IWT's Payback Match Card

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    IWT Payback will take place on : June 14th, 15th & 16th

    Payback Match Card :
  2. WWE/WHC
    Euro/Hardcore/Cruiserweight/Million Dollar

    And obviously the tag titles.

    14th, 15th and 16th sounds good for me.
  3. So...

    WWE vs WHC
    Inter vs US
    Euro vs Hard vs Cruis vs Million

    And a regular tag match for the belts?

    And those days are fine, I won't be home on the 16th, Dad's day <3 :otunga:
  4. Wtf unifying ... Wtf seriously this is so fucking stupid. One day you say something the next day you change
  5. Huh? This was said to happen soon. Did I miss something?
  6. No offense, but if I win the IC title stays, I don't care what anyone says.
  7. Huh? Thats the point, if you win, no more US belt. lol
  8. :hmm: Should the matches be first the two wrestlers fight each other, then vote for the belts? Because some people might just vote to keep the belts instead of going by promos.

  9. ?
  10. OH! That is for the four belts above it. Farooq vs Sack. Not you! Silly!
  11. :notsure:

    This is true... :hmm:

  12. [​IMG]
  13. :ohgod: That is creepy!
  14. :nope: That's not the card
  15. This ^ damn I'm driving crazy. Someone says something at Skype. Then is written here, we build a feud around it and its suddenly changed
  16. I wasn't aware of any of it. Fill me in. I haven't been on skype... Jonathan said merge so I thought that was the plan.
  17. The card I posted earlier is the closest thing you have to the correct card for payback. The titles get unified on different PPV's. IC & US are at MITB, WWE & WHC are at Summerslam. There's currently a feud between myself, Rodrigo, & Parker. The tag team #1 Contenders haven't been determined because there was supposed to be a match between the perfect dragons and Creators of Chaos to determine that.
  18. I thought that was for Summerslam. You're messing shit up Britta.
  19. Arrives, sees his not booked, buys hersheys, cries, realises no one will buy this since he isn't on the card and that Jonathan's cocksucking allowance will be cut this month, feels better about self, has nasty buttsex with FTJ. The END.
  20. Then why the heck did jonerthin say merging the belts at payback!?