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    The following contest is a ladder match for the IWT X-Treme Championship!

    (@Ovalhead ) Lee vs Bruce Knight (@Forrest )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here

    -Pictures, videos, and gifs are all ALLOWED as this is an anything goes type match.

    -Promos will begin when the first promo of the round is posted on a first come first serve basis. Each participant gets ONE promo (and only one) per round. Promo period will be open for
    16 hours.

    -Voting will then last for
    12 hours after the last promo is posted. We in creative will keep track of the average score of each participant as the rounds continue.

    -This pattern continues until one participant's round totals reach a pre-decided number, the equivalent of making it to the top of the ladder and grabbing the belt first. We do not want to announce the target score for winning publicly to avoid influencing any votes in the rounds.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


    OOC: Sorry for the delay in the match thread guys. Blame Jono.
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  4. As 'Fast Fuse' plays throughout the arena, out comes Bruce Knight, wearing a leather jacket and a pair of shades as he runs out onto the stage, the crowd cheering as he stops and looks around. He then walks down to the ring before getting on the apron and pointing towards the title hanging above the ring. He takes his Jacket and glasses off and passes them to the referee before taking a Microphone.

    "Y'know, There's no need for introductions, Lee...They all know who we are...You're the IWT X-Treme Chamion AND 2015 Royal Rumble winner, Lee...and they all know who I am...A Former IWT Champion and 2014's Royal Rumble...And Tonight, In this Ladder match, I will be taking that title off of you...either the easy way...or through the hard way...and Lee, I expect a hard challenge from you...which is why I'm prepared for this match...I'm prepared to climb up one of these ladders and to grab that belt from where it's held...and I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to kickstart my career.

    Now, You might be wondering why I'm starting my career back in IWT by going after the X-Treme title, A belt that isn't considered as...prestigious...but I decided to after it because I view it as a means to get me back to where I once was...Winning this match will take me one step further onto gaining the momentum, respect and pride I had following IWTMania last year...and this match provides me with a two opportunities to do that...the first will be beating a man who is scheduled for IWTMania 3's main event...and the second is taking his title from him a month before he enters the most important match in his career...and what better training it is Lee to be facing a former IWT Rumble Winner and the man to have been successful at last years IWTMania? Sure, My career was on a downfall once Joey Bryant defeated me but that is simply an error which WILL be corrected...this is not only a battle between two IWT Rumble Winners...This a Battle for Wales...The Battle of the Welshmen...The Welsh Crusader...versus The X-Treme champion...and Lee, I'm sure you've heard it before but I'm going to say it again for everyone in the arena...I am no longer the Underdog...I am the Welsh Crusader...and I...WILL NOT...YIELD!"

    Knight drops the microphone as he awaits Lee, leaning against the turnbuckle as he does so.

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  5. (Theme starts at 0:50)
    *Lord Lee comes through the curtain at 1:05 into the song, his X-Treme belt perfectly positioned around his waist. He is of course wearing his trademark "BeLEEve" shirt. He looks to the ceiling and aggressively claps his hands before strolling down the ramp. He clicks his wrists in anticipation and he walks up the steps, he goes into the ring and is handed a mic by the ref. He stares down Bruce intensely, but has a slight smirk on his face*​

    Oh Knight..My poor broken soul, the IWT Universe does not know who the Bruce Knight in front of me is. Sure, they know they guy who won a Royal Rumble and two IWT Title matches in one Mania.. but this current Knight is still an unknown entity. Does he have the drive, the passion, the FIGHT that the Bruce I once knew had back last Mania? We'll see tonight. ​

    But regardless of that burning question.. I am quite frankly repulsed to see you parading your 'Welsh-ness' as a means of identifying yourself in IWT. I'm also disgusted that, especially in the IWT, you put Wales anywhere near 'Crusade', have you forgotten that the term vaguely refers to an old stable ran by Adam Hawk?? But hey, we all make mistakes. Such mistakes as you challenging me for this belt after a lengthy absence. Hell, why not warm-up first, participate in a few dark matches with the lower-card perhaps. By rushing in to a big match instead of undertaking the logical method I just proposed, you're dragging your rusty behind right back into a danger-zone in which you're only destined to allow yourself to get dominated and subsequently humiliated! You say you're prepared though, so I have to assume you mean mentally prepared..but in reality you'll NEVER be mentally prepared to face me.​

    Your 15 minutes of fame was gone looong ago but now you return wanting a top-up of the satisfaction your first 15 gave you. It hurts me to see you claw so desperately to get it back, it always makes me cringe seeing someone who once had success, even if that success is brief, fall so far down in the pecking order. Listen Bruce, how's about you feud with Michael a little, you get a few cheeky wins and maybe you can come for this belt again when I someday drop it? Sound good? Thought so.​

    *Lee condescendingly winks at Knight*​

    Because you see ladies and gentlemen, this time last year I retired a hall-of-famer to retain the Euro belt, God forbid this flash in the pan will give me a bigger challenge, right? Heck, maybe I'm wrong, but I honestly see Brucey choking, just like like he did against Bryant.​

    *Lee shrugs at Knight and quietly murmurs "Sorry, pal."*​
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  7. We can share the results if you like I suppose, but the winner won't be until one of your round totals hits the number we decided on in creative. Hopefully one of you will reach it in 3 rounds, maybe 4. We'll see I guess.
  8. You can just PM them to us...I'd like to know so I can see where I need to improve on in the next round to make my promos better...
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  9. Knight Smirks at Lee as he raises his microphone again.

    "I agree with you on you're first point there, Lee, The IWT Universe doesn't know who this new Bruce Knight is...but you see, This match will show the people who the Welsh Crusader is and honestly, If you compare me to a man like Adam Hawk...or if you even suggest I waste my time...the time I decided to put to good use and challenge you to a match for this event...on a man such as Michael, a man who has one of the worst records in IWT History...then you're doing something wrong, Lee. You see, I didn't need to get rid of any Ring Rust...I didn't need to take part in any dark matches because when I left IWT after MITB, I decided to go and wrestle elsewhere...I wrestled around the world from the UK to Japan...I've built up my confidence, my pride...and my Passion to fight...That is the one thing that I never lost...I travelled the world when I left IWT and I fought against men that I'd never faced against before...and in every single match, I showed my passion for the business...I showed that I still had the drive and passion that I had entering IWTMania 2...

    Lee...This isn't an act of desperation...I'm not looking for the fame...I'm not looking for the long term effects towards my wage should I defeat you tonight...This is simply a part of a plan which has multiple paths...If I win, I get a boost towards my final goal but what if I lose...what then? I'll continue to fight...I'll fight my way back up to another opportunity...This plan is what I'd like to call...'The Crusade of Bruce Knight'. Now, Knowing the person you are, Lee...You'll be comparing me to Adam Hawk again...but remember Lee when you fell? Remember when you lost your european title? You failed to recapture it and then you went ahead and defeated Jwab to capture the belt with lowest reputation, no matter what you say of this belt...The X-Treme championship is a belt suited for those looking to break through to the next level...and Lee, you get your chance at IWTMania...which means that you shouldn't carry the X-Treme Championship anymore. The Belt will do like it did to Antonio before he cashed it in...It'll hold you down like it has for the previous months...and Lee, You'll be held down if you climb down that ladder with that title still in you're hand.

    I'm staring my 'Crusade' tonight...I'll put you through a Table, I'll smack you in the head with a chair...I'll throw you off the ladder...and I will capture the IWT X-treme Championship...

    Oh and Lee...This is a different Bruce Knight tonight...This is The Welsh Crusader...and I will not yield for anyone...including a fellow welshman such as yourself...

    Knight puts his microphone down as he awaits Lee's next words.
  10. I think we were going to open a new thread for round 2, but if you guys want we could try to do it all in one thread. Since it's just two of you it probably wouldn't go that long.
  11. *Lee Huffs and scowls*

    Lee: Yeah, cool.. went and did some Puro because it's 'hip' and then went back to our motherland, Britannia and squashed guys too mediocre to get signed in the in bigger wrestling nations... THERE ISN'T MUCH PRIDE FACING LESS FORTUNATE REAGAN COLE'S IN A SOUTH LONDON LEISURE CENTRE, YOU DELUDED SCHMUK!! Now, I trust what you said about your "Passion to fight", but I'm not sure it quite matches my current level. The current level I needed to dethrone Jwab at his peak and be the LAST man stood in the ring in the 2015 Royal Rumble match.

    It's been a over year since you won the Rumble Bruce, but I hope for the sake yourself and the paying fans that your passion right now is a LOT more than what it was at last year's MITB.. back then, your vibes were more dead than Midas is right now...*crowd groan* I'll believe your flakey word though that grappling with glorified Japs and British Michael's will ever give you a pure organic 'spirit'...

    I'm not sure if you understand either *Lee chuckles* but there are TWO World titles I can win. Heck, I can beat Alias at IWT Mania and then eventually got enough title defenses on my X-Treme belt to challenge Christian or who ever person has the belt at the time. I am allowed the right to do that, even if it is a 'monopoly' in a way, no rules state that isn't allowed. I do agree though, I should drop this belt eventually.. But why don't sit you impatient ass down and wait until I get my five defenses?!? The absolute cheek of even having the idea I can't hold this belt into Mania.. I'm a fighting champion and a good one at that! While you're in your at home in your stingy apartment with your Freeview television, I'll be closing IWTMANIA III With BOTH the X-Treme and IWT Title!!

    And hey, when I'm at the top of that ladder, with MY belt in my hands and you're stuck down here on the floor, spitting blood and coughing you lungs out.. I promise I'll send you a sympathy wave, pal. You can give me some phony theory as to why I should drop this belt to you but quite frankly I'm smelling fresh dung coming right from your mouth.

    Sorry Knight...Just like the Welsh Celts...You're about to get massacred!!​
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  13. I know it's like an English phrase or whatever man, but that just sounds wrong lol. Cause I could be fucked to get up. That would be awesome actually. YAWN, good morning, oh shit............
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