OOC IWT's final PPV of the 2015 season

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Aidsey Amore, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Let's hash it out here. Go into the thread stickied for the 2015 signup and let me know when you're available (just this ppv, beyond, etc) and let's get in here and find a card.

    So far I know @Majour want's @Shadow and there are a few other thread possibilities such as @THG? and @Dat Kid etc. I'd like to see some other faces come back if possible, so tag or PM your former friends and see if they are interested in next sat/sun for promos and voting during RAW, no exceptions there. We can setup matches earlier to get them done, but if we are going to get attention, it'll have to be stickied before RAW begins night after NoC.

    Hit me up here after you are interested stating what days work, and we can figure out feuds to move forward. @Gav the Champ! will be around to help, and if anyone new expresses interest, please lend a hand.
  2. I'm available for help if anyone needs anything like getting matches or something.
  3. I'm retiring Majour and taking her titles, should've already happened though.
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  4. I do think that this event will be #spectacular
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  5. I remember when people were flipping shit about the FTW title and now it's being defended:rollins3:
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  6. It'll be around my teeth once I melt it & the IC title into a grill.
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  7. It will look beautiful.
  8. I don't care who I fight. I just want a match. Preferably during the week
  9. The FTW belt got upgraded to a nicer belt.
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  10. Join new World order if you haven't already and set up an opponent/date.
  11. For this PPV. If anyone wants to write up their match, just send it to me and it will be compiled together along with some tweaks to become a written show.
  12. I am HYPED for Dat Kid vs. THG