IWT's Wrestle Mania 29 Discussion Thread

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    Sunday, March 31st

    @"Victoria Justice" will take on the reigning champ @"senhor perfect" for the Intercontinental title! This will be a straight up match, one promo each. @"cm punk" will be in Senhor's corner to support his tag team champion's partner! Will VJ have what it takes!?

    Monday, April 1st

    All seeking to hold the European Championship, @Baraa @FailFaceFTW & @Rodrigo will battle it out in a triple threat match! This will be a straight up match, 2 promos each. Rodrigo will be accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner @geekgoddess who will be in his corner for support.

    The United States Championship is up for grabs! @NanoRah14 @"Respect Gohan6425" & @"dat kid from jersey" have all stepped up to claim this prestige title. This will be a straight up match, each contender will tell us why they deserve to hold the US Championship. Disproving each other's potential is to be expected.

    Tuesday, April 2nd

    @"Lady Deathbane" @FailFaceFTW @NanoRah14 & @Baraa are all seeking to hold the Cruiser-weight Championship. Skill will be measured in this fatal 4-way, no DQ match. Each contender will tell us why they deserve to hold the Cruiser-weight Championship. Videos, music, pictures & low blows to each other are expected!

    Wednesday, April 3rd

    @Rodrigo is seeking redemption by taking on @"senhor perfect" in a predictions battle for the DX title! Who will have what it takes to foresee this future?

    Reigning Tag Team Champion @"senhor perfect" recently lost his former tag partner @danielson when he retired to live out his dreams on LSD. Blown away by the decision, Senhor had to face the facts & find a new partner who had brains, wit & strength! He found all of that & then some in @"cm punk". They call themselves "Team Canada". The two champs will defend their belts against newly formed Parker & Rodrigo (@geekgoddess & @rodrigo) in a Tornado Tag match! Each team will cut 2 promos (one per each person) against each other. This is sure to be epic, eh?

    Thursday, April 4th

    Reigning Heavyweight Champion, @"cm punk" has accepted both challengers @"Dat LeoFarooq Deathbane" & @Stopspot to battle it out in triple thre.... No! A STREET FIGHT! Each person will cut one promo each then will be able to respond to each other's promos for 24 hours. Videos, pictures, music are all okay & are all encouraged! @"senhor perfect" will be by Punk's side the whole way, but he can't expect to not go go home without any cuts, scrapes or bruises! With the belt on the line will Punk come out victorious or just be another forgotten name?

    Friday, April 5th

    @"senhor perfect" is putting his prized WWE Championship on the line in an Iron Man match against... We will have to wait & see!
    This Sunday, @"dat kid from jersey" will face off against @"Team Frank top/Aids Bottom" in a Number One Contenders Iron Man Match to see who will main event Wrestle Mania!
  2. Can I be in @geekgoddess and @Rodrigo corner during their tag team match?
  3. I am only allowing tag partners to be in each others corners. This way it don't get too sloppy. I don't want people interfering with every match.
  4. ^ What's the point? lol
  5. OH HELL NO!? WHy is my match not at WM29!? I said we should a picks match.
  6. This is WM lol Its a week long so not all promos are going at once. :mad2:
  7. DON'T SASS ME WOMAN! :angry: :mad: :eek:hmy:
  8. Uh no WM is 1 night. :pity:
  9. Not IWT WM. :pity1:
  11. If you don't like it, feel free to NEVER EEEEEEEVER involve yourself in the IWT aGAIN! :smug:
  12. OH HELL NO! But we should have all matchest 1 night like WWE does.
  13. Can you not understand that she made it a week long so people have time to vote?
  14. I can't wait to get started!
  15. Oh? so we have a week to vote?
  16. Different match every day. Each match requires a vote, if you had all 10 or so matches on the same day people would get tired of it.
  17. I'm a beauitful bumblebee!
  18. It was meant for Nano. :mad2:
  19. Ok, that's a good thing =)
  20. Thanks for wanting to support us :obama: