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    Alright, IWT RAW wasn't such a great idea so I went with IWT World Tour. The show isn't really much except that every show will be about 4 matches long, There will be one every month, and every show will be given a different city as a host. There is no purpose to it except during the show members can post about things referencing the city or country they are in. I plan on expanding on this idea very soon. I won't reveal much about it, but if you're someone that loves participating in matches than it's most certainly for you. I hope to make title/stipulation matches fairly common so that the title picture can get rejuvenated. Below are the cities, and the dates will be revealed as soon as the first card is booked. If you wish to have a match on the upcoming or any of the future cards, feel free to PM me! After December, based off the reception, a 2015 schedule will hopefully be up.

    IWT World Tour:
    IWT World Tour - Barcelona, Spain (September)
    IWT World Tour - Stockholm, Sweden (October)
    IWT World Tour - New Orleans, USA. (November)
    IWT World Tour - London, England (December)

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  2. You haven't even came to us about this...

    Stop just making random shows without even asking.
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