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  1. *The camera turns on in a street alley. Two bums are standing in the alleyway. One wears a shirt that says Dazzler and the other one wearing a shirt that says Gav the Chav. They are each holding a piece of paper and look confused as they read them over. The bums look up one more time and Trip in the Head’s voice is heard off camera*
    TRIP: You want the booze right? *bums nod yes* Then READ IT!
    BUM1(Dazzler): We are here tonight to pronounce that the team of Dazzle *BUM1 looks up and points at himself, then at BUM2* and Gav the Chav are no longer fit to hold the IWT tag team championships. We are both…..jobbers? *Bum looks up* Whats that mean?
    TRIP: Just READ IT! No questions or no booze, your choice.
    BUM1(Dazzler): *continues* I am nothing but a roody poo candy ass who has had the bank of the Order foreclose on the smackdown hotel. I have lost my ability to shine things up real nice and I can’t seem to stick anything up anyone’s ass anymore *Bum looks confused but keeps going* even my girlfriend’s. I can’t believe we have had the titles this long to be honest. *BUM1 stops and there is an awkward silence. BUM1 nudges BUM2 and tells him it’s his turn*
    BUM2(Gav): OH! Ok. *picks up his script and starts reading in a way that sounds NOTHING like Gav* That is right you cheeky little ****. Gav the Chav is usually known as being “hard as fuck” but the only thing about me that’s hard as of late is due to a little blue pill. *BUM2 chuckles* I am such a backwater goon that I already lost a match against one of our IWTMania opponents in less than a minute at the last Uprising. Trip sure showed me what champions are made of. Also, I am such a bellend that nothing but piss comes out of my mouth when I talk. And my partner Dazzle over here loves that stuff. He is right into that golden shower shite.

    *The bums are visibly starting to enjoy this*

    BUM1(Dazzle): You’re daaaaaaamn right *BUM1 looks at BUM2’s shirt* Gav. Fiiiiiinally…….the Dazzler can get the golden showers he loves so much anytime he wants. And all I have to do is have my tag team partner open his dirty unwashed mouth. How come you don’t brush your teeth more often Gav?
    BUM2(Gav): *bum is smiling* Because Dazzler, you used my toothbrush on that transvestite whore you brought around not long ago. I don’t want whatever you got from that she-man in my mouth too. I already got it around my arse.
    BUM1(Dazzle): That’s right, now………you can smelllllll-la-la-low……who the Dazzler… fucking……
    BUM2(Gav): Is there anyone that can’t? Damn.

    OOC: @TheArabHammer - have at it bro
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  2. Bum 2 (gav): speaking of smelling, our last matches ended up with us flat on our backs faster than me mum on a holiday.

    Bum 1(Dazzler): hey I got attacked from behind and was unable to move after!

    Bum 2(gav): my mum needs to show you how to take two guys from behind better

    Bum 1(Dazzler): I'll keep that in mind.

    Bum 2(gav): by the way Dazz next you wanna try a Cleveland steamer be kind enough to bring wipes

    Bum 1(Dazzler): well I figured since the rest of the IWT shits on you without caring why can't I?

    Bum 2(gav): that's because m8 you're my special friend if not for you gav would be sucking men off side by side with me mum.

    Bum 1 (Dazzler): you still try to on occasion gav. I have to remind you, no teeth please. Your mouth looks like it's covered in mold and broken glass.

    Bum 2 (gav): I figured it's the least I can do.
    *Bum 2 breaks character* wait man, I better get a good amount of booze for saying this gay shit

    Trip: As I've told you, you're gonna get your booze as a matter of fact here it comes

    *Marcus Anthony walks up to the bums with a handle of rum in each hand*

    Marcus: We are men of our it is

    *Marcus extends the booze out to the hobos and as they reach out for it Marcus smashes the bottle in his right hand over bum 1's head sending him to the ground faster than Dazzle jerkin off to pics of himself. Bum 2 looks scared but stupidly tries to attack Marcus before Trip ko's him with a super kick. Marcus hands the bottle in his left hand to Trip and opens it up and pours it down the bum's throat making him choke. As he gets up, Marcus grabs the bum and tosses him into a dumpster. Trip scoops the other bum up and tosses him in the dumpster as well.

    Marcus: at least these guys attempted to put up a fight unlike The Vajazzler and gav the ****. Glorified jobbers.

    Trip: calling them jobbers would be giving jobbers a bad name.
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  3. *Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony turn and look directly into the camera*
    TRIP: At IWTMania the results will be no different Gav and Dazzle. My partner and I will take you out like the trash you are, leave you for the trash man to come pick up *bangs on dumpster a couple times*, and walk out of Mania as the NEW IWT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!
    *Marcus walks towards the camera and puts his hand up on the front of it, pointing it in his face*
    MARCUS: Darkness has fallen boys. Give in to the Order!
    *Camera cuts to black as Marcus forces it to the ground*
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  4. OOC i laughed my ass off here. You reap what you sow dazzling chavs.
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  5. OOC Thought it was a good idea :boss1:
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  9. What? Its a good read ain't it?
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  10. Lol fair enough it was a good read I'll give you that
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