Voting IWT X Division weekend: Pain vs Reagan

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Who won?

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  1. The Pain

  2. Reagan Cole

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The Pain(@NeoPHX) vs Naked Snake Reagan(@The ReagMaster)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.
    Any faggot trying to post they're asleep will be kicked in the balls.

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  2. OOC: i feel Honored to know I was the Replacement for Naked Snake

    *Reagan walks out looking really pissed off as he walks down to the ring as the Crowd Boos Him but Reagan just Shakes his Head as he Slides into the Ring and takes a Microphone*
    Reagan: so let me get this Straight.....i have been put in a Tournament with Lots of Jobbers to get a Chance at the X-Division Title which wouldn't of happened if Aiden Ryan didn't get pinned because i had that Win until that Asshole Kicked me in the Face and Knocked me out,then Alias wouldn't of Cashed in his Shot against Bruce and Fail like he did and this Title wouldn't be on the Line would it?so now we Have Harriet Vargas against Nick but why? Harriet Lost her Shot by getting Defeated by Nick how does it make sense that she gets a Second Shot and i'm Stuck in this Tournament for a Shot for MY doesn't make sense at All i mean Nick doesn't even Deserve it who did he win against? a Rich Snob who didn't even show up,A Nobody is also in this Tournament and a Person who talks a lot more than A Normal person Should and Harriet who i have already Mentioned.....if anything Delik should walk down that ramp and Give me My Championship but instead they Put me in a Tournament with More Nobodys,there are two People in this Tournament who HAVEN'T HAD A MATCH! of them I HAVE to Face and the Other one Pathetic Aiden Ryan has To Face,i mean why is Aiden Ryan In this Tournament i mean i keep saying he should go to a Clinic but he Keeps coming back he is like a Fly i try to Swat it away but it Keeps Coming back and Fighting Doctors? honestly that's Weak even for him anyway now i have to let the Guy come down and say the Generic Things like "I Have Dominated everyone in my Path and Tonight will be no Diffrent" "i'm the Best Wrestler Ever" "i am a Future X-Division Champion" and you Stupid People will Cheer because he Likes You and you People will Chant his Name because Delik likes to Put that into your Little Brain of Who to Cheer and Who to Boo so COME ON Down Pathetic "Superstar"
    *Reagan Leans against the Ropes Waiting For Brandon Pain*
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  3. * The camera shows backstage with Justin Magnus and @FailFaceFTW *

    FailFaceFTW: Did he just call the rest of the tournament a bunch of jobbers?
    Justin Magnus: Yep, wanna go out and cost him the match?
    FailFaceFTW: Nah, pick your moments, he's a jobber himself, he'll lose the match in dear time.
    Justin Magnus: Whatever you say man, speaking of that, how in the hell am I supposed to carry someone like him through our #1 Contender's Match, hell, he even cost us a dark match against a 90's porn star and a drug addict!

    * The camera cuts back to the match *
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  4. *lights dim and they start to flicker*

    (starts at 0:13)
    *Pain starts to slowly walk down the ramp, looking at Reagan with a sly grin on his face, he has a Mic in his hands, he enters the ring, walks right up to Reagan, and walks right past him and climbs the turnbuckle, and sits at the top as the music fades out*

    "Reagan Cole...."
    *he says looking around the sold out arena as they boo*
    "Wow, they really don't like you"
    *he says with a chuckle*
    "But hey, you know what, I like you..."
    *he says earning another loud boo*
    "In fact, the only thing you've done right since joining IWT was getting rid of that deadweight team mate of yours, and I for one applaud the initiative. Heck it was entertaining!"
    *crowd boos*
    "And I completely agree with you, you shouldn't be in this tournament. Hell, you shouldn't even be in this company. But then again, who would debutants beat if you weren't here."

    *Pain gets down from the turnbuckle and walks up right to Reagan
    "See Cole, these people aren't boo'ing you because of what you did to your team mate, they boo you because you're boring, you're stale and wait for it.... a whiny little bitch. Making excuses, claiming things that aren't yours to begin with, I mean 'YOUR Title?'"
    *Pain chuckles*
    "Even you can't be buying the shit you're selling. The fact is Cole, all you'll ever be is a bump, a small road bump people have to go through to get to the next person, you're not a rung on a ladder, you're not on the ladder. You're a stepping stone, a footnote, a very sad limerick. And rest assured I WILL. Go. Through. You."
    *crowd pops*

    EDIT: just fixed a typo
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  5. *Reagan is Banging his Head against the TurnBuckle*
    Reagan: sorry,i was trying to keep myself Awake because you was being the Generic Guy i Expected to Walk out Here and try to Promo Against me and Try to befriend me just for the Brutal Betrayal which i am so Heart Broken By.....NOPE!..but i will fix one of your so Called "Facts" i have Not Deserted my Tag Team Partner hell we even Have a Number 1 Contenders Match at Extreme Rules but Where are you on that Card? have you made a Impact like i did when I Debuted don't think so but Whatever and here's the Thing that Separates me and You,you will probably Quit IWT after a Couple of Months Being Unused whilst i...will be here getting PPV matches Every Month because I am The Best this Company has to Offer and i Don't Care that these Fans "Really don't like me" because i have said once and i will say it again they don't Recognize Perfection that is me actually the Only People who Appreciate my Greatness is.......The Smarks and The Internet Nerds! i'm kidding they are Assholes behind a Computer and they are Just the Opposite of IWT Fans,they Boo the Faces and Cheer the Heels so they are Still Hypocritical Jackasses(OOC: i'm Making fun of my kind #HeelHeat) but Enough Registering their Existence i just want to say what Impactful Catchphrases you have there I WILL. Go. Through. You. Wow What a Catchphrases! Brilliant but one Problem You Can Not Go Through me because i'm the Next X Division Champion! oh and since we are Talking Catchphrases i will say the Best one and That is The COLE WAY!
    *Reagan Leans Against the Ropes then he walks out of the Ring and Grabs A Chair and Sits in it next to the Commentators where he Starts a Conversation with the Heel Commentator*
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    *Shakes his head and chuckles as Reagan walks out of the ring*
    "Reagan, are you sure you want to waste those few brain cells you have left on a turnbuckle? I mean, for most people its a bad thing to lose a few cells but for you, it could be catastrophic"

    "You see Reagan, the thing is, if 3 months from now, If I was in your position I'd probably up and quit, If you think I would be jobbing for every debutant that walked through those curtains then you're more of an idiot than I thought was possible, but here's the deal though, I am not like you, I will succeed, I will win this tournament and take that title from whoever the champion is, it can be Harriet or Nick and honestly I don't care who I face, oh and speaking of tournaments, didn't you face a debutant the last tourney? Harriet right? Now I forget, but what happened in that match? Oh thats right, you got your ass whooped, 'the cole way'."
    "You are right, we're not like eachother, I'm no jobber and I sure as hell wont bury myself."
    *walks over to the ropes and stares Reagan Down*
    "Oh and before I forget, Reagan, that wasn't a catchphrase, that was a fact. That wasn't a threat, it was a promise."
    *turns around and starts walking around the ring*
    "But you know I get it, I am charismatic enough where everything I say may seem catchphrase worthy to a mute button specialist like you, now I don't have catchphrases, I don't use my name and make it sounds like a terrible 80's cop show. Everything I have to say, I do it in this ring and that's exactly what I am going to do right now
    *walks back to the apron and stares Reagan down leaning over the ropes*
    Since you're already there Cole, get comfortable on commentary, because once this is over, all you'll be able to do is sit right there and watch me win MY matches, raise MY championships and leave MY legacy, and commentate and recall that you, of all people, were lucky enough to be my first opponent, no, to be my first victim."
    "So while you are still able to walk and use those toothpicks you call legs, get in here and lets fight"
    *throws the mic down*

    EDIT: typo, damn phone!
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    *Reagan is Laughing at Brandon as he gets out of his Chair and Enters the Ring*
    Reagan: so Funny....Burying myself? Masters Don't Bury themselves they only Bury their Opponents which is going to happen in this Ring.....when i pin you 1,2,3....1,2,3....1,2,3
    *Reagan slowly walks around Brandon trying to get into his Brain by Repeating the words "1,2,3" when Reagan quickly Trips Brandon up as The Bell Rings*
    OOC: @Delik @12345 OPEN THE VOTING!
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  8. OOC: Same Bro,GG
  9. Shadow's done it. I can't edit other peoples posts.
  10. ah,i see
  11. Well done to both of you. I gave my vote to The Pain as I felt he had the better edge and overall, gave the strongest promos.
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  12. I'M TOTALLY WINNING RIGHT NOW! It's Opposite Day! So the Jokes on all of you!
  13. Your winner by 12 votes to 2... The Pain!
  14. *As his hand is raised in victory he holds on to the ropes to Reagan gets back up, Pain then offers him his hand, the crowd goes silent in anticipation*
    OOC: That was awesome, I can't wait for my next match already!
  15. *Reagan Smiles and Shakes Pain's hand then he mouths to Pain "now go win that Triple Threat You Deserve it" but as soon as Pain's back is Turned,Reagan Low Blows Pain then he runs off the Ropes and Delivers a Super Kick(Signature) to Pain then he Climbs The Turn Buckle and Stares at Pains Body then he Delivers his Finisher The Queens cross(flying headbutt) and he puts one foot on Pain's lifeless body and counts with his hand 1,2,3 as the Show goes to a break
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