IWT Weekly Fight Night: Senhor Perfect vs airbourne908 - WINNER: Senhor Perfect

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Who won?

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  1. Senhor Perfect

  2. airbourne908

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    After retaining his Intercontinental Championship, Senhor Perfect has his first match in the IWT's debut Weekly Fight Night match. His opponent, airbourne908, lost his United States Championship at Payback and may be looking to redeem himself against a current IWT champion.

    This match is a STREET MATCH. There will be unlimited promos for 24 hours. Interference from other members during the match is encouraged.

  2. So, I think this is the first time we've crossed paths here in IWT. However, I can tell that you chose a great name for yourself. I'm going to assume you chose the name based on your adoration of that tag team in WWE, am I right? Well it's worked out perfectly for you. Let's break it down shall we:

    Air: referring to Kofi Kingston, just like him your bland, stale, and forgettable.
    Bourne: referring to Evan Bourne, just like him you must be high to think you've got a chance to beat the Triple Threat of IWT

    I have to be honest though. I'm not familiar with any of your work because none of the matches you've been involved in have mattered enough for me to remember them. Do yourself a favour and quit while you still have the chance. I'll stay out here and bask in the warm glow of this gorgeous Intercontinental Title whilst you sob to yourself in the back.

  3. Oh you're funny, you think that just because you have nickname that a match type, you're all special. Well, I wouldn't argue you are great, you're the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time, and the first and only Intercontinental Champion. You're achievements impress me, and have lit a fire under me. It set a goal to have something like yours.....maybe the Intercontinental Championship would fit that.....wouldn't you say so Senhor?

    Let's face it though, you're not perfect. You're name may be Senhor Perfect, but let me tell you that's not an appropriate name for you. Try changing it to some that fits you more, something like.... Senhor Average? Or maybe Senhor Imperfect? I was never the best with names, but you found a way to pick on mine? You compare me to wrestlers, when really, my name is just after the shooting star press. A bit of a waste of breath on your part, but I'll let it slide this one time, just for your Senhor.

    You say my matches are forgettable, I would agree with you, but then I'd be lying about your matches. When was the last time any of your matches were notable? I haven't seen such a worthless Intercontinental Champion in this company since....Oh wait, you're the only one, I forgot for a moment. If I could, I would go out every night and give it my all just to entertain the fans of IWT. I do it all for them.

    *The crowd cheers*

    The only quitting and sobbing that is going to happen is when you finally meet your maker here tonight. I want you, Senhor, and the rest of the IWT roster, to see that Joel Rain is no understatement. Does Joel Rain need to bust out the leather jacket for this match? You better hope he doesn't, he's already in third person mode, leather jacket mode would be the end of this match!
  4. Pandering to the people? Pardon me while I throw up a bit in my mouth. How dare you call me average? My defense of this title has been perfect, I look perfect, I speak perfectly, and despite what you or these people think, I'm the greatest superstar in IWT.

    The fact that I have to prove it time and time again against lower level talent like yourself is insulting. The lack of respect I get form the higher ups in this company is laughable. I used to pour my heart and soul out to these people, and you know what they did? They ate it up and spit in back in my face! So continue sucking up to these unwashed, inbred hicks, and see how far it gets you.

    Speaking in the third person just shows how unready you are to be in this ring with me. Maybe in a few years when you learn all the errors of your ways, I'll let you touch this title to see what greatness feels like.
  5. You call yourself the best, as we can all see your ego is bigger than Victoria's tits. Also Dat A$$. Just had to say that. But at this point, you should know the definition of the word perfect before you go throwing it around here and there, so let me get out my handy dictionary and let's give you the real meaning of perfect.

    *Rain gets a crew worker to give him a dictionary*

    Alright, perfect:
    1. Conforming absolutely to the description of an ideal type.
    2. Excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement.
    3. Exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose.
    4. Entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.
    5. accurate, exact, or correct in ever detail.

    I know IWT has defined this word for many people, but I feel it works best on you, since it's in your damn name. As you can see, none of these definitions are an example of Senhor Perfect, therefore, he is not perfect, and only average. Your title defense was AVERAGE, you look AVERAGE, you speak AVERAGE, and you are just another AVERAGE superstar in this business along with the rest of us here in IWT. You're just average and nothing you do will change that.
  6. 1. Conforming absolutely to the description of an ideal type.
    -You and everyone else wants to be me thus, I'm the ideal specimen.

    2. Excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement.
    -I cannot improve when I'm already the best

    3. Exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose.
    -In this situation the need is kicking your head in, and I'm certainly the best man for the job

    4. Entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.
    -This doesn't need an explanation, just look at me

    5. accurate, exact, or correct in ever detail.
    -A perfect description of me as a whole

    Try again junior!

    It's pretty sad that you need a dictionary to come up with what to say next. Funny how you call yourself and everyone else in IWT average. How can a man who doesn't even see himself as being above average want to make it in this business?

    Go back to whatever backwoods hole you came out of and grow a set, until then leave the IWT to the men and women who can handle it.

    ]It's pretty sad that you need a dictionary to come up with what to say next. Funny how you call yourself and everyone else in IWT average. How can a man who doesn't even see himself as being above average want to make it in this business?

    Go back to whatever backwoods hole you came out of and grow a set, until then leave the IWT to the men and women who can handle it.
  7. Awww, that's cute how you think you're tougher than me, how you think you can just bully me around and think you an be all high and mighty. Even though you're just a scared little boy in a world where luck gave him a title that if he didn't have, he would mean nothing in this company. You know that's the the truth Senhor, without that title your just nothing, just a piece of gum on the sidewalk, getting stepped on over and over. You wouldn't know what to do without that Intercontinental Championship, it means more to you than anything in the world, and somebody taking it away from you would destroy you from the inside.

    To hide it even further, you call yourself perfect, make it seem like you have some self esteem, when really you don't. You're nothing more than a liar and a fraud. You try to boost your self confidence by calling yourself perfect and holding on to the title that luck gave you. I'm sorry to tell you this Senhor, but luck is no longer on your side, it left you a while ago. Know you're vulnerable and your confidence is only going to get lower and lower.

    You'll try and try to make a comeback, but you will only fail until you're down at the bottom of the food chain with the nobodies of this business, basking in glory of a title doesn't last forever Senhor, I feel you should know that, so before you lose it to the worthy competitor, I suggest you spend as much time as possible with that title before you say goodbye to it for the rest of your IWT career.
  8. *slow claps*

    Finally some bite from the minnow. Your words cut deep Jowl, they really do. You're right I'm just scared, vulnerable and lucky. I don't deserve to be here like you do. I've only been in IWT since day one and have had the most successful career out of anyone.

    Who the hell do you think you are? You know nothing of what its like to stay on top for as long as I have. Luck? If you weren't a rookie and followed this company since day 1, you'd see I've had some of the worst luck of all time. What I do have is perseverance and determination. I've bit, clawed, fought, bled, and sweat to be where I am. You fluked your way into a US title match, miracled a win, then subsequently lost it before it even got warm in your hands.

    You want to talk about luck, you're the lucky one Drain. To be in the ring with perfection, to witness the greatest in his prime, to learn from my mastery. You should really have a pen and pad and be taking notes. Whats happening today is a lesson you should not forget. This title around my waist hasn't gone anywhere and won't go anywhere. There might as well be a picture of me on it and renamed the Senhor title. So until you've accomplished even 1/4 of what I have, know your place and shut the hell up!
  9. *Jacob enters with Adam*
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    *Adam goes under the ring and grabs 2 chairs, He passes one to Jacob, Adam sits and watches*​
  11. *Jacob kicks Senhor with the chair, waits until he stands up, puts the chair on the floor and kicks him with a twist of fate.*
  12. OOC: Well that escalated quickly, I wasnt even going to use a chair on them I was acting like I was gonna, They need to do their promos.
  13. OOC: I know, but it's a street fight match, everything's allowed.

    *Jacob leaves the ring and sits in the chair watching the match go*
  14. *Lucas Hacksaw's theme hits with a huge pop*
    *Lucas Hacksaw comes out on to the stage, also holding a chair*

    Don't mind me, I am just going to sit here and watch. This is pretty funny.

    *Lucas Hacksaw opens up a chair next to Jacob and watches*
  15. It seems we have some visitors don't we Senhor? I'm pretty close to grabbing a chair and joining the fun, you know, sine they attacked you and all. But back to the point, Senhor, you are right when you say I wasn't here from day 1, I couldn't understand what happened before I came here. But I do not consider myself a rookie, not anymore, I think I've grown enough to know the Perfect from the Imperfect. You sir, are far from Perfect.

    *Rain goes outside the ring*

    Quite frankly, you bore me Senhor. You've gotten stale, you need to revive whatever gimmick you have and make it watchable again. boring champions won't draw ratings, remember when Aids was champion? I'm sure those are bad memories for you. He was probably one of the worst and stale champions of all time.

    *Rain grabs a chair from under the ring and continues to speak*

    I'm sure you're not all bad right? You still have enough talent to get some reaction from the audience right? I was surprised why you weren't released a while ago, but now that Brit has disappeared and Jonathan is now in charge, we're going to have to wait for that now. Since Jonathan loves his heel champions. That doesn't mean you an stop now! Make yourself the entertaining man you once were, because we all know that you've certainly lost that spark.

    *Rain walks around the outside*

    But for the time being, I say we take care of a little business to take of, or more so, taking out the trash.

    *Rain bashes the chair over Jacob's head*

    Get up, take a chair and start swinging.
  16. *Senhor gets up slowly

    For once I agree with you

    *Senhor hits Jacob with a low blow then hits him over the head with the IC belt

    This company was at it's peak when I was champion, literally as soon as I "lost" to Aids, everyone stop watching. I am IWT and no one is more entertaining than I am.

    As for all you other punks trying to make a name for yourself by attacking me from behind, you just lost the only thing you had going for you: the element of surprise. You're making yourselves look like amateurs.

    In regards to Jonathan he and I have never, and will never see eye to eye. He was/is Aids' biggest fan and has nothing to do with me or my career. Get your facts straight son.
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    *Jacob stands up*

    Come on. Is that all you have? I now understand why Aids won you. He was and is better than you. He's also stronger than you. I also have something you two don't, I'm the tag champion! Do you remember your days as tag team champion Senhor? But those days are gone. You once had four titles and you now have one. Your career is almost over. When Rain talked about taking out the trash he talked about you.

    Rain, and when you talked about taking out the trash I thought about you because you didn't even have the nuts to show up in the #1 contenders match for the tag team titles! Come on. You both are worthless.

    *Jacob kicks Rain and when he's laying on the floor he hits him with a 5-star Swanton Bomb*
    *Jacob then gets in the ring*

    Come on you two. What was a one on one match now is a triple threat match!
  18. *Rain hits Adam with a low blow*

    Who said they anything more than amateurs? They just came out here and hit us with chairs, not very smart when you take a moment to think about it. Especially when the people attacking are supposed to represent the tag division, it's quite sad actually.

    *Hits Adam in the back of his head with a chair*

    Aids has lost momentum, even if he had any, and is just wandering in the lower card. I didn't expect to agree with you in this fight, but somehow-

    *Hits Jacob one more time*

    it happened. Now I suggest before we end this, we rid this trash of ringside.

    *Throws Adam over the barricade, takes his chair and hands it to Senhor, he picks up Jacob and puts him on his knees*

    Conchairto finish?

    *Ready's swing position*
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