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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. *The crowd lets out a mixed reaction as B.Dazzle makes his way out to the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase in his hand. He walks up the stairs, walks across the ring apron, and climbs up to the middle turnbuckle. He looks around, and then raises his briefcase up in the air to another mixed reaction. He gets in the ring and gets a mic. He stands in the center of the ring.*

    Dazzle: Tonight, B.Dazzle goes against a man that he has never beaten in his career. A man that has given B.Dazzle the fights of his life. That man is Lord Lee. B.Dazzle will admit, he respects Lord Lee. He respects his drive to be the best. He respects his will to win. He respects all that. What he doesn't respect is Lord Lee coming down to this ring and claiming B.Dazzle is a fluke. Look, Lee, we're all happy that your retarded ass finally learned how to speak properly again. Congratulations. However, you made a big mistake by walking your monkey ass down to the ramp and interrupting B.Dazzle after he had just won this briefcase. You are exactly the type of people, B.Dazzle is here to prove wrong. B.Dazzle may not have beaten you before, but that is the past. It's history. B.Dazzle is a completely new man. He has a new drive, a new desire, a new passion. This isn't the same B.Dazzle as before. This is a much more motivated B.Dazzle. At MitB he defeated five men, three of them who B.Dazzle has had past ties with. Marcus Anthony made B.Dazzle's life hell, at MITB B.Dazzle beat him when it mattered most. Bruce Knight took his dream away, B.Dazzle made him look like the candy ass he is. Gav the Chav held B.Dazzle down, B.Dazzle threw his straight down! B.Dazzle thinks of this as his revenge tour, his comeback to prove the doubters wrong. Lee, you aren't messing with B.Dazzle, the Dazzling Chav anymore. You're messing with B.Dazzle, the NEXT IWT CHAMPION!
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  3. *Lee comes out to a mixed reaction, once again wearing his "BeLEEve" shirt which accompanies his blue shorts with golden stripes on the side. He wastes no time as he hurriedly jogs to the ring, eager to respond to Dazzle*

    Lee: While you come into this match, looking to continue you're revenge tour, I'm beginning my redemption tour! Because, when I defeated you in our 1 on 1 to qualify for that EC match, I was at the highest point of my career, I already held a midcard belt and has secured myself a PPV MAIN EVENT! And it got even better when I defeated a soon to be Hall of Famer at the beginning of the EC PPV...But then what happened? I lost the EC, my WM opponent was an attention seeking idiot, he blamed his loss on the refereeing decisions and didn't even turn up for the rematch I gave him for ER. This hurt my momentum and then... MY belt was taken from me, the one I brought back, a damn sight better than the shoddy grotesque "Bedazzled" IC belt you shamelessly brought into IWT.

    I knew what I was doing when I interrupted the celebration of your FLUKE, because eh you tell me, you look into my eyes
    *Lee walks up to Dazzle, barely any space between them* and you tell ME...That Aids Johnson was at his best, or Marcus, or heck, any of the 5 you faced, tell me they showed a sufficient level of main-event quality, even the man you faced last, even he underwhelmed. A win is a win though, which I could say, hand on heart, you probably won't get against Bryant, or Alias, either way, you may have been the best of 6 people who failed to put on a good match, but you'll be the worst of which ever match you partake in when you cash in the briefcase that is quite honestly above you.

    Not to say, I would with easeee, beat Alias or Bryant myself, but heck, I was close against Alias the last time we faced, probably closer than a lot of his victims have been to getting a surprise win, and better yet, I drew to Bryant, on my debut, alllll the way back in the summer of 2013, and I had a wonderful feeling when we faced we would both end up being stars, and I could have been but I screwed up the first time...but now, I WILL make amends, I WILL defeat you tonight, I WILL NOT RUIN MY CHANCE TO BE A MAIN EVENTER...A second time!

    *Lee stops talking, takes a really deep breath, and steps back, moving away from Dazzle again*
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  4. *Dazzle puts the mic back up to his mouth and goes to speak again.*

    Dazzle: This briefcase is not above B.Dazzle. It's actually next to B.Dazzle, in his hand, with a contract that guarantees him a title shot. If you think tonight is going to the moment you get your career back on track, then B.Dazzle has some bad news for you. It's not going down that way. You had chance after chance, and you blew it! You talk about how great you are, how you're better than everyone, but when push comes to shove, you fall down! B.Dazzle doesn't fall down. He stands like a brick wall that can't be taken down. Whether or not the five other jabronis in that match were at their best or not, it doesn't matter! What matters is that B.Dazzle won the match and won this briefcase. What's funny is your jealousy. It's eating you alive that this briefcase is B.Dazzle's. It's a parasite in your body, eating you away at your core.

    *A huge smirks appears over B.Dazzle's face.*

    Dazzle: The problem with this place, is that we spend to much time thinking about the past. B.Dazzle doesn't give a rats ass about the past! B.Dazzle doesn't care if you faced tied Bryant on your debut, nobody cares but you! Yeah, you had your chance to be a big, big star in this company, but you squandered it all away! The future for B.Dazzle is still shining bright. So when this match is over, when B.Dazzle is finished kicking your rudy poo monkey ass, you can go back and be a prominent mid-carder, because when we look to the future, we can all see Lord Lee as the Euro Champion and B.Dazzle main eventing show after show as IWT Champion! Here's the difference between you and B.Dazzle. B.Dazzle will be remembered as a main event star, holding World Championships. You'll only be remembered as a some spoiled little brat, who was nothing but Alias Antonio's BITCH!
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    *Lee shakes his head with a slight grin*

    Lee: Aren't you the cutest with your wilful misinterpretation, pretending at first that you assumed I was being literal. *Lee sarcastically laughs*. Chance after chance? I've only had one World title match given to me, by defeating YOU, but in general, I've succeeded in most, if not all my non-major chances. I've only had one legitimate, huuuge chance for main event relevancy, but heck, it was only some JABRONI-ASS HASBEEN that I beat to get into the EC. *Lee winks at Dazzle*.

    You, getting up every time? I guess so, but by NO means AT ALL are you like a brick wall, you lost your tag belt and bitterly blamed it on your tag team partner, you lost your shoddy looking IC belt, you failed at the final hurdle to Knight in the RR, you failed to get into EC... So heck, MITB is a new start for you in a sense, but what if your past record repeats itself; You cash-in MITB and you drop the soap! To be fair, I lost a tag-title, I lost the Euro belt and I lost in the EC, but this why the concussion is a god-send in a way, I have a new outlook, a new perspective of IWT, and through this new mindset, I can use to start anew, not making the mistakes I did pre-concussion, not being the level of SCUM I was in the past... You though, still stuck talking about yourself in third person EVERY GODDAMN TIME!! You also discuss Alias, it's funny as we both respected each-other as equals, I wasn't his bitch seeing as Alias' talent you see today... only really started to shine against Kaizer and David at RR!

    So heck: John 3:16? no. Lee 4:20 just said "Dazzle IS AN UNORIGINAL BITCH"! AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE BECAUSE I SAID SO!!

    *Suddenly, a drink is thrown to Lee by a fan, it's a can of "Jizz juice", Lee looks disgusted but opens it, it spurts everywhere, some of it lands on Dazzle's shitty shoes, Lee ends up throwing it at the ref, knocking him out*

    Lee: If you liked that referee getting jizzed on, give me a hellllllllllllllllllllllllll yeah!

    *Entire crowd cheers hell yeah*
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  6. @Delik 2 promos each is sufficient, voting pls.
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  7. I swore that I could've already voted. If you see two entries for me then delete the first one.
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  8. You did, both were the same, removed one:obama:
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  9. Poll closed, results pls
  10. Your winner by an average of 7.805555556 7.388888889... Lord Lee!

    Full results here >>>
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  11. Congrats, Dover

    We need to ask for access to see the full results.:dawg:
  12. YESSSSSSSSSS BOI! I am da real mitb. But srsly, good match Dazzle, brought back the good old days of when I held gold etc. Good luck with the briefcase lad.

    And yeah, jon, like shadow said, it wont let me actually view the full results, it says i need your permission, could that be fixed if possible :)
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  13. Balls. I forgot to change the permission setting. Let me see if I can do it on mobile.
  14. Sorry guys I can't fix it on mobile, it just crashes the browser. I'll have it fixed first thing tomorrow.
  15. Results link now works
  16. *lord lee celebrates his win And begins to leave the arena leaving b.dazzles lifeless body in the middle of the ring Eventually dazzle gets up on his feet and begins to leave the ring when he is attacked from behind*

    (Gav the chav) boom told ya to watch your back you silly ****

    *gav grabs B.dazzles money in the bank briefcase case*

    You see this here this Belongs to me not you me so at summerslam you will face me and you will put this on the line whether you like it or not because clearly as we all found out tonight your not worthy of this you know why?

    *gav pulls out his favourite pink dildo and slaps b.dazzle across the face*

    You see that right there *points to the brown mark on b dazzles face* thats what you are fucking shite!

    Next week we are gunna make this match official at a contract signing in front of All these people see you then you little cheeky ****

    *gav leaves the ring and goras backstage*
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