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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all ALLOWED.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. I got a @DK James promo as an opener guys. Since he won't be here he PM'd me 2 promos. Just a sec.

    Also, I don't think this should count as the first promo to set off the 24 hour countdown since it was done ahead of time.
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  3. OOC: Joey Bryant's (@DK James ) first promo

    *All is quiet in the arena when…*

    *The crowd gives off a loud pop to the music as all the lights in the arena go out. Joey Bryant’s face appears on the titantron and the crowd continues to cheer. The music goes on until 1:15 in the song when a man wearing a hoodie and ring gear walks out. The hood is up so you can’t see the person’s face but he just stands on top of the stage with his head down as the music continues to play. At 1:32 of the song, the man flips his hood up, revealing Joey Bryant! The crowd pops, He still has a bruise on his face and just stands at the top of the ramp staring throughout the crowd with blank emotion. He limps on one leg down to the ring and rolls in and taunts to the fans and they let off another pop. He gets a mic from ringside as his music fades but the crowd now gives off a mixed reaction for him as he stands there, without his IWT Title.*

    “Oh… so you people want to cheer me again now, eh?”

    *Some fans cheer loud but there’s still the boos present.*

    “No, fuck you. I won my IWT Championship for you people, I won it for this company, and I was nearly booed out of the building by you people and those in the back. I’ve been booed for months for aligning myself with Dat Kid, for beating down your favorite heroes like Farooq and the Desperadoes and I take one beat down at the hands of that traitor and you people want to cheer me now like I’m some martyr?!”

    *The crowd gives off a mixed reaction and Joey smirks for the first time after realizing what he just said.*

    “A martyr… what I’ve been all along. I was a martyr when I pretended to join the Cure all the way back almost an entire year ago, I’ve put my body on the line and taken beat down after beat down for you people at first, for this company originally, but somewhere down the line you people turned your backs on me just like everyone I’ve ever known except Chris Kaizer. Aids, Dat Kid, Frie…….Alias Antonio.”

    *The crowd boos at the name and he ignores it.*

    “I’ve finally realized it, anyone that aligns themselves with Dat Kid is automatically an enemy to these people and everyone in the back, you’re the most hated man in this business, and you love it. I can tell. You love building people up and make people think you’re on their side but then you shut them down in some selfish attempt to humiliate them, but unfortunately for you, I’m still standing. You can break my IWT Title, you can turn on me in front of millions of people, you can request any match you want against me, but the bottom line is I’m STILL IWT Champion!”

    *The crowd pops and Joey begins to limp around as he paces.*

    “At Summerslam, Alias Antonio, whatever his motives are, wants my IWT Championship taken off of my waist so badly that he attacked me when I had the chance of becoming a tag team champion. I haven’t had ear plugs in my ears the entire time in the hospital, I’m not deaf, I know who my opponent is, and I know what he has said about me. Alias Antonio is one of the most dominating forces in the IWT, which is why I looked to him as an ally. Many men and Victoria Parker have been able to say they’ve been IWT Champion, but one man has been able to consistently beat Dat Kid and get away with it. There’s one thing Antonio doesn’t share with me and something that Dat Kid and I share is passion. I live for this, and you know Dat Kid does too because unlike the rest of the first generation he sticks around. Through good, bad, or just the downright ugly I’m here week after week to prove to everyone why I deserve to be IWT Champion and NOT guys like Alias Antonio! I work my ass off because I love this place, I love the workers that show up each week, and I have passion for the IWT Championship! That traitor has no passion for anything but himself.”

    *He stops limping around and stares down the ramp.*

    “And that’s all I’ll say about Alias Antonio…until Summerslam. The way I look at it, this match is between Dat Kid and myself! I’ve wanted to get my hands on him ever since I realized that him leaving and running with his tail between his legs wasn’t a bad move for my career, it was the greatest thing that could have happened to me. Not only did I get to work with Dat Kid and say he saw something in me that no one else did, I can say I broke away from him and beat down that son of a bitch!”

    *The crowd cheers again and Joey points to the stage.*

    “No, don’t let your cute little fog roll out on the stage yet, I’m not finished. I’m sick of you walking around here like you own the place. You LOST to the GM, you LOST. The deal was you were supposed to be his whipped little slave for a while, you lost your chance to face Alias and I at Summerslam, and somehow you managed to slither your way into this match. You stole our titles, you destroyed them, and now you’ve made the both of us angry enough to the point where we demanded we get you in a match, so congratulations I suppose, you did it. You received your chance for the ass kicking of a lifetime. Against me Kid, you’re 0-1 in handicap matches. Let me refresh your brain, in January Frie and I went into sudden death with your sorry ass and we beat you. It’s not Frie this time though, it’s Alias Antonio, and although the second generation may be at rest, the two most dominant champions in this company’s history are not! This is me and you Kid, Alias has nothing to prove to you, he’s already beaten you a number of times, this is my time to show you what a worthless piece of human trash you are. You’re not God, and I’m not your martyr anymore. You’re just a peasant trying to find his way back to the king’s throne.”
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    The arena lights turn gradually get a deeper shade of purple with each tick of the clock as images of Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio flash on the screen one after the other, showing their early stages all the way to their most recent appearances. The final image is two pictures of the destroyed championships side by side.


    Smoke begins to rise like a tower from the stage and the crowd pops.


    Dat Kid exits the smoke, unbruised, walking normally. Kid circles the ring , keeping his eyes on Bryant while he grabs a mic and enters the ring from behind him.

    Mr. Bryant if I am a peasant than today must be your lucky day, because for once in your entire career that puts us on the same playing field. I mean you said it yourself, you beat me in a handicap match....that you needed sudden death to get the job done. However, despite who you have as your partner I think the result will be different because since January I have only gotten better, beating the not so mystical George, while the entire locker room knows that your time is running out. Despite your resentment for the first generation, you have become exactly that, a dying relic of a forgotten time. These people are now beginning to cheer you in the same way as if Frank the Jock came through those curtains.

    You're a joke Mr. Bryant and the only reason you're still the IWT Champion is because Chris Kaizer is your tag team partner!

    I have to sit in the back and try not to vomit as you talk about how you love this place and how you work soooo hard. You took days off in the hospital when you had an injured leg, when I had an injured leg I made Suicide a World Champion, so don't come out here talk about how you work hard when all you've ever been since you've held that championship is a place holder for Alias Antonio. The man who is the reason why you can barely walk going into Summerslam, but just like Roadster and Anonymous you're so blind with hatred for me, that you've teamed up with the man who made you his bitch! You're so blind with your hatred for me that you don't see that you are being prepped to be butchered at Summerslam and your only hope for mercy is letting me end you here before you reach the slaughterhouse.

    You claim to be in a better place without me. Let me ask you something. Did you ever have a injury to your leg when you were with me? Did you have a championship around your waist when you were with me? Were you not considered the #1 guy in the IWT when you were with me? You're beaten, titleless, and living in the shadow of the man you're teaming with tonight.

    Joey Bryant you claim to be a martyr, but martyrs dont kill themselves and that's exactly what you'll be doing when you walk into Summerslam without me. So why don't you do these people a favor, save them the expense of buying a PPV and just slit your wrists right now. It'll look less gruesome then when Trip and Alias rape you and leave your carcass to the flies.

    Dat Kid tosses a blade at Joey Bryant's feet.
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  5. *Suddenly, before Joey can react to Kid's promo, the tune of Alias' theme song begins to resound through the arena's PA System, prompting a sea of boos from the audience. After his pyro goes of, Alias Antonio makes his way out to the ramp, resulting in louder boos. Letting it sink in, Alias walks towards the ring with procrastination, smirking the whole time. Once he reaches the steps, he takes one long glare at the IWT Universe, nodding his head before diverting his attention towards Kid and Bryant, also nodding his head. He enters the ring and hastily grabs the mic from the announcer's hands.*

    It seems that I'm.....a bit late for the party. Or both of your purgatories better said. Because as I stand in this ring tonight, the endless outcomes that this match offers are sorta plaguing my thoughts. As each second passes, the more I see myself in a perilous quandary where the inevitable seems that I won't walk out of here unscathed, as I step foot with two of my most eminent rivals. But as each minute passes, you see, those irking thoughts that circle my head soon dissipate into something much more positive. Because as each minute passes I realize that I'm not in peril, but that I'm in my comfort zone. And me being in MY comfort zone means that you two are the ones in serious peril.

    You see, I'm not treating this as a handicap match of such, I'm not even treating it as a triple threat. I am treating it as an all out war.....and rightfully so. What we're stepping in right now my friends, isn't the squared circle. It's the battlefield where the war will take place in....that is until the war spills out to greater limits and we take this sumbitch all over this fucking arena.

    I'm not treating this match as a handicap match, however, you two seem goddamn adamant in making this a singles match between yourselves. I hear you all talking trash about eachother, but then I hear the lot of you eulogizing my omnipresent name whilst I'm absent? Not even your petty shit about how I have no passion for this business impressed me, Joey. Because time and time again I've proven people like you wrong, and I'll just keep on doing so. I attacked you because I HAD a passion dammit! I had a passion to become the IWT Champion because no matter how prestigious Kid, myself or ANYONE made it....the World Heavyweight Championship was always playing second-fiddle to people like you Joey. You have NO idea how it felt to be called the secondary champ whilst people called you, a guy I have BEATEN, the main champ.

    You may look at it as jealousy, you may look at it as narcissism. But the way I look at it, is thinking a step ahead of the others. Before I was cognizant of that ability, I was pretty damn dangerous, but now? You don't want to imagine.

    But before I can get my hands on you again Joey, there's a damn slave that needs to be dealt with. Kid, I see you looking there. Pretty confident it seems.

    *Alias smirks*

    It seems like you consider this match to be a gateway into the main event of Summerslam, correct? So be it, but I just want you to reflect on that thought for a minute. Do YOU know who you're in the ring with? Two men who you've constantly angered with your trivial little child games, and maybe softer than baby shit Joey Bryant over there will show some compassion with you, but I for one will show no remorse tonight.

    It is time I destroy all your loopholes Kid, just before I destroy Joey's dreams.
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  6. “Shut your mouths. I tried to tune out every little insult and statement you’ve made but I’m done trying to tune you out. Alias that's cute that you're jealous of my IWT Title, but just because you got one lucky win over me doesn't mean you're better than me. You'll always be in second place to me, even if you beat me at Summerslam which is far fetched in itself. I'm Joey Bryant for God's sake, I was the 2013 Breakout Star of the Year while you were nothing but a mid-card fluke. Dat Kid, you have done almost all you can in this company, so you gotta have some kind of superiority complex on the rest of the roster. I hate to bring up this man but Aids Johnson did something you’ll never do by working to build up the talent of tomorrow and KEEP them at the top. You’re the complete opposite. You build people up and you keep them there momentarily, but as soon as their name becomes even bigger than yours, you shut them right down. You were too much of a coward to do that to me physically though, Kid. Instead, you lost your match at Wrestlemania and suddenly came back and embarrassed me by saying you no longer want anything to do with me. At first, that was a shock, we were the most dominant team this company has ever seen, not the Cure, not the Order, not DX, it was us. You held that world title and I held the IWT Title but you let jealousy and greed get in your way of staying at the top and look at you now…”

    *He stares at Kid for a couple moments.*

    “Just look at you. By now, I’m hoping you regret turning your back on me because you should. We could have continued our reign over this company all summer, I still would have had my IWT Title and you could have gotten the World Title back, but instead, you turn your back on me, you come back, lose to Trip, and now you’re just his little slave. And instead of main eventing Summerslam or being a big name on this card, you’re sitting in a handicap match with no plans for Summerslam except shining up Trip’s shoes and watching the show from the back. That’s gotta be a big shot to your ego, huh? I worked with you for a long enough time to know what you’re thinking and in your head, you feel like you’re the one that should be main eventing Summerslam. You feel like you’re the one that should be IWT Champion and not a little “rookie” like myself. You think you made me who I am and with one little snap of your finger you’re going to be able to send me back down the ladder. That’s just your ego speaking, Kid. If you had any sense of common sense and rationality you would know that’s all false and let the martyr tell you the real truth. I’m going to beat you down tonight, you’re going to go back to running around backstage, stealing things and pissing people off until you barely make your way on to a card. In the mean time, you’ll be running Trips errands and drinking yourself under the table at bars on a nightly basis. Your career will go into a tailspin until you do what all your other forgotten losers of the first generation do…quit.”

    *The crowd cheers and Joey looks at Antonio for a brief moment but then back at Kid.*

    “You and Alias are alike, you might think you hate each other, but in reality you both are lying cowards, untrustworthy, and completely in over your heads. Antonio here thinks that at Summerslam, he’ll be able to walk out as champion and be the complete king of this company easily, he thinks I’m just an easy target just like you thought Kid. If anyone has learned anything in my time of being here I’m no easy target, in fact, I’m the last one you want to face for a championship. Because when I hold gold, I don’t just hold it like some of the mid-card talent does. I defend this whenever, wherever, and each time I damn sure know that I’ll walk out champion. I want to be the champion that this company never had and that’s someone that puts everything into each match they’re in and doesn’t take any opponent as an “easy target”.”

    “Look around you backstage Kid, do you have any allies anymore? Do you have anyone to do your dirty work or tell you you’re the best at what you do even when you don’t believe it anymore? No. You don’t. You’re alone and everyone stays away from you because of the damage you can do to their careers. Next thing Nick or my buddy Kaizer know, it’ll be their titles buried under cement or smashed with a sledgehammer and at that point I’m sure you’ll be in another handicap match but next time, it’ll be the entire IWT Roster vs Dat Kid. And just like every time, you’ll walk into that match, spew some bullshit about how you’re god and how you “know” you’ll come out the winner, but then you’ll lose. This summer has been horrible for you, Dat Kid. You’ve done nothing but complain and lose matches while I have been sitting at the top watching your demise. Even without the IWT Championship sitting on my shoulder I stand here as your IWT Champion and you stand there as a washed up, lonely, desperate version of God. The IWT is no longer in your hands, in fact it’s buried under six feet of cement. I’m still bruised and beat down from a certain jealous traitor, but I know one thing, you’ll never be the same Dat Kid you were months ago. You’re just a pathetic and desperate version of him, and Joey Bryant is still the same old Joey Bryant you picked up 8 months ago. The only difference now is…”

    *He gets up in Kid’s face.*

    “I’m no longer your bitch, you’re a bitch to someone else now.”

    *The crowd cheers and some even begin to chant the old “Jo-ey Bry-ant!” chant.*

    Show Spoiler
    OOC: Really only able to do two promos, wasn't expecting these to be posted so fast. I'm out of town all day tomorrow and Sunday which is why I sent Trip the promos originally, but it was changed to tonight. Kid and THG, you guys can do however many you want, but it's pretty impossible for me to pump out anymore than this. Good luck.
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  7. You're damn right I am!

    Dat Kid is visibly bothered

    I am Trip's bitch and he whipped my ass at Money in the Bank. I went from being a god in this business to being a simple man. A simple man like you *points to Bryant* and you *points to Alias*. I don't need you guys to come out here and remind me where I am, because you better believe that I do, but don't think for one second just because I'm someone's bitch doesn't mean I can't beat two champions that are no longer hungry. I look at you two guys and I see lazy champions. I no longer get excited for your matches. Alias, you just had a match with Shadow...and no one cared. Joey, people haven't cared about you since you fucked up and lost to Bruce fucking Knight. There was a certain word that I used to call a certain alcoholic from Wisconsin when the light started to die out on his career. However, maybe I've taken to many blows to the head with hello kitty phones to remember...oh wait... IRRELEVANT!

    It's true, I no longer rule this place. I am not a god, nor champion, or even a contender, but if you two gentlemen would just stop and take a moment to look around you... this place is dying. You two gentlemen are doing what every stable in the history of the IWT set out to do! You are killing the IWT and I'm pretty sure Britanica is making a grave so she can roll around in it when she sees the sight of what she built.

    You and these people want to make it out so I look like the villain, fine, but know that every thing that I have done was for the betterment of this company. I started FSW, not because I wanted to put this place out business, but Jonathan wasn't going to use his talent the right way, I WAS and I DID. Then when IWT was dying out, I shut down FSW out of respect for this company. When I saw the first generation dying out, who was the one who welcomed new talent like yourselves to this company with open arms, taking two rookies under his wing, and arranging the proving grounds battle royal? I did, for the future of this company! When people would not give not stop chanting Joey Bryant's name after he lost the oppurtunity I ARRANGED in the most successful tournament to ever exist in IWT, who was the man who made Bryant stab his partner in the back so that he could be where these people wanted him? I DID otu of respect for the people who are here for this company!

    Yeah, I'm a bad guy, boo hoo. I crucified superstars on live television, but instead of thanking me for never having to sit through another Unknown match, you despise me! And it's not just these people, it's Alias, it's Bryant, it's Jonathan, even Trip was a guy who I encouraged during his rookie year in IWT and look where that has gotten me! Yes, Mr. Bryant you are right it is the IWT roster vs Dat Kid, but if you think that I am going to go down without a fight you are wrong. Not against the both of you, not against trip, and certainly not against the people who I have done so much for just by simply being in this company.

    I may not be in the main event at Summerslam, but if the both of you let me walk out of here the winner of this match don't you dare have the audacity to call yourselves champions! I had to claw my way up to a world title shot while me and Aids practically handed them to you. Ironically the one named Kid is the only man in this ring. Alias will complain about how the attention is not on him because that is what CHILDREN do. Joey Bryant is going to continue to resent me because I thought it was time he went on his own, because that is what CHILDREN do. Children, that's what the both of you are, can't even focus on me cause you're too busy fighting with one another and I can't wait to see one of you attack the other at the end of this match like we all know is going to happen because that is what CHILDREN do.

    So just like the children you are, you can both walk down to Toys R Us and let daddy Trip pick out some plastic IWT Championship belts, and maybe you can get a Dat Kid action figure and then reenact an outcome of this match where you actually come out winning.
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  8. *Alias runs his hands through his hair and stares at both men.*

    You guys done now? I just had to faze out when I was hearing the sheer amount of bullshit that was being uttered in this battlefield. Bullshit and lies. Everywhere. But honestly, what is expected from these two men? Huh?

    Like I said Joey, like I knew what would happen, you called my actions, actions of jealousy. And that's exactly what I mean as thinking one step ahead of the others because I KNEW you would spout those words, and frankly, I knew you would say everything you did say. Like calling me a mid-card fluke in 2013. Expected from you but at least I wasn't a main-event CHOKER back then because damn son it took long for you to get that IWT Title. You WERE the breakout star of 2013, Joey. Were, key word. The big difference this year is that I'll win Superstar of the Year, while....while I don't could win that prestigious breakout star award again. Because once I'm done with you at Summerslam, you'll need more then another "breakout" to reach the A-Level that I'm on buddy.

    You really think that I'm treating you as an easy target? For real? I don't treat anyone as an easy target unless their name starts with A and ends T, IF that even is his name anymore. Trust me, Joey, I'll be giving you the attention that you crave in the upcoming weeks.

    Kid...Kid. We all know the true reason as to why you shut own FSW and that is because my brother became the world champ and you could not stand that occurence one bit. You came back to the IWT, tail between your legs, because you knew what you did to this company would hurt you in the long run. And it's still paying costly to your career Kid. When you left IWT to spearhead FSW, you not only betrayed Jono, or Brita. No no, you betrayed the whole roster who you've claimed to help so much over the years. You're full of BS Kid, and so was your company.

    I despise you Kid not because of the stuff you've mentioned but because of the fact that you open your trashy mouth when it's not required in the slightest. Everything you say from now on is just pure detriment to your career. You're also just a parasite who just keeps on sucking and does not know when to perish. Which is why I took it upon myself to ask Trip to put me up against you so I could finally send you ass back into obscurity where it belongs. But it seems I was't the only one yearning for a match against you. But what can I say, your antics are now trite and hackneyed Kid, they get more petty by the day, and that's practically what keeps you even relevant, because if you didn't mangle our titles, you would be just how your buddy from Wisconsin is.....IRRELEVANT.

    This company may be decaying by the day, but it will be just so much better once we get rid of you, definitively.

    And as for you, Joey. I'd watch my back, during and after this match. You never know when a coward can strike.

    *Alias smirks and drops the mic*
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  9. Show Spoiler
    OOC: @Dat Kid @DK James are any of u cutting any more promos or r we done?
  10. I think DK is AFK until tomrrow
  11. Also, you said he sent you 2 promos so I guess it is done.
  12. Well the other two have until the time limit is up. Thers no rule that there has to be an even amount of promos in any matches. Just a time limit.
  13. Dat Kid laughs

    Glad to know that you're finally admitting that you're a pussy. I mean we all knew you were. After all, you were always never the #1 guy in anything you've ever done. In fact your entire career can be summarized with one number. *Dat Kid holds up 2 fingers* You were number 2 to George, number 2 to Marcus Anthony, and now you're number 2 to Joey Bryant.

    You know what they say, some men were built to lead, others were meant to follow, and Alias Antonio is indeed a follower. I mean, MAAAAYYYBE you can say you're all independent now, but we all know you're more of a slave to Trip than I am.

    It's cute, you're like the puppet that had everyone's hand up its ass. You even wanted to me to stick my hand up there pre-Royal Rumble, we all saw that little stare down you gave me. However, I like to break in my puppets. Isn't that right Joey? Did the fall hurt when I cut your strings? Awww

    Dat Kid turns back to Alias

    The only reason you despise me is because when you so desperately looked to me to be your next master, I tossed you to the side faster than Aids tosses out women he got pregnant. You know what...I've done enough in my career. I'll go back to managing and pull your strings like you want.

    ...I'll pull your strings right around your neck and leave your lifeless body right next to the rest of The Cure where you belong.

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  14. It's ironic how you say I was never the number 1 guy yet only minutes, MINUTES ago you told Joey that he was living in MY shadow, and that his reign was just a placeholder for my inevitable one. Just goes to show that whatever comes out of that mouth of yours means absolutely NOTHING, because it's always deceiving and swindled words and whoever fails to realize that is just as much of an idiot as you are.

    I also find it funny how you so persistently mention your buddy Aids. It''s like you're almost refreshing our memory that Aids' career indeed had overshadowed yours. Just like every step I take overshadows every step you take because people generally don't give a shit about you unless they're in The New Generation, which I'd consider a stigma if people of that poor caliber constantly mentioned my name.

    And we all know who the true slave is out of us two Kid, after all, I'm not the one getting whipped and slandered on a daily basis. I mean as much as that hurts you physically, I can only imagine what that would do to you mentally, as in your gargantuan fucking ego. Must feel terrible knowing you can't fight back a man you know you can beat.

    *Alias smiles at Kid but then shakes his hands.*

    I don't despise you, you're lying, I despise myself, because I was unable to finish you off and exile you out of this company. But that is why I am here to right the wrong tonight. There will be no going back after all is said and done. And there will be no more going forward for you Kid...

    The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague Kid. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins? Tonight I avow it.

    Jesus.....will weep.

    OOC: Voting time?
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  15. done
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