches whenever I see them.
  11. So what if I am busy one day and am not able to vote? I get penalized for it?
    Don't you think this is going to encourage whatever votes aka TLDR votes?
  12. Um........ [​IMG]

    Nah, I'm joking. Are their exceptions for those who aren't always online/being active?
  13. If you miss 2 days out of the week you still can get to 5 matches. I think it will encourage people to spend the 5 minutes reading other peoples matches, since the others will be doing the same thing for yours.
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  14. Jono must be a pro marketer.
  15. Ashley Crayo is the one who suggested it.
  16. There are times I read it and can't choose! IT'S TOO HARD! :angry:
    Can't the roster just be tagged at the end of matches in spoilers? Just so I don't miss them? I mean I have a horrible habit of missing out on voting.
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  17. Crayo is the one who knocks. :tough:
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. I think posting in the thread you cant choose would still count. I'll shoot you a pm or skype message, there are matches every day through sunday at this point. DX and RKO vs Spazz and Shadow have voting up atm.