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IWT Website - Yes or No? (Or maybe!)

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  1. Yes I think it's a good idea

  2. No I don't like the idea

  3. Maybe, I need to know more about it

  1. Credits to DavidTheGOAT for this idea, although I know people have suggested it before.

    We have a website (I was thinking www.iwtblog.pw (.pw is for the 'Palau' country, and is also known as the Professional Web domain, but we can say it means pro wrestling :obama:)) and we hire a writer(s) (paid) to write reports on the shows/PPVs.

    There can also be a tweet-bar down the side, for people who use Twitter for their characters, which will show their latest tweets which can be used to further storylines, example:


    I'd be willing to pay for this.

    What do you think, should we have an IWT website? Please vote!
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  2. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yeah Yep :yes:
  3. I think it's a good idea, but I think Farooq opened a thread with this stuff. Anyways, if we're only going to use this for IWT reports, why don't we use a free domain or we just create a blog? If we aren't going to do anything else I guess it's better to be free because people don't know what IWT is and no one will search IWT...

    Anyways, if you want, I can write the reports.
  4. Wrestlers could write blogs and stuff.
  5. Or create a tumblr site and allow contributions. Everyone can write their own reports and you can pick the ones you want to post. If everyone collaborates in this I think it'd be better.
  6. He hasn't updated his thread in ages. The money really isn't an issue for me. A bot plays a game and I get money. It's no issue.
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  7. Tumblr fucking sucks.
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  8. A bit plays a game and you get money? Explain.
  9. A bot.
  10. I mean, I dont know what you are talking about
  11. A bot. Something that automates tasks. A macro.
  12. No, What is this "game" and how do you make money.
  13. I can't tell you that.
  14. I'm not saying money is an issue to you, but I think it's better to have a thread like Farooq's thread where everyone can contribute. If we create a report for every single storyline and match the one who writes it won't have time to post in here. I know that after Uprising and PPVs there's almost no activity because no one has been booked in a match and they don't want to feud others for fun, they all make a promo saying they want the titles and they'd defeat everyone on their way to prove why they deserve it...

  15. The person who writes the reports might not be an active member of IWT.

    Therefore if there's people cutting promos saying they want titles, there can be blogs recapping promos and guessing as to what is next for each character etc.

    I think when you see it in motion, it will sound better.
  16. Would rather keep everything on site
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  17. I love you for this Jonathon. It would be awesome if we did this!
  18. We can still post reports here, but it's not like anyone posts them here anyway.

    The website can be used to keep a track of everything, like a database so to speak. It's easier to use a site for that than threads in here IMO.
  19. Why hire a writer when you could get someone from creative to write them for you?(I.E Me)
  20. I agree with this, but if we can create a blog for that. I like this idea, but spending money for something that only a few of us will check out... I think a blog can cover all you'll do on the website + if you use blogger you can find random blogs, that way people will see it and if they like it they may join. More people joining the IWT may mean more fun and activity to the site.
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