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    The IWT wants YOU!

    For some time there has been a movement going for a change in the structure of how the IWT is run and managed, people seem to want more of a "creative direction" to the product. We here at watchwrestling have heard your voice and believe that we have found a solution to this. And thus we are laying out this ad.

    Head of IWT Creative
    Description: The head of creative principal duty is to pen and steer the general direction of the IWT product and storylines, manage the creative team, serve as head of the booking comity, act as a middle man between competitors and bookers. Come up with feuds, matches and stories for the IWT participants to take part in (for those in the know on old school table top RPGs, think dungeon master). The head of creative works side by side with the head of IWT administrative duties, delik to make sure that the section runs and operates smoothly, so communication skills and ability to handle disputes and arguments like a professional is appreciated.

    Who are you?
    • Someone with an interest in the IWT
    • A creative thinker who loves challenges and putting together exciting and fun feuds and stories
    • Someone who works well with others
    • Someone who can lead and manage a creative team
    • Visionary but willing to listen to others suggestions
    • Willing to put in the time and effort

    Does this fit you? Does it fit someone you know? Apply/nominate someone (all nominees must accept or decline their nomination for it to be official). Once we have reached the deadline for applications (April 26 2014), we will take the top three to a vote amongst the IWT users and the winners will be the head of creative. All nominations must be motivated.

    This will start with a 3 month test run, and if we and the IWT users find that you have done a good job it will be extended indefinitely.

    People who have applied/been nominated:
    CM Punk (self nominated)
    Stopspot (nominated by Shadow)
    Forrest (self nominated)
    Punk(self nominated)
    Aids Johnson (self nominated)
    Dat Kid(self nominated)
    Trip in the head (mass nomination)

    Disqualified from running:
    Roadster (cheap shots fired)

    (Please note that all accusations, cheap shots, call outs of flamings towards other members will lead to an automatic disqualification from the runnings)

    How voting will work:
    Once we feel that there are enough applicants/nominees we will open an initial poll. Top three results will move on to face of once ER is over were voting will be open for 48 hours. After which the results will go into effect immediately.


    Watch Wrestling Forum staff
  2. motivate the nomination please.
  3. So completely changing the whole purpose of how IWT has ran effectively for over a year because of a small minority. I like it.

    IWT has, was and never will be about having a booking team who give you matches. The only time we came close to this was when Dat Kid was comissioner, apart from that IWT has always been build, book and promote yourself.

    What a load of...
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  4. And yes, it's going to Trip. He's the only one out of the people who put their name forward before that could do it as effectively, IMO.
  5. Motivate it.
  6. Omg Trip is so awesome. He has made me gay. He should totes get the head of creative job since he is hot and is a good booker. If he doesn't win I will go into depression.

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  7. I Apply, i run my own E-fed, and it's been working fairly smooth and i've introduced ideas that most my roster find very good, such as payments ($1000 for very good and $500 for ok) for good contributions. And i already make a whole ass bunch for IWT. I would choose Trip but i think he does a good job backing everything in the background.
  8. Nope.

    Please take this seriously. Approach this like a real job ad. This issue has been going on for too long and this is our attempt from the staff to find some form of middle ground.
  9. Honestly I'm the guy for the job. Trip would be m right hand man. leggo
  10. [​IMG]

    Now I think it's fair if we share our ideas on what we plan to do with the title of GM. This shit has been going long enough and we need to vent out what we each want to do with this power. Also, if you want to run for GM, post here and I'll add you to the list.

    People need to understand that we're not IWT Creative, we're IWT Staff. We asked Xanth to change it months ago and he still hasn't gotten to it. #BlameXanth
    We don't book storylines because other people prefer to book their own feuds, but if you need assistance, that's when you come to us and you report to us your plans.

    What do I plan to do if I become GM?
    First off, I want 7 IWT Staff members.

    • General Manager
    • Commissioner (Co-GM if GM is away)
    • 5 IWT Staff members who pitch in their ideas to improve IWT, record results of matches as they're done, and make match threads consistently for other people. We have 7 members for 7 days of the week. Each day will represent a certain individual who must post the match thread for that day so people don't get annoyed by tags, etc. [This might change in overdue time]
    • We won't have Roadster writing the IWT Magazine cause it's really just awful. No offense. That'll be IWT's staff's job and they will write small bits of articles, results, dirtsheet rumours, interviews, etc.
    • We'll continue building an IWT Library. Say if you guys have a match against me. You can ask IWT Staff for a copy of all his matches, history, win/loss record, promo's etc. [For credits of course or you can do it the hard way and go through the entire IWT section]
    With that said, I don't really want GM until I come back from the UK if I am chosen.
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  11. Yet you've recently started looking for someone to help you run and manage your own fed. Do you think that you have the time and capabilities to handle two e-feds if you cannot handle one?
  12. Actually, I'm cool with Trip handling it. Aids convinced me, so I went along. lol
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  13. I'm the only one running the other. No help yes i have a team to help me when i'm stuck between 2 ideas and only 2 of the 6 are actively helping me. The ICW Committee has died with only Dazzle and Clinton the only active guys there of course no help is hard. IWT has 9 other guys and i think if i implement what i have had planned for my other E-fed it can work to a greater scale on IWT.
  14. I put up Stopspot and Kid to run it together, both guys put a lot of time and effort into the IWT and together I'd think they'd do great.
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  15. You're joking right? I ran IWT solo for a solid 6 months.
  16. nice poster Bro
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