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    *Lee is stood in a recording studio. He's wearing a black and red hoodie, his IWT title over his waist and the X-Division is there too but laid down beside him on a table.*

    Lee: Hey....So I've been hearing some funny tings from our 'higher ups'. You know what? I gotta something I've made, because God forbid I'm going to be on the 'scene' with the grime vets like Skepta and Devilman if I'm not going to produce some peak content.

    Trip, Jonathan; enjoy.

    *Lee preps himself as the beat starts. He finally starts rapping at 0:12 into the beat*

    Ok, so this guy thinks he big because he's GM and he's got meaning in his voice

    Being GM these days don't make you big, you mug, it just means you've got tiny bit of creative choice

    Got so many jobbers trying to diss me, don't know what to do.

    Well fuck that, grab the mic, drop like a bomb, Trippy I'm starting with you

    Like go on then, show me you're the 'boss,' man, I grew up listening to Brit, not Jona-fag

    But wait, Jona-fag? Hated since last mania, trust me fam he's decaying ya

    Think next time, don't accuse Lee, although your BS don't phase me

    I'll dip your contract in holy water, take it out and erase it

    Bam, straight like that, wigga, mad with a mic, I'm that Wigga

    Take a peep up in CM's ass, you might find Jonno and Trip yeah,

    Why bandwagon man that specialises in inactivity? Lol, all about that IWT 'activity'

    About my long promos, ya dun know, on the microphone, I'll still frimpong you

    I can't stop now that I've started, call my name out, my vibes be blasting

    I still bang, girls blow , none of my side-chicks want Big ol' Jonno, hahaha

    Don't chat what you don't know, mate, dip-shit, same old jonno

    Chatting shit 'bout me and Chris, fuck off, go fry in your own grease

    And that's three shat on in barely minutes, any other dookoo can be a schmuk and join the queue

    See, I know these man know I how really ruse , you had to call me out so I'd pay attention to youse

    In a face-to-face you know you'd lose, so public-ally bashing me is what you decided to choose

    So yeah hide in your suit now, you know in IWT you've achieved nowt

    Don't act like you're God of the rules as-if you're an IWT original

    Diss me again and that'll be your funeral, how about next time you stay neutral....

    Yeah, you get me?

    Fam, trust me

    Someone who can take opinions is Lee, it's just bitter allegations that give a bad vibe

    Higher ups, I do what I believe is right, sometimes my passion just takes flight

    Just because it's not what you liked that an offence was then taken

    That's cool, when Frank the Jock tried doing it to me last year no subsequent action was taken

    So how about you just say what management wants, instead of making me the one that the crowd haunts



    *The beat continues to play as Lee finishes, he unstraps his IWT belt and holds it up in the air as the camera and beat fades out*
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  2. Adam's new favourite rapper
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  3. OOC: Alright alright, that obviously took some time to come up with. How to respond properly....:hmm:
  4. Wigga Lee is a Rap GOD.

    Just waiting on that new album with him rapping with Gav the Chav
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  5. OOC (open)
    :urm: - Here goes nothing. When I use the dashes (-) it's meant to be faster and commas (,) are generally a short pause FYI

    *Black screen with Trip in the Head's voice*

    So that's how you wanna do it huh? Fine.

    The video starts with the music as the shot shows Trip in the Head in the booth with his hoodie up and fingerless training gloves on. Trip leans into the mic and starts at the first pause in the beat at about :12

    Lee, that shit was weak man, Fucken-give-me-a-break

    You should really sit back down, 'Fore-you-make-a-mistake

    But I guess it's too late, you-already-opened-your-mouth

    Now what you got to say?

    OH shut up, nobody-wants-to-hear-your-voice

    Now listen to me, cuz-I'm-comin-to-hit-that-point

    You interfered, simple as can be

    You lost Chris the championship, not me

    And how was it, that you got that belt again?

    1 single vote = luck my friend

    So come on, put it up

    Not in the air but against me chump

    And I ain't playin', I'm here to win

    Trip in the motherfucking Head - 1st champ GM

    But do you dare? I dunno

    Who even knows when there will be another show

    But anytime, anyplace you can think of

    I'll put you down like that whiskey I drink son

    The champ is here, but it ain't you Lee, ugh

    It's past your time, you wannabe Cena

    So when you're ready you just give a shout

    And I'll show you what being champ is all about

    The when you're broken, beaten and discarded

    You can go back to what you do best - being retarded.

    *The beat trails off and the screen fades to black as Trip is obviously trying to hard to make hip hop facial gestures for the camera*
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  6. Rap is gay
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