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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT X Division Championship!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.



  2. Artist walks out wearing a "The New Generation" T-shirt. He makes his way down to mid ramp before spreading his arms wide and tilting his head back as pyro rains down. He rolls into the ring with a slight smirk before telling an assistant to give him a mic.

    Artist: Nick, You're truly one of the best today in the IWT. You've proven yourself in the IWT for months now. You won the X-Division championship, and the Money in the Bank briefcase. I respect you, I respect the fact that you're not only one of the best but you carry yourself like one. I'm not Aiden Ryan, I don't run around with a mental illness crying when no one holds my hand. I'm not Harriet Vargas, I don't sob and go into depression when I lose a big match. I'm not Dat Kid, I don't hang around the cool kids in a desperate effort to keep people from falling asleep during my matches. What I am is the man that stops and derails your train of gold tonight.

    Artist let's out a slight smile before running his head through his hair and continuing

    Artist: You may be the best the IWT can offer but even the best can't hang around for the future. You ran across the midcard and you're still here. You may have the the X-Deadvision championship around your waist and the soon to be useless World Heavyweight Title contract in your hand but the cold hard truth is you're not the material to please the main event. You're a quality worker, but you aren't a quality main eventer. I'm not saying I am, but the difference between you and me is that I've been doing what no one said I could do and that's face the very top of the barrel. I was at the time *Squints finger* this close and the cold hard truth is I could and would face Dat Kid again if he wasn't to busy stealing what he can't capture anymore. You've been doing what everyone said you shouldn't do and that's live in the bottomless pit known as the midcard. The reason why you're looked down upon is because people like Justin Magnus and that other guy who's never had an honest days good match in his life ruined your image, and you're standing idly by doing...nothing.

    Artist looks around before continuing.

    Artist: You ran around dressed as FTJ because I know, YOU know, and everyone else knows that you both have a lot in common. You both were one trick ponies on the way down the hill from day one. I climbed up the same hill you're slipping from. Me and my New Generation are on our path to the light above the mountain, while you're slipping into hell's inferno.

    Artist waits before saying.

    Ashes to ashes.
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  3. The crowd pops as the lights dim upon the first beat. Nick walks out with a spotlight on him, the crowd faintly chanting his name. He holds the money in the bank briefcase in his left hand and the X-Division championship around his waist. He is wearing black trunks, his t-shirt, and black boots. The crowd is now clapping along to the beat of the song as he goes up the stairs and hops over the rope, staring The Artist down. He walks to the corner, cockily smirking at him, and grabs a microphone.

    "Tonight, I have been made a happy man. Happy, because the Aiden Ryan vs Trevor showed up everyone else here! The X-Division only grows stronger, and that's proof... Orrr it would've been, but a few people decided to blow their match off and completely ruin it. And that ruined my happiness... It pissed me off, because I was finally thinking this title and it's competitors were gaining some credibility. But NO, someone always has to go and fuck things up! I can't carry this division for so long! And that makes me... angry. So I have no choice but to do what I've been doing since IWT Mania! Give this title an ounce of credibility, and save it! I decided to put my title on the line, against... well a most unworthy opponent."

    He pauses and smirks at Artist.

    "Every single time you come out, it's the same old schtick. I almost beat Dat Kid, I almost became world champion! Well guess what, almost doesn't cut it. And every single week, you have these different catch phrases and sayings. You were The Artist, then we were supposed to 'fear the reaper' and now all I ever hear out of your mouth is 'TNG'. You think this 'New Generation' of yours scares us? You think the fans care? Who is this New Generation? You constantly say it's on the rise, but is it really? You think you and Anonymous can win titles together when he always shows up late or never comes out, and leaves you humiliated? Let me tell you a story about Anonymous. Him and I were supposed to team, and he did this. He'd pop in, and then he was gone instantly. And the same fate awaits you. He will leave for the 14th time, leaving you alone once more. So this New Generation will never rise if it's just one man. It will just be squashed at the bottom of my boot."

    He pauses to a faint pop.

    "I've beaten you what, twice now? And all I've done is improve. I'm on a roll - the longest active winning streak in the IWT. I'm undefeated since February, and there's NO WAY I'm gonna let someone like you end my 6 month winning streak and title reign. You're damn right you respect me, but I don't respect you. Because you think you're so much better than you are - you think you're a leader, a future champion. What a joke."

    "You've got it all backwards. You've ALREADY slipped into hell's inferno... And I'm on the path to the light above the mountain."
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  4. Artist let's out a chuckle

    Artist: At least I can say that my one match against Dat Kid is better than every single one of your matches combined. Every week I come out to a different tone, they aren't catchphrases they're my objective in a nutshell. My objective is to simply crush the ones standing in the way of The New Generation, whether it be with Danny or another man it will crush what's in it's way, and what's in it's you. You're the target and the only fate awaiting me is that X-Division championship. That title is the light at the end of the tunnel on my path, while it's the first wave of heat of your eternal hell fire. Hell fire burns hotter on the ignorant and you're the doyen of the ignorant. You're so caught up in your own ego that you missed the cold hard statement where I clearly said, I don't think I am [A main eventer] either. You are on a roll and that's the truth but you've rolled your way into the greatest road block yet. How great would that moment be when Mr. Loser makes you his first victim on my way to the top?

    Artist Laughs

    Artist:'re own subversion force. The New Generation thought of taking you in training you with the best, that isn't Anonymous or I, and releasing you into the IWT with a new chip on your shoulder. Now, the only thing you'll have is a tube down your throat in a hospital bed because the only thing that's a joke around here is you thinking that you're helping the X-Deadvision get it's prestige back. You're not growing the division, you're destroying it. If it was on it's death bed then, it's dead in a grave of pity due to your representation of the class of athletes who run through here. I'm here to grow the X-Division and to clear it of the roadblocks and then to simply...destroy it. You may not respect me, but when you're looking up at the lights above and you see me victorious we'll see exactly where you are, Hell's inferno or the Mountain top?

    Artist drops the mic.
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    Nick lets out a deep breathe, angered.

    "Your matches with Kid... better than my matches?! I'm sure your 'good buddy' Roadster and his IWT Countdowns would disagree... after all I am on the greatest match list and you're of course, no where to be found. I'm not caught up in my ego - you are. We are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. I haven't lost in months, you haven't won in months. And changing the way you are every week will only make it worse - it's why it took me so long to get this championship. And I am growing this division. Don't think so? Look around you. Aiden Ryan, Trevor, Jwab, all creations of MY tournament, all products of MY X-Division. This Division is getting better every minute and you're not improving one bit. You're just gonna get left behind while all those you think you're better than ascend right past you."

    He paces around.

    "You consider yourself my greatest roadblock... which is why I beat you at Money in the Bank easily, right? Or back in February, to begin my winning streak? It's gonna be just like every other time. It's not time for your New Generation..."

    Nick pauses.

    "Because the current generation is still here."

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  6. I think Nick really did do a good job in this one.
  7. OOC: It'd be a huge shame if this doesn't get more votes. It's a fantastic match.
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  8. The tag hasn't been working on me, I voted anyway
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