Storyline IWTMania IV (Official Card)

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    Aids Johnson (c) vs. Spawn for the IWT World Championship
    4x IWT World Champion Aids Johnson faces the biggest obstacle in his IWT career. Undefeated for 4 months and the #1 Contender. Spawn's quest for total domination and hell on earth lays in the hands of Aids Johnson and the IWT World title. Will the "Wisconsin Brawler" Aids Johnson establish a reign for the ages?
    @Aids Johnson @Tumbas

    Jack Forté (c) vs. Gato Volar for the IWT Intercontinental Championship
    Jack has been on a mission to make the Intercontinental Champion for 7 months. Will Forte's 7 month reign end at the hands of The XIX's Mexican Import, Gato Volar? Will The XIX finally become the Grand Slam faction in the IWT? Or wil Jack Forté get one step closer to topping Senhor Perfect's record breaking title reign?
    @Shadow @TheArabHammer

    Prince Bálor (c) vs. Gav "The hardest **** in the IWT" Chav vs. Danny Jacobs for the X-Division Championship
    Prince Balor took the IWT X-Division Championship from Danny Jacobs before he left for NGW. Prince Balor has mocked and defeated Gav the Chav, and has summoned a match that even The Demon trembles in fear, with.
    @Prince Bálor @Gav the Champ! @Indy

    Chris Young /w Lilith Young vs. Jack Lux vs. Alexander Hightower vs. Elliot Ryker for the inaugural IWT Young Lions Cup
    Known as the new IWT generation, handpicked by Michael to be the leaders of the future. Banded together for one purpose and that's to make a name for themselves on the grandest stage of them all. The 4th annual IWTMania gets a taste of what the 5th and 6th edition bring.
    @impactking @Awesomenrh @CBK_15 @Kazzir

    Dat Kid vs. Alias Antonio
    Arguably, the greatest feud in IWT history. The storied feud of two of the greatest IWT competitors in history. Dat Kid sets out to finally redeem himself, in his speculated final match. Alias Antonio sets to prove that he hasn't lost a step and that he will put down Dat Kid for the final time.
    @DatKidFromJersey @THG?

    Team IWT (Eric Draven & Dylan Grey) vs. Team NGW (Reagan Cole and TBD)
    Michael has acquired a majority of the IWT, pissed on their headquarters and now is going to slay the beast in his own home. Reagan Cole brings the fight with his band of rebels against the mismatched team of Eric Draven and Dylan Grey.
    @The Real GOAT @King Barrett @The ReagMaster

    Schizo vs. Muff Herman
    The man who has defined hardcore around the world, Schizo faces against the most unorthodox hardcore wrestler in the IWT in a Hardcore Match! Their bloody and sickening stunts and brawls have led to a Japanese Death Match in the middle of the IWT ring. Blood, guts and glory await anyone who wish to fight.
    @Jacob Fox @stonecoldsamadams

    Nick vs. FTJ
    Nick takes on his idol. Frank returns once again to put on an exhibition with Nick. But what about the Golden Ticket?
    @Nickelodeon @Randy Savage

    Luis Ovaldhino /w Lord Lee vs. Big Drag
    The most awkward 10 minutes in IWT history culminated in a match that pitted two unorthodox competitors in a match for bragging rights, or what ever these guys want.
    @Ovalhead @DragonClaw

    The Blackfire vs. Ryan Davis
    An exhibition for the debuting Ryan Davis and Blackfire. In a match to set a name for themselves.
    @WUKOffical @Ryan Davis

    IWT Hall of Fame Class of 2016:
    Former 3x IWT Champion Joey Bryant
    Former 3x World Champion and current IWT commentator Christian
    Current IWT Intercontinental Champion Jack Forte
    @DK James @CM Punk @Shadow
  2. Thought Ryan Davis vs. Blackfire was the mai event for a second
  3. When is this going up?
  4. Soon. By the end of the month.
  5. Shadow is entering the HoF? It's about time.
  6. Sam Adams is in jail...
  7. Soli jobs to aids?
  8. Who told you, eh?
  9. remember who the king is,
  10. I'm actually wondering if he's in jail.:quimby:
  11. It will be since it'll be the most lopsided match since Lesnar vs Cena
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  12. 7 months too late tbh.

    So I can do what I pitched now, yeah?
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  13. Idk. Ask him.
  14. You ask him, Booker T.
  15. @Jacob Fox, you want in on Jack vs. Arab? For the IC title?
  16. Wow is there big stadium for the event

  17. Sure,that sounds fun.
  18. Will add you to the IC title match.
  19. Wow yet ok? No FTJ vs Nick on the card? :(
  20. Know you got a ticket/briefcase/whatever for the IWT title, but if you want in on the IC title match just say so. Down for a fatal four way.