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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. OOC: Whoops. Forgot this match. I'm currently on vacation and I forgot to contact Trip to change my match date. If it can be moved to when I get back on Friday, that would be appreciated. If not, I'll call forfeit.
  3. What about Failface? Him too.
  4. Oh so this is where the time limit came from. Ok, didn't know that
  5. >doesn't allow the match to be on Friday
    >allows HHJ almost till Saturday to cut a promo

    makes sense, really.
  6. Mmmm, especially since I was the one who said no about a Friday match and @Delik set the deadline on the timer I didn't know about
  7. From the other thread:

    This isn't a postponement of the match though, if HHJ had already been online he would have won once he cut a promo. Just because he hasn't logged on it doesn't mean Fail should get a chance also, he was the one who backed out.

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  8. Lol I haven't been on here in ages and if I have it accidentally clicked on the link but I'll cut a promo anyways just cuse.

    *Clobersarus comes out wearing his attire and runs to the ring and slides in*

    "It's time for another puny piece of trash to become a victim of the Big Dawg, Clobersarus! that's me I smoked a blunt before I came out here and I think that it's time I take the gloves off and just destroy my opponents instead of showing the slightest bit of mercy."

    *Clobersarus laughs*

    "So consider this a warning Failface for you are my first victim for I am the brawn of the DWT and now I am ready to climb up the mountain, first I'm starting at the bottom with you, and I promise you I will destroy you. So if I was you I'd have the morgue nearby and a casket next to the ring because I am going to eviscerate your very being, Consider this a warning to all of my future competitors because I am only focusing on one thing and that's my climb to the top and I am pushing anybody that tries to pull me down off the mountain of success"

    *Sarus jumps over the top rope out of the ring and heads to the back*
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  9. :dafuq:

    Why were you even in a match then.

    What in the actual fuck is going on.
  10. Pay attention fgt, I won the match. #Jonofail
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  11. wat
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  12. He signed up.
  13. I don't know but you gotta chill the fuck out.
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  14. 071a11929338c1df01a9ac1e615b5a17.png
  15. It's not just this match, it's a lot of things on this show.

    @Trip in the Head you can deal with this I'm off.
  16. Forrest lost against Jwab, correct? So, make Trevor vs. Forrest, winner advances to the title match.
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