IWT's Open Fight Night.

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    This is what this is all about:
    • This is a weekly show.
    • You come to this thread and challenge a user, the user you want, and your opponent must agree or disagree in 24 hours since you posted. If he/she doesn't, the match will take place
    • You'll have the match and then with the results of the matches myself or Adam568 will write a show.
    • There will only be 4 or 5 matches per week.
    • If more than one wants to face a user it'll be a triple threat match.
    • If your opponent doesn't show up we won't give him more time. He'll automatically lose
    If you want to take part just tag your opponent. Tag team matches are allowed too.


    • Scorpion vs Jacob Colton

  2. I don't like this idea of you can't refuse, I might not have time to write the promos, or I just don't want to face that guy. Anyone is going to punish me or smthng
  3. Ok, I'll change that rule.
  4. I'm open for any challenge. :mad1-61:
  5. I'm open for challenges too. Do you wanna fight me Baraa?
  6. Your ass is on. :bury:
  7. When do you wanna fight me?!
  8. Anytime you want :bury:
  9. It would be better tomorrow.
  10. As you wish. :bury:
  11. First match will be Jacob Colton vs Baraa!
  12. Who in the purple earth is Jacob Colton?
    And my ring name is Scorpion... :bury:
  13. I'm Jacob Colton! My real name is Jacob Colton and my ring name is Jacob Colton too lmao
  14. I still don't see the point in this... as I didn't on Skype.

    This is basically an exact copy of CrayJ Lee's idea of the weekly fight night, and an exact copy of MrSackfist's FNW show... except we pick the winner (or at least you said that on Skype, now it appears not to be the case.)

    "Only 4 or 5 matches per week" - we don't even have 3 matches per week right now for the most part..
  15. I know we don't but it may change. About the copy, yeah, it's true but I don't pick the opponents matches and the rest of the things CrayJ does. Also we didn't even have a match so you can't say you won't be able to pick the winner.

  16. CrayJ doesn't pick the opponents in the match, they volunteer and then they're drawn together. It's not like she just picks them.

    I was talking about the voting by looking at your 'rules' or whatever they are in the OP.
  17. I know what CrayJ does. I'm in to fight there, but I don't randomly pick the opponents, they come here, say who they wanna fight and then fight.

    They're a bit of a description of how it'll work. The rules are the IWT rules
  18. I don't understand why I have been tagged in this thread
  19. Just write down the PPV and the matches CrayJ has