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    WWE Championship
    Dat Kid vs Victoria Parker (CrayJ Lee) vs Rodrigo (Rhodes) - Sunday-Monday
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    Victoria Parker has been the source of controversy over the past month, by betraying her former tag team partners. She was called out by Dat Kid who challenged her to a match, so that he could get revenge for backstabbing him at their wedding. Dat Kid drew up a contract that involved putting his WWE Championship on the line, but before she could sign it Rodrigo made his return and knocked both wrestlers out, then signed his name on the contract. Now this match is a triple threat and only one competitor will walk out the WWE Champion

    World Heavyweight Championship
    CM Punk vs Seabs (Dean Seabsrose) - Saturday-Sunday
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    The first and longest reigning champion in IWT history has been on a path of dominance. Victory after victory has been the story of World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. Without an challenger for the upcoming PPV an impromptu match has been made, putting him against a former WWE Champion. CM Punk takes on Seabs in a one on one match this Sunday. Has CM Punk finally met a challenger who has his number?

    Million Dollar Title, Hardcore Title, Cruiserweight Title, and European Title Unification Match
    Jedi Master Farooq vs MrSackfist - Sunday
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    General Manager Jonathan has announced the unification of championships that will take place during the next 3 months. Both of these dual champions have the most to lose as all four belts are on the line in a huge unification match. Two men walk in the match with four belts, only one will have his hand raised when all four belts are unified at the end. Farooq takes on Sackfist in the first series of unification matches.

    United States Championship
    airbourne908 vs Alkaline - Wednesday
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    A promising rookie talent, will take an even hungrier rookie for United States Championship. Only one rookie can rise to the top of the mountain. The winner of this match will move on to a unification match next month at Money in the Bank. Who will be victorious?

    Intercontinental Championship
    Senhor Perfect vs FailFaceFTW - Thursday
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    Former triple crown champion has all but one prized possession left in the Intercontinental Championship. Can Facefall deliver the final blow in the legacy of Senhor Perfect? Or can Senhor Perfect prove to the world that his legacy has only just begun. In a match for the Intercontinental Championship, Senhor Perfect vs Facefall.

    Tag Team Championships
    Victoria Parker (CrayJ Lee) & Danielson "The Woodwarrior" vs The Creators of Chaos (Adam568 & NanoRah14) - Friday
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    Two men who will stop at nothing to win the tag team championships have arrived in the tag team division and are looking to put an end to the reign of Victoria Parker as one half of the tag team champion. However, her latest partner has come back and taken on a new form. Danielson, the wood warrior is now fiercer than ever and is teamed up with Parker to take on their equally daunting opponents that go by the name "The Creators of Chaos". Which team will come out as the superior unit.

    This is the card that I think would suit everyone best. As you can see, no one except CrayJ Lee(which isnt a problem because I imagine that the those two matches will be spaced out) is overbooked in two matches. Everyone who is prominently involved in the IWT has a match and all titles are being defended. I hate to take the reigns since I'm a participant, but I figured I do this now and avoid confusion approaching Sunday. If there's any disagreements let me know. Also all IWT competitors should post the time they would like to do these matches ONLY if they have a preferred time.
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  2. Why accompanied by Jwab? I'm not with him any longer and he isn't with me any longer. Now it's Adam and myself, Creators of Chaos, COC
  3. When was this announced?
  4. I didnt even know what was happening with Jwab with us, I dont want him with us in any way.
  5. We didn't announce it. I told him. Also, Adam didn't know it because he wasn't in Jwab's group, it's just Creators of Chaos, no one else.
  6. Fixed.
  7. Thanks ^
  8. Lol Punk won't even show.
  9. And apparently, I'm thrown into an IC title match. Not gonna complain though.
  10. Any weekday during the day is the best time for me.
  11. This is actually a high possibility.
  12. Well lookey who's stumbled in to the IWT section again,you best not pussy out I'm busting Mixed Martial Draven out.

  13. You're going down along side with your IWT kliq.
  14. :badass: don't make me guillotine you so hard you think you're in the french revolution.
  15. Aids Johnson You ready to job to the WHC elect soon enough? I'll bring the strap into FNW just to fuck you up in your own duckfield.
  16. Bro, do you even Jupiter?

  17. I don't sleep with no strippers.... some say this is the reason Britanica hates me.
  18. I will be busy but I will try my best to post the promos
  19. I am travelling Friday and most of saturday, so Jedi Master Farooq can we do ours sunday, also Are you able to as I recall you had a hand injury