OOC IWTMania 2 Dream Card?

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  1. So what do you want to see IWT's biggest PPV of the year? Here is my dream card:

    Aids (c) vs. Forrest vs. Crayo- IWT Title
    Dat Kid (c) vs. Mystical George- WHC Title
    Senhor vs. DZ- Coffin on a pole match
    Alias vs. DK
    Farooq vs. FTJ
    Dazzling Chavs (c) vs. The Order- Tag Team Titles
    Britanica vs. VP
    Adam vs. Jonathan
    Ben Dover (c) vs. Jwab vs. Kaizer vs. David- IC Title
    Nero (c) vs. Aiden Ryan- X-Title match
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  2. Our cards are the same, except I'd make Brit vs VP a bra and panties
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  3. i wont disagree with any, i love the coffin on a pole match tbh lmao.
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  4. moonboots parker vs training bra britanica.
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  5. That would be terrible.
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  6. i would only add one more match to your card and that would be Reagan Cole vs Edward Coleman in a TLC Match for a number 1 contendorship for the X Divison Title at the next ppv to decide who the best Cole is
  7. who are those guys?
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  8. LOL'd.
  9. :please: god doesn't know who i am
  10. I don't disagree with any of these...well, Maybe the Crayo bit as the Main Event.
  11. Thay got sum fukn beef bruv. @Crayo
  12. lol he buried crayo
  13. :tough:
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  14. uwotm8
  15. @Forrest oi leave my daddy alone
  16. Okay, Gav, I don't want you go into Full on Chav Rage Mode....

    The Incredible Chav - Starring Gav the Chav.
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  17. Good otherwise you'll have the the whole chav family to deal with

    the chav = me
    brother chav = dazzle
    papa chav = @Crayo
    momma chav = seabs
    Uncle chav = @Aids Ryder
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  18. Is this like the Dudley family in ECW?

    Where's Sign guy Chav, Big Dick Chav and Dances with Chavs?
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  19. Lol I just made it up

    hmm now who is worthy of big dick chav?
  20. Can I be Dances with Chavs?