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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and will determine the #1 contender to the X Division Championship!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.



  2. The titantron begins to erupt with errors as it catches the eyes of the audience.

    A line of clowns begin walking out with metal baseball bats upon their shoulders. all tilting their heads in slow in-synced format, a shadow begins to creep through the dark lighting. Wearing worn out jeans, a leather jacket with a fabric hoodie poking out over his head. His skull mask with his fringe cascading over it. Clenching his fists together he begins to crack his neck as he tilts it side to side before the cleans next to him let out a horrendous scream. Aiden then sprints down to the ring and slides underneath the bottom rope.

    Lifting himself up he walks over to the corner, and removes his mask. He places his mask on the ring post and jumps up ontop of the second rope doing a taunt to the audience who are giving a mixed reaction to the demented talent. Jumping off the ring ropes he then awaits for a microphone that he eventually receives.

    "You know, Jwab Heh... I watched your match with Bruce and I think you seem to have this misconception that you are the savior of this division. let me tell you one thing, Pal. While you ran off to Los Angeles to shoot for your film, I have been here dedicating my life to this company, I've given everything I can to this company and I'm not done yet. What makes you think you can walk right back into this division. MY DIVISION. and claim that it is "Dead.". The only reason why it is dead is because of people like you, People like you who sit there and decide to make other life choices, who decide to promote their name in more than one way because they are becoming exactly what the company suspects of them, a failure. a failure to success. You're movie may shoot up with all the buzz and you may get all the credit in the world for your amazing acting abilities, however you will never be known as an X Division champion... Because your heart has never once been dedicated to this X division that you claim you're trying to save. "

    Placing his free hand on his side he shakes his head and sighs.

    "BUT! Even if you were to win that championship, who's to say you won't do the exact same thing our champion is doing, or worse run off to L.A with that championship and never show up for matches, Our "Savior." would quit on the division because deep down inside he knows that he is nothing. nothing more then a dolled up, human barbie who is placed on a movie set to attract people to the product they are selling, Someone that if he had a scratch on his cheek ALL HELL Would break loose because it'd be the end of the world as we know it. Bitches like you, do not belong with men LIKE US! MEN LIKE US, who put our body on the line each and every week for a shot at a championship, Men like us who dedicate, motivate, and confirm their spot here. We have no time for bitches, so put yo mirror down, get out here, promote your movie and let's get this match underway you little ass bitch!"

    Aiden walks over to the corner and leans up against the turnbuckles awaiting for the hollywood star to make his appearance.

    OOC (open)
    Not quite sure how many promo's will be able to cut, but i'll try for three.
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  3. *Lights go out and the titantron turns on*

    *Spotlights shines in the center of the stage*

    *Jwab comes out and he is smiling.His abdomen is bandaged up cause it's slightly in pain after the match he had with Leo Taylor earlier that night. He goes into the spotlight... The camera zooms in and he slowly takes off his sunglasses with his right hand. The spotlight turns off after he takes off his glasses and the lights turn back on. This is when Jwab sees the clowns standing on the sides of the ramp. Jwab seems confused by the clowns but seems to not care. He walks down the ramp backwards with his arms out and his hands are literally inches from touching the clowns, when he gets to the bottom of the ramp. He puts his hands next to his head and sticks his tongue out at the clowns. He jumps onto the ropes and slowly gets into the ring. He gives Aiden the thumbs up as he stretches before getting a mic*

    You sure do swear a lot don't ya? Bitch this, bitch that. I thought we were professionals here, Aiden. You know, let's not bother with that. I am greatly confused by the hype around you. Everyone seems to just want to polish your shoes, hang up your coat. These people... love you for an odd reason. But, I'm gonna shed some truth about your so called "hype" cause in my eyes, you're over-hyped. Overrated. You come out here five times a week to say the exact same bullshit all of those times. You are like a broken record, Aiden. A record that keeps on playing the same old shit and confuses these people with the way you talk so to them, what you are saying. GOLD. Everything... it's cause *points at the crowd* These people are imbeciles.. as anyone would say, just like you.

    *Kind of laughs at his own words. Inflated ego at it's best*

    But, I thought you watched my match Aiden? I never faced Bruce... even though I was supposed to. I was supposed to become the one who beat the one who beat Alias and Joey in the exact same night. Imagine that, beating the guy who somehow miraculously beat the two world champs in the same night, would've felt glorious. I was left to face a joke... a joke that I hope every single one of these peoples never have to see again after that BRUTAL beating I gave him earlier tonight. Forget about that. I think if one of us is hurt more it should be you. You and Trevor pulling out all the stops. Talking for fifteen minutes about... marble statues? People thought that was good... ugh. There are two types of talent in IWT. Superstars like myself, Joey Bryant, and Christian... and spot monkeys like you, Trevor, and Alias. You guys take the quality out of wrestling here. I don't even like looking at any of you. It disgusts me how much you are loved for the stupid shit that you do. But it's obvious that these people don't like QUALITY entertainment at it's finest like myself.

    *The crowd boos*

    Like the entertainment I provide elsewhere. In LA, in England, in New York City, everywhere else in the world. I put smiles on people's face. Letting people laugh at the funny things I do as I portray a character. What stops me from running off to do other movies? Nothing stops me. Cause if I'm booked here, I show up. I show up whether the director needs me or not. It's called business. If I win the title from that piece of shit X Deadvision champion we currently have, I'll defend it when I want to defend it. Might be every Uprising. Might not be every Uprising. But, a contract is a contract, Aiden. But you wouldn't understand cause you are as a dumb as a box of marbles that shouldn't be around anything that has any worth. I am money, Aiden. I win the title, everyone shows up. TMZ, IWT Network, IWT Today, EVERYONE. So, if I were you, I'd just stand down and maybe... just maybe, I'll give you a shot at my title once I win it.


    OOC - Here is to a good match between us, Aiden. *lifts up Guardians Of The Galaxy mug*
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  4. Aiden looks at Jwab in a confusing, yet offended manner. Shaking his head he lifts the microphone up and begins to speak.

    "Ha, You're joking right? Maybe If i'm lucky enough that you'll give me a title shot? I do not need anyone to give me a title shot, I deserve the title handed to me. For everything I've done for this division and for everything I've done for returning people like you. Yes I may preach the same shit over and over, but that's only because the same shit gets displayed OVER and OVER. Give me something new here, give me something exciting. Why must we subject these people to the talent that will disappear for so long and then return to claim their glory? Where is the fun in that? Where is the art in that? it doesn't make sense. It's people like you who give this company a bad reputation. It's never the out with the old, in with the new. it's bring in the new, put them down to this lowest level. watch them put on amazing matches, but let's give the hollywood star a chance. As much as it pains me to say this, what about Harriet Vargas? Why wasn't she involved in this tournament? Oh... That's right, she got pushed down because of people like you. Now I am not a fan of people like Harriet at all and I am glad she's getting a match at SummerSlam however seeing as you call us "Professionals." why are we pushing aside the new talent? Why are we not being "Professional" Why was I placed in this tournament?"

    Aiden tips his index finger on his chin.

    "Because I'm underestimated, You say that i'm hyped up, and that i'm overrated, yet I have not gain the slightest bit of success in this company. I have the most unpredictable win/losing streak in this company. The only reason this hype even began with is because people just discovered that Aiden Ryan has a back bone, and people like that. people admire that, they respect the fact that people can stand up for themselves because no one else can do that for them. You see I've said it before to Trevor and I'll say it to you, The Order Of The Night only rescued me from my dark past. And yes that sounds selfish to say that they did nothing for me when I put in the context of how they rescued me but it's the truth. They showed me the ropes, They put me back on the scene and Aiden Ryan was back to being bubbly Aiden Ryan, The only thing that stable did not teach me was to have a backbone... and I'm thankful for that, they let me make my mistakes and I learned from them, and look at where I am now..."


    The Audience interrupts with respectful applauding.

    "That's right. "

    Aiden Responds to the universe as he looks back at Jwab.

    "And here's the thing, Jwab. You will not win that championship that you have no respect for, you wanna know why that is? Because you're a brat. You expect everything handed to you on a golden platter. Hell you don't even want to be here by the sounds of it. So why are you here? To promote your new movie that will do jackshit for this company? To degrade the new talent that will overtake you in a matter of seconds? As you said you will be defending that championship whenever you feel like it, not when you have to do it. so tell me... what makes you any different from the stereotypes I have thrown at this past couple of months? What separates you from those who I have beaten? Nothing. You fall into the exact same pile of shit those people were, and it doesn't take an idiot to see that. Feel threatened, punk. because my I'm going to be the man who takes that championship that you clearly do not care for away from your sight. This prince is getting his crown and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it. So put up, or shut up, Barbie."

    He lowers the microphone awaiting for a response.​
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  5. *Jwab kind of laughs at the Barbie comments*

    Don't you mean Ken? haha. But, this division? What you have done for this division? You obviously have not done one thing since this tournament has been the only interesting thing about the X Division since IWT Mania. You know it. I know it. Wait, not just this division.. but... in general. What have you done these past couple of months? Oh wait, that's right. Exactly nothing. Just backstage segments with the dudes with tude or whoever you want. I turn on the TV while acting. Nothing involves Aiden Ryan. It's Joey Bryant. It's Nick. It's every other person on this roster... except you. Hell, even that jwobber Reagan Cole gets more screentime than you. That's pretty damn sad if you ask me. If anyone here is trying to use this tournament to launch themselves into the spotlight, it isn't me cause I've had my spotlight and I'm slowly getting it back, it's you. You haven't had a spotlight... ever. The closest thing you've had to a spotlight is Alias shouting you out in a backstage interview. How is it not out with the old and in with the new? Everyone in this company is new. I'm new, you are new. Alias, Joey, Trevor, and everyone else that has some sort of relevancy is new. The only old that is trying to cling to success is Dat Kid. You are just caught up with a popular subject that you hope gets you over with these fans but sooner or later, you are gonna get dropped like.. would I say a... hot potato and no one is gonna be there to knock ya back up in the air. That's where I come in. A "Hollywood Star that is given chances because he filmed a movie". No, that's not how it works. I wouldn't be in this match if I wasn't talented. See, it's people like you... blinded. Judging people like covers to a book. Pathetic. What makes you think that I didn't spend years on the independent scene to even get to IWT... Huh? Cause I did. I spent years perfecting my trade before I came here one year ago. Just because I had an opportunity to do something that I deeply care about... you shit on it? meh. Speaking of Harriet Vargas. She doesn't need this tournament because we all know if Aids promotes you, you are just gonna get shot after shot at anything you want. The only reason she is even relevant Aiden is because Aids shoved her shit down our throats whether anyone is willing to admit or not. You could say she is majourly overrated, Aiden. Just like you.

    *The crowd boos at Jwab as Jwab uses Harriet Vargas to get some cheap heat. Jwab is giving a huge grin to the crowd. He tells them to keep it coming as he uses his hands in a fan motion... hard to explain*

    Do you see this crowd... amazing right? *Jwab admires the crowd's stamina at booing for a second* Like I was saying. This company isn't for little indy princesses like you and Vargas. This company is for professionals,that is what seperates my stadiums from your five dollar gyms. Differences in my personality between yours. See, that is what I'm talking about, Aiden. See, we even are on opposite sides of the fence, stable wise. I was in The Cure. Team of the year. I was one half of the greatest tag champs of all time. Alias and I were professionals. As you... you were part of The Order. People known to suck and be worthless, savages. Un-professional as one would say. Everyone in The Cure was successful and everyone that was part of The Cure plans on being successful. Alias, your World Champ. Chris Kaizer, European champ. Trevor, the fastest rising up and comer in the business. David, former X-Division champion. Sir Lee, upper mid-card contender and previous European champ. And myself, FUTURE X Deadvision champion. *smiles* Now, let's think about every past member of The Order other than Alias cause we all know The Cure is what shot him to the top. Let's think... Trip, General Manager. That's nice.. Nick is the X-Division champ so I guess that's a plus for you guys also but what about Marcus Anthony. Where is that guy? Oh right, he's gone. I was actually kind of surprised he didn't get himself booked on IWT Superstars so they can plug in some pops for him. Make him feel special. Brit, she's gone. Dat Kid's assistant actually. Ahhh, what a fall to a legend. You see... that is what Professionalism does. But, enough about your Order has-beens. More about you, I'll say this before anyone else gets to say this.. you are an obnoxious tard that is waiting for someone to slap some sense into you.

    *Jwab shows his palm (Get it, Butters?). Then uses the palm to adjust the bandages around his abdomen*

    You know what else sounds nice? Getting the belt handed to me on a gold platter... I got to get in contact with someone so that can happen. Cause that sounds pretty nice after everything I am going through... you, Leo, Nick. That sure sounds like I am earning it, Aiden. If I didn't want to be here, I wouldn't be here. I would be in LA with Jessica Alba and Zoe Saldana with my boy Fooq. I didn't have to do any of this. Go through the pain of facing both of you in the same night. I will do to the new talent such as Leo Taylor the same thing I'm gonna do to you. Make you jwob out. *laughs at his pun* What makes me different from any of the stereotypes is that.... I'm better. I'm loyal to IWT cause like I said... it's business. But, Aiden, like I already said earlier... you have no idea what business is because you are probably just a high school dropout like the sneller you are. I don't care what anyone says, I want the title. I bring in the ratings thanks to my fans outside of this business. I can bring back the prestige to it just like David and Alias did. As you'd say that once you are done, you are getting your crown. Well, I'm getting my next big paycheck when that title is around my waist while I promote future movies...

    *Waits for Aiden to respond*
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  6. Aiden shakes his hand with a smile, lifting the microphone back up.

    "Oh yes, Ken. That's exactly what I mean't. I forgot that G.I Joe was making you his bitch on the back bus of your movie set. However I'm not here to throw little insults at you, Jwab. I'm here to set the record straight that I'm not going to go tumbling down, Each time I went down I shot back up because that's what a true champion is, not someone who goes around degrading lowercard talent for their own amusement, or rather to boost their ego which is far to big to their own good. You have placed yourself on this pedestal to which you claim that you are the ratings, that you are the success and that you are what IWT need's to bring this division back. Now that's pathetic because we have a list of talent lower then you who have not yet achieved anything in their prime, Why is that? Because of people like you who constantly belittle them. You push them down and make them feel worthless because you feel threatened by the new talent that's rising to occasion. Who better to represent that contendership spot then someone who actually cares for the division. Someone who would hold that title with honor and respect, something you are yet to learn. "

    Aiden stares down the hollywood star with a smirk of his own. walking over to the corner of the ring he then lifts himself up on the top rope and sits there calmly with his leg crossed over the other.

    "And it would only be a privilege to be able to teach that respect to you by slapping that sneaky, nasty, disgusting little smirk off that one million dollar face of yours. Here's the 411, maybe if you weren't so stuck up and thrown into an illusion of your own confidence maybe you would realize and concede that maybe you aren't as loyal as you make yourself out to be. Define what loyalty is? Because what loyalty is, is what I've been. When I tore my ACL, I remained within the company promoting storylines in the back, and working with others to develop their persona. I've dedicated so much to this that I'm not going to let you take it away from me, Because i see right through you. You're bullshiting this entire audience, you're bullshiting the entire locker room back there by saying you're bringing some ratings back, the ratings were already high when you were gone. Look at Money In The Bank, Quite possibly the best pay per view in 2014... Aiden was in there, Where was Jwab? Oh that's right chasing the "American Dream", the life of the rich and famous fucktards, So loyal, so very fucking loyal."

    uncrossing his legs he then hops off the top rope and walks up to Jwab, glaring him down face to face, invading every bit of air that comes out of him.

    "So what exactly will benefit business to this company from your movie? Does it display what wrestling actually is? No of course not. Never in hollywood because wrestling is an abomination when it comes to LA. So what exactly are you trying to benefit? Because it is not benefiting anyone else in this company but yourself, and let's not forget in this industry, One is the loneliest number that you'll ever be. So perhaps if you weren't so arrogant and opened your eyes a little you would see that you are only creating a bad stereotype for yourself. You may be "Better" then all the rest who I've stereotyped in that matter however you still fall into that hole as one of them, if not deeper then how they have fallen. Granted I may come across as naive but as the days continue to grow i've grown into this company and become a man that i am proud of. I've become a warrior to which many respect and that's something that will test you to the limits, because the "Deadivision." as you call it, is only getting more superior as the days go by. And why is that? Because of loyal people like Aiden Ryan. Who stick around and deliver
    nonstop action week after week. Not because of people like you who decide they are going to make a movie which has hardly any respect for what this company is."

    He lowers the microphone as the camera then zooms out on the two men, displaying them both face to face.

    OOC: Three Promos :yes: Loved doing this match with you, Jwab. Hopefully there's more of these matches in the future.

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  7. So @Butters! got a 3rd one just before the time limit expired. @Delik - should we let Jwab get in another or open voting? We need a result from this by Wednesday (the 13th) so you can get the threads made
  8. Oh did I not already post about waiting for 3 :dawg:

    My bad. Yup I'm waiting for @Hollywood Jwab
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  9. *Jwab looks down at the ground with a disappointed face and slowly looks back up and it forms into a grin*

    Are you really that caught up on the fact that I went outside this company and did a movie? If so, that's a shame, Aiden. It's also a shame that after tonight, I would like to say that both of us probably won't be able to stand but we all know that I'm walking into SummerSlam the number one contender and I'll be damned if I'm not walking out of SummerSlam the X-DIVISION CHAMPION. And the very first thing I'm gonna do Aiden, just for you is go straight to LA and celebrate with the title. Go to great strip clubs like The Snakehole and The Glitter Factory and just take pics, vids, and do everything under the sun to this title just to get back at you. I don't know what your problem is with entertainment but it's a problem that I suggest you learn a little something cause I'm not feeling the... charisma burning off of you like the charisma burns off of me. Charisma is something Ninety of this roster does not contain which pretty much appeals to you. You and your gay jokes about GI Joe and Ken. *shakes in disgust* Scary stuff man. Almost as scary as the hole you plan on putting me in. The hole that is so called filled to the rim with the stereotypical superstars of this business. But, that brings me to this question. What stops me from jumping out of the hole? Hell, I wouldn't be in a hole cause... it's filled. I break the mold every single time I speak. A new part of me comes out. A new thing develops. A new attachment. I'm like a human voltron. Think about that.

    *points at Aiden with a smirk and walks towards him*

    I also want to congratulate you on sitting on the turnbuckle. Some impressive moves you got there, Aiden. But, there is something about you... that doesn't make sense. Do you... Do you have a brain? Cause it really seems like there is no communication between your mind and your body. It's like you are... dumb. I was gonna say the "R" word but in this day and age. People could say that's childish. We all know that, don't we? Only edgy people would cross into that area of ridicule. The same ridicule by calling my face only worth one million dollars, come on. It's worth MUCH MUCH more than that. Come on, what is your value? Oh right, you are the box of toys the kids get rid of when their family has a yard sale. That's how much you are, fifty cents. Probably not even that. You could say that those kids took that money and chased their dream like I did. My dream wasn't just to be successful in the movie business, it was to be the most successful man in IWT. And this is the beginning of that road cause whatever happens tonight, people should remember this is just the beginning of what I have in store. It's barely a concept. Just like Money In The Bank. Do you really think the ratings didn't drop when Dazzle and Nick won the briefcases? They dropped... they dropped hard like every word you say cause I don't think this crowd is hearing one bit of it. They want me... not you. They want Jwab vs. Nick. They want a new X-Division champ. These people don't want Aiden vs. Nick. What would that do for SummerSlam? That's right, nothing. The only way SummerSlam is going to be as good as the last PPV I was at, Elimination Chamber is if I'm walking out champ. I don't think you'll be walking out of this ring though after you told me about your ACL.... it'd be a shame if someone was to target it. How loyal would I be if I did whatever it took to make sure if I don't walk out number one contender, you don't either.

    *tilts his head in a questionable manner. He then gets closer to Aiden*

    Ahhh, well Aiden, you've taught me how to feel one thing today. You've taught me how to feel like Prince Charming cause whenever I look at you I see a disgusting and arrogant ogre. Might as well call you Shrek, *Laughs at his own joke* But, that doesn't really benefit us at all... that leads me to your interrogation. Your thirty questions that you asked me. It benefits this business cause it brings in the ratings. It brings in the crowd that watched me show that I was the dark horse in the Elimination Chamber back in February. That crowd was the best crowd. And at SummerSlam, I hope to bring back that crowd. A crowd that you don't know about cause let's face it, you are Mr. Dark Match. Maybe, you should take a walk and go join The Next Generation. They are always looking for recruits, you'd fit right in over there. It'll be more lively than this division after this tournament is done. It will always be the X Deadvision if I don't win this title. I'm the only guy that people hate so much, they'd all rally up just to get the title off of me, you know it, I know it. After this tourney is done, every single one of those men are gonna scatter into non existence. Hell, wasn't this supposed to be a triple threat? That's kind of sad isn't it. Ahhh, I think it's clear that it's time to fire the abomination known as Clobbersaurus. He's almost as big of a joke as Leo... and yourself. Well, you did call yourself a warrior but we all know your rocket ship just ran out of fuel cause the only warrior you remind me of is the one laying five feet underground. Maybe, you should go ask him for advice on how to wrestle cause you could learn alot just from him. *The crowd boos intensely* Let's get this straight, Aiden. This sunday at SummerSlam. I am going to reboot the X-Division cause it's time it greats a better look than ..... this. I'm going to give it prestige. I'm going to give it what it deserves. And it's gonna be great cause the X-Division will finally have that box office draw it was always meant to have. That professional look. But, remember this Aiden, it's strictly business.

    *tosses the mic and points at Aiden with a huge grin, he winks*

    OOC -
    I feel that I dropped some quote worthy lines in that shit. Great stuff, Butters. I hope to see alot more of you in the future. Same with Trevor and Forrest. But not the other two... fuck the other two. *raises Guardians mug* TO A GREAT MATCH.
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  10. Thank you for extending the time limit for us, Delik! That was awesome of you!

    And fantastic match, Jwab. May the best man win!
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  11. Good match and funny OOC's at the end.
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  12. @Delik - results? I need em to finalize the SS card
  13. Your winner, and #1 contender to the X Division Title... by an average of 8.388888889 to 7.777777778... Hollywood Jwab!!

    Full results here >>>
  14. Congrats @Hollywood Jwab !

    @Butters! - let me know ASAP if you would like to do something with anyone else at SummerSlam
  15. Great match! I feel disappointed by the amount of people that voted. I am pretty sure that Butters & I put alot of work into this.
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  16. I feel you on that bro, you guys deserved more. But hey if it means anything from me, you both deserve to be IWT Champ's in the near near future.
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  17. I didn't see the shout till it was too late, my bad the match was excellent and i am sad I missed a chance to vote it. you both did an awesome job :)
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  18. Fantastic Job to you, Jwab! I'm honored to have work with both you and trevor in this amazing tournament.

    @Trip in the Head, I won't be doing any matches this Pay Per View. :) I'm working on a few things but they won't be taking place at summerslam. Thank you for offering though!
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