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    It's that time of year again IWT'ers. The road to IWTMania is fast approaching it's end with matches starting next Monday. Let's take a look at the card.......

    The "Official" IWTMania III Theme

    Monday, March 23rd
    Two on One Tornado Handicap Match
    @Trip in the Head vs Aiden Ryan (@Butters!) and Brandon Pain (@RedDwarfTechy )

    A vendetta match if there ever was one. Aiden Ryan, breakout superstar of the year in 2014, has already bested his old faction leader on two occasions. Once with Brandon Pain at his side and then again in one on one action. Micheal, not happy with Trip's failures, demanded he stand up for The Influence and take on the unforgiving odds in this handicap match. Will he lose again? Is he as washed up as everyone claims he is? Or will he begin to dig himself out the slump he has been in?

    Tuesday, March 24th
    European Championship Tournament Finals
    Micheal (@Tsar ) vs Rita Kendal (@Majour )

    This is it. Winners takes the gold. Will Micheal benefit from the momentum of his first win in a long time and win his first....ahem, I mean title? One could argue that Rita had to fight much harder to make it where she is by defeating two opponents in the tournament where Micheal only had to beat one. But will that ultimately make a difference at IWTMania?

    Wednesday, March 25th

    OOC: Yeah we didn't have enough matches to fill the whole week. Pretty sad, eh? Do a promo or something, sheesh.....

    Thursday, March 26th
    Midas (@Stopspot ) vs Drake Wolfe (@Shadow )

    A returning Midas confronts the tag partner that turned on him and took months from his career in IWT. What else can you say about this confrontation? A match between ex-partners reminiscent of the story of the Dazzling Chavs from years past, this will be a confrontation for the record books. Hopefully this time both competitors in the story manage to stick around afterwards though........

    Friday, March 27th
    Alkatrz (@Tumbas ) vs Joey Bryant (@DK James )

    The newcomer Alkatrz took the IWT champion to his limits at the Last Uprising show. And it seems management sees promise in the guy as they given him a shot at the ex-champion himself at the grandest stage of them all. How will Alkatrz fair against the man who has fueded with and faced Alias Antonio so many times before. But let's not forget that Joey Bryant is a 3 time IWT champion. This will definitely be a worthy test for the newcomer.

    Saturday, March 28th
    World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Christian (@CM Punk ) vs Chris Kaizer (@Bill Clinton )

    The first of the upper tier championship matches at the big show. The man who went through 4 other big name superstars in the Elimination Chamber match finally gets his hands on the WHC champion and one half of the IWT tag champs. Now we all know how Christian rolls, but can Kaizer put the champ to sleep? Will he take Chritian's title at IWTMania? Or is he too focused on that whole #kaizer4gm deal?

    Sunday, March 29th
    IWT Championship Match
    Alias Antonio (@THG? ) vs Lee (@Ovalhead )

    The big one. The main event. Champion vs Champion - but only one has the potential to lose their gold. EVerything is on the line for Alias, but Lee......Lee can still walk away with the X-treme title belt he won AFTER winning the IWT Royal Rumble to earn his spot here in the Main Event of IWTMania III. But on the other hand, the spotlight at IWTMania is nothing new for Alias. Just another day at work. This is new territory for Lee. Will he crack under the pressure and become the absent minded Lee again....?

    The answers to all these questions and more at the 3rd annual IWTMania!

    OOC (open)
    Wanted to get this up a little early so you guys could provide feedback or, you know, complain. Whatever......
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    Here's to a great match Majour, and may the best savage win.
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  5. Aids Johnson vs. Dat Kid for the open spot. Probably won't happen, but it would be cool.
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  7. Didn't get the memo. Final WrestleMania branded event, i guess.
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  12. I assume you won't be prepared to go double or nothing by putting your title on the line too?

    Regardless, super psyched for this.
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