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  1. Alright, listen up peasants. DKay the Cray, The Shizzle from Buffizle, Dylan the Stoned Villain, DK Fuckin James is ready to make an IWTMania video. I'm a really busy dude recently and I'm not taking any bullshit.

    Now, you may ask, "How will my character be featured in the IWTMania?"

    Fucking simple. For you noobs that have no understanding of e-fedding, you tell me your pic base. Aka, a dude your wrestler looks like. I know @Jwabtista is obsessed with using non-wrestlers as pic bases, and that's just a pain in the ass for me, so try to stick to actual wrestlers I can find clips of.

    If you want to be in it, reply with your pic base. I started to tag everyone but got way too lazy. I'll say you have 48 hours to reply with your pic base or I'm not takin it.

    I already had a song in mind, but I believe someone told me they already had a song in mind. I need to know if there's already been an official theme decided or if I get to pick it.

  2. Alex Shelley for me.
  3. Corey Graves.
  4. Roman fucking Reigns
  5. Christian
  6. Fuck it, give me the Undertaker (long haired please)
  7. Welps, guess I can't use John Oates. Uh...could you do Rude?
  8. Seth Rollins all day.
  9. [​IMG]

    Me and my mummy @Seabs
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  10. Brad Maddox is my pic base..........

    I used to have Scott Adkins but I tried telling everyone I changed it to Maddox.
  11. Johnny Gargano for me.
  12. Could I get a link to the video that's from hahah.
  13. Prince Devitt. Preferred with the paint from Wrestlekingdom 8 and ICW, providing videos:
  14. Btw I mean you guys CAN use non-wrestlers if you really had to, I just wouldn't prefer it.
  15. I'm not downloading 28 minute long videos...
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  16. Get em, DK.
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  17. Shit forgot you were downloading em. You want me to pick parts out for you? You able to download certain parts or no?
  18. Ooh kill 'em
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  19. DK, if you can tell me what kind of video you're making in a Pm, I might want a specific clip.
  20. No. Find different videos, I'm limiting it to 5 minutes per downloaded video. Not clogging my computer with Price Devitt matches which I generally don't give a shit about.