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  1. Narrator: 4 years. Legends arise and stars fall. Friendships are made. Enemies are born. Titles are won and lost in the cycle of the IWT. 4 years ago, IWTMania was born. The legend, the star, the enemy, the friend, the title...the cycle. IWTMania is not the dream of unachievable optimism, rather the nightmare of overbearing pessimism. The dream to stand tall in a sea of humanity, to hold a lead the cycle, the enemy, the friend, the title, the star...The Legend.

    *The video package fades away*

    LIVE from Austin, Texas' Darryl K. Memorial Stadium...IWT proudly presents...IWTMania IV!

    *Pyro begins from the ceiling and makes it's way down to the entrance ramp. The pyro zooms around the sides of the ramp, up the set and around the titantron. The pyro show is capped with 5 rows of massive pyro explosions. The camera pans quickly across the massive crowd*

    Sven Steven: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the biggest event of the year to...IWTMania IV. My name is Sven Steven and with me is future Hall of Famer, Christian!

    Christian: This is the biggest event of the year, indeed packed to the brim with new and old stars alike!

    Sven: We have 4 highstake matches.

    *Graphic shows The Young Lion Cup*

    Christian: Michael hand picked Chris Young, Alexander Hightower, Jack Lux and Elliot Ryker to be the leaders of the new IWT generation. They will get their chance to prove themselves with the Young Lion Cup!

    *Graphic shows Danny Jacobs vs. Gav the Chav vs. Prince Balor*

    Sven: Danny Jacobs has returned, and is here for a fight. He wants his title back.

    Christian: You can't count out the former Tag Team and IWT Champion, Gav the Chav who is itching for a fight.

    *Graphic Shows Schizo vs. Jack Forte vs. Gato Volar*

    Sven: After the imprisonment of Muff Herman, Jack Forte offered a spot in the Intercontinental title match and made this a Triple Threat.

    Christian: No countouts, No DQs, No limits. Just up Schizo's alley.

    *Graphic shows Aids Johnson vs. Spawn*

    Christian: The biggest fight of the year on the biggest event of the year. This is going to be epic. Aids Johnson brings his A Game while Spawn brings his A game.

    Sven: It's a clash of the titans for sure, and let's get it started with Nick vs. Frank the Jock!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York...he is the Golden Ticket Holder...NIIIICK!
    On the massive Mania stage, we see an orchestra take the stage. The lights dim, and the somber piano commences, bringing the crowd silent. The strings join in briefly and Nick emerges onto the stage, arms out wide to a massive pop. He slowly moves down the long walkway, his face shrouded by a hood. Nick leaps onto the apron, hops the rope, and raises his arms in the ring as the pace of the song quickens. The lights brighten slightly as fireworks go off over the ring. Nick takes off his hood, revealing an emotionless expression. He awaits his opponent.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from New York City, New York...Frank the Jock...F...T...J!
    FTJ runs onto the massive stage and bounces up and down. His headgear, singlet and Football jacket on. He slaps his head before strutting down to the ring. He jumps onto the apron and screams "OH HELL NO!" before entering the ring and throwing off his jacket, and headgear. He stretches and warms up in the corner.

    Nick locks up with FTJ. FTJ's amateur wrestling background shines through as he takes Nick down and locks on a body scissors. Nick grunts and puffs as he struggles for an escape. Nick elbows FTJ in the knee, and gets free. Nick doesn't let up and grabs the same knee before dropping an elbow on it. FTJ screams. Nick drags FTJ to the corner and lays him in the corner. He stomps FTJ's leg another time. FTJ screams in pain and rolls out of the ring. Nick looks at the camera and laughs. Nick follows FTJ and hits a fistdrop from the back, onto FTJ's knee. FTJ falls to the floor and he holds his leg in pain. Nick stomps FTJ's leg again, and rips off his knee pad before stomping it again. FTJ begins to crawl away and Nick kicks FTJ in the ribs with a sickening thud. FTJ rolls over and gasps for air. Nick breaks the count at 8, but quickly rolls out. Nick arrogantly struts over to an injured FTJ. He steps over FTJ, but Frank pushes Nick into the apron. Nick clutches his lower back as FTJ grabs Nick and hits a belly-to-belly into the barricade. FTJ endlessly stomps Nick. FTJ picks up Nick and rolls him into the ring before limping in, himself.

    Sven: FTJ is hurt, thanks to that sickening assault on his left knee.

    Christian: He needs to keep it safe, he's already exposed it to Nick. It's just a matter of time before Nick injures it any further.

    FTJ stands Nick up in the corner, and gives him a knife edge chop followed by a loud "Woo!" from the crowd. FTJ grabs Nick by the head and hits a running bulldog. He goes for a pin - 1...2 - Nick easily kicks out and kneels up to his knee. FTJ locks in a Sleeper Hold, but Nick quickly flips FTJ over. FTJ clutches his lower back, and Nick rebounds off the ropes and hits a soccer kick to his back. FTJ falls back and screams in pain. Nick climbs the turnbuckle and looks around at the crowd as suspense builds. He leaps and hits a stiff Elbow Drop. He goes for a pin - 1...2..- FTJ kicks out. Nick sprawls FTJ out in the middle of the ring and rebounds off the ropes before hitting a leg drop onto FTJ's knee. FTJ grasps his knee and winces in pain. Nick lifts FTJ up and hits a swinging neck breaker. Nick stands up and grabs FTJ's knee before hitting a knee smash. FTJ screams in pain. Nick stands FTJ up and hits a Snapmare Driver! He goes for a pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...Nick!

    Nick stands up and wipes the sweat off his brow. He shoves FTJ out of the ring and stands in the ring as lights zoom across the arena. He calls for his hoodie, and a bottle of water. He puts on his hoodie and takes a couple of sips and walks up the large ramp.

    Sven: What domination! What a showing by Nick.

    Christian: Frank the Jock is hurt badly and this match doesn't help his cause in a rematch for the IWT World Championship.

    *A shot of the backstage area is shown with Aids Johnson pacing. His IWT World Title is on his shoulder when Nick walks into the shot, pats Aids Johnson's title belt and walks away in one swift motion. Aids Johnson looks at Nick with disgust before resuming his warm ups*

    Sven: Aids Johnson has a lot to worry about, Spawn, Nick and retaining his title.

    Christian: He needs to tackle this one at a time. He can't allow this to blur up his mind and potentially cost him the match. Take out the rightful challenger and be prepared for another fight, but don't think that ending your match with Spawn just so you can preserve for Nick is a good idea.

    *A crane shot of the entire crowd is shown with a small graphic with the song name, availability and artist*

    Sven: Special thanks to Gavin Rossdale for the official IWTMania IV theme song.

    Christian: And now it's time for the inaugural IWT Young Lion Cup

    *A crane shot is shown with lights flashing all around the arena*

    Announcer: The following contest is a fatal 4-way and is for the inaugural IWT Young Lion Cup!

    Announcer: Introducing first, now residing in Montreal, Canada...accompanied to the ring by Lilith Young...Chris...YOOOUUUNNNGG!
    Out walks Chris and Lilith Young with Chris holding a baseball bat with the Kanji for "Darkness" on it.
    As he enters the ring the lights darken with a lone spotlight covering the ring.
    The crowd starts "a go home" chant.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Los Angeles, California...Jack...LLLUUUXXX!
    Lux hops onto the stage, he taunts the crowd. He dances his way to the middle of the ramp where he kneels down. He kisses his hands and points up. A magnificent pyro show is on display. After around 3 seconds of pyro, Lux hops up and struts into the ring. He hits a classic Shawn Michaels pose and warms up in the ring.

    Announcer: Introducing third, from Kazzir, Michigan...Elliot Ryykkkeeer!
    He walks out to no crowd reaction he jumps into the ring and prepares.

    Announcer: Introducing fourth, from Sacramento, California...Alexander...HIGHTOOWWEERR!
    Alexander walks out onto the stage. He looks around the arena with the camera panning around him. He fixes his suit and continues down to the ring. The lights dim with a bright spotlight following Alexander. He jumps into the ring and stands in the only empty corner, removes his suit and paces.

    The bell rings and all 4 conjoin in the center of the ring. They look at each other as a hyped up crowd chants for all 4 men. Jack Lux looks at Alexander and Young before all 3 look at Elliot Ryker. They get a cringed look on their face and pounce on him. They beat him to the ground with punches and kicks. Ryker curls up on the floor in pain, when Alexander locks in a Sleeper Hold. While he's fading, Young and Lux kick him on the floor. Ryker fades away. Chris Young calls for Lilith Young to set up a table in-between the ring and the barricade. Chris Young directs traffic. He tells Alexander to lift him up, and Jack Lux to bring him onto the apron. He holds Elliot's head in-between his legs and signals for a powerbomb. He whips him up and slams him through the table. The crowd pops. Chris and Lilith drag his body away and lay it on the ramp, before handcuffing him to a light fixture. Back in the ring Alexander and Jack Lux are trading big blows. Suddenly, Lux gives Alexander a swift gut kick and lands a DDT. He goes for a pin, but Chris Young breaks it up. Chris Young lands an axehandle onto Jack's neck, and throws him into the corner. Young stands up Alexander and irish whips him into the same corner. Alexander collides with with Jack face first. Young walks over and hits a dropkick onto Alexander's back, squishing Lux under him. Young catches his breath in the middle of the ring and soaks in the boos.

    Sven: I think we might have our Young Lion.

    Christian: He took out Elliot and is now simultaneously taking out both men.

    Young walks over to a crawling Jack Lux, he measures and drops an elbow to the back of his neck. Out of nowhere, Alexander hits an axehandle on Young's back to the cheers of the fans. Alexander hits a body slam, and climbs the turnbuckle. He leaps and hits an Elbow Drop. He goes for a pin - 1...2..- Young kicks out and crawls to the corner. He stands up but is met with a Stinger Splash from Alexander. Jack runs up behind him and grabs his head. He hits a DDT and then proceeds to DDT Chris Young on-top of Alexander Hightower. Jack Lux locks on a Full Nelson onto a downed Chris Young and proceeds to deadlift him into a Dragon Suplex to the amazement and mega pop from the crowd. He leaves goes for a pin combo - 1...2..- Alexander breaks it up. Jack Lux stands up and rests on the ropes when Alexander lariats him out of the ring, to the side of the hard camera. Lux lands on his feet and rests on the barricade. Alexander looks around at the crowd and climbs the turnbuckle, and signals for a Standing Elbow Drop but Chris Young shoves him off, and Jack Lux moves out of the way. Alexander lands side first onto the barricade. Lux spends little time to lock on a full nelson and hit a Dragon Supex onto the hard mats. Alexander cringes in pain while Jack Lux lets out a scream and clutches his neck. Chris Young looks in amazement, and follows them outside. He grabs Jack Lux aggressively and hits a DDT. He then lays Jack on-top of Alexander. Chris Young clutches his lower back and climbs up the apron and slowly up the turnbuckle. He stands up straight and takes a deep breath before leaping, hitting a vicious swanton bomb ontop of both men on the hard mat. The lets out a massive pop and "Holy Shit!" Chant begins.

    Sven: Holy crap! Did you just see that!? Chris Young almost killed himself and may have killed Alexander Hightower.

    Christian: THIS is why Michael chose these men to be the future of the IWT. This is crazy.

    Chris Young is being tended to by Lilith Young, out of pain, he goes on a cussing montage. Jack Lux is kicking his legs and clutching his gut, while Alexander Hightower motionless on the floor. After EMTs arrive to check on both men, Chris Young wills his way back up and throws Jack Lux into the ring. He stands him up and hits a snap suplex. Both men lay on the ring mat in agony. Alexander Hightower slowly climbs onto the apron and lays with his eyes tightly closed. Chris Young begins to crawl to his feet again, and makes it to his feet. He rests on the ropes and walks over to Jack Lux, who too as made it to his feet. He clobbers him with a staff forearm to the back but is met with a punch to his gut and he bounces off the ropes hitting a thunderous sling blade. Meanwhile, Alexander has made it into the ring and is is kneeling in the corner. Jack Lux realizes that the momentum is in his favor and begins to hype up. He lays a series of 10 stomps onto Chris Young and then sets his sights on Alexander Hightower. He limps over to him, but is met with a swift Belly-to-Belly. Lilith Young is tending to Chris Young who is on the mat, facing towards the entrance way when Alexander bounces off the ropes and hits a sliding dropkick; knocking both to the ground. Chris Young stands up and is groggy. Alexander walks outside and grabs a chair, whacking Young with a stiff shot that busts him wide open. Alexander grabs Young by the head and leads him to the announce table where he bounces his face off the cover. He throws the cover off and clears the table. He lays Young on-top of the table and enters the ring

    Sven: These men are willing to do any and everything to make a name for themselves. These men are insane.

    Christian: When you get a chance to make a name for yourself at IWTMania IV in a match tailored for different styles, ideas and new get magic like this.

    Alexander climbs the apron and signals for yet another Elbow Drop, but is suddenly knocked off by Jack Lux. Jack Lux screams, "You ain't stealing my moment!" He walks outside and uses the chair to level both Alexander and to keep Young down. He looks under the ring and pulls out a ladder. He perks it up on the outside when a fan shouts, "Higher!". He looks around and decides to go with the plan. He folds the ladder and slide it into the ring. He perks it back up and makes a slow ascent. Alexander tries to stop him by trading blows with him on-top of the ladder, but Lux fights through. He smashes Alexander's face of the top rung and pushes him to the side, landing hard on the mat. Lux climbs to the highest rung and balances himself, and he takes a deep breath and leaps with an elbow drop. Lilith Young runs and throws Young off the table. Lux lands hard through the table with Young gasping for air in shock. Lux is bent out of shape as a "This is Awesome!" chant begins. Alexander rolls out of the ring and walks over to Chris Young, Lilith attempts to interfere but Alexander evades her. Alexander throws Young's corpse into the ring and locks on a Rear Naked Choke with a body scissors. Lilith attempts the break it up when, Chris Young suddenly taps out!

    Announcer: Here's your winner of the inaugural Young Lion Cup...Alexander...HIIIIGHTOOOWEEER!

    Lilith Young holds her head in disbelief and Alexander stands up. His mouth has dried blood seeping from it and his hair is wet with sweat. He throws up his hands in victory and celebrates. Sven Steven walks over and awards Alexander Hightower with the Young Lion Cup, and he clutches it tight. He walks out of the ring and holds it up in victory.

    Christian: Alexander Hightower has made his mark, debuting and winning at IWTMani IV. The first ever Young Lion Cup winner.

    Sven: Chris Young and Jack Lux have nothing to be ashamed of. They nearly killed eachother for that Cup, and put their lives on the line. Congratulations to all, who are involved.

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Parts Unknown...he is the IWT X-Division Champion...Prince BAAALLLOOR
    The lights dim, as a pulsing name begins to fade into view on the titantron. Heart thumping can be heard on the PA System. Smoke begins to spew over the stage, as an object crawls out. He is wearing tassels and has a long head dress on; crawling down the ramp when at 0:46, the lights burst into a light white revealing Prince Bálor with his hands up high. He crawls down to the ring, throwing his hands up and triggering the lights. He climbs atop the apron and jumps in, and his music fades. He takes off his head dress and reveals his X-Division title, as the crowd boos.

    Sven: And there's our X-Division champion, The Demon, Balor, in the biggest match of his career against 2 very challenging opponents. This is gonna be a good one.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Middlesborough, England, Gav the Chav!
    Gave the Chav's music plays and he emerges from the curtain in a special Mania tracksuit. He sprints down the long ramp and rolls into the ring, clearing Balor out. He begins pacing and punching back and forth in ring.

    Christian: Look at this idiot! Wasting all his energy running, can't wait to see him lose.

    Announcer: introducing third, from Parts Unknown...Danny Jacobs!
    Danny Jacobs walks out onto the stage, looking down. He is wearing a black singlet that "shows his 1 inch cock". The crowd is mixed to his return, and he is neglecting them.

    Sven: Jacobs has been gone for a while, but what a return it would be for him to come back and dethrone the Prince.

    Christian: Princes don't sit on thrones yet, idiot.

    Jacobs rolls into the ring and is immediately assaulted by Gav. Gav begins throwing rights and lefts and backs him into the corner, the referee separating the onslaught.

    Sven: Look at that aggression from the chav!

    Balor seizes the opportunity and tosses Gav out of the ring. Balor then goes after Danny Jacobs but Jacobs bursts out of the corner with a wicked lariat. He begins ruthlessly stomping on the champion, not stopping.

    Sven: Look at this viciousness!

    Christian: We need more of this in IWT, fight rough for that title.

    Gav leaps onto the apron but is dropkicked right back down by Jacobs. He still remains emotionless like his entrance. Jacobs then lifts Balor up in a military press and holds him up for a few seconds. He then sends him flying onto Gav outside to a pop.

    Sven: Look at the strength of Danny Jacobs! Dominant in this match.

    Jacobs stares at his two opponents as they try to regain their composure and get back in the ring. They each reach onto the apron and Jacobs drags them in, calculating his next strike. He drags Gav to the middle of the ring and goes for a standing leg drop, but Gav rolls out of the way and leaps on top of him, unleashing another flurry of strikes. Gav is pulled off by the ref, and then while Jacobs is on his knees he superman punches him, knocking him out.

    Christian: What a shot by Gav! This could be his moment!

    Balor charges at Gav but he is uppercutted and dropped to the mat. Gav takes a few moments to taunt, giving Balor the wanker sign.

    Sven: Arrogance by Gav, this could hurt him!

    While taunting, Balor goes for a school boy roll up.

    Gav breaks free!

    Christian: He almost retained! Don't be so cocky!

    As the two separate, Gav gets to his feet and from the corner, Danny Jacobs charges and connects with a vicious running knee, knocking him out of the ring.

    Sven: Did you hear that?! Gav is done for!

    Baylor goes for a clothesline on Jacobs but is caught in place. Danny Jacobs then plants him flat on his face with a devastating flatliner to a big pop.

    Sven: It's over!! Flatliner from Danny Jacobs, new champ time!

    Jacobs rolls Balor over and covers, the crowd counting in unison with the ref


    The crowd gives a good pop for Danny Jacobs as he finishes off Prince Balor to become new champion.

    Announcer: Here is your winner and the NEEEEWWW IWT X-Division champion, Danny Jacobs!

    The referee hands him the title and raises his hand in victory.

    Sven: What an upset, Balor loses the title to Danny Jacobs!

    Christian: He wrestled smart, picked his spots and delivered.

    Sven: You gotta give credit to the others, they gave it their all on the biggest stage, but Danny Jacobs outperformed them and is the new X-Division champion!

    Announcer: Making his IWT debut, from The British Alps, The Blackfire!

    The Blackfire walks out onto the stage, slowly walking down the ramp to little reaction from the crowd.

    Sven: We do not know much about this guy, but he is a bit creepy looking, wouldn't you say?

    Christian: Yeah, this guy seems like a weirdo. Let's see what he can do in the ring, though.

    He walks up the steps, through the ropes as pyro goes off from the turnbuckles.

    Announcer: And his opponent, making his IWT debut, from Los Angeles California, Ryan Davis!

    Ryan, being followed by Jeff, walks out with arms expanded, soaking in the reaction. He then get a couple framed pictures of his opponent and throws them on the ground in sync with his entrance music

    Sven: We've got a little more background on this Ryan Davis. We hear he is a very sound technical wrestler, let's see how that matches up against his strange opponent.

    Christian: My money's on Davis

    Ryan rolls into the ring and stares down The Blackfire. The referee rings the bell, and immediately Davis circles him and applies a waist lock. He throws a solid elbow into his head and releases, turning to the crowd and pointing to himself to some boos.

    Sven: One move and he's celebrating, let's see what else he's got.

    Davis moves closer to The Blackfire and catches him by surprise with a spinning heel kick, dropping him to the floor.

    Christian: Excellent kick, Ryan Davis is in control.

    Targeting the head, Davis immediately applies a sleeper to his downed opponent. After a few seconds of battling it, Blackfire slowly gets back to his feet. Davis leaps onto Blackfire's black and tries to wrap his legs around him, but Blackfire runs him into the corner, breaking the hold. He then turns and clocks him with an uppercut.

    Sven: Some offense from Blackfire! Big punch.

    Blackfire irish whips him into the opposite corner, sprints, and nails a body splash. He covers...

    kick out!

    Sven: First cover of the match, and Blackfire looks to have the momentum.

    He begins stomping on Ryan, and Ryan grabs the ropes, forcing the referee to separate the two. Davis rolls out of the ring, and Blackfire runs after him. He runs a circle around the ring and rolls back in. The Blackfire then follows but as he gets on his knees Davis catches him with a DDT.

    Christian: Wicked DDT! He outsmarted him there Sven

    Davis hooks the leg
    Backfire gets a shoulder up.

    Showing no sign of slowing down, Davis begins throwing strikes at Blackfire's head, until the ref stops him.

    Sven: He's got a game plan, target the head.

    Christian: Wise wrestling from Ryan Davis, targeting that head could be crucial.

    Davis goes to the top rope, and points at the downed Blackfire. He leaps and goes for a double foot stomp, but Blackfire rolls out of the way. Ryan does a roll, turns back towards his opponent and sprints at him. He runs but is caught by a big powerslam!

    Sven: Good counter by The Blackfire! This could be it folks

    Davis barely gets the shoulder off the mat.

    Christian: Great job by Davis to stay in this match, showing great heart.

    Blackfire grabs Davis by the throat and lifts him off the ground, staring at him coldly. He lifts him up for a chokeslam but Davis counters by landing behind him. He applies a waist lock and delivers a release german suplex, dropping Blackfire on the back of his neck.

    Sven: Great counter, and he's going back up. Looking for that foot-stomp?

    Davis hops onto the top rope and points down at him again. He leaps and connects with a perfect double foot stomp to the chest of Blackfire, the crowd popping.

    Sven: What a move! Insane double foot stomp by the debuting Ryan Davis, and he is now calling for the end it seems.

    Ryan motions for Blackfire to get up, stalking him. Blackfire slowly gets on his knees, then his feet. Davis runs up behind and lifts him up in a rack position. He turns to the camera, then drops him with a Burning Hammer to a big pop.

    Christian: Burning Hammer! Right on his head, goodnight!

    Davis pins, the ref counts...

    The referee raises Davis' arms in victory as he takes in the crowd's reaction.

    Sven: What a debut at IWTMania by Ryan Davis, talk about a good first impression.

    Announcer: Introducing the challenger, from Mexico, Gatoooooo Vooolar!
    Gato Volar walks out screaming Spanish words at the fans, and begin chanting "USA" at him. He continues on down the ramp, rolls into the ring and raises his arms.

    Sven: Business is about to pick up. 3 totally different wrestlers about to take the stage, all in the hunt for the coveted Intercontinental Title.

    Announcer: Introducing second!...from Fukushima, Japan...SCCHHIZZZOOOO!
    The lights dim and begin to flash as a shadow walks out. He walks slowly and is constantly looking from side to side. The lights come back on showing a masked man; Schizo. He has scars everywhere on his body. He walks to the side of the ring and picks up a Steel chair and slides it and sits in it.

    Sven: A surprise entrant into the fray that is this match, Schizo, a strange character.

    Christian: This match suits him, he'll be ready to brawl.

    Announcer: From Sin City, Nevada, the Intercontinental Champion, Jaaaack Foooorteee!
    The stage lights start pulsating between purple and white, as the hologram of Prince plays Jack's entrance. Mint green strobe lights emit from all angles of the grand set up IWTMania has to offer. At the 00:21 mark Forté exploads through the entrance way to a thunderous applause. His attire is the same as usual, but with purple embroidered into it. Jack pauses on stage, and uses his free hand to unzip his purple and green leather jacket, unveiling his Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. The tank top it rests over is white, and reads Time Less. Also stitched in purple in green. Forté resumes his entrance, slapping the fan's hands as he makes his way ring side, but doesn't enter the ring.

    Sven: Jack Forte is on a mission, a mission to become longest reigning IC Champ in history. Do you think he'll be successful, or will someone score the upset?

    Christian: He's definitely the favorite, but you never know in the IWT.

    The bell rings, and Schizo immediately sprints at Gato Volar, going for a clothesline. However, Gato backs behind the ropes, forcing the official to separate them. From behind, Jack Forte rolls in the ring and connects with an elbow to the back of Schizo's neck. He throws another, and then Gato runs in and clotheslines Schizo down to the mat. Jack roundhouse kicks Gato, and the two challengers roll out of the ring.

    Sven: The champ firmly in control, showing good strategy and picking his spots.

    Forte goes onto the apron, and stalks Gato. As Gato gets to his feet, Jack leaps and connects with a double-axe handle, knocking him right back down. From behind, Schizo comes in and applies a waist lock on Jack. He lets out a scream and german suplexes him on the floor, dropping him right on his neck to a good crowd pop.

    Christian: Wow, what a vicious suplex!

    Schizo lifts each of his opponents up and puts them back in the ring. He smacks himself in the face, muttering incoherencies to himself.

    Sven: Schizo, a little unorthodox, but effective thus far.

    Schizo begins stomping away on both of them, alternating between them. He stops and lets out a scream, the crowd booing. He brings Gato Volar and lifts him to his feet. He then brings him up into a fireman's carry position, and begins an airplane spin.

    Sven: Look at that! When's the last time you've seen an airplane spin?

    He gets to 10 rotations, but is suddenly dropkicked by Jack Forte. Gato lands on top of Schizo, and the ref counts the pin...
    Jack breaks it up!

    Sven: Jack Forte nearly cost himself the IC title, but he managed to break the pin up in time.

    Schizo tries to get up by pulling himself up from the ropes, but is met by a stiff kick to the back by Jack. He bounces off the ropes and is hit by a back stabber by Jack to a big pop.

    Christian: Back stabber! He's done for

    Jack covers...
    Schizo gets the shoulder up to a gasp from the crowd.

    Sven: Schizo won't go down that easily, somehow kicking out from that brutal back stabber.

    Jack looks at the ref, surprised. He shakes his head and starts getting up, but is met by an enziguiri from Gato Volar. He covers...
    Schizo drops a big knee on Gato's back, breaking the cover.

    Sven: It's picking up now, crazy action in this triple threat match!

    He picks up Gato and nails a snap suplex. Schizon then runs off the ropes and connects with an elbow drop. He screams something incoherent, raises his arm, and calls for the end.

    Sven: Schizo is calling for The Iron Claw! It could be all over folks

    Schizo places his hand on Gato's forehead and locks in the claw as he struggles on the floor, trying his best not to give in. Just as Volar is about to submit, Jack drops Schizo with an inverted DDT!

    Christian: Wicked impact on that DDT, Jack looks to have saved his title now

    He covers after the DDT, the crowd counting with the ref...
    Schizo kicks out!!

    Sven: Schizo will not give up! This is insane!

    Jack begins stalking Schizo, waiting for him to get onto his feet. Schizo groggily gets up and his grabbed from behind and put into a full nelson by Jack. However, Gato Volar runs in and super kicks Schizo, knocking him out as he falls out of the ring. Gato goes for a clothesline but Jack ducks and floats behind, applying the full nelson. He lifts and connects with the full nelson slam onto the knee. to huge pop. Jack covers,

    Announcer: Here is your winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Jaaaack Foooorteee!!!

    Jack grabs his title from the official and raises his arms to the crowd's applause,.

    Sven: Great effort from Jack Forte, with yet another successful title defense.

    Christian: He is getting closer to that record, and a victory like that definitely convinces me he can do it. We're set for some more action, right now!

    Announcer: The following contest is a 4-on-1 handicap match!

    Announcer: Introducing first, representing IWT...from Leicester, England...Dylan...GREEEY
    Dylan Grey walks out with determination on his face. He walks sternly down the ramp and into the ring. He stretches and awaits his opponents.

    Sven: This was originally a 4-on-4 match, but 3 members of Team IWT abandoned Dylan Grey due to personal differences due to his ego and attitude.

    Announcer: Introducing second, representing NGW...from Essex, England...REAGAN COOOLE!
    The Music that was last played when Reagan made his last Mania appearance when he faced Aiden Ryan and Alias Antonio in a triple threat for the X-Division championship echoes through the arena as the man, himself walks out in a NGW T-shirt and blue and black tights as he searches through the crowd before finding the ring with Dylan Grey in it and Reagan points at him then walks down to the ring with a slight confidence in his body language and the crowd suddenly erupts in a "NGW" "IWT" chant battle and it looks 50 50 from both sides of the crowd.

    Announcer: Introducing his partner, representing NGW...from Skullshore, Georgia...Cousin..EDDDYY!
    The two men walk out onto the stage. The second unknown man can now be seen, towering over the first by at least three or four inches. He wears unstrapped overalls, and has the word "eddy" written over his body in sharpie. The music dies down as he stands arm-and-arm with Reagan Cole.

    Announcer: Introducing their partner...Paul...RAVAANA!
    The crowd goes into complete shock once they realized who was coming out next from the music. Arising from the ashes after the insanity that took place at NGW Anniversary, out comes Paul Ravana. A former Muay Thai Star, now deciding to venture into the world of Pro Wrestling, Paul Ravana has only just made his debut a couple of months ago and has been slowly silencing every single critc on his chances of success by force. Combing a smash mouth brawling style with Muay Thai clinches has made Ravana’s offense turn into a force of nature. Paul has a rather casual attire when making his way to the ring. A black overshirt and faded jeans, however Paul facial expression seems to be very professional, a far cry from his violent demeanor in his matches and promos.

    Announcer: Introducing their partner, Carlos...BELLLLO!
    Carlos Bello comes walking down the ramp with a mirror in one hand and a microphone in another hand. Bello looks at his reflection in the mirror, admiring his flawless face. He walks up to an overweight man and makes the man look at man's own reflect in the mirror.

    Dylan Grey and Carlos Bello start the match, they tie up and Grey gets the upper hand. He pushes Bello to the mat. Bello looks up and is met with a stiff lariat from Dylan, that connects with his face. Bello screams and grabs his nose and scrambles to tag in Cousin Eddy. Eddy walks in and towers over Dylan. Dylan quickly goes in for a jab, but is met with a vicious headbutt with a thud. Dylan falls back. Eddy grabs Dylan by the head and flings him to the other side of the ring. As Dylan attempts to get up, he is grabbed by Eddy and put into a Full Nelson. Dylan begins to fade, but Eddy let's go and tags in Paul Ravana. Ravana gets in and kicks Dylan in the ribs. Ravana picks up and leans Grey on the ropes and backs up. He screams and charges Dylan and hits him with a knee to the gut. Dylan falls over and Ravana goes for a pin - 1...2..- Dylan kicks out as Paul laughs. Ravana drags Dylan over to the corner and tags in Carlos Bello. Ravana lays Dylan on his knee as Carlos leaps over the top rope and hits a leg drop. Dylan flips over and screams in pain. Carlos sits Dylan in the same corner, as his team mates. He tells them to hold him down. Eddy grabs Dylan's right arm, Reagan grabs his left and Paul holds his abdomen. Carlos backs up to the opposite corner and screams, "Don't screw with me!" as he charges and hits a vicious lariat to the grounded Dylan. Carlos goes for a pin when...

    Eric Draven walks out to an earth-shattering pop and dances his way down the ramp. He looks at Team NGW and runs in for the attack. He clears the ringside area of Team NGW and throws Carlos Bello out of the ring. He, reluctantly, helps Dylan Grey up to his feet and they stand arm-and-arm as Draven's music blares and the crowd goes insane.

    Sven: Oh my god! He's here! He's in the house! Eric Draven is here to take out Team NGW!

    Christian: Listen to this crowd! This crowd is losing their minds; they're going bananas!

    Order is restored as Draven takes the top left corner and Team NGW take their place on the bottom right hand corner. Dylan begins to fight back, he punches and kicks Carlos and throws him off the ropes and hits him with Fisherman's Carry Slam. He tags in Eric Draven to a massive pop. Draven walks over and clocks Bello in the face, and does the same with Reagan, Cousin Eddy and Paul Ravana. He lifts Carlos and runs off the ropes and hits a thunderous lariat to another pop. He goes for a pin, but Reagan breaks up the count and drags Carlos the corner, where he tags himself in. He charges Draven but is met with a lariat, but he doesn't stay down long. He rolls out of the ring and calls for a huddle. Draven tells Dylan to climb the turnbuckle and hit a big splash, which he does. Dylan throws Reagan into the ring, and stands on the apron to prevent him from running. Draven runs at Reagan for a lariat, but Cole moves out of the way. Eric Draven connects with a Lariat on Dylan Grey. Grey is launched into the barricade as Draven looks in shock. Reagan nails Draven from behind and hooks him for the Fire of Cole Mexican Hammer. He goes for a pin - 1...2...3!

    Sven: What! He just stole the victory!

    Christian: That jealous Draven, couldn't handle the fact that Dylan fought this fight alone and clobbered him. He doesn't care about loyalty and he doesn't care about the IWT.

    Sven: It looked like an accident, to me.

    Christian: He is old, but not that old that he can't stop himself. He makes me sick,

    Announcer: Here's your winner...Team NGW!

    Team NGW rejoice and run up the ramp where they celebrate. Cousin Eddy hoists Reagan Cole onto his shoulders. They prance on the stage before letting Reagan down and leaving. Dylan has sat up outside and is furious. Dylan looks in shock and sorry. He exists the ring and attempts to talk to Dylan Grey, who in turn gives Draven a gut kick. Dylan rips the mat off the concrete floor and hooks Draven for a Future Shock DDT. He hits it and screams in pain as he grasps for his back. Dylan stands up and spits on Draven, who is left unconscious on the floor. The referee escort Dylan and Draven back to the locker room as ring crew attend to the mat.

    Sven: What a vicious attack! He didn't even mean to do anything!

    Christian: You can preach that all you want, Dylan and I know that he did that to get back at him.

    *The screen fades*

    We open on the skyline of Minneapolis at night. We pull back to see a well built bald man wearing a tight grey shirt with his back to the camera. After looking over the city, with a satisfied sigh, the man turns revealing himself to be one of IWT's newest signing, Scott Fargo. Fargo focuses on the camera with an intense stare.

    FARGO: For ten long years, I have wrestled across the world from dingy halls to dingy hall, sacrificing my body and my life. Sacrificing everything for nothing. At the end of they day, people still didn't acknowledge me or respect me even though I could rattle on for days about the belts I have won and the legends I have defeated. Despite proving time and time again that I deserve respect, no one would, no one would even care.

    Fargo pauses to disappointingly shake his head, before returning to his natural demeanour.

    FARGO: But all that is about to change. Y'see, The IWT isn't just another promotion where I show up for the quick buck, IWT is the opportunity I have been longing for. It is my chance to show the world what I am capable of and give them a name that they will remember for a lifetime. It is my shot to go down in the history books as what I have been since day one. And that my friends, is the very best. I have been fighting everyday for ten years to get to the top and now that I have arrived, I am so close that I can taste it. I have come too far to fail. I will reach the top or I will die trying.

    Fargo with a smrik, paces back and forth in shot of the camera.

    FARGO: I wanna get to the top so people have to call me the best. I wanna be at the top so people have to respect me. I don't care if people love me, or hate my guts. As long as the people respect me, as long as I am on top, and as long as they all know that I am the absolute best wrestler in the world, I don't care.

    Fargo continues pacing, but now taking on a more serious tone.

    FARGO: Now, before I go. I'm going to issue a challenge to Baron Moreau.

    Fargo stops and focuses back on the camera.

    FARGO: Once IWTMania IV is over, I challenge you to match. And here is why. Because you're the perfect first IWT oppponent for me, Mister Moreau. You're a big man, who has some big claims. "Next IWT Champion", "Everyone should fear me", "I guarantee in my first match my opponent will not be able to leave the ring under his own will". Well, I want to see if you can back up what you say. And if you can't back it and up and I beat you? Well, it's just another way to prove that...

    Fargo smirks.

    FARGO: I'm the very best.

    Fargo continues his somewhat cocky smirking and sneaks in a subtle "Too Sweet" gesture before we completely fade to black.

    *The screen returns to a crane shot*

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Lord Lee...from Cardiff, Wales...Luis...OVAAALDHINOOO!
    Luis Ovaldinho enters through the curtain, accompanied by IWT LEGEND Lord Lee, who is donning a suit similar to what William Regal wore as Commissioner. Ovaldinho himself is rocking a red & black singlet and a golden headband. Ovaldinho jogs to the ring, with the occasional jump up into the air. Lord Lee meanwhile makes his journey to ringside with a brisk walk. Women ask Lord Lee if Luis Ovaldinho is single, only for Lord Lee to give the women Lord Lee’s own phone no. When Ovaldinho enters the ring, he shakes the refs hand before giving the thumbs up to Lord Lee.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Heaven...Big...DRAAAG!
    Pole dances align the perimeter of the ramp as Big Drag walks out and shakes and jives all around the entrance ramp. He slaps a dancer on the ass and jives his way down the ramp, to complete silence from the unimpressed crowd.

    They lock up, and Drag hits Luis with a strong strike that throws him to the ground. Luis quickly stands up and hits Drag with a head butt. Followed by a suplex. Luis flips Drag onto his stomach and applies a Surfboard Stretch. Drag screams in pain while Lord Lee talks trash. Luis lets go and climbs the turnbuckle, he attempts a splash but Drag moves out of the way. Drag stands up and lands a splash of his own. Big Drag lifts Luis and bounces him off the ropes and lifts him up with a Gorilla Press Slam, and walks out from under him letting Luis free fall onto the mat. Big Drag goes for a pin - 1...2. - Luis kicks out and rolls out of the ring. When Drag attempts to follow him out, Luis hits a roundhouse to the head that knocks Drag back into the ring.

    Sven: Oh my! What a kick to the skull.

    Christian: Lord Lee has been teaching Ovaldhino very well.

    Luis enters the ring and stomps away on Big Drag, and goes for a pin - 1...2...- Drag barely kicks out. Luis catches his breath and lifts Drag up again. But Drag returns the favor by pushing Luis down, hard. Luis grabs his lower back and charges Drag but is met with a chokeslam. Big Drag goes for a pin, but Lee has the refs attention. The referee ignores him and goes for the pin - 1...2 - Luis kicks out and Big Drag begins to get frustrated. Drag begins to argue with Lord Lee, which allows Luis to recover and come up from behind to hit a Reverse Hurricanrana piledriver. He goes for the pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner, Luis Ovaldhino!

    Luis grabs his neck and runs out of the ring. He hugs Lord Lee and they celebrate. Big Drag is being tended to by the referee, but he makes it up to his feet. He rolls out and walks out of the ring. Lord Lee and Luis, who are on the ramp, run to the back to avoid confrontation.

    Christian: It's now time for one of our featured bouts. Dat Kid vs. Alias Antonio in a grudge match to end their feud that started two years ago at IWT Extreme Rules.

    The video begins with Dat Kid defeating George at IWTMania II, and Alias failing to cash in. It fades into Extreme Rules 2014 and Alias beating Dat Kid for the title. Their various brawls and face-offs and the IWT vs. FSW feud. It fast forwards to Dat Kid vs. Alias Antonio for the IWT Championship, Dat Kid getting buried alive and Alias Antonio accepting Dat Kid's challenge. The video fades away.

    *Crane shot of the crowd*

    Announcer: Introducing first, from New Jersey...Dat...KIIID!
    The ticking from the clock gets louder as the members of the Westboro Baptist Church hold their hands up and close their eyes. Crosses from the stadiums ceiling start to lower with dopplegangers of every opponent Kid has beaten. Finally Kid's cross lowers to the stage. Kid is motionless until he bursts from his cross and the westboro baptist church members faint. Kid is wearing black tights with purple lightning on them. "God Incarnate" reads on the smaller tron as Kid walks to the ring. Kid sees there is mic laying in the center of the ring, Kid points to it and the crowd starts chanting yes.

    Sven: This atmosphere is amazing. You can't ask for a better retirement match.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Spain...Alias...ANTOONNIIOO!
    The lights at the arena turn off to an invigorating sigh or, better put, gasp of relief and tension as the IWT crowd now know who is about to make his way out to the ring. Smoke starts arising from the ground surface all over the arena, and in the midst of it, a coffin is transported to the middle of the stage by a few eerily masked men. The crowd stands in awe for moments before the coffin is smashed open from the inside by a man, wearing an all dark robe w/hood, with a scythe, to a big pop. He lifts his head up towards the camera and the crowd's view, revealing a face-painted Alias Antonio, to, again, a huge pop.

    Christian: There's my pick to win, he has it all. He had it all. And he will always have it all!

    Dat Kid holds up his fists and charges Alias. He hits hard jabs on Alias, as he tries to block. Dat Kid punches Alias into the corner, and stands back before running and hitting a clothesline. Alias crouches down, and Dat Kid charges with a knee to the face. Alias falls forward and holds his face. Dat Kid gets a crazed look on his face and stands Alias up. He hits a t-bone and goes for the cover - 1..- Alias quickly kicks out and sits up. Dat Kid locks on a headlock, but Alias quickly gets out if it. Alias stands up and hits Dat Kid with a forearm. Alias stomps Dat Kid a few times before climbing the turnbuckle. Just as Alias gets ready to jump Dat Kid stands up and runs at Alias. Alias holds up his boot, which knocks Dat Kid back and Alias jumps with a High Crossbody. He goes for a pin combo - 1...2 - Dat Kid kicks out and holds his neck in pain. Alias doesn't t let up and sits Dat Kid up. He charges from behind and kicks Dat Kid in the back of neck. Dat Kid screams and grabs his neck. Alias locks on nerve hold, onto Dat Kid's trap/neck area. Dat Kid cringes in pain as he struggles to get out. With the support of the fans, Dat Kid begins to power out and elbows Alias in the gut. He hooks Alias and hits a Tiger Suplex with a pin combo - 1...2. - Alias kicks out.

    Christian: C'mon Alias, you have to win this, and prove that you're the greatest the IWT has ever seen.

    Sven: This is a great back and forth match, whoever wins will have bragging rights, who ever loses still has my respect.

    Christian: Can you just shut up?

    Sven: What? I'm just staying objective.

    Dat catches his breath and slowly climbs the turnbuckle, but before he can, Alias runs and pushes Dat Kid off the apron. Alias bounces off the ropes and hits a Suicide Dive. Alias lands on his feet as Dat Kid is pushed into the apron. Alias regains his composure and stands atop the the Barricade a few feet away from Dat Kid. As Dat Kid is recovering on the barricade, Alias runs across the railing and kicks Dat Kid in the face with a sick snap. The crowd pops and a "Holy Shit!" chant begins. Alias jumps down and walks over to Dat Kid, who has curled up on the floor in pain. Alias throws Dat Kid into the ring before the 7 count. Alias follows too and covers for a pin - 1...2..- Dat Kid kicks out. Alias sits up and puts his hands on his hips while huffing and wiping the sweat off his top lip. He lifts Dat Kid and grabs him by the neck. He hits a Rude Awakening and then goes for another pin - 1...2...- Alias shouts "Shit!" and stands up a limp Dat Kid and runs off the ropes. He does a flip and lands a piledriver! He hits the God's Worst Nightmare Shooting Star Piledriver, and covers for a pin - 1...2...- Dat Kid kicks out just as the ref gets to the 3 count. Alias jumps up and begins to shout at the referee. This allows Dat Kid to recover and come up from behind with a Dragon Suplex. Dat Kid stands up and grabs his neck. He stomps away on Alias Antonio and climbs the turnbuckle and points up before hitting a thunderous Elbow Drop and goes for a pin - 1...2..- Alas kicks out. Dat Kid rolls off as both men are exhausted. The ref gets to a count of 6 by the time Alias makes it to his feet, and he signals for the Psycho Driver. Dat Kid gets to his feet and Alias lifts him up onto his shoulders. He adjusts himself and hits the Psycho Driver and quickly goes for a pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...Alias...ANTOOONIO!

    Sven: What a match. What a way to tap off a career.

    Christian: I told everyone that Alias was going to win! And now he has!

    Alias gains his composure and catches his breath as the referee raises his hand in glory. He celebrates on the ring posts, then he rolls out of the ring. He grabs his gut in pain and points to the ring, and to Dat Kid. His music fades and Dat Kid lies in the center of the ring, sweat pouring. His eyes are wide open and staring into the night sky above. "Thank you Kid!" chants break out and absorb into one big and loud one. The referee attempts to help Dat Kid up, but he refuses the help and instead makes his way up, himself. He stands up in the ring and puts his hands on his hips. He is breathing heavily as the crowd stands up and applauds him. He stares at the crowd for about 2 minutes before slowly stepping out. He begins a slow scale up the ramp as the camera fades into a crane shot of the long ramp. Dat Kid fades behind the curtain and the crowd bursts into a "Thank you Kid" chant as the camera shows weeping fans.

    Sven: And now it's time for the Main Event of the evening. For Aids Johnson, it's about showing that he is what he says he is. To show that his World Title reign was more than just a fluke win. For Spawn, it's to show whether or not his path of destruction is worth it.

    Christian: I can guarantee, this one is going to be a classic fight. Sweat will pour, blood will drip and a dream will be shattered. It's Spawn vs. Aids Johnson for the IWT World Championship

    *Crane shot of the crowd*

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is your Main Event of the evening and it is for the IWT World...CHAMPIONSHIP!

    The lights die out and a crimson light illuminates the arena as Spawn is stood on the Announcers desk. Spawn seemingly coming out with a quiet entrance to get into the head of Aids Johnson. He steps down and enters the ring, he awaits Aids Johnson as bullhorns and fans scream and cheer.

    Aids walks out to a huge pop, wearing Jeans and a Brewers jersey. He stops at the top of the ramp to cater to the crowd before running down and sliding into the ring. He runs off the ropes and throws off his accessories before holding up the IWT World title to the pyro blasting all around the perimeter of the arena. He steps into the corner, opposite Spawn, and hands the title to the referee.

    Announcer: Introducing first, from the depths of Hell...weighing in at 317 pounds...standing at 7 feet tall...he is the challenger!...SPAAAWN!

    *The crowd pops and the camera zooms up on an emotionless Spawn*

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin...weighing at at 200 pounds...standing at 6 feet, 4 inches...he is the reigning, defending IWT World Champion...Aids...JOOOOHNSON!

    *The referee holds up the IWT World title to the crowd as a graphic for the title is shown*

    Christian: That's what it all about. That plate of gold.

    Sven: These men are aching to get at eachother. Spawn has been undefeated for 4 months and Aids Johnson has founded his own faction...will they play a part in this match?

    As the bell rings, Aids and Spawn come together in the center of the ring. They stare eachother down while screaming fans and bullhorns fill the arena. They look side to side before colliding. Aids Johnson hits a swift jab that knocks Spawn into the ropes. Aids Johnson continues with more vicious jabs, but Spawn counters with a slap that takes Aids down. Aids quickly stands up, red in the face, and resumes punching Spawn. Spawn begins to cower down, as more and more punches from Aids Johnson rain down. Aids backs up and sprints at Spawn, he attempts a Stinger Splash onto Spawn, but Spawn connects with an uppercut that knocks Aids to the mat. Spawn walks over to Aids kneels down. He kneels on his chest, grabs his head and begins to punch Aids silly. After beating Aids down, he begins to choke him. The referee makes it to a 4 count, and Spawn breaks it. He stands up and paces around the ring. As Aids makes it to his feet, Spawn walks up behind him and locks on a Vice Grip. He slowly begins to fade, but the fans cheer him on. Aids starts to shake his hands and slowly gets to his feet. He leas to his right and connects with an elbow to the gut. He follows up with another, that breaks the hold. Spawn backs up and Aids sprints at him, connecting with a big boot that takes Spawn off his feet to a big pop. Aids goes for a pin - 1...2...- Spawn kicks out!

    Sven: This is a human game of chess. These men are seeing who can play it more strategic and get a win.

    Christian: What are you talking about? This is a test of will, strength and determination. Whoever wants that title more will win it.

    Aids sits up and takes in a few deep breaths before whipping his hair back. He grabs Spawn by the head and locks in a Headlock. Spawn struggles for an escape, and suddenly Aids puts his hand on Spawn's chin. He begins to pry off the mask, but fails to do so as Spawn whips his head back, colliding with Aids' nose. Aids' nose is busted and he rolls out of the ring. Spawn recuperates in the ring and follows him out. Aids is crawling towards the steps, and Spawn speeds up. As soon as Spawn gets close, Aids kicks Spawn in the knee. Spawn collapses onto the steel steps, leaving a dent. Aids rolls to the side and stands up and begins to stomp away on Spawn's legs. Aids walks to the opposite corner, sprints and kicks Spawn's knee into the steel steps; leaving another dent. Aids rolls in at the 6 count, and Spawn follows up at the 9 count. Aids doesn't allow Spawn to recover, he quickly targets the leg. He stomps it a few times, and drags Spawn to the center of the ring, where he locks on a single legged boston crab onto the hurt leg. Pain is visible in Spawn's eyes as Aids wrenches the hold. Spawn puts his face on the mat, and suddenly jolts towards the ropes. Aids trips over and Spawn rests on the apron. Aids quickly gets up and walks over to Spawn. Aids bends in-between the ropes to grab Spawn, but Spawn instead lands a vicious punch to Aids' injured nose. Aids topples backwards and screams in pain.

    Christian: This is a plain fight. They don't need to jump off ladders or to use fancy technical moves, they just want to ground eachother up into meat.

    Sven: I don't think the fans expected anything less, the brutality of this match is off-the-hook.

    Spawn rolls back into the ring, and stands up. He walks over to Aids Johnson and stands him up in the corner. He hits a few punches to the body and then tightens the glove on his right hand. He slaps on a choke hold, and walks to the center of the ring while holding Aids' neck. He lifts him and slams him down with a thud. Spawn goes for the pin - 1...2...- Aids kicks out just before the 3 count. Spawn is in shock. His eyes are visibly angry. He slowly stands up and walks over to the referee, he screams at him as to why that wasn't 3. Ironically, Aids Johnson gets to his feet and attacks Spawn from behind. He hits Spawn with an axehandle from the back. Spawn falls to his knees. Aids backs up and sprints before kicking the hurt knee of Spawns. Spawn crumbles to the mat. Aids Johnson wipes the blood from under his nose and pushes his hair back. He walks onto the apron, sniffs and climbs the turnbuckle. His back is facing the ring, and he leaps into a moonsault, and connects! Aids lands hard and grasps his abdomen. He struggles to get to Spawn for a pin - 1...2..- Spawn kicks out at 2 1/2. Aids Johnson rolls off of Spawn and squirms away while clutching his stomach. Both men are down as the referee begins a count to 10. At the 4 count, Spawn sits up. The crowd pops. He stands up and slowly walks over to Aids Johnson. He bends over, grabs him by the neck and lifts him up. Spawn runs off the ropes and hits a clothesline from hell with a snap. Aids gets flung inside-out. Spawn goes for a pin - 1...2..- Aids gets his foot on the rope.

    Sven: Spawn almost took his damn head off!

    Christian: Spawn is willing to kill Aids, as long as he gets that title.

    Spawn stands up and walks around the ring, catching his breath and signaling for another chokeslam. Aids slowly makes it back to his feet and turns around. Spawn locks on a choke hold and lifts Aids up, but Aids gets free and lands behind Spawn. Spawn quickly turns around and is met with a gut kick, followed by a Fallaway Slam. Aids begins to fire up. He stands Spawn up in the corner. He pushes Spawn up onto the top turnbuckle before following him. He hooks Spawn, and lifts him up with a scream. Aids Johnson hits the HIV brain buster, to a pop. He covers Spawn - 1...2...- Spawn kicks out just as the referee hits the mat for a 3rd time. The crowd pops in shock. Aids Johnson gets frustrated and begins to go on a cussing rampage. Aids wipes the blood off his face and stands up. He throws off his Brewers jersey and awaits Spawn. Spawn takes about a minute to get up, and turns around. He is met with a gut kick. Aids wedges Spawn's head in-between his thighs and lifts him up over his head. Aids is blue in the face, but sprints before throwing Spawn to the mat with a massive thud. The crowd pops in awe. Aids Johnson doesn't go for a pin as he holds his back in pain and recovers.

    Sven: I never knew Aids had this kind of strength and resiliency in him!

    Christian: He has never had a big enough challenge to kick into reserves. Aids is spent, but the man has dozens of reserve tanks.

    Aids and Spawn get up around the same time. Spawn walks over to Aids and hits him with an uppercut. Aids returns the favor by tackling Spawn to the floor and pounding away at Spawn. Aids' fists are bloodied from punching the mask too hard. Aids steps off Spawn and lifts him up. He punches Spawn into the corner and once again lifts him to the top turnbuckle. Aids hooks Spawn and lifts him up. Spawn, however, knees Aids in the head but Aids hangs on. Aids slowly stands up as Spawn wiggles his legs. Aids begins to lose his balance as Spawn flails his legs and body. Aids tries to sit back down, but can't as they both fall off the top of the turnbuckle on to the outside mats to a massive pop and "Holy shit!" chants. Aids and Spawn are knocked out. The referee doesn't count, but instead throws up an X and calls for the EMTs to rush down. They run down to a chorus of boos. And begins to strap in Aids Johnson, but he refuses to be strapped in. He grabs the barricade and makes it to his feet. He clutches his lower back and neck and limps to Spawn, he grabs Spawn by the head and vigorously throws him into the ring. Spawn attempts to sit up, but can't get up. Aids screams, "Stay down! You're only making this harder!". Aids Johnson grabs Spawn by the head. Spawn is on his knees as Aids Johnson's face drips of blood. They look at eachother, Aids tells Spawn that "It's over!" and Spawn responds with a tilt of the head. Aids hooks Spawn and lands with an HIV brain buster. He hooks for the pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...and STILL IWT World Champion...Aids...JOOOHNSON!

    Sven: Oh my god! What a match, Aids Johnson has broken Spawn's undefeated record and is STILL IWT World Champion. The legend grows as he has proven he is not a flash in the pan!

    Christian: He fought hard, and overcame Spawn to my surprise. Congratulations Aids, you did it again!

    Sven: Thank you ladies and gentlemen for tuning into IWTMania IV, I'm Sven Steven and for my partner, IWT Hall of Famer, Christian...Have a good night!

    Blood pours from Aids Johnson's nose as he grabs his title. The arena lights up as Aids Johnson holds up the title to a pyro show. Aids Johnson climbs all four turnbuckles posing for a massive wave of flashing cameras. His music is echoing to the massive pop. He stands in the center of the ring at confetti and pyro shoots every, complimenting the energetic crowd. Aids poses for another minute, as Spawn rolls out of the ring. He walks out and greets the fans before going up the ramp and posing, once again on the massive stage. The last shot of IWTMania IV is that of Aids Johnson standing on the stage, blood pouring from his nose, with the IWT World title up high - being covered in confetti.​
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  2. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav the Champ!: Gav the Chav
    @Tumbas: Spawn
    @Tsar: Michael
    @DatKidFromJersey : King Zero
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @Aids Johnson: Aids Johnson
    @TheArabHammer: Gato Volar
    @The ReagMaster: Reagan Cole
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @The Real GOAT: Eric Draven
    @King Barrett: Dylan Grey
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Kazzir: Elliot Ryker
    @Awesomenrh: Alexander Hightower
    @DragonClaw: Big Drag
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Dojo: Scott Fargo
    @Bubblegum: Shinjiro Death
    @Ovalhead: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @Harrison: Handleman
    @NickThePenguin: Baron Moreau
    @KingsPunch: King Votan
    @WUKOffical: The Blackfire
    @AfricanScatMahn: Big Mac Daddy
    @DemonHunter1257: Al Blizzard
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy

    Show is up!
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    Props to the IWT Creative for all the effort put into this.
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  7. This show is written very well
  8. How the hell did the best show in IWT history get barely any replies?

    Forever the best show, I've ever been apart of. Fuck SummerSlam 2013. This is the shit.
  9. if people dont read the matches think about how they treat the show.
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  10. WM1 is the goat show imo, but thanks for the Aids over Crayo 2013 match shoutout.

    For real though, This WM was dank as fuck and fun as hell.
  11. I just find it surprising that the best show we've put on in years got around 4 likes and around 6 replies, yet the average shows, we've put on, get twice those numbers. Not sure what's up with that.
  12. it was fine
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  13. I look at it as the GOAT because it was basically the resurrection of the IWT. Especially considering that I was gonna ask Soli to finally put IWT to rest after this show, it was really cool to see it suddenly pop back to life.
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