OOC IWT's new policy on killing in the ring

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  1. Ok guys, I have been responsible for doing this in the past so I thought I would make the announcement. We have discussed this in creative and decided that killing in the IWT (anyone, anywhere, whatever) will no longer be tolerated after the Elimination Chamber concludes (which it basically has pending a couple more promos in the IWT div EC match). Here are the rules as we have discussed them:

    1st offense: Automatic and immediate suspension for 2 weeks! We hope this is enough to keep our participants from doing it at all.
    2nd offense: Automatic and immediate suspension for 1 month! You didn't learn your lesson the first time!?
    3rd offense: Automatic and immediate suspension for 3 months! Thats 1/4 of a year folks. You just buried yourself along with that dead person.

    We are serious about this and as far as I know @Delik will be the one enforcing these rules.
    That is all.
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  2. Not sure how this would apply to what you did @Dolph'sZiggler but I don't know if you are coming back or not either lol
  3. You're first.....
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  4. Oh I know, part of the reason I brought Aids family back in my promos. And its from EC onward now.
  5. People actually killed? That's so fucking lame.
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  6. Dolph's ended up killing himself. True story.
  7. By killing do you mean like burying or actually killing that person character?
  8. I was like half-kidding when I said he sucked at IWT, but man did I call that. That's so bad lol
  9. Killing as in killing. Ending ones life
  10. So Unknown can't run over Adam Hawk? Damn.
  11. Whether its competitiors, refs, random person - just stawp. Have to find creative ways of being crazy WITHOUT killing people now
  12. I technically blew up Aids family at the RR :urm: Brought em back at EC though :dawg:
  13. ... Was it going to kill you?
  14. They're both my characters and prolly. Was gonna kill the old one.
  15. Are we talking about killing as in guns, stabbing, pow pow sort of thing?

    Because if thats the case. Damn. I never got to snipe @Majour
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  16. As in a muder type of situation I believe
  17. I didn't even know that was possible xD
  18. Its been done by like a handful of people. It came up in creative that we should do away with it and we all agreed.
  19. Oh shut the fuck up you piece of shit.

    To anyone daft enough to need my fucking promo explained to them, I used faking my death and my mom reading my 'last will' to try and earn the pity vote. Holy fuck you are all stupid
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  20. for the record, I never understood why contact was allowed period. I perceived the IWT as a pro shit talking league. So when faggots like Stop have gimmicks to kick people in the gut and shit I find it retarded.
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