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  1. How do you guys feel about having all Wrestle Mania promo battles starting on April 5th and ending on April 7th at 12:00PM EST?
    Then having voting go from April 7th at 1:00PM'ish EST to April 9th at 1:00PM'ish?

    So Promo battles will start on April 5th and the deadline for them will be April 7th @ noon EST.

    *Prediction matches via Wrestle Mania PPV will start before WM and end shortly after*

    Please let me know so dates can be established!
  2. Promo battles: 4th-6th
    Voting 6-8th

    This'll be our most active time over Mania, best chance of increased activity.
  3. Great idea, only can say that, I think it's going to be great in that way
  4. That's fine. :otunga:
    I just want everyone to have time to do their matches.
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  5. I'd make WM a week since too many promos at one time would be overwhelming
  6. Agree with Dat Kid.
    Wrestlemania is an all week event. :mad1:
  7. Should we figure out a schedule or something for each belt?