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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.



  2. fog begins to smoke the rampway as static scribbles the titantron, and squeaks the arena with it's irritating sounds.

    The Music then begins as Aiden Ryan is shown approaching the stage, The Camera zooms in on his interesting attire. Dark navy jeans, teared at the knee caps, a spiked belt undone at the buckle, Singlet torn into a skull template and a leather hoodie masking him. Leather gloves with his fingers just poking out, to his left hand a metal baseball bat is displayed, on his right nothing but his fist clenched.

    Unclenching his hand he then brushes the hood off of his head and reveals his face which is to be covered by a skull mouth mask and a new hair color which is as dark as a raven's wing. Slowly approaching the the ring he looks around at the arena which seems to be silent.

    Using his left knee as levage he jumps upon the apron and hooks his fingers around the middle rope. With his free hand he then slides the baseball bat into the ring and follow suits by crawling under the bottom rope. With the camera zooming out all is shown is Aiden Ryan presented on his knee's, his eyes shifting back and forth in a slow yet tormented way.

    Within minutes he receives a microphone to which now he is standing, microphone in right hand, his right hand vacant he slowly moves that free hand towards his mask and slides it down slowly, The mask falls around his neck and hangs there like a scarf as Aiden then lifts the microphone up and begins to speak.

    "Tonight, I finally get to show each and every one of you exactly what I am fighting against. The reason as to why I am so biter, disgusted, repulsed by all of you."

    Aiden points directly at the fans, circling around the ring making sure he targets each and every single one of them.

    "You all applaud the returning stars and give them the confidence that they can walk right into my division and place themselves in a number one contendership tournament, You encourage them to steal from others and take what isn't theirs because you know that you all couldn't stand to see a new star rise up to the occasion, You know that Aiden Ryan is the future of this company and yet you all sit there and applaud Jwab's new movie, You applaud Trevor returning back, you applaud Justin Magnus' Poor attempt to be relevant."

    The Audience then begins to boo an irritated Aiden.

    "You applaud Nick and his historic reign as X Division champion, yet he sits on that championship like it's his throne. Like it's his safety blanket. And quite frankly who better then to knock him off his high horse then a talent who has been here since February. who had dedicated his time and effort into this division that had died when Alias cashed in at Mania."

    He Shrugs as he looks around at the attendants who are throwing negative comments towards him.

    "I've been holding this division far more graceful then our champion, I've been working on my craft and I've been improving week after week to show THEM that I deserve this, This is my moment. "

    "And Trevor, I'm not going to allow you to take this opportunity from me. This is my time to shine and just because our GM waves a a meaty bone like that X division championship in your face doesn't give you the right to come looking to mark your territory in my yard... Heh and if you don't lay down like a good bitch, then I'm going to have to make sure I take you to the pound and get you that injection so you can easily fall asleep and never wake up. "

    "So, Come here, Boy! We're going to take a visit down whoopyoass alley."

    Aiden Ryan lowers the microphone and leans his body up against the ropes. Resting his left foot on the bottom rope and tilting his head to the side, he then awaits for the arrival of his opponent.​
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    The arena goes dark and a familiar video begins to play on the screen and ambient music fills the arena. The entire crowd begins to cheer and anticipate the return. The screen then goes dark and the light stay out.

    The bass line from N.I.B begins to play as the lights are still out and the crowd roars. The guitar kicks in and the lights flash on and Trevor Raynor struts his way out from the curtain with a microphone in his hand. He's wearing a big furry jacket and rhinestone studded tights. (John Morrison hint hint) Trevor Raynor continues to walk down the ramp pointing and winking to members of the crowd and admiring himself. Raynor slides into the ring and smiles at Aiden Ryan and paces back and fourth as the music and crowd dies down. Raynor stops for a moment and looks right at Aiden Ryan and holds the microphone up to talk.

    Y'now Aiden, I can't imagine how bad that must of made you feel when I made my entrance just now. All the cheers, all the chants, all the women screaming my name. It must have been torture. The fact that I've been in this company for a mere 2 weeks and I get my first match in an X-Division #1 Contenders tournament just eats you up inside. I'm sure that it keeps you up at night just wondering what the hell you did wrong to be put at the same level as a guy that simply just walked into IWT. To be honest it makes me happy knowing that I keep you up at night. I get a laugh out of knowing that by just being me, I can dismantle another man's mind. Aiden Ryan, you are weak. You need to understand the fact that you're just not one of the popular kids. You hide behind your leather jackets and your baseball bat. It's your protection, it makes you look tough. I know that it makes you feel good, invincible even. But the way I see it, the way you wear that ridiculous gettup is a lot like a kid hides under his blankets at night. Except instead of hiding from the boogeymen man, you're hiding from you true self. And your true self, is a coward.

    Trevor Raynor stops for a moment and looks out at all the fans cheering for him, and seems to come to some sort of realization and then begins to speak again.

    You want everyone to cheer you Aiden? Guys like me and Jwab get cheered, not because of our work in the business or our accomplishments and accolades, but because we have charisma and swagger. You came out here tonight looking like Jason Vorhees. looking like you're about to go trick or treating. Just look at yourself man. The fans don't cheer you Aiden Ryan because you're a FREAK. Right now Aiden, I'm trying to do you a favor. I came out here to help you realize that everyone is laughing at you. So when you want people to take you seriously, loose the Halloween Costume and stop trying so hard to be in with the cool kids. I wouldn't want you to have anymore sleepless nights.

    Trevor Raynor lowers the microphone to his side and backs into the corner of the ring and rests his elbows the ropes and waits for Aiden Ryan's response.

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  4. Aiden Ryan pushes himself off the ropes and takes a pace up and down the ring before stopping. He looks at Trevor who has almost cut a nerve in Aiden Ryan's heart as the audience then begins to erupt with degrading chants, His one beloved fanbase has now turned on him... He has no one.


    The Audience thunders the arena with chants as Aiden looks around, heartbroken, mind bottled, lonely. Normally we'd see tears slightly down the cheek of Aiden but the look in his eyes almost look numb. paralyzed, but the hint of pain still reflects from his smile which is broken.

    Looking back at Trevor he lifts up the microphone and shuts off his emotions the best he can.

    "It's ironic that you, my dear rookie, have created this label about me by the impression you get by the fans, This perception of me being this "Freak." couldn't be any further from the truth, You see Trevor. I am a bearer of good news, I am here to show all these people that are blind to the truth that people like you don't deserve the success that's handed towards them, Because people like you set up bad examples, you are a disgusting example and the only reason you are out here competing in MY ring is not because you earned the spot... It's because you're a fill in. You are the man they call when they have no one else to place in. You're an extra... And if you're not quite sure what that means go ask Hollywood Jwab what an extra is because I'm sure he has been casted an extra multiple times."

    The Camera zooms in towards Aiden Ryan's free hand which is twicthing in a werid movement. ​

    "People like you radiate off confidence, you're cocky, you have this mentality that you feel you are made of marble, you can't break. No one can break you.... and my dear friend, I'm afraid i'm going to have to chisel that confidence right out of you're numb fucking brain.

    I'm going to show you exactly what it feels like to be a failure infront of all your peers, infront of everyone that loves you. so then you feel the pain that I do whenever people like you, pathetic, useless, fake-tanned, fake smiled, blood sucking, assholes... like you try to take something that's not theirs. This movie script isn't going to end according to plan, you're going to perish and I'm going to get everything I've ever wanted. I'm going to gain the success while you gain sympathy for your lack of commitment, and dedication to this company. I'm going to destroy you, and everything you stand for. Everyone who once loved you will look at you, and laugh."

    Aiden Ryan walks closer towards Trevor, his eyes filled with anger but yet a calming anger that comes across as creepy.

    "Because they will realize their lovable catch is nothing more then a flop, a fluke, an extra. Underneath all that star quality... lies a very ugly man who will wake up one morning and realize the "FREAK" took everything away from him."

    Aiden Lowers the microphone, his teeth slightly show through his sadistic smile as he stands face to face with Trevor.

    He places his free hand on the rope beside the corner Trevor is in and mouths.
    "I'm about to fuck your world up, bud."

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    Not quite sure if we will be able to do three promos, I want to. Would it be accepted if we were to ask for a time extend?

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    Trevor Raynor backs away from Aiden Ryan and chuckles a bit nervously. He backs into the opposite corner from Aiden Ryan and raises the mic to his mouth...

    Ok Aiden, a lot of what you said about me is true. Cockiness is just what makes me who I am. If I don't think the highest of myself, how am I supposed to become what I want to be? If I said that I'm not the business in this business, how am I supposed to become the best in this business? I'm not going to bow down to every god damned wrestler in IWT and kiss their boots because I'm a rookie right off the streets and they've been here since day one busting their ass. I'm here to beat the best and be the best and I don't give a damn who's been here longer. Being humble and kissing ass isn't how I want to earn my place in IWT. So don't expect me to get on my hands and knees in your so called ring and tell you that I respect your work and your efforts because, I don't. You haven't done one thing yet to earn my respect.

    Something you don't understand Aiden Ryan is that you think that I was handed the opportunity to be in this match by some sort of miracle, some fluke. I want you to think about something Aiden, You say I haven't done a damn thing in this company and yet they're putting you with me in this tournament. That must be some company huh? The one you care about so much, is putting you at the same level as an "extra". Do you understand now? If remember right, one thing you called me was a "Fill-In" and your one hundred percent right about that. I'm YOUR Fill-In. They're setting me up to take your spot in the aforementioned ladder of success. The IWT Universe is done with you. Aiden Ryan is out and Trevor Raynor is in. Your era of success in this company is ticking away. The new talent will rise and you will fall. And it's a long way down off the ladder Aiden Ryan. You said it yourself.

    Trevor Raynor takes a few steps towards Aiden Ryan in confidence, looking very determined and as serious as he's ever been.

    Aiden Ryan you say I think I'm made out of marble. Well, not only do I think I'm made out of marble, but think I'm a artistic masterpiece sculpted by the hands of Michelangelo and I think I'm proving right now that I'm just that. You want to chisel the confidence out of Aiden me? If you did that then I'd just be a pile of pebbles. And I know that. But the fact is you will never come close to chipping anything off me. Because I'm in one world and your in another. You want to fuck up my world? Well you're nowhere near it. Your world is in the past and mine is in the future. And you will always remain in the past Aiden. Because in the past you were something. People gave a damn about you back then. Fans cheered for you and you loved it but, those days are over. The fans are all on my side now and now that they're living in Trevor Raynor's world, they're leaving yours in the dust. And there's not a damn thing you can do about it now.

    Raynor lowers the microphone to his side and steps back into the corner. He doesn't relax, he keeps tense and awaits for a response from Aiden Ryan.

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    I'm down for 3 promos. I can do another tonight if you can do yours in the next couple of hours

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  6. Aiden's smile grows abit brighter.
    "Oh Yeah?"
    Aiden Mouths nodding as he glares down the confident talent before him.
    Lifting the microphone back up to his mouth the audience begins to boo him, causing him to lower the microphone back down and glance at the attendants who are trying to motivate the man his against.

    Lifting his microphone up.

    "You blind, Homes? You're mistaken. No one has given a damn about me in this company, I've been a lone wolf since the beginning. Do not get The Order Of The Night saving me from my past taken in that context. The only thing they did for me is lift me on my feet, slap me on my ass and put me back on the market as one of IWT's hottest talents. Ain't Nobody here gonna have my back, the only man who's gonna have Aiden's back is the man I look at in the mirror every single day... Because I GOT ME HERE, I stood MY ground at Money In The Bank. I did it for MYSELF, by MYSELF, And ain't no motherfucker got the right to say otherwise. I've been holding this division together for months, And i'm not doing it for anyone's damn respect, I'm doing it for those who get pushed around in every single wrestling promotion. Those who work their asses off and receive nothing because they are not "Popular" enough. Those who are considered jobbers or not good enough to main event because they don't want to lose their precious history created by those who have already proven their self worth, these so called "legends.". One thing you gotta realize is that even if you are to be the future of this company, you're going to end up the same way I am now. You're going to expect everything handed to you and receive nothing because you are not proving your dominant behavior, you're not giving your 100% . You're only being placed in a match with someone who has been kicking ass since his return to the ring, and if you think by beating me is going to do you any favors in this industry you are sadly mistaken, Pal. "

    Aiden picks up his mask that is left on the mat, and looks at Trevor with a smirk.

    "One, You will not beat me, and two. This ain't christmas. They ain't gonna be like "Here, You want a title shot? Catch bitch!"

    Aiden Throws his mask to the audience as fans desperately attempt to retrieve it.
    Looking back at Trevor he then shrugs.

    " So use your confidence to get to where you think it will get you, but trust and believe that it won't get you a championship match. The only thing you'll get is being on the cover of some cheap magazine read by horny married women who aren't satisfied with their husbands. You'll be just like what Jwab will be... A piece of meat to be displayed.
    "If you're truly Michelangelo's modern art, then why do you remind me of something The Artist would create? A failure, A reject of life, A pathetic excuse of a masterpiece. Every statue can break. all it takes is one push of a finger to see you tumble all... the way.... down. and whilst you lay there with your blood which will resemble pebbles of your marble, I will kick the remaining pieces into the audience and watch them break as well as their new beloved has become their newly disappointment. You're heart will feel a sense of void, you're mind will be shattered and your mental state will forever be violated because there is nothing more prettier then seeing someone's art work... get demolished. "

    Aiden drops the microphone by his foot and lifts his right hand up slowly, He then begins to play the piano in the air with he's right hand.

    OOC (open)
    Three Promo's FUCK YEAH!!!!!! Loved this match, Trevor! The audience in my head will be chanting "One More Match" for sure.

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    After watching and listening to everything Aiden Ryan had to say intently, Trevor Raynor brings his microphone back up to his mouth looking determined and almost angry.

    Aiden Ryan I will never end up like you. You think that because I'm so confident that I will expect everything handed to me? I didn't necessarily earn my spot in this tournament that is true. I also never expected it. I was put in this match because everyone behind that curtain knows that I have what it takes to make it in the X-Division. There's nothing in the book right now that says it but, it's a well known fact. Trevor Raynor was a household name before I even came to IWT. I may not have paid my dues in the wrestling business but I sure as hell proved that I have the charisma to succeed when I was breaking box office records on the silver screen. I'm not turning my back on the people that made me a success like you did, no way in hell.

    To me it seems like you think this match means nothing for my career. Beating you is everything. By beating you I back up what I've been saying the past 2 weeks and what I've said tonight and that I'm not just some ego crazed hotshot. Nobody thought that I was going to be anything in IWT. This match is were I prove I'm much more then just a comedic failure. (RIP BG KUMBI) Simply put, I prove I'm not all just talk. The hype is real my friend.

    And maybe this marble statue will fall and break into a million pieces. But at least I went for it. That's what Trevor Raynor is all about baby, shooting for the top. I've said it before and I'll say it again, i'm all about confidence. Although, I think you, Aiden Ryan, possess the most confidence of all. Your ego is so big that it's scary. I don't think that I possess an ego. I simply believe in my myself and that I have the skill, passion, and the determination to win. You believe that you can't lose, that you're invincible. That's why I'll never end up like you Aiden Ryan. If I lose this match it will be hard fought match and I know that I put 100% of everything that I had into it. If you lose you will realize that you just lost to the man that you stated you will beat as a fact, it'll be the end of the world. And how will anyone ever take you seriously again? You have a lot of talk riding on this match. That's why I want to win so badly Aiden, so I can shut you up and expose you for the fool you are.

    So why do you want to win so badly Aiden? You say you're doing it for the jobbers and the unknown wrestlers who would kill to be in mine or your position. But I think that's a lie. I don't even think you're trying to win. I believe that you're trying to not lose. Losing to me would be an embarrassment. I think behind that big ego is a man who is scared shitless of losing to me. I'm betting on that by the end of all this, the marble statue will be standing tall and proud. Just as the statue of David looks towards the city of Rome, mine looks toward the X-Division championship and beyond. I believe this match will remembered as Trevor Raynor's first step up the ladder of success, and Aiden Ryan will be remembered as the bottom step on that ladder, the one that broke off as Trevor Raynor stepped off of it and continued to climb up and up and up.

    Trevor Raynor tosses the microphone over his shoulder and then steps out of the ring and walks backwards up the ramp shouting insults to Aiden Ryan and smiling. The crowd keeps cheering as he turns around and walks through the curtain.
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  8. @Delik We're done! :) Can you open voting? :)
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  9. Holy shit, now here's a match. Title holders being shown up by lower card talent. Nice guys.
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  10. So much vinegar
  11. Nevermind vinegar, vote. :tough:
  12. Did you have this list saved somewhere? Seems like a lot of names to remember
  13. Thanks for the compliments. This was an awesome match to be apart of and I know for sure there will be a rematch down the line, Both of our characters meshed well.
  14. Pretty amazing match to be honest. Up there with the Nick/Majour matches. Both promoers were on a complete different level. Good job.
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  15. So good. Really tough to vote.
  16. I hope that it's somehow a tie and it's Jwab vs. Trevor vs. Butters.
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