Storyline IWTMania III - Trip in the Head vs Brandon Pain

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    OOC: Alright, since Jono apparently said fuck it even after a PM - I got this. Butters unfortunately couldn't make it for the match, so...........

    *Aiden Ryan and Brandon Pain are shown backstage getting ready to head out and open the show of shows in IWT. A IWT crew member taps Aiden on the shoulder and tells him he has an urgent phone call and asks for Aiden to follow him. After Aiden rounds a couple of corners he is suddenly assaulted by Trip in the Head with chair over Aiden's head. Trip tosses the bent chair to the side and steadies Aiden before dropping him to the concrete with a DDT. Trip stands up and garbs Aiden by his collar, lifting him up and positioning him in front of a catering table. In one smooth motion Trip picks up Aiden Ryan and powerbombs him through the table covered with food and soda cans. Trip spits on Aiden on walks off to the ring for his match as people gather around Aiden in a worried frenzy*

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    @Trip in the Head vs Brandon Pain(@RedDwarfTechy )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.

    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. The pyro is going off everywhere as the crowd goes crazy for the opening match of IWTMania III!

    The riff plays as the lights flash in time with the drums. After the build up Trip in the Head emerges on the stage, arms spread wide and a smile on his face. He no longer carries a mask, but he will forever have to wear the eye patch over his left eye. He makes his way to the ring in his long leather trench coat with a hoody underneath. Black finger-less training gloves on his outstretched hands. He reaches up and grabs the ropes, hoisting himself up onto the apron before ducking under the top rope and entering the ring. He raises his hands victoriously as he laughs and everyone in the large crowd boos. Trip is passed a microphone from a ring attendant.

    TRIP: Now THAT'S how you start a show, am I right, ha ha ha. So much for Aiden Ryan's IWTMania moment this year folks. *Crowd boos* Awww, are you mad you don't get to see the guy you voted for as IWT breakout star of the year? *Crowd pops for an Aiden - Aiden - Aiden chant* Oh I don't think he'll be making it out here tonight. Nope, nuh uh. C'mon everyone sing it with me - nahnahnah nah - nahnahnah nah - heyyy - goodbye *No one joined in* Too soon? Ah, oh well.

    *Trip walks around for a few steps*

    Come on out here Pain. *Trip pauses for a moment* I'll be the first to admit my track record as of late is about on par with Adam Sandler's movie career. I haven't been able to win a match for months. And I'll be the first to admit that is royally pissing me off. People have called me a has been. Saying I'm washed up. Well I've got bad news for them - and you Pain. *Trip's tone becomes low and deadly serious* I'm a long way from being done here at IWT. And someone like Brandon Pain can't stop me. Not without that retched stain Aiden Ryan by his side. But you'll try Pain. *Trip smiles* I know you will. *Trip's rage explodes outward as he continues* And you'll end up just like Aiden Ryan did a little earlier! Lying in a I pin you......with you nothing but my boot on your chest.

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  3. The IWT Mania sign flashes along the titantron, and a solid 20 seconds pass before the lights go out and the titantron comes to life with the arena lighting up again with red and white lights as the music hits.

    As the riff hits Brandon comes from the back, he is agitated, furious and has a rage fueled look as he walks along the stage, moving left and right and shouting at the crowd as the crowd pops, the excitement of the first match, what happened to Aiden all adding to the excitement as he looks down at the ring, pulling his hair back before he runs down, sliding in to the ring as he gets up, walking to the other end of the ring as he's handed a microphone and comes back to Trip, fuming as he clenches the mic, his knuckles white as he stands right next to him, inches from Trip as he brings the mic up to speak.

    "You know what Trip.... I don't care anymore, I don't care if you get the 3 count, I dont care if I do. But I will promise one thing trip"

    His breathing ragged

    "When this match, when this fight, when this war is done."

    He looks into Trips eyes.

    "I will have a piece of you, I will make you bleed and I"

    He looks around pulling his hair back

    "I will make sure you wont be walking out"

    His lips twitching with anger as he walked around.

    "Because Trip, you can take me out with an attack from behind, your weasel of a partner can steal a match but what you did tonight... what you did to Aiden, what you did to my BROTHER..."

    He walks back up to Trip.

    "Yes, brother. The word may have meant something to you in the past but now... you are nothing but a slave for the man you so called owe your life to, you're nothing but a thug that waits for orders. But me and Aiden, we're brothers and I promise you no matter the result, no matter who wins or loses or who gets that 3 second count. I will make you pay, I will Make. You. Bleed"

    He stands right in front of Trip, face to face as he continues to fume, rage burning in his eyes.
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  4. Sorry @Trip in the Head I literally read the PM and my mind just blanked, I just closed the tab and now I'm back today :dawg:

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  5. *Trip's face slowly turns to a smile while still face to face with Pain. He starts to shake his head in acknowledgment as he backs away and brings the mic back up to his mouth*

    TRIP: See, you feel it now don't you? My influence over you. This is not the Brandon Pain I remember from our last match together. And it was I that influenced this change in your demeanor, was it not? *crowd boos* See, this is what I wanted. THIS is what I deserve. A real fight against real anger and real, well, Pain.
    *Trip paces a bit*
    And I hope you can live up to those threats you've issued here tonight Brandon Pain. I didn't come to IWTMania for a walk in the park. I came here to beat the living hell out of everyone in my way. And while I've already accomplished a measure of that tonight
    *Trip looks back at Brandon Pain for a moment and almost sings*
    ~I've only just begun~
    *Trip walks back over to Pain and stands in front of him*
    Oh I will bleed for you this evening.
    *Trip holds up a fist*
    The blood will run from my knuckles as the skin tears away with every crushing blow to that annoying fucking face of yours.
    *Trip lowers his arm back down, shaking with anger and anticipation*
    You have no idea what's in store for you tonight on the grandest stage of them all, do you Brandon Pain? Aiden didn't warn you did he? Not that he really got the chance. You two have been so hung up on the fact that I used to be his "leader".
    *Trip's voice cracks slightly*
    Me, a leader? Seriously? Look at what I did to the IWT at Survivor Series. I embarrassed this company. I couldn't even pick out a winning team from a crop of top superstars to take down an already failing rival company. No. You said it yourself - now I'm nothing but a thug waiting for orders.
    *Trip slowly raises a pointed finger at Pain as he says*
    And those orders have led me straight to you.
    *Trip smiles and lets out a chuckle before continuing*
    So tell me Brandon Pain - can you feel The Influence now?

    OOC (open)
    Crap - all crap. Anyway, I'm waiting for @RedDwarfTechy to get another promo in and we will start the voting.
  6. Brandon looks down at the ring shaking his head.

    "No Trip... this is not the Brandon Pain you remember and it's funny you brought it up because as I look at you. You are just the same sick fuck that attacked me from behind in our tag match."

    The crowd cheers

    "And that's where you've gone wrong. I know what the Trip from that match is made of. I know how he thinks But Trip..."

    He smirks, his face teeth grinding.

    "You don't know this Brandon Pain... and your one good eye isn't enough to see what I've become"

    He pulls his hair back and looks around the arena before continuing

    "You can call it whatever you want Trip, you can call it The Influence, you can call it the motherfucking reckoning, and it wont matter because the fact is Trip. You've pushed us too far, you think you deserve me giving you a thorough beating. And I couldn't agree more."

    He starts to pace around the ring the crowd chanting Reck - o -ning, Reck - o -ning, Reck - o -ning.

    "Do you listen to them sing Trip. Do you listen to them? Do you see with that one good eye what they want. They want a reckoning, they want the once mighty Trip, the now deranged.... disgusting.. pathetic.. Trip to face his reckoning."

    He moves back to stand right in front the thousands in attendance still chanting.

    "And tonight Trip... you will bleed, but it won't be from your knuckles no. It will be tears. Your tears trip. Your crimson shaded... Your Pain in its purest form. Your bloody tears that will run down from your one good eye."

    He looks at Trip panting from the agitation, from the frustration and anger.

    "You want Pain... You're going to get nothing less.."

    Brandon drops the mic and looks into his eyes, inches from his face

  7. OOC (open)
    Thanks for a fun match @Trip in the Head ! sorry for the delay, was asleep when you posted XD
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  16. The winner of the match... with a score of 7.888888889 to 7.555555556... Trip in the Head!!

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