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Have you voted in the Google Docs poll?

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    Go here to vote >>>

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


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  2. *The lights go out*

    *You see paparazzi flashing pics at the stage but you can't see behind them. The camera moves up the ramp and the paparazzi move to reveal the back of an actor's chair that says "The Jwab". Jwab gets up and the crowd pops as this is Jwab's first match back. Jwab makes his way down to the ring while the leeches get some more snapshots. Jwab rolls in the ring and gets up to his feet. Half the arena is booing. Half the arena is cheering. Like for any other IWT superstar on the roster. Jwab gets a mic from the ref and begins to speak*

    Hola mi amigos!! I just wanna talk ya know. Speak a little before I beat this little brit down. You see while I was filming the biggest box office movie of the year, may I add that we have earned over one hundred and sixty million dollars globally on our open weekend? EH!!?We also have the record for the biggest August weekend EVER. This pretty much tells you all, I don't need IWT to be successful... but I want to. I've been held back my whole life and acting is something that has opened up my true potential but there is one thing I thought would never happen... I would never think of a day that the phrase "X-Deadvision" would so literal. But, don't worry. I'm back to save it.

    The only reason Nick has held the X-Division title for this long is because there is no way one else in the division to challenge him. *Crowd boos and cheers for Harriet Vargas* Who? But, I've noticed... once Nick held this tournament and I was the first guy to join. Everyone followed. Trevor returned, Bruce is here, Aiden Ryan, and two other guys I don't even know. They aren't here for the X-Division title. They are here for me. They want pictures, autographs, and everything I am offering after the show. Ya dig? I bring the ratings.... I am IWT's big draw. The appeal and once I get done with Mr. Knight here, I'm finally going to be the guy that resurrects this dead vision and give it a new look.

    *Opponent's music hits*

    OOC - Had to take out some stuff due to some news I received but it'll all be in the 2nd promo.​
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  3. Unfamiliar music hits as the Fans expect Bruce Knight but instead, coming through the crowd, dancing with fans on his way to ringside, comes Leo Taylor. The fans, confused, decide to spur on his dancing as he makes his way over the barricade, strutting towards the Steel Steps. He Grabs a Microphone on his way and his gets onto one of the turnbuckles, shouting towards the crowd before jumping over the ropes and into the ring. He looks at Jwab and makes a camera sign with his fingers before relaxing on one of the ropes.

    "Mic Test, Introduction, Cameras please...Hola Amigos! I am Mr Variety, Leonardo Taylor, Movie star extraordinaire!"

    Leo begins to talk to himself, forgetting he has a microphone.
    I joke, I joke...just like Mr Jwab over here...Wait, He wasn't joking...Oh, I kinda forgot he thinks he's a big movie star....I know, It's funny to thi-Wait..."

    Leo notices his has the microphone and stops talking to himself.

    "Where was I? Okay, Jwab, I'm gonna explain something to ya right now, Bruce Knight kinda...maybe...did leave IWT before this match....said something about Australia or something. Anyway, Back on track...

    Jwab, Are you really a big draw? I mean, come on, You've been gone for a long time, even a newcomer like me knows you've been gone for a while...So, How are you the big draw? I mean, People like Nick, Harriet Vargas, Aiden Ryan and Justin Magnus have replaced ya....The X-Division is dead no more.
    Nick has out grown the division and he invited people to make a name for themselves, New and Old, by facing him to challenge for the Gold. Nick...Well, He's doing us all a favor here.

    You returned for one reason only, Jwab....Not because you wanted to....because you needed to...because you knew that this is your contingency plan should your Movie Career go down the gutter. This is your safehouse, your sanctuary...Your Safety Net."

    Leo takes a leap in front of Jwab.

    "Now, Senhor Jwab, Draw you sword and give me your best me that you can do more then talk the me that you can fight the fight."
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  4. *Jwab gives an expression of "the fuck is this". He seems generally confused before pacing around Leo and starts to talk towards the ramp while pointing at Leo.*

    WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! *Gives one high pitched WHOA* What is this? My agent promised me Bruce Knight. I'm supposed to be facing the man who main evented IWT Mania... not this.... this.... joke. I'm supposed to be the one THAT beat the one that beat Alias and Joey in the same knight. Get it? KNIGHT. The same person that should be out here right now. I was not scheduled to face a waste of a seed!

    *Jwab thinks about what Leo just said and he turns around to face him*

    My movie career.... going down the gutter? Do you not pay attention to current events?! You must not cause you name dropped that relic, Senhor. My movie, Protectors Of The Universe, just hit ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS WORLDWIDE. My movie holds the record for the largest opening weekend in August.... you must be dumber than a box of rocks.

    *Crowd boos Jwab*

    You know what.... I just got done filming a movie for TigersFence.... and one of my co-stars went by the name Forest Funkerson. You may know him... or not since you haven't been up to date on anything that's been going on. This movie was called Slaying Ground, in the movie, his character decides to lock me up on a roof and leave me for dead. I don't know why but you.... you remind me exactly of him. SPOILER ALERT, I beat his god damn head in and throw him into a moving car... followed by an explosion that destroys every Clot in the universe.

    *Jwab smiles at his achievement while the crowd boos him for getting caught up on talking about his movie*

    You see, you and him are going to have something in common after tonight and that is that Jwab, or Kit Death my character in the new hit movie Slaying Ground, stands while he watches you fall into an eternal slumber. Sounds awesome right? It must cause like I said before.... you are a joke. I feel ashamed to be standing in the same ring with you. *gets face to face with Leo* You are scum. You are just another fool is allowed into this company cause we can't keep this company at all time high. It's an all time low right now and people like you are what makes IWT look terrible to Forbes and Wall Street. You know what, I got something to say to not just you but your friend that let you out here, Bruce. You both have another thing in common. Bottom feeders. Hell, I never been to the main event. Neither has Aiden or Trevor. But you, FUCK YOU. I'm talking about Bruce, he was in the main event and now look at him, he entered this tournament just to get replaced by an even bigger background player. Feeding on whatever scraps fall down to his hole. What are you even supposed to be? A swashbuckler? A party monster? Just another Jwobber to jwob out to Jwab. You might as well quit while you are at it cause you know what they say, Don't be mad because I'm doing me better than you are doing you. You know who said that? My character, Star-King in the new movie Protectors of the Universe. Maybe you should go see it so you can understand what real talent is.

    OOC - I say we keep it to 2 promos broski.​
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  5. Leo mutters "Who's Senhor?" as he raises his microphone.

    "You know, It's funny, No one really gets me....I know, Maybe it's time to show him what I can really do....Yes, I know this is on...

    Jwab, I'm sorry that you, A "Movie Star", didn't get the match that he wanted....I'm sorry that Bruce Knight left the company, I'm sorry...that I can't give a damn about anything you say to me. Yes, I may as well be a Joke...But you need to understand the prime principle of acting....Entertaining people. I'm a Joker, Good, I'm putting smiles on the faces of the fans, something any man in this ring should be doing. Your getting Angry at me for your scheduled opponent leaving before his contract was due? Why don't you go take it up with man himself, huh? You're acting all high and mighty for a man who lost a match at IWT-Mania then left only to return and proclaim himself to be a "drop draw".

    Leo gains a pop for his speech.

    "You see, You can go on a pick on me for doing something I love...You can push me around, you can taunt me, call me names but you see here, Jwab...I don't care...I'll still be standing here after this match, win or lose...because I will never take the words of a sore loser like you to heart, no matter what position you are or no matter what you do, I will never follow what you say or do.

    I'm sorry for not going to see or even hearing of your movie, Jwab...because I couldn't care. You see, I'm too busy to go out and watch some movie staring a former IWT, I'm working house shows, working Indy Events, I'm working to earn my keep, I'm working to entertain people in MY profession while your trying to return to one your not cut out for....You should of stayed in Hollywood.

    Jwab, I've worked damn hard to replace the void left by Knight today and you can go ahead and ignore my efforts, do anything you want but...There is no damn way that Leonardo Taylor is letting you get to the next round....There is no way in hell that I am stepping down from this challenge....

    I am Leonardo Taylor...and I live to entertain people....I am the brightness in their day....and I am the man that will proceed to the next round of the X-Division Tournament!"

    Leo drops his microphone, angered by Jwab's response, as he and Jwab begin to Brawl around the ring, leading to outside of the ring.
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  6. we going for more or voting?
  7. Voting.
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  8. why has it gone back to consiceness?
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  9. Oops, used an old template, sec.
  10. @THG? deleted your vote, vote again :obama:

    All fixed now
  11. Only 6 people voted? whaaat
  12. Poll says its open until this afternoon. I'll get my vote in eventually.
  13. @Hollywood Jwab - "Protectors of the Universe" and Star "King" - not too obvious on that one bud lol. Nice job on the titantron video btw. Best of the Cure and the Church huh?
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  14. Kid made it.
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  15. @Delik , Result time? The poll has expried so I guess it's time for results.
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  16. Your winner, with an average of 8.303030303 to 6.878787879... Hollywood Jwab!!

    Full results here >>>
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  17. Congratssss jwab
  18. It's supposed to be a rip-off of Guardians. I made a thread with the poster. Dat Kid made that godly titantron.

    Thank you
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