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  1. The arena goes pitch black. A line of light appears on the titantron. Colossal demo by Wolfmother starts playing.

    Nervous members of the crowd look at each other confused by the new music.
    Ricky walks to the top of the ramp with his new theme playing with a mic in his hand and sporting a new pale grey t-shirt with the lettering obscured by his long dirty blond hair and the sweat pouring of his chest

    "You want to know why I joined The Underappreciated?"

    Ricky looks at the camera silently questioning the viewers judgement. All the while walking down the ramp.

    "I am fed up of being shat on time after time by creative. Being treated like Damien Sandow every show."

    Ricky screams down the microphone as he climbs in to the ring, being received by a silent crowd unsure of what is unavailing before them.

    "Whoops! I'm breaking the fourth wall!"

    Ricky starts to smugly smile and waves to the camera.

    "Micheal, You say you saved this company, heck boy, you did. You saved it for a whole minute when you opened the door to enter and let new talent, sorry ass kissers, to walk in with you. But now dude, you're like Dixie Carter."

    The fans get confused by the merging of reality and TNA. Two things that no one uses in the same sentence.

    "Yeah you saved IWT, you brought some big names in to increase the viewership. But now? You're watching it sink down and the guys who made you are eclipsing you now. You should just fucking retire and leave you're."

    Rick says pacing back and forth in the ring.

    "Oh whilst I'm here might as well shove some fucking branding down your throats."

    Ricky insists.

    "For $10 you two can get the new underappreciated shirt in many colours; grey, blue and green. Like I said many colours!"

    Ricky jokes and smirks in his twisted redneck way.

    "Anyway Michael you told me you heard an uprising is trying to other throw you. I don't know if there is an uprising. I'm not a part of one that specifically is targeting just one person. In the underappreciated we aren't going after anyone in specific and no one wants you out. We just want the chance we deserve. We honestly don't care if any of the creative team leaves because what we want, we just want what we want."

    Ricky paces back and forth waiting to pick up his speech.

    "In all fairness, Tsar, we aren't going to stop till we get stopped, or we get what we want. And until those things happen, we will do whatever it takes to get our goal. We will throw caution to the wind and we will go out and kill the roster if you so make us."

    Ricky pauses, itches his temple and points to the crowd.

    "You know what the funniest thing is? The fact I was billed as losing twice. The fact when, Tsar couldn't organise shit. One thing that unites The Underappreciated, everyone wants change. I only no-showed one match and that is because someone messaged the wrong account for like a week and I had a family event that I prioritized."

    Ricky scratches his head, again.

    "I find it ironic, the same people who tell you to go get a life punish you when you do actually try and have a nice time with friends and family, they actually punish you for their mistake. Family over dick heads who can't organise a match I say."

    The fans start cheering loudly.

    "The second match however, I was ready to promo. However, you billed me as losing. My opponent never even messaged you guys about the match after he confirmed he was down for it. Even WWE would realize that the match should of been changed or had a draw making both guys look strong."

    Ricky visibly getting irate over the whole matter.

    "This whole situation has pissed me off so much and to be honest, I would like to say IWT would be better when the sad, manipulative groomer that you call Micheal leaves IWT, but it wouldn't be, it'll be passed down to his friends, his fellow creative team members. The guys who I am fighting along side; we are the little spokes on the big wheel. We won't get anything unless we stick it to them and put in to public light. We won't be pushed at all. Be it in matches or having our t-shirts being promoted on the IWT shop's home page.. Every time, you guys pull on a t-shirt with someone who isn't Ricky Daniels, who isn't Al Blizzard or who isn't Dylan Grey, you're just adding to the hypocrisy."

    Ricky paces over to the middle of the ring. Sits down. Starts speaking in to the mic again.

    "I'm feeling like CM Punk now. But as you sit here at the arena cheering the over guys and booing the guys who actually work to try and get pushed instead of being ass kissers and pickle tuggers. Truth is I am better then most of the over guys, I am the better fighter and if you give it to me I can work any angle better then them and I will promo better then them. Just look at this big fucking promo shoot pipebomb monstrosity. And yet no matter how many times I prove it, I'm not on your lovely little collector cups that you buy you're spoil little brats that won't truly understand the real world. Guess what kids, this is a wake up call, this is the real world. Welcome."

    Ricky smiles looks down and talks, educating the crowd on the backstage politics.

    "I'm not on the cover of the program. I'm barely promoted. Yet I still work my ass off."

    Ricky gets up and starts pacing the canvas again.

    "I'm not on the signature that's produced at the start of the show. And I thought it was supposed to have everyone on the show? But I don't care. Because I couldn't care less about this shit hole of a company."

    Ricky licks his lips, re hydrating them.

    "I learn and I evolve. You, Tsar, just sit back and let the shit hit the fan."

    Ricky walks over to the corner and sits upon the top buckle continuing his talk.

    "Me learning is why I joined The Underappreciated. Me evolving is why I wanted to be a part of this stable. Me being is here for change. I won't get it, though. I won't get it because I'm standing up to you guys. Nah, I'm talking about the guys you said are the future. The guys who are rising up the ranks, being groomed to fit your idea of a superstar. The guys eclipsing you. How about we start a little thing, any of you guys who don't like being groomed, you message me and you too can join The Underappreciated."

    The fans start to cheer.

    "Didn't you read the small print in your contract? He probably own's the rights to your dick, if it goes anywhere except his mouth, ass and vagina, you sir get sued. And, Tsar, I don't like low life ****s such as yourself, shit on the Damien Sandow's of IWT. We are the guys who help this place have a full card. And let's be honest here, if we walk; there are no openers, no jobbers and no lower mid card. A good half the card; gone just like Kevin Nash's quads. But I'm guessing you have some unaware young gun walking in, taking our positions quicker then an Enzo Amore's comebacks.I know that the people joining our cause, are joining to kill the under card so you big guns can have your ego's enlarged and the groomed guys be at the top. We will kill your TNA wannabe shit hole of a wrestling company.The true reason we're being pushed down, the true reason we're aren't being excepted into the groomers lair. Because the dick of a GM refuses to let the matches be decided by the creative team. I mean if you're really going to bother trying to create valid characters then once in a while you should really decide to create your own story lines and actually make sense and do business. Because whilst the public voting works, every now and again you need to do what is best for business."

    The fans start to boo but drain out as they realize the truth being spoken.

    "Tsar, Micheal, Roadie, Roadster, what ever the fuck your name is. Shut the fuck up. How about you do the brand split? In theory there was no reason you should of ditched the idea. You might of actually stopped this, you might of actually made a better IWT. Made some new stars based of them self not picked by a Jimmy Savile wannabe such as yourself. You want to get rid of this little "wank stain" on your company?"

    Ricky smiles and carries his rant on.

    "I've spoken to Dylan, I've spoken to my fellow stable brothers and we all agreed on this. Give us one match, just the one. the winners stay, the losers walk away from IWT. The Underappreciated against whom ever you throw our way. We'll fight them, we're ready. "

    Ricky drops the mic like the typical badass way they show in the movies.

    His music starts and he walks to the ropes, slide in between the top and the middle ropes and proceeds to stroll up the entrance ramp turning on at the top to face the crowd receiving a huge cheer. Ricky spins on his heel and walks out to the back stage.
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  3. Really James? You think you can beat us? You get your team and we'll see you at the next ppv. Loser leaves IWT